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The Hills Returns Without Lauren Conrad

The Hills Returns Without Lauren Conrad

The Hills returns this fall with season five.

MTV has confirmed to that Lauren Conrad has moved on but Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth and Justin Bobby will all be back for the new season.

The network also promises “fresh faces, new stories and shocking surprises.”

Newlyweds Spencer and Heidi will, of course, take front and center.

WILL YOU WATCH the upcoming season of The Hills — YAY or NAY?

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  • asdfghjkl

    its not the hills without lauren

  • UD

    I dont get it! Season 5 is showing already and Lauren comes in that ?? :S

  • Nikki

    No way. I want nothing to do with the Speidi franchise.

    They probably should just make a new show. Cause the Hills was totally centered around Lauren and her life and her friends. I don’t get why they would even keep it going without her on it.

    Ish. I bet it will tank.

  • mimsa

    Yes , and I would love for Brody and Audrina to be a couple , but don’t think it will happen .

  • veronicaarchie

    Not with Lauren.

  • veronicaarchie


  • kELLY

    NO!!!!!! Lauren is the only likable character on the’s interesting to watch her around all these weird people..without her..there is no show. I refuse to watch Heidi and Spencer act like a bunch of weirdos…Heck no..I won’t watch!!!!!!!!!!

  • cath

    HELL NO I WILL NOT WATCH THAT! lauren totally is the glue to that show, without her, everything will fall apart

  • bey rocks

    wow a speidi show.
    all i ever wanted.

  • celine

    how is that even possible haha. the hills is lauren’s show…oh well. good for her for getting out of it. funny how lo is still going to be on it….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont even understand why ppl watch this show
    from how joe mchale makes fun of them in the soup, it just looks like a horrible show

  • mary

    okay well it’s an obvious DUH that WAYY less people will watch.
    lauren and lo are the only good ones on.
    but i’ll still watch, to see how it goes.
    yess they should bring kristen. lovedd her.
    oh. and stephen lol

  • sky

    if i want to watch barbie and Ken….i can’t play with my cousin’s barbie and ken….hills won’t be the same without LC

  • Linda

    why is this even a question !!! of course no one will watch it MTV is delusional if they think there gonna get good ratings


  • Blah girls!

    i love LC but its a smart move to move on from the show!!

  • Ashley

    I will!!! I looooooooove Spencer and Heidi!! Yay!!

  • damarix

    No because the Hills started with Lauren because it was Lauren’s life now living in “the Hills” so for her leaving it’s like wtf? and then to know that Heidi and spencer plan to be the lead oh hell no! lmfao.

  • Woo

    I’ll be more inclined to watch the show now… LC is boring and a drama queen who is controlling, petty and immature…

  • Dany e


  • cutiepie32


    You are 10000000000000% RIGHT!

  • ,ld.s

    the show was MADE originally for Lauren Conrad so without her that show is crap!

  • ,ld.s

    the show was MADE originally for Lauren Conrad so without her that show is crap!

  • dreedree

    I did not watch the show too often but the little that i did watch led me to believe that the show was based on LC’s life and the people in it.I won’t say the show will bomb but i will say it won’t be the same.People who say that they aren’t going to watch are still going to because they are going to want to see how pitiful the show may possibly be onced they are determined it is dead the show will die.I do feel that the “leftovers” will not make the show last unless I guess speidi grows up.

  • jen

    I’ll Miss Lauren but as long as Brody is in it, i’m gonna keep watching =)

    new faces=kristin & jayde ??

  • jen

    I’ll Miss Lauren but as long as Brody is in it, i’m gonna keep watching =)

    new faces=kristin & jayde ??

  • mikee

    i hate spencer

  • gordo

    NOT a chance. with Heidi and Spencer running the show it is going to be horrible. I can’t stand them.

  • jess

    i will never watch it if its heidi and spencers show!
    lets protest the next season…
    sounds good to me.
    get heidi and spencers asses kicked off television.
    nobody caressss!

  • UptownRazorback

    krystal @ 04/28/2009 at 2:52 pm

    You made a great point… How do you know something is going to be surprising and shocking if it’s not scripted…. Like Every knows its fake. I wish I was a reporter because I would call their a^s out on that BS. But, the drama on this show is so f^cking predictable and lame. Spencer is always talking bad about somebody. Mainly Heidi’s friends. While he is in the apt. on the computer. Adriana story LINE is lame. Everyone’s family is on the show. The dates that they go on are so lame. The conversations are so like “NOTHING.” I gave up on the show last season. It was just to much to watch. i just hope it really tanks after she leaves. I hate how the media treats this show as though it real.

