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Seraphina Affleck is a Boston Baby

Seraphina Affleck is a Boston Baby

Proud parents Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their two adorable daughters, Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 2 months, for a walk around Ben‘s hometown on Tuesday morning (April 28) of Boston, Mass.

Jennifer has told ET of Serpahina, “She’s great! She’s really good.” As for dad Ben, Jen has said, “There’s a lot of estrogen but so far he’s handled it pretty well!”

Yesterday evening (April 27), Ms. Garner looked ravishing in Rachel Roy.

Jen & Ben are using their Baby Bjorn carrier & Bob Revolution stroller!

20+ pictures inside of Boston baby Seraphina Affleck

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  • clive


  • Eliza

    I don’t like her,she seems bored and not in the mood for anything,I can’t understand why Ben loves her,she’s fugly,she might have something good about her,those big ears,not like I’m perfect,but I’m not a celebrity so people are not able to judge me

  • seus

    I thought they hated the paparazzi, she made sure they got a picture of her new baby…so full of s#it. They are fugly as hell. Brad Pitt and Angelina they are not LMAO….she is a skank, West Virginia Hillbilly.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    DESTINED TO FAIL, fols!!

  • stupidsexyflanders

    Seraphina is beautiful!! I think she is going to look just like Ben. Adorable family. down to earth. love it.

  • mickeymouse

    OMG, JG has a truck butt and she is fugly without makeup. She is looking so uglie, nothing can help her uglie self. She needs to stay away from those shorts. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWShe is a sloppy mess. Uglie kids.

  • Ben& Jenn

    Simply the perfect American family. I love this couple and their children are beautiful!

  • Rose

    They make some fuglie babies LMAO!!!!

  • h.

    Wow, what a bunch of jerks you are. God forbid she not dress like she’s on the red carpet 24/7.

    She is very pretty, without being ridiculous and dressed inappropriately for family time like Posh and those types. They are an adorable family. And she wasn’t making sure they got a pic of her baby, you’re an idiot. They probably didn’t even know anyone was taking their pics.

  • sarah

    The Dorks are in Boston….not looking fine at all. They look like they just came down from the Mountains of Virginia. Everyone looks like them there. All the kids look like their kids and the women dress exactly like her. They look like hot messes. I didn’t know she had such cankle legs.

  • lala

    To people who talk s#it about her weight needs to go to hell


    Did you see the photos of her going to the airport with no makeup and
    her glasses.. she looks a lot worse..She will be travelling for 4 shows
    in New York Martha Stewart ,Good Morning America , David Letterman
    and Regis and Kelly Show..

    Where do you see her ‘TRUCK BUTT”>>

  • Abby

    What is up with her shorts! Ugggggggglyyyyyy!!!!

  • Tuesday

    Stupid people post on this blog.

  • Tuesday


    Saw shorts like that at Target, new clothing line for Summer.

  • LB

    They look like a normal family….only getting pictures taken by paps!! People need to back off on the negative comments. You can’t hide your kids, you have to go on living your life. They have beautiful little girls and I wish their whole family a wonderful future.

  • Michelle

    EWWW – Jen I can’t act, career’s failing, marriage #2′s failing. Ben still has potential and their 2nd baby’s pretty cute. Why does Ben always look so miserable around Jen or is traveling all the time away from her? He looks happiest when he’s with his kids, Matt or away from Jen – never looks happy with Jen. Too bad. They used to when they 1st started dating.

  • tawi-tawi

    no it’s not called “down to earth”, it’s called “tasteless”…they are plain tasteless, and have no style whatsoever. you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and look fabulous, stylish and cool…these two look boring!

    kids are cute though

  • susan

    people on this site are ridiculous and cruel…first off, it’s clear that they are walking through a quiet neighborhood as a family…this is not a photo set up for the press…what do you want celebs to do- hide in their homes and never take their kids outdoors?? They seem to be totally unaware of the papz which probably means the pics were taken from a long distance lens camera.

    Secondly, how dare you criticize her weight!! The woman had a baby 2 months ago- give her a break! Let’s see all of you carry a baby for nine months and look perfect after the birth.

