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Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum

Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum

Big-haired Christina Aguilera comes out to support pregnant pal Heidi Klum at the LG Rumorous Night at West Hollywood’s Andaz Hotel on Tuesday night (April 28).

Christina, 28, was decked out in Stephen Webster jewels, Sewy jeans, Libertine jacket, Majestic tee, Sonia Rykiel handbag and Louboutin shoes.

She recently told People about her 15-month-old son Max, saying, “He’s absorbing everything like a sponge right now. We have to be cautious what we’re saying around him! He’s speaking a little Spanish too. He said mama and papa months ago. Vacuum was one of his first words! He has a cleaning fetish and he loves to run around with a rag and dust and clean, and he loves to clean his high chair after he’s done eating. It’s so cute! I’ll lift him down and the first thing he does is to take a rag and clean off his chair. He’s mommy’s little helper.”

30+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera‘s rumorous night with Heidi Klum

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96 Responses to “Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum”

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  1. 26
    NEWKRISS Says:

    -@ CHRIS nz @ 04/29/2009 at 4:45 pm -


  2. 27
    andrea Says:

    Who is this girl?

  3. 28
    thatsnotmyname Says:

    LOL !!
    OMG, That is Hatchet Face from “Cry Baby” !!!

  4. 29
    Anne Says:

    this poor woman is such a waste of space

  5. 30
    DD Says:

    @ Andrea, I didn’t know who this was either at first i thought it was Gwen Stefani (but she’s pretty) My friend said it’s the “chick who ripped of Lady Gaga” at the Vma’s….I kinda remember,

  6. 31
    jade Says:

    Sounds like her poor kid spends a lot of time with “the help”
    She looks like the Mommy Dearest type to me! LOL
    “don’t kiss mommy while she has on her makeup”

  7. 32
    Nathan Says:

    Her vocals dont sound strained i seen her live in concert she sounds amazing its good she changes alot because the same style would be boring its good she experimented with different ideas and the LG similarities was lame like even LG commented she didn’t think she copied her, i like i have no respect for britney as an artist because i thought at least with the Circus tour she would give it a shot at live vocals she didn’t that got my hopes up for her but meh she did the same thing didnt even bother with them, but each to their own if people have nothing nice to say then dont say it!

  8. 33
    Grace Says:

    Christina sounds horrible live, she cant sing without the help of modern technology.

  9. 34
    P0P Says:

    LOL @ the way she is standing (posing) on the “red carpet” omg, she looks like such a jerk off, GET OVER YOUR SELF, UGLY!!!

  10. 35
    Kenney Says:

    Hey Christina a lot better mother than Britney is!

  11. 36
    Kenney Says:

    First of all! Christina is the most original, talented and gorgeous artist and performer there is right now. If ur gonna name call somebody a nasty little *****, unoriginal etc….then let’s talk about Ms. Britney Spears. Britney has made the same music for the past 10 years cause she’s never found herself (why do you think she still has people writing her songs rather than she do it herself?) and she’s never taken the time to make a decent album, she just rushes her ****. Christina switches it up everytime so people don’t get bored with her. She was 21 when Stripped came out and wanted her music to reflect that she was a woman and no longer the girl next door, Back to Basics reflected how sexy she felt as a married woman and how much her husband had inspired her and this album is reflecting her son. People need to get over themselves. Christina takes her time making music, gathers inspiration, lives a little bit and enjoys what she does! Why is that such a bad thing to do? At least she has something to sing about and her songs actually have meaning rather than Britney’s music just always being about boys and sex. Christina may not have sold as much as Britney has but that’s only cause Britney doesn’t know how to relax and make a decent album with actual decent songs and she doesn’t write her own music and she’s done making the album within a month. At least Christina has complete creative control over her career and finances and doesn’t have to have somebody over her shoulder making sure she doesn’t get out of control and at least Christina didn’t lose custody of her child and at least she’s still married. Christina is an amazing vocalist and if u beg to differ then say this to yourself “i’d love to see Britney try to sing At Last, It’s A Man’s World, Steppin Out With My Baby, Live With Me and sing along side of Alicia Keys”. I don’t see you on in the magazines or selling millions or selling out concerts or selling your own fragrance!

  12. 37
    Gregg Says:

    Heidi Klum looks like a piece of burned ass next to Christina.

