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Bar Refaeli: Matthew Williamson Woman!

Bar Refaeli: Matthew Williamson Woman!

Bar Refaeli sticks to black as she attends the launch of “Matthew Williamson for H&M” Spring 2009 collection at The Majesty in New York City on Tuesday (April 28).

Leo DiCaprio‘s 23-year-old leading lady recently launched her new “Little Black Bikini” campaign for Hurley. The two-piece will be available at starting May 1st. As of June 2, the bikini will also be selling at select Victoria’s Secret stores across the country.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli, the Matthew Williamson woman…

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bar refaeli matthew williamson 01
bar refaeli matthew williamson 02
bar refaeli matthew williamson 03
bar refaeli matthew williamson 04
bar refaeli matthew williamson 05
bar refaeli matthew williamson 06
bar refaeli matthew williamson 07
bar refaeli matthew williamson 08
bar refaeli matthew williamson 09
bar refaeli matthew williamson 10

Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
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  • roosta

    whos that?

  • w

    no way she’s 23. She’s probably in her late 20′s.

  • martin

    since you seem to love Alexis Bledel so much, she was there, too

  • gisele fan

    Pretty, but she doesn’t have the long legs of Gisele. That’s why Bar is not on the same “supermodel” level because she doesn’t have the body for high fashion. Now that doesn’t mean I’m saying Bar doesn’t have a great body. Just an observation.

  • what happen

    She look like ready to clean toilet.

  • what happen

    Barfie is coming here because no one will buy overpriced bikini and she try to talk with the people to get another job.

  • montana mike

    leo is one lucky man

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again i hate her face
    nice outfit again, she seems 2 be picking some nice stuff lately =]
    and of course she does have a nice body

  • Seraphina

    Without showing her T&A we have to look at her ugly freckled face. Disgusto!

  • Brad

    If she put a bag over her head she would be hot.
    Leo does not care what stupid shizzle this chick does – just as long as he can call her every now and then and get a BJ. He won’t be photographed with her and if he is – he looks as if he wants to crawl in a hole and die. He likes them stupid, foreign, and young with no commitment.

  • Bellebelle!

    I don’t get the big obsession with Bar… she does have nice facial features but she’s just so plain… The freckles are cute though.

  • !!!


  • Ckayed

    Great body, not so great face….

  • here we go again

    how come JJ doesn’t show pics of Leo anymore, it’s nothing but Bar all the time—so annoying :(

  • just me

    I have seen other posts about the event and Bar was the worst dressed. As a model working in the fashion industry she could have dressed up for a party for a fashion designer.
    She is nothing exceptional, plain Jane, one in a million. I wonder how often Jared would post about her without dating that certain boyfriend of hers…

  • I can make an onion cry!

    I would bet my life that she completely and utterly p!sses all over the lot of you in the looks department, and all your bitching towards her from behind your computer screens, whilst looking like a pile of sh!t, will never stop that from being true. FACT! You PWNED yourselves by being ugly, cynical losers haha self OWNED by your own genetics!!


    WOW she’s hot, i especially love her cute little face, and her boobs aren’t bad either lol

  • llk

    Jared, where are the posts about the other guests? You know the ones who became famous on their own merit? I`m getting really sick of seeing her fake boobs and fake smile just because she is sleeping with Leo.

  • Did you know…

    Some people have a picture of superman on their t-shirts, Superman has a picture of Bar on his.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    she pretty.. but i don’t get why she get so much attention.. on here. LOL..

  • mike

    THANKS JARED!!!! Nice new pictures of Leo’s lady! Stunning figure, gorgeous sensuous smile and great hair. Her jeans fit her real well…….YES!!!!

  • @16


    and you made yourself look like an A-S-S H-O-L-E loser for saying that. YOU are the one who is looking like an ugly person after writing that stupid comment. MY first reaction was yuck ,what a nasty evil person to say something like that. So you are presuming that everyone that is commenting is ugly because they might not look like Bar which seems to be your ideal of what beauty is? Well, guess what? that is your opinion and not everyone is going to share it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . So you’re saying that only people who look like Bar are good and everyone else is ugly and bad ?? Because that is how you come across in your comment.
    You’re just as bad or worse than the people making the bad comments about Bar!!!! At least most of the poeple that don’t like her have a legitimate reason for not liking her. It has nothing to do with her looks, the woman is obviously beautiful. It’s because of who she’s been using to get to where she is today that people dislike her. So look at the facts before you go judging and making stupid a-s-s hole remarks. You’re just making yourself look more pathetic than what you already are!

  • @19

    um, don’t think so.