    What I like about Jen is how normal and down to eart she appears. She’s not fake and she doesn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t. Their kids are adorable and she seems to be a hands on mom. She is with her kids all the time unlike some celebs who dump them off on nannies the first chance they get.

    How can you be so cruel and hate someone who actually seems nice and normal?? There are some fake and pretentious people on this site!!


    Seraphina is beautiful

  • Anne

    Agree! Something looks very forced about this whole thing. When Ben’s happy, he has the widest grin. They’re just a weird couple together – they don’t genuinely joyful together but only stays because of the kids. Ben never looks like he wants to be there – he has the same look he did when towards the end of his relationship with the other Jen. Jen G. has the same dull unhappy look that Reese W. did before she announced her divorce. Maybe all the rumors are true. What are they waiting for? Move on, life is short! I stopped like Jen when she started getting all her plastic surgery and acting stuck up towards people on the set.

  • jenny

    Sarah – I do agree that her weight gain should be left alone since she did have a baby a few months ago however, the only ones pretentious and fake is this whole family walk outing in front of the paparazzi. Now that divorce rumors are swirling around about how unhappy Ben is with Jen and they have movies to promote, SUDDENLY the family is walking KNOWING all the photogs will be there to take shots of them so they can APPEAR to be a loving family. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! NOT. Ben looks terrible like he’s hating every minute of it. Poor, poor Ben.

    Anne, I agree that there’s something very “fake” about this whole thing.

  • common sense

    Wow! You see a snippet of their life together and you conclude that they’re not happy? Amazing powers of deduction there.

    And another thing how dare she not lose the pregnancy weight in 2 months, it only took her 9 months to gain it. The nerve of her. You know what she should do? Stay at home so the rest of us don’t have to see her no make-up-wearing-fat face. How dare she take her kids outside for some fresh air and sunlight knowing that the paparazzi will be lurking around somewhere? It’s not like kids need something as non-essential as sunlight to grow! HOW DARE SHE!?

  • me

    Cute baby but I think she is more like almost 4 months old now. They look like a very happy family.

  • officefan

    LMAO at all those who say that Ben’s miserable with Jen and that her marriage is failing….like you guys know even remotely know them! And to those who are saying Jen is ugly or the babies are ugly…are your lives really so pathetic that it makes you feel better to criticize people you have never met? I mean, did Jen take your man? Did she talk smack about you? I mean, seriously people…I am not that negative to people who have actually wronged me, much less someone that I don’t know. You guys need to get a grip, lol. Anyway, before anyone says I must be a big Jen Garner fan, while I think she has a lovely family….I don’t have feelings one way or the other as far as her as a person because I DON’T KNOW HER !

  • lo

    Idiots, she just had a baby. I’m sure you look a hell of a lot worse in workout shorts! Get off your big fat asses and go exercise.

  • cas

    such a lowky family..=)

  • jenny

    It’s pretty obvious with celebrities since they’re exposed all the time. I’m in marketing and PR and read body language well – I called it with Brad/Jen, Ben/JLo, Alec/Kim, Liv/her guy, Rachel/Ryan…etc. I’m right 100% of the time. This couple….it’s really obvious that Ben’s unhappy – look at his pics from the past. They can keep trying but we miss Ben…you can’t change him…he’s not the domesticated type to be boxed in (probably why he’s gone solo all the time) and will be bitter at her for making him that way. Jen G. is in denial. Ladies, marriage and kids do not permanently bind a man no matter how hard you try. A group of ladies think he’s a better match with Rachel McAdams, Liv Tyler or Maria Menounos (from Access H. former Miss Mass).

  • jenny

    It’s pretty obvious with celebrities since they’re exposed all the time. I’m in marketing and PR and read body language well – I called it with Brad/Jen, Ben/JLo, Alec/Kim, Liv/her guy, Rachel/Ryan…etc. I’m right 100% of the time. This couple….it’s really obvious that Ben’s unhappy – look at his pics from the past. They can keep trying but we miss Ben…you can’t change him…he’s not the domesticated type to be boxed in (probably why he’s gone solo all the time) and will be bitter at her for making him that way. Jen G. is in denial. Ladies, marriage and kids do not permanently bind a man no matter how hard you try. A group of ladies think he’s a better match with Rachel McAdams, Liv Tyler or Maria Menounos (from Access H. former Miss Mass).