  13. 38
    Elle Says:

    #1) Christina does NOT wright her own songs
    #2) She depends on producers and other bands to make her “sound” for her.
    #3) She has NEVER done ANYTHING original, She is ALWAYS behind the times, doing what Britney,Madonna, Lady Gaga ect have already done.
    #4) She is disgusting to look at
    #5) Her fragrance BOMBED in the U.S
    #6) She has no style no voice and no future.she is lost.

  14. 39
    Ryan Says:

    I dont see how good of a mother she could be when she is always seen getting dog faced DRUNK at clubs with lipstick all over her face and her kid is hanging out with the help.
    And her and her husband always look miserable.
    better Mom & wife than Britney?? Yeah, NO!!

  15. 40
    lollipop Says:


  16. 41
    Nathan Says:

    Its true but Britney fans aren’t the innocent ones either they take a swipe at Christina everytime they get a chance which is ridiculous so both Christina and Britney fans are at fault there, and it is true Christina does have by far a stronger voice then Britney and is vocally better live but Britney does dance better and people saying Christina doesn’t write her own songs read the booklet her name is down as writer with other people aswell but the point is people have no right to criticise Christina about her looks im sure we have all had FD and Makeup disasters and the lame thing about her copying is old sigh grow up sad sad people and its true Britney shouldnt be brought yet people have to do it for the sake of being annoying and childish grow up!

  17. 42
    qboi Says:

    The fact that Christina is a “CO” writer on a song simply means she added an “ooh” or an “ahh” (just like Ashlee Simpson, she adds adlibs and gets a CO writers credit)
    Dont give Christina so much credit, She is the worst of the worst.
    And her voice is just horrable.
    Why the hell would Britney want to sound like “that” ?! when what Britney has done, has made her an international superstar?!!?
    It’s lame to assume anyone BUT Christina would want to sound like that.
    Christina’s “style” of singing is just way too much! not EVERYBODY wants to sing like that OR listen to it..

  18. 43
    Nathan Says:

    qboi Britney made the right choices in the beginning to get where she is today but then had a mental/emotional breakdown that gave her more fame, yet Christina had a stable career during each era she has done hence not having the stardom like Britney for the wrong choices and wrong publicity, but Christina has been honored more and worked with bigger names due to her voice being higher and stronger for example Herbie Hancock, Andrea Bocelli Tony Bennett to name a few also she has received more grammy’s than Britney she may sell less and not have the fame of Britney but she has been honored and has a successful career with her next CD due out this year I guess goodluck to Christina while Britney is doing her non-live Worldwide Circus Tour

  19. 44
    qboi Says:

    Milli Vanilli also won Grammys….AND………

  20. 45
    Nathan Says:

    So they won grammy’s aswell but i just saying Christina maybe in the shadow of another artist doesn’t mean she hasn’t been successful her own way and she has worked among the world’s greatest artists and has had a standing ovation for a performance she has done due to her power/vocal ability and that particular song which is an amazing feeling to received by the audience watching you, yet she shouldn’t be compared to Britney in anyway because one is more of a dancer as the other is vocalist they are in different areas of their careers one rebuilding her career after the hell that has occurred and the other making the next step her in career with new sound or style.

  21. 46
    WEH Says:

    Hey, just because your kids are a bunch of ill-tempered, disobedient retards doesn’t mean you have to hate on parents whose children aren’t. And for all you people calling her ugly and untalented, does it hurt that unlike her, you’ve never been able to succeed at anything in life? If so, don’t take it out on someone who has nothing to do with you and is completely unaware of your problems, take it out on yourselves. Bitter idiots.

  22. 47
    Nathan Says:

    Well that comment can’t apply to me cause I don’t have kids or too young for them or gay and yes its ridiculous the amount of **** that people feel the need they need to criticise and insult someone just be like err i called Britney a ***** im awesome or Christina is a **** that copies people like grow up and get a brain the **** coming fans of either one to insult another is at times stupid and lame with each insult.

  23. 48
    don't matter Says:

    Here’s a new flash for everyone who comes here to hate on Christina: You are spending YOUR time writing about her. “Who’s a loser, who’s a loser. Goo goo ga ga.” You stupid idiots.

  24. 49
    don't matter Says:


    Here’s a new flash for everyone who comes here to hate on Christina: You are spending YOUR time writing about her. “Who’s a loser, who’s a loser. Goo goo ga ga.” You stupid idiots.

  25. 50
    don't matter Says:


    Here’s a new flash for everyone who comes here to hate on Christina: You are spending YOUR time writing about her. “Who’s a loser, who’s a loser. Goo goo ga ga.” You stupid idiots.

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