  • just me

    Isn`t it interesting that even people who like her ( #21) identify her as ” Leo`s lady”? I think it`s pretty ironic. That`s all she seems to have…

  • Lana

    She is cute but far from been a supermodel. Nothing special about her besides her famous boyfriend.

  • shenanyginz

    what a woman… wink wink

  • what happen

    Barfie goes back to Israel soon. So short with fat legs for a model – cannot do many jobs not involving tittties and asssz. She is good for this kind of modeling. I think also Leo is stopping pretending to date her.

  • liz

    I didn’t know this woman has an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren and Chanel make up. She looks good in those pants.

  • drama

    She is really annoying!!!!

  • P

    How I wish Jared would check the ips of the bashers. Guaranteed it is the same 1-2 people who constantly post how ugly and evil she is. I’m not a fan, but I can’t help but always notice the same obnoxious comments over and over. This woman isn’t famous enough to attract a huge amount of haters. I also can’t imagine many people thinking she is ugly either.

  • bar the loser

    P yes, they’re that many people that hate Bar because she’s a loser who’s sleeping with Leo to get famous, even though she’s barely holding on to her fame right now. Now that’s what I call a .h.o.! Dont worry P as soon as Leo dumps her a$$ I’m pretty sure she will disappear. This girl can’t make it on her own. Her “bikini” will flop just like HOS, her movie, and the SI cover which after a big boom quickly went south. This girl does not have the magic touch at all.

  • jennifer

    she’s simply beautiful, she doesn’t need to be with a lot of make up and dressed like she’s going to be in a academy award ceremony to look gorgeous! and yes I agree that Bar’s not a high fashion model, exactly because she have a healthy body, that’s not happen in the runway, because all those models that are just skin and bones, I think that fashion industry have to change and put models with real women bodies, with curves, feminines and the most important “healthy”, this is beautiful not that poor skeletal bodies that the fashion demand from this girls.

  • @32

    Nobody expected her to dress like she was going to the AA but just take a look at the other guests who showed up at that party. Without a lot of make up they all look beautiful dressed for the occasion – except for Bar. It was an event for a designer and a `supermodel` shows up dressed like that?

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    I heard she may not have the best personality, but she is beautiful and has an amazing body.

    Gisele was not even pretty, had sagging boobs and no waistline.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Leo does like them foreign, very tall, gold-diggers and silly.

    But if you are going for that kind- Bar is definitely the prettiest and has the best body.

  • //

    Where Lisa Rose???? :)

  • dani

    no chic, no class, no style

  • zoe

    she looks good…natural with minimal makeup on. nothing special really.

  • lisa

    shes look so bad!!!!
    her face looks so old!!!!
    who is she?!?!?!?
    and what the connection between her to modeling?!??

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #30: I’M AGREE WITH YOU IN 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #36: right now i’m here, you know I HAVE life (i’m not 24/7 in the internet) :) !!!

  • @34

    Gisele had sagging boobs? That`s something new. LOL! Sagging boobs are Bar`s speciality.

  • tawi-tawi

    she always dresses like it’s 1999 again.

  • camerondiaztwin

    P, there are plenty of people who dislike her, for reasons I don’t need to repeat since they’ve all already been listed.

    I’d wager it’s more likely that the opposite is true: the people who rave over her are only one or two, with various names.

  • Sam

    There is nothing special about this woman at all. Very average looking. If she wasn’t dating Leo I doubt she would be this recognized. There are so many, many prettier models out there.

  • angelina indonesia

    Bar refaeli you’re fuck woman, ugly, bad smile, your face is so-so, and your body is not sexy like gisele bundchen, you is bad girl.
    I don’t know, why Leo like you!
    I hate you so much. My body more sexy than you. That’s why leonardo likes me so much…
    oh yes oh no….Leo and me always making love everyday…it’s taste great

  • GEORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it’s sad when people criticize her looks when they know damn well she’s better looking than them and even if she’s not, who cares. Then they back track and say it’s not her looks that we don’t like, it’s her. But you don’t f_cking know her! So how the hell can justify that !? You’re beneath Bar and you always will be so deal with it! I’m so glad i’m not a sad, bitter sack of sh!t like some of you!

  • @48

    ” You`re beneath Bar.” OMG, that JOKE made my day! Thanks!!! That was funny!

  • @49

    What i think is even funnier is that a mutt like you doesn’t think that they’re beneath her haha Now that’s funny! but maybe i shouldn’t be so harsh on you. It’s obvious that you’re a kid because no adult types out things like ‘OMG’ my kid sister speaks like that haha what a child.