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Sarah Jessica Parker Expecting Twin Girls!

Sarah Jessica Parker Expecting Twin Girls!

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are expecting twin daughters via surrogate mother.

The couple is “overjoyed” to be expecting two healthy baby girls later this summer, a rep for the couple said in a statement to E! News. Congrats to the happy couple!!!

The 44-year-old Sex and the City star and Matthew, 47, also have son James Wilkie, 6. A friend of the couple tells EW that the couple has been trying to have more kids for years and this was the “best alternative for expanding their family.”

Pictured here: SJP and MB at premiere of Wonderful World during the Tribeca Film Festival at 675 BAR on Monday (April 27).

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  • officefan

    Whoa! Wasn’t expecting that! Congrats to them! I think their son James is a cutie =)

  • sherie

    i’m in shock

  • Bubbaness

    They should name them Alimony and Child Support since no way in hell should they have more kids- surrogate or otherwise.

  • .

    bubbaness, and how exactly do you know that? reading too many tabloids, eh? looks like the tabs were wrong and the couple is going strong.

  • honeybunch

    Why couldn;t she carry the babies herself? Did they use her eggs or is she too old?

  • Kalise

    THAT is a SHOCK..

    Funny how the TABs are getting everything wrong. They said the marriage was over. But they say that about most couples.. Tom/Kate, Brad/Angie, Ben/Jen, and Mark/JLo… All these couples are still together. Maybe the Tabs don’t know anything at all..What happened to their insides source that was giving them the low down on SJP and Matthew..

    How did they miss this story with all that inside information.

    The thing I am most waiting for is the demise of these trash, lying, and nasty magazines. Let’s see how many make it to next year.

  • Pippa

    I did not see that coming at all! But god! I’m so happy for them. Totally made my day :D congrats!!

  • tiffany

    O.M.G. That was a surprise announcement! Congrats to them though. I guess the twins are a last attempt to save their marriage…

    I think they are going to go with a classic names for their twins: Elizabeth, Victoria, Charlotte or Isabella and the middle names will be a wacky.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    damn, double da fcuking fug.

  • emilia

    so happy for her! she’s adorable.

  • gisele

    i guess baby mama inspired them to do this!!!

  • Paige


    Oh please.

    There could be a 100 reasons why they’re having a surrogate.
    It’s none of your business.

  • marisa

    wow, i am so suprised! glad to hear some other news from someone other than Brad/Angie, Jen, etc

  • sweetie

    congrats! :-)

  • Jo

    Yeah that was unexpected! Let’s wait and see if it’s true ! But that would be amazing for SJP, daughters ! Soooo cute !

  • what happen

    I think they have surrogate because she no wants to gain weight. She always eating water and so skinny.

  • cas

    happy for them!

  • Julie

    I wondered the same as #5–why surrogate? Her egg? Wassup with surrogate?
    Thanks for allowing the HUH?

  • twifanatic Amanda

    That’s amazing. I’m happy for them :)

  • trend??

    is the latest celebrity ‘trend’ to have twin babies? since angelina jolie had her twins, everyone seems to be popping them out!

  • iro

    i can’t wait to see the surrogate mother!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah May

    Hey. At least we know that she is having twins through some sort of scientific lab way. I mean you know how all these celebs keep saying they didn’t have IVF and what not.

    She ain’t hidin. She probably tried getting pregnant unsucessfully so she went for another option. Plus if she would have babies at this age, all these problems could come up.

    So good for her.

  • Tatiana

    Hmm…I don’t really understand….Do they “use” SJP’s egg or is the surrogate mom the biological mother???
    This is confusing, lol! ;)

  • jules

    Check out those side burns!

  • LuckyL

    And the same a**holes were advocating for Nicole to say she used a surrogate IF she did, and look how they’re f****** treating this woman.

