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Rihanna: Jean Jacket Juicy

Rihanna: Jean Jacket Juicy

After spending some time in her native Barbados, Rihanna rocks out a stylish new jean jacket as arrives back home in Los Angeles via LAX airport on Monday night (April 27).

Yesterday, the 21-year-old Bajan babe attended Reggae on the Hill, in Barbados, where she joined reggae star Beenie Man on stage. And over the weekend, Rihanna also attended Chum FM’s 24th anniversary celebration, also in Barbados.

UPDATE: Rihanna is rocking Current/Elliott‘s snap jacket in barn dark.

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Tye

    Her outfit is cute but I don’t like the hair.

  • Marc

    Adorable from the neck down.

  • buckley

    hate the hair, the outfit and the shades.
    too 1985 for me.

  • nysro

    She’s so trashy and ugly… I don’t see the attraction at all..

  • ashlee

    Those glasses are glued to her face.

  • ********

    Her hair style looks like Michael Jackson’s:{

  • JimmyJo

    It’s like she got uglier for some reason since the “incident”. I just don’t get it, what’s up with this weird hairdo??? Find it so hard to believe that even she thinks it looks good (but then again, she’s always had a weird sense of style IMO). It’s so just unflattering.

  • santiana

    Why did she shave the sides of her head? Her hair would probably look ok without the sideburns.

  • sheila

    Can’t figure out how she went from being cute to being so manly and unattractive now. That hair!!!! Awful!! And something about her face too, she lost her cuteness, she looks like Michael Jackson’s sister by another mother.

  • sorella

    Never realised she had such an extra-large forehead until she had this hairdo(n’t). Girl needs bangs stat!! Does she not own just an ordinary pair of jeans? Everything she wears looks like it belongs on a stage, like it’s a costume, overdone.

  • izzy

    Rihanna’s outfit is really cute but almost identical to previous looks. I’ve never understood why people think she’s a fashionista. She either dresses really ugly and strange or works the same casual style that anyone could buy in a catalog/mall.

  • Metro

    As the saying goes, she’s starting to look like her dog.

  • black beauty

    she looks fab. another court date tomorrow.

  • tasylorswiftfan


  • kiki

    Girl has a TENHEAD.

  • forester

    Rihanna is pushing the tranny envelope.

  • Xtascy

    She looks nice except for the hair.

  • rene

    Rihanna, please i love you but not your hair! Please sort it out, girl.

  • boots

    Rihanna looks like a man.
    Her neck, shoulders, face.
    Too much Michael J.

  • Obsessed

    I would not mind the poodle hair if it were Rihanna’s real hair, but it is not. It’s a bad weave.

  • linda

    well, i think her hair looks pretty… it’s soemthing different. why should she have to look like everyone else in Hollywood…it’s good that she tries to be different. Go Rihanna!!

  • razor

    No likey Rihanna – trying too hard.

  • fresh

    Nothing really unique about this look. An outfit straight out of Newport News and a wig that copies Michael Jackson from the Thriller era.
    Unfortunately, she doesn’t have too many options left. She killed what remained of her hair with all that processing/overstyling. She probably would have been better off sticking with the short hair or buying a nicer wig.

  • YUCK
  • YUCK


  • Chris Brown, I still Love him

    Chris Brown can do so much better then that
    He probably thought he was fighting a man, when he attacked Rihanna
    If Rihanna didn’t start it, she wouldn’t of got her ass beat
    Learn to shut up and let the man drive, instead of having a bitch tantrum
    I never felt sorry for Rihanna because she was never a real victim of any shit that night, she brang it on herself, she could of acted different, just like Chris, just because his a bloke doesn’t mean he should get all the blame, she should of never of him him to begin with!

    btw some bitches slaps are hard, so don’t come with the shit that woman can’t fight or hit harder then a man, not always true

  • boo


  • Chris Brown, I still Love him

    Now We all can see that Rihanna is not only Ugly in Appearence but also as a person, she’s ugly in the inside
    For the past couple of months, she’s acted like she has no care in the world, no compassion, no nothing, she can’t and won’t even speak to her fans and lets Chris get bash by everyone as her revenge and trys to live it up while trying to ruin his career, what kind of person does that.
    She never loved him at all, She’s twisted, She made him hit her in anger, she tick him off to the point he lost it, now his paying for her nasty trick

  • everyday

    If you’re going to wear a weave, get a good one. This means one that will blend well with your natural hair. I’m a fan of natural beauty and it seems like Rihanna would look better (and more natural) and make more money if she didn’t look like she was trying so hard.

