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Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum

Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum

Big-haired Christina Aguilera comes out to support pregnant pal Heidi Klum at the LG Rumorous Night at West Hollywood’s Andaz Hotel on Tuesday night (April 28).

Christina, 28, was decked out in Stephen Webster jewels, Sewy jeans, Libertine jacket, Majestic tee, Sonia Rykiel handbag and Louboutin shoes.

She recently told People about her 15-month-old son Max, saying, “He’s absorbing everything like a sponge right now. We have to be cautious what we’re saying around him! He’s speaking a little Spanish too. He said mama and papa months ago. Vacuum was one of his first words! He has a cleaning fetish and he loves to run around with a rag and dust and clean, and he loves to clean his high chair after he’s done eating. It’s so cute! I’ll lift him down and the first thing he does is to take a rag and clean off his chair. He’s mommy’s little helper.”

30+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera‘s rumorous night with Heidi Klum

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96 Responses to “Christina Aguilera's Rumorous Night With Heidi Klum”

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  1. 76
    don't matter Says:


    You’re special, so I got you a gift.

    ‘‘We’ve [Christina and Sia] written some really wonderful songs. I would put any of the songs we’ve written on one of my albums. And it’s a total collaboration. There are some artists who walk in and say ‘I want to write a song about a stiletto’, then walk out again.

    ‘‘You write the song and they take a third. That’s not at all what it’s been like working with Christina. Often she saves the day when we’re stuck.”_Sia Furler

    Not like you’d know know who that is, doubt you listen to music.

  2. 77
    don't matter Says:


    Here’s a new flash for everyone who comes here to hate on Christina: You are spending YOUR time writing about her. “Who’s a loser, who’s a loser. Goo goo ga ga.” You stupid idiots.

  3. 78
    don't matter Says:


    You really need this one.

    Here’s a new flash for everyone who comes here to hate on Christina: You are spending YOUR time writing about her. “Who’s a loser, who’s a loser. Goo goo ga ga.” You stupid idiots.

  4. 79
    Nathan Says:

    I love Christina yet you criticise me I just find it sad how people feel the need to insult her compare her to others say lame nasty remarks etc… so what the **** are you talking about? I can’t wait for her next album and tour!

  5. 80
    WOW! Says:

    Ummm, Wow, Nathan & “don’t matter” are perfect examples of Christina’s pathetic fans (fan),
    How sad you have SO much time on your hands to sit there and reply to EVERYONE that said something critical about some woman who would never even give you the time of day….
    You are a very disturbed person.
    The fact that Christina attracts people like this to her in it self says a lot about her, It makes me hate her even more.
    christina is a very negitave person and incourages her “fan/fans” to be the same.

  6. 81
    sail Says:

    Christinas b00bs make me sick

  7. 82
    don't matter Says:


    Yes, I responded to everyone who had something negative to say. Everyone. I AM A PROUD FAN!

    The point is you’re here spending YOUR time on someone you don’t like. See the difference. Lesson #1 in life etiquette. “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” If you say something dumb or judge someone, then you open yourself to criticism so live with it. Better yet get a life.

  8. 83
    don't matter Says:


    Well if that’s all. Stop staring at them and get a life.

  9. 84
    don't matter Says:


    Sorry Nathan. My apologies. I guess I misinterpreted your post. I read it again and still didn’t understand. Not judging, but be more clear next time. Again my sincere apologies.

  10. 85
    Makeup Says:

    LOL @ “don’t matter”
    what a little psycho.
    Christina fans hate everyone and everything (including each other)
    I doubt any of those people you “responded” to look twice at this post to see if some screaming queen is “protecting” this ugly b!tch.
    it is very funny tho! thanks…
    when was the last time this tranny had a hit song?

  11. 86
    Paris Says:


  12. 87
    Stiller Says:

    I don’t know what is worse her long spread apart stretch mark boobs
    OR her flat flabby butt OR her ugly mad clown face OR her mangey wig OR the sound of the voice that comes out of that monstrosity.
    good lord, that is one busted up old lady.
    she needs to just dig a hole and wait to die.

  13. 88
    don't matter Says:


    I would love to curse you out now, but something already tells me you hate yourself so I don’t need to do it for you.

    You must love Christina too as you’re here commenting about her.

  14. 89
    don't matter Says:


    Then I guess it really does take one to know one. Get a life! You hate the girl, but here you are spending your time commenting on her. Dig deep you know you love her.

  15. 90
    don't matter Says:


    You must be so hot! Keep blogging on Christina, I’m sure she loves that you’re thinking of her.

  16. 91
    818 Says:

    Who IS this girl?
    She looks like an ugly Gwen Stefani (years ago)

  17. 92
    GG Says:

    HEY “dont matter”
    F’N LOSER..

  18. 93
    Nathan Says:

    Its funny how people feel the need to criticize her yet never take the time to look at other artists or themselves before making judgment on another person its honestly its sad and its awesome don’t matter that you love christina as much as myself and i dont hate on other artists Christina fans arent all nasty because other fans of artists can just be as nasty.

  19. 94
    Flo Says:

    Who is that old lady sitting next to Heidi Klum?

  20. 95
    custom T Says:

    Christina looks fab!!

  21. 96
    Kate Says:

    Elle, you’re an idiot who can’t even spell. I find it hilarious when those who hate her go out of their way to criticize her.

    To each his own. There’s no harm in disagreement as long as it’s respectful. I don’t care for Christina’s hairstyle or outfits most of the time. At the end of the day, it’s about her vocals which are impressive. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but so what?

    She does co-write some of the songs on her albums. She’s a powerful vocalist with a 4 octave range who can not only belt but has a lovely lower register and can actually convey emotions when she sings.

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