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Miranda Kerr: Happy Mother's Day!

Miranda Kerr: Happy Mother's Day!

Victoria’s Sercret model Miranda Kerr hugs her mom Therese in this new video celebrating Mother’s Day.

The 26-year-old Aussie beauty shared, “My mom is really good with poetry and writing, so I wanted to be like her when I was a little girl. I sat there and thought about what I was going to write for four hours and I came up with a three-sentence poem.”

Miranda also talked about a gift she made for her mom growing up: “I made her a mug and I wrote ‘I love you, mom’ and put a big red heart in the middle and she loved it. I couldn’t ask for a better mother.”

Mrs. Kerr hugged her daughter back and said, “She’s beautiful. More beautiful on the inside.”

Miranda Kerr: Happy Mother’s Day!
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  • giuliano


  • shaking my head


  • bam

    awh cute

  • libby

    “What I was going to right”??

  • @4

    Ooopps, Jared.
    Miranda didn’t “right” that. ;)
    Sweet video though. Her mum is lovely.
    Orlando was probably relieved when he met her mum. Now he knows that Kerr women age beautifully.

  • toni

    V magazine has its 09 swimsuit edition entirely shot by Mario Testino.

    The best models with the best bodies. (naomi, gisele, claudia, carmen, linda, carolyn, adriana, doutzen, kate and some male top models) Damn it’s so hot and classic.

  • yes

    She is so beautiful! Such a sweet girl, too.

  • no

    She is the best.

  • Just Jared

    @libby: Sorry, poor transcription skillz. :P

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be sure: HER MOM IS MY CHOICE, folks!!

  • Marie

    she is so pretty

  • http://justjared a fan

    she is such a sweet girl wait for the Delphi loons to be on this thread in 1,2,3…….

  • aaww…so sweet

    Miranda’s Mum is right, she is as beautiful on the inside as
    well as the outside, and you can tell just how much they love each other!


    who cares about them-

  • vannya

    i don’t care about mirrand and her mom…or orlando bloom – he is so mediocre

  • bev

    I used to really like miranda and i feel disappointed whenever her fellow angels get so much attention via commercials, ads, or magazines. Funny though that i used to be really annoyed by doutzen because damn she has that new ad, commercial, or cover again when it’s supposed to be miranda on those. But now i know why miranda isn’t getting those and thank goodness i don’t feel annoyed anymore by the other angels when they do other jobs aside from VS cause simply i begun to like them more and more. Lastly, i realized that the other angels deserve those success cause they’re really worth it and they’re nice people who always donate and get involve on charities.


    yeah and it’s mum not mom :P

  • @16

    Yeah, Doutzen just launched their new perfume….no wait…that was Miranda.
    Doutzen just launched their new line of bras, too….no wait…that was Miranda.
    But Doutzen DID just do that new TV commercial that was shown numerous times in some of the most expensive time slots around, seen by MILLIONS of Americans….no wait….that was Miranda.
    And Doutzen did all of those print ads for the new line, that showed up in high circulation magazines…no wait…that was Miranda.
    Wow, it sure is amazing how much VS is using Doutzen….no wait…that’s Miranda.
    If you are gpoing to try to bag on Miranda, you should at least put a little more thought behind it.
    For the last few weeks, Miranda has been the most visible Angel. You are going to have to try a different tactic.

  • @14-15

    You had time to stop and post about people that you don’t care about? Your lives must be very empty.

  • cat

    I love therese!!! she really is the nicest person i have ever met and hung out with!!!! Them two together are so sweet and they are so lucky to have eachother

  • cat

    I love therese!!! she really is the nicest person i have ever met and hung out with!!!! Them two together are so sweet and they are so lucky to have eachother

  • bev@18

    I used to like miranda and that’s my point…

    And i’m beginning to like more the other angels because of all their works outside of VS and their personalities. Now if you want to believe that miranda is better than every other angel, go on after all to each his own and the fashion industry knows.

    Again, i used to really like her but not anymore.

  • $$$

    Another super sikrit insider… love it!

  • VSfan

    some updates…

    HEIDI is pregnant.

    ADRIANA is now confirmed to be doing an ad campaign for Givenchy and recently signed a cosmetic contract with VS.

    ALESSANDRA is rumored to be also signing a cosmetic contract with VS alongside ADRIANA.

    DOUTZEN will attend the CANNES FESTIVAL this May as one of the faces of LOREAL.

  • ac

    “Mum”, not “Mom”.She doesn’t say it like that, so its not accurate.

  • @bev

    “I used to really like miranda and i feel disappointed whenever her fellow angels get so much attention via commercials, ads, or magazines. Funny though that i used to be really annoyed by doutzen because damn she has that new ad, commercial, or cover again when it’s supposed to be miranda on those. But now i know why miranda isn’t getting those…”
    That’s a direct quote from you. Those were YOUR words, telling lies. You are a hater, trying to twist facts who got called out in royal fashion by #18, and I LOVED IT!!!. Now you are trying to back track.

  • Jen16

    @@16: That’s because Doutzen also does other big modelling jobs, she’s still a high fashion model and has contracts with calvin klein,L’oreal and ofcourse VS!
    and Miranda only does VS,because she has nothing else to do…

  • VSfan@27

    Miranda has something else to do… She’s one of the VS angels and a support for Megan Gale for the DJ department store in Australia. IMO Miranda should focus more on VS cause she’s a commercial model and should be thankful for it cause without VS and Orlando being attached to her name, she will be just another model.