  • just so you know

    what’s up with Rihanna’s puffy face?

  • p


  • p


  • umbrella

    Something is up with RiRi’s face in pic 4.

  • g!na

    her hair is hideous! she’s trying for the rooster style! lmao

  • D

    Wow..the jealousy in the comment section.. immense!! Get over it, girls! Insecure young women that will never date Chris Brown…lol! Rihanna is fierce.. I don’t see any of you doing what she is doing and looking fierce doing it.. she is clearly doing something right because she is messing with the self-esteem of some you broads. If you have nothing nice to say and don’t care for her, why click on the post to stay stupid things. Come back when you all turn 15 years old.

  • lessmore

    She’s so repulsive. Absolutely horrid. Ladies this is a prime example of exactly what not to do. Look and learn.

  • Chocolate Chip

    I’m trying to understand her actions!! Party after party, drink after drink…there even are pics of her dancing on stage with NO PANTIES with Beenie as he talked about CB!?!? Also read she was at some club and they played that STUPID anti brown song, and she smiled/lauhed (HOW COULD YOU RI?) The girl is getting crazier by the day…..Now, is the break up driving you to this or are you really hanging Chris out to dry. By the way, WHERE THE HELL IS CHRIS??? I LOVE AND MISS YOU CHRIS!!! Don’t know what went down in the car in Feb but I’m STILL a CB fan!! I like Ri too just a little concerned about her right now… this another Lindsay Lohan??? The hair….ummm it’s ok…I’ve seen it look WORST, this one is ok.

  • Super

    What is there to be jealous of here? Rihanna always looks the same: terrible. The girl also can’t sing. She had me fooled for a while cause her songs (that she doesn’t write) are sort of catchy but her voice is weak. I recently listened to all her songs (and watched her vids on YouTube) and was struck by how repetitive and gimmicky her music has become. Her record label deserves a lot of credit for marketing her so well but they need to stop shoving her down the publics’ throat and give us someone who can actually sing instead of a cute face with barely marginal talent.
    Don’t ASSume that just because someone isn’t a fan of Rihanna that they like Chris Brown. Why would anyone want to date him? The guy is a loser and abuser; a pimply-faced mouth breather. Have you seen the pics of her popping his zits in the hot tub? What woman would want to do that? Disgusting! He’s a boy not a man.

  • paige

    lol people need 2 get a life :D and RIHANNA looks fab 24/7 mkay punkins o and fuck we all look like shit some days get over it DAMN. :D

  • OMG




  • Mercedes

    I think that her look is an appropiate look for a person just now gettin Woff a plan. Rihanna looks adorable in her sun glasses and pretty curls. Everrybody needs to leave her ALONE!!!!! She is the victum!!!!! Chris Brown deserves anything that comes his way because he’s suppose to be a “MAN” No man would put there hands on a woman no matter the sitiuation. For all i care **** Chris Brown and his career, he is a horrible representaion of a young man!!!!!!! Rihanna you are beautiful no matter what these haters say. No matter if you love him or not stand up for yourself and no what HE DID WAS WRONG!!!!! God bless you and your career

  • Kris

    Her outfit is really cute but she needs to stop with the cheap hair pieces. That’s not natural curls. That’s a bad weave, you can even see the glue.

    I hope she get counseling and takes some time off from the industry…let real talent take center stage. This girl may be cute but she’s not much of an artist.

  • custom T

    She looks worse everyday.

  • Maddie

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what kind of pants she’s wearing? Love them! Can’t find them anywhere because I don’t know what they’re called!