    How is she trying to show the baby off? It was a nice warm day, was she supposed to keep her hidden under a blanket?? That’s how those carriers work, the child is facing out. You people are seriously ridiculous.

  • .

    @susan: I could not have said it better myself. Its a shame there are people on here posting immature comments.

  • jenny

    “immature” comments? what the heck, are we posting on CNN or a church website. This is a celebrity gossip site. LOL.

    Free Ben Affleck from his Misery! Poor Ben. She’s a starter wife unfortunately for her…I give them a year or two max.

  • nice

    They make a great couple.

  • pam

    most of you guys are full of baloney!

    Who dresses up for a walk? This family seems to act like a normal family. Nothing wrong with that. So what if she wants to show off her new baby? (not that she is like some of these posters are saying) Normal folks enjoy showing off their new babies.

    It seems that too many Americans overstress over how attractive someone looks, size, etc,,,,, It is NOT the most important thing in life. NO ONE is perfect. So, you guys go get a life if you can find one!

  • todiehardjenfans

    Do you guys like Jen G. or Jen G. with Ben? It seems that the folks that don’t like her is because of how she’s rumored to have trapped Ben and is super controlling with him. Some of the Jen G. fans comments seem unrealistic – about her being angelic, normal mom. I don’t know a normal mom who lives in a 24 milion dollar mansion, has a few nannies and husband goes on talk shows saying “my wife texts saying get your A.S..S..over here!” or “a cure for a hangover is what one straight man can’t do for another (referring to a Bl. oh..Job.”). Nice…real wholesome couple there – doesn’t quite match this image she’s trying to portray.

  • bambamswife7

    I love this family. None of us know any of the celebs_ just what we see and hear about them, and most of it is all garbage and lies. I can’t stomach jolie because of the things that have come from her own ridiculous big mouth. She wanted to marry a woman and many other “great” things.

  • LuckyL

    The second baby looks better than the first already haha

  • Kaley

    Jen, cover up those pasty legs or get yourself some TANNER! Surely you have the money! Ugh!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Sera looks more like Ben, tanks GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))


    Yes she does look like Ben SHE INHERITED HER DADDYS CLEFT!…
    Didn’t notice it until the close up photo.. Ben and Jen have been married for 4 years now going on 5 …. That is probably what makes
    them successful is that is what they are and they love their daughters..
    Have you ever seen Jerry O Connell hold his kids or just push them
    in the stroller all the time. When was the last time they took them for a walk in Toronto in a Bjorn..Never Ben and Jen love to spend time together and she said that they are a boring couple together..

  • Michelle

    Sweet and adorable!!

  • Sal

    I just love her! And her kids are sooo happy! Unlike a certain alien family we all know.
    Give her a break folks, she just had a baby. For you teens out there who havent done that yet,,,, just wait.


  • Annie

    Come ON! She is married to a handsome man, has beautiful children……and makes her own money. And take a good look in the mirror, if she is unattractive, what are you???????? Get real….Your all butt f*ck ugly and jealous as can be. Give me a break.

  • Karon

    #29 go shut your self in a closet. Yep, your a busy PR gal alright. Called them all?? Okay Loser…….and Liar. Just go and make tin foil hats for Cruise Crazy will you? Told you so’s don’t work ass wipe.

  • elle

    Jen looks terrific. She had a baby 2 months ago. That’s what normal people look like after they give birth to their second baby. !!!!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL.

  • Charles

    I would LOVE to see the girls calling Jen fugly. She is incredibly sexy, because she is normal in day to day stuff, but dresses up to kill when she wants. THAT is what Ben see’s in her. You all fat ass gross chicks go f yourselves. Your just jealous. And besides, she is a movie star and what are you??????

  • liz86000

    Cute family.

  • Happy Family

    Ben looks so happy, I hope their next baby is a boy to make their family complete. I’m glad that he waited for the right woman to marry and Garner is it.

  • sharah

    Sorry, but on my worst day, I wouldn’t dress like Jennifer Garner does and let others see me. I don’t get it, she always looks so depressed.


    beautiful babies

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