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The Hills Returns Without Lauren Conrad

The Hills Returns Without Lauren Conrad

The Hills returns this fall with season five.

MTV has confirmed to that Lauren Conrad has moved on but Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth and Justin Bobby will all be back for the new season.

The network also promises “fresh faces, new stories and shocking surprises.”

Newlyweds Spencer and Heidi will, of course, take front and center.

WILL YOU WATCH the upcoming season of The Hills — YAY or NAY?

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116 Responses to “The Hills Returns Without Lauren Conrad”

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  1. 26
    dude Says:

    BRING KRISTIN BACK ! With her & Heidi, i’ll maybe watch that.

  2. 27
    sweetiepie Says:

    no way, that i watch heidi and spencer. those are the scenes i skip, when i watch the episodes. but lauren isn’t the main character in the actual season, she already lost this position. and i don’t understand how lo, audrina and brody can be on the show without lauren, because they are friends and spend a lot of time together on the show, so what will they bring on tv? will they cut lauren out? will they stop to see each other? it can’t be that good as it was.

  3. 28
    listenuppp Says:

    NO WAY. The Hills is Lauren’s show. I hate Heidi and Spencer. They’ll have a season of Heidi stabbing people in the back and Spencer walking all over her. I’m surprised LO is staying. Makes me wonder if she is really a friend to Lauren. She must need the money. I won’t watch any of it.

  4. 29
    aNNABELLE Says:


    Heidi and Spencer front and center???? no thank you, I can’t stand watching what they show of them now.

  5. 30
    bianca Says:

    I will not be watching with LC. The rest of these people are pathetic and stupid, she was the only pretty and sane one.

  6. 31
    bellla Says:

    the hills is mediocre
    su::k movie …like all actors

  7. 32
    Vay Nay Nay Says:

    It is so obvious that The Hills is fake.

  8. 33
    Sharon H Says:


  9. 34
    ahem Says:

    The hills fans are upset about this. If Lauren has left the best thing to have done was to end the hills on a high-note with Lauren. That would have given fans a little bit of closure. If they wish to continue with the same characters it should be started as a new show maybe titled “The Leftovers”.

  10. 35
    tia Says:

    wtf, half of thoose ppl were only on it cuz of LAUREN. like lo isint even friends with any of them! I respect lauren for leaving the show even though she was getting paid a ton of money, shows that she is more down to earth and not into the fame than people think. but the others? they are ALL famewhores desperate to keep their 15 minutes alive a little longer. its pathetic

  11. 36
    CEEE CUE Says:

    Nope… The Hills = Lauren. What’s the point… Weak move. I hope Spencer & Heidi gets booted off & then I’ll watch.

  12. 37
    CAt Says:

    as much as i hate those two famewhores, i will be watching the hills as much as i can. i can’t get enough of that show and it’s fabulous lifestyles.

    go team LC

    and adrina

  13. 38
    lyns Says:

    The hills will suck without lauren. the show is about her. It is already starting to suck because they are starting to ween her out of the episodes. You hardly see her anymore. Let’s just say w.o LC the hills doesn’t exist.

  14. 39
    S Says:

    Season five? Isn’t it season five right now? And wtf, The Hills CAN’T go on without Lauren! It’s Laurens show and has always been. Whoever who decide for another season is ******* ******. It’s Laurens thing! It should end after this season! ******* retards like I said!

  15. 40
    SUBsub Says:

    Nay. Buck Speidi or whatever they’re called.

  16. 41
    nora Says:



  17. 42
    Alli Says:

    No I will not waste my time watching disgusting Heidi and Spencer. Lauren is who I’ve been following since Laguna Beach. Won’t be worth watching without her.

  18. 43
    Charlotte Says:

    Hell no I’m not watching The Hills with Speidi taking front and center EWWW

  19. 44
    Tori Says:

    NOOOOOOO. def. no.
    without lauren- the show is full of dumb, fake, money loving ppl.
    so NO. Lauren was the only proper person that came out of this show

  20. 45
    Emma Says:

    No, I won’t be tuning in The Hills without Lauren. Specially NOT if it will have Speidi as the main caracters.

  21. 46
    Katie Says:

    I don’t know if I will continue to tune in…I barley watch it now because it has gotten so boring! But I heard rumors that Kristin C from laguna beach is joining the cast and if that is true I WILL be tuning in…She was the best member on Laguna Beach I would love to see her return to TV. If no Kristin then I wouldn’t because I don’t care to watch Spencer and heidi fight/make up and continue to act like fake idiots; Plus I am so over Justin Bobby and Audrina, yawn they break up and make up all the time and Audrina is becoming a *****…I hope Jayden(Brody g/f) kicks her ass!

    I hope Brody bromance buddy Luke joins the cast:)

    I’m surprised Lo is still going to be on the show

  22. 47
    alpal Says:

    That is kinda lame that “The Hills” was originally meant to be Lauren’s own show, and now its gonna continue without her. I agree it won’t be the same, but I heard Kristin Cavalleri is going to be in season 5, and I will definitely tune in to watch her.

  23. 48
    hermela Says:


  24. 49
    lady eff Says:

    Screw Heidi & Spencer!
    This is Lauren’s show.
    Does anyone know why LC not coming back?
    I’m going to miss her.

  25. 50
    Gemma Says:

    No I Wont Be Watching it ,,It Wont Be the Same With Out LC ! xx

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