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Zac Efron Slicks His Hair Back

Zac Efron Slicks His Hair Back

Zac Efron suits up in Lova for the premiere of his new movie, 17 Again, at the Kinepolis cinema on Tuesday (April 28) in Madrid, Spain.

Earlier in the day, the 21-year-old actor looked casual in plaid and a pair of jeans at a photo call and meet and greet for the flick (in US theaters now).

Scrubs star Elizabeth Banks, 35, blogged on The Huffington Post about the movie: “Zac Efron did not disappoint. He’s charming, makes use of many fingers while ‘twirling a basketball’ (you get it) and looks great with his shirt off (some term that ‘star power’). At one point, I drooled.”

30+ pics inside of slicked-back Zac

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zac efron slicked back hair 01
zac efron slicked back hair 02
zac efron slicked back hair 03
zac efron slicked back hair 04
zac efron slicked back hair 05
zac efron slicked back hair 06
zac efron slicked back hair 07
zac efron slicked back hair 08
zac efron slicked back hair 09
zac efron slicked back hair 10
zac efron slicked back hair 11
zac efron slicked back hair 12
zac efron slicked back hair 13
zac efron slicked back hair 14
zac efron slicked back hair 15
zac efron slicked back hair 16
zac efron slicked back hair 17
zac efron slicked back hair 18
zac efron slicked back hair 19
zac efron slicked back hair 20
zac efron slicked back hair 21
zac efron slicked back hair 22
zac efron slicked back hair 23
zac efron slicked back hair 24
zac efron slicked back hair 25
zac efron slicked back hair 26
zac efron slicked back hair 27
zac efron slicked back hair 28
zac efron slicked back hair 29
zac efron slicked back hair 30

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • aebrgha


  • lalalalal


  • Jen


  • Malia

    He looks good at this, his last promo for “17 Again.” I’m betting he will be glad to get home and rest for a bit. Within a few months he will start filming “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.” Best of luck to him.

  • zoie
  • kami

    he looks nice with his hair back. shows off his nice forehead and brilliant eyes.

  • ssk


  • ashlee

    zac is the best looking guy in the universe. i can see why he appeals to all females–young and old alike. handsome dude.

  • dina

    to the PEOPLE who say they can’t see his appeal are so BLIND and jealous for that matter!!!

    Zac is one of the sexiest guys out there!!!!
    he’s going to be a major star, he can act, sing and dance, alot of these other actors out there cannot do all of this at all. People who say he’s gay are sooo jealous of him its so funny. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the guy, why even post a comment. Keep the comments to yourself.

    Luv ya zac!! Forget about all of these haters out there

  • http://aol Patti

    Hope he cleaned out his gross ear from the last time he wore his hair back. Yuck.

  • Soni hannigan

    I love Zac. HE looks real good like this and I love that he has a ring on. IS that the one from Vanessa, the new one since he lost the last one? I bet he can’t wait til he gets home.

  • Kim

    He looks great! I’m sure he will be glad when he can get home. 17 Again is a sweet movie and glad he is able to celebrate his success and promote the movie with this tour. He deserves a rest when he comes back.

  • LuckyL

    Homophobes, haters, etc.–quiet down and GTFO. Anyway, congrats for putting it on the main page Jared. Some dumba**es won’t realize that people may simply be a fan of this guy’s WORK not their looks, which are the shallow, stupid reasons the haters love waste of space actors like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, etc.

  • LuckyL

    Work ethic and potential included.

  • zanessa4everrr!

    HOT!!! i cant wait to see him “The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud”

  • zanessa4everrr!

    HOT!!! i cant wait to see him “The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud”

  • april

    Wow….he looks VERY handsome !! Love him !

  • peggy

    @Soni hannigan:

    I didn’t know she bought him a new one?

  • Marie

    Zac looks hot and sexy with his hair slick back like that.

  • umm

    Ewww…. He’s not even attractive.

  • go sox

    I love his hair back like this! He looks SOOOOOO much older, and very, very sexy. He’s done a great job on these promos; so happy it’s going so well for him. He deserves good things; he’s a really decent guy, with a wonderful future ahead.

  • a total fan

    Well he looks better but I think I would have like the hair alittle shorter.

  • truth

    I think he should try the shaved head look. he’s really pretty.

  • Marie

    Zac did amazing job promo is his movie 17again.


    He looks more grown-up with his hair slicked back. It’s a good look for him.

  • kids crack me up

    What a cutie!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………he really likes SP ERM, folks!!

  • dani

    he’s nice
    but i support vanessa

  • dani

    #28 c’mon stoped .your words sucks GET A LIFE LOSER

  • UKMT1

    He is so beautiful!

