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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Out the Bikini

Lindsay Lohan Breaks Out the Bikini

Lindsay Lohan hits the water in a bikini as she goes for a dip in a lava rock pond in Maui, Hawaii on Monday (April 27).

The 22-year-old actress spent time with her sister Ali as they soaked in the rays. The pair also went shopping on the tropical island and went on a designer bag spree. And if you’re curious what Samantha Ronson‘s Facebook relationship status, it’s, you guessed it — complicated!

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan breaking out the bikini…

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lindsay lohan bikini 01
lindsay lohan bikini 02
lindsay lohan bikini 03
lindsay lohan bikini 04
lindsay lohan bikini 05
lindsay lohan bikini 06
lindsay lohan bikini 07
lindsay lohan bikini 08
lindsay lohan bikini 09
lindsay lohan bikini 10

Credit: PR/PV; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Andy

    Ewwww so skinny!

  • zoie

    She’s wrong for that!

  • sillyme

    Sorry, but her ass hangs like that of a 50 year old woman. I guess “slim” doesn’t always mean you’re in shape.

  • jillyro

    She has the weirdest body, not attractive at all, if it wasn’t for her fake chest, she would look like a freckled beanpole.

    And I guess being unemployable, with no jobs lined up makes her happy? Because she laughs and looks like she has not a care in the world (what is she vacationing from? She has no job!).

    She has no clue that people laugh at her now, she’s known as a junkie, a drama queen, a tabloid staple and the laughing stock of Hollywood (she is now getting refused entry at events). Her career is no better than Tara Reid’s now, but she’s too full of herself to realise just how low on the Hollywood totem pole she is now.

  • kim

    LOVE it, my 44 year old breasts look ten times better than this 21 year olds LOL!!! She has an awful body, it makes me laugh how she tries to pose all sexy yet her body looks like a 10 year old boys’ (minus the fake breasts), she thinks she’s all that, but she’s rough looking now.

  • truthshallgiveuproblems

    damn she ruined herself, not attractive at all, cant believe she looked so fukin hot when she did herbie and mean girls, now shes completely gone.

  • um

    This won”t help her “career” at all. What a frumpy rabbit. let’s face it she was never a beauty. She should concentrate on being a character actress, not the lead.

  • she’s so homely

    where are her lips? EWWWWW

  • linda

    That Samantha Ronson should leave her alone so she can get her life back on track. What is a 30 year old woman doing with a 20 year old girl anyway? I feel sorry for this girl, she is lost and she is about to disappear into thin air if she loses any more weight…she is still pretty, but she is so skinny now, that it has really taken a toll on her looks. It’s very sad…

  • mslewis

    I wonder why this woman is even photographed. She has no career so why do gossip magazines and websites even care about her? I’m just wondering. I’m just hoping she goes away like Paris Hilton has finally done. What a sad young woman. She has ruined her career and ruined herself. What’s next? Certainly not anything to do with show business!!!

  • JimmyJo

    Why is Ali not in school????? I’m sure there is no home teaching going on in Hawaii!!! That kid is heading for her own trouble following her big addict sister’s shoes.

  • linda

    it’s because tabloids like to feed off other ppl’s misery. That is why they are always following her and photographing her. It’s the way it is… the entertainment industry can be very unforgiving… even if you’re only a 20 year old girl, who is completely lost with no career and no direction..

  • liz k

    I’m not a big fan of LL’s but she doesn’t seem all bad. I hope she smartens up and gets her act together like Drew Barrymore. She seems to have the potential to do so. I wish her all the best.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Can you believe that?

  • victoria

    Lindsay looks gorgeous, she is not too skinny, maybe people think she is because there are so many obese people in the western world that their perception is all cock-eyed!

  • AMY

    she had such an amazing body…and now she has that!!!!!

    I’m mean look at her a**…such a granny

  • montana mike

    crack does a body good–well, maybe not

  • better before

    she looked better when she was chunkier, now she is way too skinny. it’s unhealthy. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t eat any protein, that is why she looks so saggy. But if she changes her diet there is still hope for her, she is still very young.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Saggy tittays AND a saggy ass. Lovely combo.

  • CC


    LOL!!! I thought the same thing….she has a boy’s body and I’m always so grossed out by her bikini pictures…she’s become so nasty and skanky!!!!! Looks like she needs a good scrubbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missestheoldlinds

    victoria–don’t ignorantly assume that people who find her too thin are just too used to seeing overweight and obese people and therefore lack a “normal” perspective. i don’t think posters are saying she is objectively too thin. i’d like to believe the people on this site are concerned because FOR HER, she looks quite underweight. don’t forget–we watched her in mean girls, jst my luck, etc. and after she lost a significant number of pounds a couple yrs back, even she admitted it was due to poor health and bad habits. maybe she is clinically underweight but i think the point is, she doesn’t look like what is healthy/normal for lindsay lohan.
    also, before you reply, just know i write this as a recovering anorexic…so spare me accusations of being large or jealous or anything like that.