  • lakers fan in boston

    totally surprised as well
    i didnt think at her age she would try again…guess that explains the surrogate mother
    not liking how she looks, her face always distracts me

  • sunshine

    Maybe Matthew’s “mistress” of a while back has offered to carry Alimony and Child Support.

  • Jen


  • plum

    happy to them! congrats!

  • omg

    kinda of a surprise since rumours were circulating of marriage trouble. Either way congrats!


    She is 44 years old, it is highly probable that she wasn’t able to conceive naturally. I’m sure it has nothing to do with not wanting to gain weight. And you have to go through psychological testing before they will allow you to use fertility technology so I am pretty sure they have assessed that the marriage is stable. Why do people look for controversy in everything?

  • woof

    Wow. I’m shocked but very happy for them. I think I read once that SJP wanted lots of kids, so this is great news for them. Now, can she write that into a sequel to SATC?

  • tabs know nothing

    SJP had a hard time getting pregnant with their son, and a really difficult pregnancy, they had to shut down shooting SITC. They have both talked about wanting more kids, SJP has lots of siblings, and I imagine they tried the natural way for years with no success and at their ages went this route. It gets harder to get pregnant once you reach the age of 35 for most people, that’s just biology.

    I am so very happy for them. SJ will have 2 little girls to dress, LOL.

    If nothing else this should alert those who keep believing in tabloid lies that those pieces of trash are full of nothing but lies. Stop being stupid.

  • tabs know nothing

    Of course I meant SATC not sitc.

    Need to proofread before hitting submit.

  • honeybunch

    I just hope those girls do NOT have their mom’s nose–lordy it is sooooo big. SJP–get a nose job so you do not embarass your kids.

  • anon

    stupid tabs don’t know crappola. THIS IS NEWS. Congrats

  • Nice

    using a surrogate means that someone else is carrying the baby or babies. it’s SJP and Matthew’s fertilized embryo. it’s just that they transplaned it into the surrogate mother to carry.

  • Stephanie

    congratulations to them!

    right on sarah may. at least they aren’t faking using IVF. like we are supposed to believe that such a high % in hollyweird has twins naturally compared to the rest of the mortals in the world. hollyweird is blazing the trail for “designer babies”.

  • Ethan

    That is messed up news.
    He is gross, it’s official.
    Poor SJP.

  • Tess

    I think their marriage is a sham and he is gay. He always looks miserable around her.

  • Sheri

    Wow ~ what a shock!!! So glad to see that they’ve apparently sorted out their marriage problems. I’m overjoyed for them ~ God bless them, James and the new babies :)

  • John

    Guess she didn’t want to ruin her figure, lol.

  • ADD

    Some of you people are so rude & judgemental!!!! It says in the article above that they have been trying years to fall pregnant again!!!
    There is obviously a good reason for a surragate. And some of you want all the details-RE-Eggs What business is it of yours, and SJP does not have to give the public any more details!!!!!! And I highly doubt that anyone will see the surragate mother-IDIOT

  • ADD

    This should prove to normal people not to believe tabloids!!!!! Were’nt J-LO and Marc going to announce their separation on Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan

    Gues she didn’t want to ruin her good looks…WAIT, IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  • saudia

    whoa congrats to them! I was not expecting that, twin girls yay


    Not carrying the children herself won’t improve her looks. She’ll still have an ugly face and an ugly body.

    She’s fooling herself if she thinks she’s ever going to be attractive.

    She’s not saving anything.

    No one wants to look at her, they are forced to. Hollywood needs a quota of ugly swine like her to distract from the fact that scum like her ride on the backs of Anglo-Saxons.

  • mela

    i’m sorry, but this is just plain WEIRD and creepy.

  • pink roses

    Congrats to the Broderick’s.

  • pink roses

    At least they are not being dishonest, like Nicole and Keith. It is disgusting that Nicole faked a pregnancy when everyone knows she used a surrogate for her daughter.

    Now Sarah will have two little girl’s to fawn over. How precious. I am so happy for them.