  • jamz

    @gerard Vandenberg: Feeling kind gayish huh Mr. #28. Zac is not gay and has neva been so lay off! he’s a much better gentleman than you are.

  • Mike

    oh yeah look at that greaser

  • rosielee9

    I personally prefer his hair out of his face, I am not a lover of long hair and it’s such a pity to hide his georgous blue eyes which he does have, so I think a slight trim is needed but it’s Zac’s choice at the end of the day.

    As much as he’s probably loved doing the promo’s for the movie I bet he’ll be glad to get back home and have a rest, and it’s mother’s day soon so I bet he’ll lookforward to that to and getting a chance to go home and see his friends, I know I would with the hetic lifestyle that he leads.

  • Sofia

    ppl can see what they want but for me he looks really handsome and i’m 17…and i just can’t get why u call him gay or even why be homosexual is something negative…it’s just a sexual orientation, as eterosexuality…!
    btw he may have delicate features or as someone says ‘a girl face’…and?
    does that make someone gay?ò.O
    mmm…elton john doesn’t look like a girl…

  • Ann

    Looking good, Zac, but you still need a trim.

  • Sarah

    Very Cute but the premiere was a chaos…. Terrible coordination, we had to wait for hours, Zac was delayed and arrived at 22:45 when all was ready for 21:30

    The best were the Glam Girlz… Three cute teens

  • joe klinsman

    omg hes so so so so NOT HOT :S

    hes ugly :S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ppl who say hes sexy ……… those ppl ARE DONKEYS !!!!!!!!!

    thats the truth !!!!!! :S

  • Sofia

    @ joe klinsman:no genius, ppl have different opinions, thoughts and feelings…if u think zac’s ugly then it’s not automatic that the whole world thinks the same…-.-’ so maybe for u he’s not sexy nor attractive, but for thousands and thousands of ppl he is distrurbingly hot…get over it!

  • go sox

    Whoa, then I guess a lot of people are DONKEYS, including all the magazines like PEOPLE, who think he’s one of the most beautiful, movie directors and producers, who cast him because THEY think he looks good on camera, and all the rest of us fans, who think he looks great too.

    WOO-HOO for us DONKEYS!!!!

  • Zanessa Forever–x

    can you say hott !!!!!!!!!!!! x3

  • kate

    I think he actually looks older with his hair slicked back.

  • joey

    @ peggy- she bought him a new one as they had to cut of his last one before surgery on his appendix.

  • Carolina

    Zac is the most Gorgeos man alive! Vanessa is so lucky!

  • athena

    Yeah, Looks like Zac did his hair himself, and covered up the mole on his forehead, eventhough it makes an appearance in later…now this look with his hair slicked back, is loose and soft looking. I really loved his look on the David Letterman show.

    Zac’s going to be in Time magazine coming out this Thursday. He along with Tina Fey and Sarah Palin are considered one of the most influential people of the year. Be sure to get your copy.

  • Karen


    That is highly unlikely unless Zac was unconscious and had to have emergency surgery and his finger was so swollen they could not get the ring off. In some cases rings have been just taped and not taken off. But nevertheless that ring would not have been cut off under any other condition except an extreme emergency. He went to the hospital fully conscious so he would have had the opportunity to take it off before going or once he got there. There is a possibility as to him being Zac Efron that the ring could have gotten stolen or even lost but not likely that it was cut off.

    Good job, Zac. It had to be tiring doing all the promotion alone, so go home and get a couple weeks rest before starting work all over again.

  • Malia

    GG has pictures of Zac at Heathrow airport to catch a flight home.

  • Floyd

    im jealous he is perfect !!! grrr

  • lovely amazing

    he looks very dashing

  • Henriette

    Zac does not have the acting chops to pass as straight. Nobody, nobody I tell you, except suburban teenage white girls and their K-Mart dressed mothers could not know he is gay. Remember what all the Claymates used to say? “Anyone who says Clay is gay is JUST JEALOUS. He is going to marry me, you’ll see.” Sheesh!

  • Karen


    You are just plain hateful and spiteful. Never once did I think Clay was straight and I am not a K-Mart dressed mother—I’m not a teen, nor do I live in suburbia, I’m not a mother and I’m not known to dress in K-Mart clothing. So that shoots the heck out of your theory. Also, your comment is insulting and snobbish. You can think what you want but don’t be trying to tell all us fans what we think, where we come from, our race, or how we dress. If you can’t take the fact that this young man is commanding such attention for whatever reason then go elsewhere.