  • skippingsarah

    she’s thin. i can’t believe they followed her here. nuts!

  • CC

    @victoria: Seriously….YOU need your eyes checked. This girl is sickly looking and UNHEALTHY…please….DO NOT ASPIRE TO LOOK LIKE HER!!! SHE IS A SICK, SICK GIRL! She is NOT the example of health…ok??

  • Julie

    There is thin and healthy looking then there is thin and druggie looking. She needs a complete makeover.

  • jolietta

    Sam’s facebook relationship status is married *lol* the girl’s got sense of humour ppl ;)

  • Vivien

    She’s got a skinny boy’s body. Ewwww … please don’t wear a bathing suit in public again. Get a grip on yourself, Lindsey. You’re about to become a statistic.


    She looks like she needs to get healthy! A great bikini needs a great body to look good on. – can’t miss great bikinis and fashions!

  • facts

    Chriiiiissst!!! Fuuuking eat something!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    hahahahahahahahahaha… there’s so many jokes i could make but i’d be typing`em all day. hahahahaha..

  • STFU


  • chirstian law

    Saw her last week and she looks f…….. amazing!
    Or doesnt she?

  • chels

    i think she is not very very skinny, only her arms and legs but her tummy is okay and well.. her boobs are other story

  • *******


  • m.t

    LINDSAY looks gorgeous and hoooot very hoooot and Cute she looks very Happy with her sis and she will come of the Tops of the world again Cuz She is soooo Talent girl goooo lindsay be strong we love u soooo much UR Fans in middle east
    and have a great Time

  • m.t

    why all this Mean Comment….
    YES jealous PEOLE….
    i think she loook not that Skinny for other Celebs ok
    and we love it in her she look good,happy and OK that is the important thing


    she looked so good in mean girls, she was at a healthy weight then. what happened to her?

  • m.t

    love her

  • missestheoldlinds

    @m.t: listen, if i am jealous of anything, it’s the fact that she can fly to maui with her sister at a moment’s notice. i really would not want her skin or body…
    please. i can list all the stars of whom i am legitimately jealous (charlize, nicole kidman, gwyneth, christy turlington, etc.) and lindsay is NOT on that list…

  • a

    Here’s the thing, Lindsay doesn’t look anorexic per se, but she does look underweight for her body type. She looks much better with more meat on her bones, that is just the way her body is. Just adding 10 lbs to her frame would do wonders for her.

  • lucy

    lindsay you’re the best and i love you but what happened with your body?????

  • what happen

    The doggie says I love you Lindsay no matter how much you weigh. Doggies and kitties = BFFs.

  • stefanie

    she needs to start working out.
    the butt is too saggy

  • m.t

    Good For you…..
    and lindsay if is not in your stupid List who said to you but her in or not….
    lindsay know the best for her and plz Check to your list all of you mention Skinny…..
    sooo HAAAY for u
    P.S we love you lindsay with all of best wish for u…

  • ggg


  • pray for her, ya’ll!

    instead of hawaii, they should have taken her to a rehab facility. someone who actually thinks they look good like this (skeletal frame, saggy boobs, saggy, boney butt) obviously has some sort of mental problem. Sam’s facebook status should be the least of her worries. Shame on the people in her life who look at her everyday and DON’T see anything wrong.

  • tony

    She looks like hell. The only part of her that looks any good is her head. You know something’s wrong when a woman’s thighs are the same size as her calves. She should 86 the bathing suits until she puts on a few pounds. She really looks bad. I feel sorry for her.

  • missestheoldlinds

    @m.t: Sorry, I couldn’t really understand your English. And I am not trying to be rude…I am being honest. I did get that you were saying my list is stupid and all of the people on it are thin. I think you’ll find they all exercise and seem to eat healthily and do not have substance abuse problems to speak of. Further, I was more speaking about their general look–they take care of themselves, do not bake in the sun, excluding Charlize–they do not smoke, etc.). I am curious: why are you so defensive of a celebrity? Please re-read my post–I am just saying most of us have watched her grow up and she’s clearly not healthy for HER natural frame. If that’s not obvious to you, that’s a whole different issue.

  • missestheoldlinds

    actua@m.t: actually, my list is of women who (for the most part) take care of their skin, exercise, eat healthily, and do not smoke or abuse other substances…thanks for calling it stupid, too. very mature of you.
    my point in posting was to say it is obvious she is not in the kind of shape she should be…and, for the record, she actually really DOES NOT seem to always know what’s best for her health. if you recall, she went to rehab, she’s been hospitalized numerous times for not taking care of herself, AND (whether you believe me or not) she has had cocaine issues in the past.

  • woof


    Please don’t insult 50 + year old women by comparing them to Lindsay L. I’m over 50 and my behind does not sag like that.