    The other angels who have a high fashion backround can always go back doing high fashion gigs if they really want to. Look at Adriana. I don’t blame those successful highfashion models who venture on commercial modelling for the very reason that it helps their names to be on the mainstream and MORE money especially if you’re a high fashion model who has other contracts.

  • @27

    Doutzen can no longer be considered a “high fashion” model. High fashion models work the runways for the best designers, but Doutzen is now too big to walk these runways. She is a beautiful print model, with that amazing face, but if she isn’t careful, she is going to bulk up so much that she loses THOSE contracts as well. She is a beautiful, successful model, but is NOT ‘high fashion’. Not anymore.

  • @29

    Doutzen’s body is toned more of like Cindy Crawford and other 90′s supermodels. The fashion industry seems not to be having any problems with her figure as her contracts are renewed and still getting some new ones and still continuously having covers or editorials for high end magazines. I personally can’t call her a genuine high fashion model now cause of that damn VS, but her ads and covers/editorials for prestigious magazines are the reason why she’s not completely be called a commercial model.

    STOP bringing in Doutzen’s name for goodness sake. She doesn’t care any of these comparisons for i believe she’s now in Holland organizing a charity event with DJ Tiesto.

  • @30

    No, Doutzen has the shoulders of a man. She needs to stop working out so much. She already lost one runway job because of her size.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Damn the Delphi loons are getting more and more pathetic and sad,desperate you name it .

  • @32

    They’re just lonely.
    There’s only about five active posters left on their site, and they just keep repeating the same garbage over and over.
    I never see any of the smarter posters over there anymore. I guess that they got tired of the delphidiots’ ridiculous claims and theories, too.

  • @31

    You mean the Gucci fashion show? She admitted that one when asked if she ever got rejected in her profession. I bet Miranda won’t admit anything if she is rejected by fashion designers lol cause simply no big time designers want her. Well, it’s nice to see a model who is not skinny with protruding hip and collar bones and doesn’t starve herself to death once in a while.

    If you have a problem with other models’ body, that’s your problem.

  • MK

    Any updates for Miranda?

  • @34

    I think it’s YOU that has a problem. You just can’t admit that Doutzen is not proving to be the VS golden child that all of you haters wanted her to be.
    Models ARE thin. If you can’t accept that, then complain to the industry. The FACT is that Doutzen can’t walk the runway as a high fashion model, anymore. She no longer fits the standard for runway work.
    Miranda is thin, as a model has to be, but she looks fit and healthy. She has a beautiful shape, and glowing skin. You can tell that she doesn’t starve herself, but eats a healthy diet. She just doesn’t eat enough to feed a small army, like someone else does.

  • @36

    Doutzen a VS golden child? Even the haters don’t claim that. As a relatively new comer, she’s been used in major campaigns that is of course alongside Adriana which is proven to be really successful in terms of sales. Ask some people who work at VS. Now watch out for her new campaign and solo commercial very soon.

    So Doutzen can no longer walk most of the runway shows, so what?
    She’s still getting ad campaigns and covers and editorials.

    So miranda is thin and fit and healthy. How come she’s not walking any of those big time runway shows and still can’t get a major designer or cosmetic camapign or high end magazine covers/editorials. Maybe the fashion industry has also some problems for thin and fit and healthy models too.

    This is getting nowhere. To sum up, Miranda is a VS angel and the girlfriend/fubu of Orlando.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Dear god It’s been a year I graduated I started a job I am a year older Obama became President but the Delphi loons keep saying the same things over and over and over again they are getting obsessive ,sad ,boring and a little scary .

  • VSfan

    What’s all these mess… No one among VS angels is fat or out of shape like some of you are claiming. Do i need to reiterate more? I guess so. The angels are on rotation and VS is using the main/money angels for commercials, ads, events during peak seasons where sales are expected to be up.

  • liz

    Now i wonder who is more popular and has more haters between Bar and Miranda. Guess that’s the price you pay for dating a hunk actor LOL

  • @39

    So since they are using Miranda around Mother’s Day, I guess that she is becoming one of their “main/money” Angels?
    And no one here has claimed that Doutzen is “fat”, but you have to admit that she has gotten too broad across the shoulders to be considered runway material.
    Oh, and @37, the haters DID claim that Doutzen was VS’s new golden child. They were claiming that SHE would be the main focus of all new campaigns, and Miranda would be pushed to the back. Now that this has been proven wrong since Miranda has launched two new products, and been on the cover of several of their catologues during the last few months, they are trying to take back their words.

  • as if

    all the other angels have only VS for their career’s life support. VS is using Miranda during this time of the year just like last year and like what someone quoted angels are on a rotation. Anyone who works at VS will say that the December and February are the most important months for the company in terms of sale.

  • @42

    Hmmm, was Doutzen used this past February at all? I don’t remember….
    And you are acting like VS is the dregs of modeling by calling it “life support”. VS Angel contracts are some of the most lucrative contracts in the business. I would hardly call that “life support”. More like ‘living the high life’.

  • Rosie

    Miranda is so beautiful. And she is such a good daughter :)

  • everyone in the world



    * She’s not smart. At all.

  • brina


  • @45

    Because she’s the gf of Orlando and haven’t you noticed by now that JJ is main gossip site who keeps on posting about models who have an actor bf?

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww how cute
    her mother doesnt even look that bad, im pretty sure good for her age

  • @45


  • wow

    She’s so gorgeous!