    Sorry for venting. But, I use to be a fan of the show when it wasn’t just about “FAKE DRAMA and RELATIONSHIPS.” I miss the old days of Laguna Beach. Seriously, the first two seasons where priceless. Especially season 2 when Jason was the center of ALL the drama. He made the season worth watching.

    I can’t believe MTV will continue the show without Laura and have that fake couple Heidi and Spencer on there. From what I see, 99% of the people that watch HATE THEM. They have completely ruined that show. Is MTV dumb? Didn’t they learn their lesson from Laguna Beach 3. TOO MUCH FAKE DRAMA DOESN’T SELL. I along with must of friends are done with that show.

  • UptownRazorback

    dreedree @ 04/28/2009 at 10:30 pm

    Sorry to disappoint. The ratings from the show have DROPPED drastically and continue to drop every season and every episode. And MTV is too blind to see why.
    Here’s how they can get me and millions of others to watch.

    * Increase tv time for Brody and Doug…(Gosh I love Brody. I watched Bromance even though it sucked just to see him.)
    * Add two more hunks… Preferable, more Coastal/Surfers Boys. Not the hipster Justin Bobby type.

  • Big

    Bring back Kristen Cavallari and Jessica

  • hd

    you will be surprised how soon you will forget LC when the hills continues this fall bleive me :) ,everybody will watch even the fake people who are saying they won’t BS’ers :) …and if you look at lauren she’s really becoming boring !!!! ( just not as fun and lovevable as she used to) …

  • Pepper

    Lauren is not fun anymore because she is surrounded with a bunch of famewhore idiots. She wants to run as far away from these people as possible. The Hills suck now because stories are not revolving around her, it will suck even more.
    How embarrasing for K Cav after talking trash about reality tv she is coming back for more

  • Kim

    I wont watch it , I only watch it because of Lauren . The others are so fake ^^ , shes not . Its really boring to see all those people causing fake trouble ^^

  • Lbe

    Gooood no! Heidi and Spencer are lame hollywood wanabees, they don’t have any talent, they don’t have real jobs and arem milking their 15 mins way too long! The hills sucks now that i know it’s scripted. so lame

  • blair

    NO WAY! It’s not the same without Lauren. I hate Spencer!

  • jen

    Lauren makes the hills. lauren is the hills the hills has laurens voice in the background these people are lucky to have her in the show. i dont think it will be anything like the first four without her.

  • LIS


  • Farina

    I heard Kristen Cavalli is coming to the Hills?

  • vincent

    spencer is the fucking man – everyone watches because of his on screen prowess and he just commands the screen – lauren sucks ass – she went straight down hill from laguna beach season 1 – girls in general peak at 16 yrs old – straight down the hills for that fish faced scag

  • xOxO


  • Steven

    I might still watch just to see Lo and Brody and to stay loyal, but I’m still not sure yet. Its just not the same without Lauren, just like “That 70s Show” wasn’t the same without Topher Grace. They’re the straw that stirs the drink. :) lol

  • Bee

    Obviously the Hills will suck with out Lauren. Thats like if friends randomly was missing joey in the seasons. It will not be the same, it will be really fake, really stupid. The show was about lauren mainly thats how it started you cant just continue it without her and still think its going to be good. Obvisoualy alot more people will no watch. Lauren made the show. She wasnt fake and annoying like spencer and heidi, she was real and her drama and problems with her friends was real. Where heidi and spencer obviosuly fake having problems and faked the whole stacey scandle and everything else cause if those things were for real than they would not be married right now. FAKE. I am sorry i loved the Hills especially the first 2 season they were more real and better to watch. These days its gotten so bad and setup, like really, Lauren leaves the hills is done.

  • caarol

    NOOOO. The Hills is nothing without Lauren :(((

  • amina

    no lauren what?? why?? imagine watching half an hour of their stupidity lauren always balanced out their dumbness i just wanna cry y r thy messing up the hills? ps isnt the next season 6 the saeson airing now is 5

  • ~LULU

    BIG NAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anny

    NAY no way!! no Lauren, No The Hills!

  • Lauren Conrad ROX

    the hills arnt the hills with out LAUREN!!

    she completes it !

  • austintable

    The show already has TOO much heidi and spencer. With them taking over the show it will undoubtedly be trash. I hate watching their parts, because it seems too fake and predictable. They should get a brand new main character who is completely diff.

  • tamara

    oh my god!!!!!noooooooooooooo!i like Lauren!!!!!and i don’t like Heidi and Spancer because are pathetic and false….the best are Lauren and Audrina!!!!