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Kim Kardashian Goes Back to Black

Kim Kardashian Goes Back to Black

Kim Kardashian returns to her darker ‘do at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for Wonderful World in New York City on Monday (April 27).

The 28-year-old reality star wore a wig with lighter locks over the weekend, and got quite a response! She even asked the public, “What do you think? Should I dye it for real?”

Kim will be hosting the 2009 Derby Spectacular at Glassworks in Louisville on Friday, May 1st. The event is one of the premiere celebrations during Kentucky Derby week.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian going back to black…

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kim kardashian back black 01
kim kardashian back black 02
kim kardashian back black 03
kim kardashian back black 04
kim kardashian back black 05
kim kardashian back black 06
kim kardashian back black 07
kim kardashian back black 08
kim kardashian back black 09
kim kardashian back black 10
kim kardashian back black 11
kim kardashian back black 12
kim kardashian back black 13
kim kardashian back black 14
kim kardashian back black 15
kim kardashian back black 16
kim kardashian back black 17
kim kardashian back black 18

Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • raquel

    Good! Didn’t like the lighter color on her.

  • victoria

    Kim K is absolutely stunning, especially when she’s au naturel!

  • victoria

    Kim K is absolutely stunning, especially when she’s au naturel!

  • Regina

    She looks like a drag queen

  • Regina

    She looks like a drag queen

  • victoria

    Oops didn’t mean to post twice.
    The blonde was a wig wasn’t it?

  • zoie
  • CRazy oldie

    she is so hot in some angles, and then in other pictures she is just an average girl trying to look good

  • linda

    wow, I thought that was her real hair. I actually liked the blond too.. . she’s very pretty, but she doesn’t need all that make up… she’s more beautiful without it imo…

  • magic_moments

    I hate her new nose, she looked so much better before! And her ass looks horrible in pic 16.
    But I like her hair and eyes.

  • Ingrid

    Typical media whóre.

    Why is she even there?

  • Vivien

    This girl has become Paris Hilton Version 2.0 … you know, being a celebrity for no reason. She should enjoy her 15 mins of fame while it lasts … she’s on minute 13 now.

  • raquel

    I watched her show once and I must say that she’s the nicest of the sisters. Her little sister — the tall man looking one — is a horrible person and should have her mouth washed out with soap. She’s really low class.

  • LuckyL

    Oh, so she took out her tracks? Word.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i saw this bish there last night. she’s better looking in person. wish she’d get a fcuking job and stop wh*ring for a living.

  • chirstian law

    Who cares when you have twitter!

  • Sarah May

    They put alot of make up on her to cover up the sunburn. ouch. cool gal.

  • Ethan

    Just saw her on THE VIEW.
    Why is she famous?
    We are crazy.

  • skippingsarah

    she’s pretty

  • cutie pie

    First of all it is not a wig, its weave they showed the tracks on MTO, secondly her ass in pictures 5 and 16 looks like a diaper. Anybody who thinks that ass is real after looking after 5 and 16 is a damn fool!! bottom line!!

  • cutie pie

    Sanaa Lathan.. what are you doing with this classless broad, you have too much class and you are a natural beauty who you can tell will look good at 50 (like Angela Bassett), stay away from this KIm k (sanaa)!

  • cutie pie

    omebody i think said on the blog that she hates black women only chasing black men, so now she is trying to be around black women. she has been seen with Kelly Rowland, Serena W, Vivica Foxx, Spidrella and now Sanaa! These are classy women tramp not sex tapes slu*s!!!

  • linda

    raquel, i agree about the sister, her name is Khloe. She is getting meaner and meaner. I actually liked her in the first season, but now she’s becoming a total B.
    I think Kim is nice, even if she is a bit of a sleez bucket LOL (at least that tape with ray j was eww..gross) But the show is fun to watch ..

  • a

    too much makeup, looks manly and looks like a drag queen. She would be pretty if she didnt use so much makeup and took out her butt implants.

  • linda

    sanaa is gorgeous. I didn’t see her there before.

  • Lauren

    Kim is beautiful but she wears too much makeup. I have seen her without it and she looks pretty so she is a natural beauty. Leave her alone, she’s just a party girl and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • jenny

    no way is she a size 2!

  • Ivana


  • Fergie Fan !

    Her Make-up looks AWFUL ! She looks like a MAN !

  • Jen

    glad she went back to black hair, looks great on her

  • Idiot haters

    if you think this beautiful woman looks like a man you must look like a pig yourself. She looks a million times better than you on her worst day without makeup and suffering with PMS!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………………………………THIS IS THE GIRL I LOVE, folks!!

  • Regina

    I have seen her without makeup and she has dark circles under her eyes, plus her face is still extra long with or without makeup. I don’t need hair extension, 20lbs of makeup and a butt pads to look good

    The pig is the trannish face chick with the sex tape…KIM

  • Regina

    I have seen her without makeup and she has dark circles under her eyes, plus her face is still extra long with or without makeup. I don’t need hair extension, 20lbs of makeup and a butt pads to look good

    The pig is the trannish face chick with the sex tape…KIM

  • mimilala

    She has a very pretty face but there is something so annoying about her…

  • Felicity

    she didn’t look bad with lighter hair, but I DEFINETELY like the darker do better. she looks amazing!


    ewwww armanians are sooo s-l-u-t-y and trashy

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate this big assed ho
    the outfit is nice but it doesnt look good on her figure with those big fake boobs of hers
    her face looks weird…kinda plasticky
    whatever i still hate her =D

  • what happen

    The monkey strikes again. She and whole family look like monkeys. She makes the most money though because of the big asssz not for talent. Her talent is her asssz. She spend all the money on overpriced clothes and shoes for the big fat asszz. Kimmy she buy shoes for $1,000! She should sell these prostitute clothes and shoes and take money to help sick, poor kids in U.S. and abroad. They will sell Bruce for clothes and shoes. So sorry for Bruce – they treat him like a dog.

  • L.L.

    I can’t believe Sanaa Lathan would even be seen with this diaper-butt ho! She may be the nicest out of her three sisters but she is not nice. In the second season, she was so mean to her mom. And then cried because everyone was “rude” to her. Kim, you’re practically a prostitute, you’re lucky your family talks to you at all.

  • danelle

    sanaa looks great!

  • Floydette

    I love the make up and I would love to do that !

  • kkc

    the blonde look was tooo much if she wants a blonde look just bits of strands should do it

  • custom T

    Natural is better so I’m glad she didn’t dye it for good!

  • stacey

    Pretty mouth, oval shaped face, natural arch in her eyebrows, no foundation, and REAL men love ass, those who don’t probably had bony mamas. Kim is lovely, the family is close, stop with the hating folks, I’ve been watching TLC all week, Jane Russell, Sophia Loren, all flashed boobs and big butts and we didn’t say the country was going to pot….

  • stacey

    correction, TCM

  • stacey

    @L.L.: How is she close to a prostitute, she doesn’t have to sleep with men for money, she is free, she is real, and you are repressed, in denial, and jealous to a fault.

  • stacey

    @what happen: U r jealous of Bruce, he is happy, they all have fun, the human body can be a most beautiful thing, wearing cloths which show this off if you are lucky enough to have one, does not make one a prostitute, we fell from grace in Paradise when we started judging our bodies, get over it repressed one!