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Daniel Craig Looks Serious In Sweats

Daniel Craig Looks Serious In Sweats

Daniel Craig leaves his home with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in London on Wednesday (April 29).

The 41-year-old British actor recently lent his voice talents for an upcoming big-budget animated film The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, Daniel will play pirate Red Rackham in the popular Belgian comic-strip movie originally created by Hergé. The cartoon is expected to be released in 2010.

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Credit: Rocha; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • roosta

    they look like girls sweat pants lol

  • CRazy oldie

    he looks like he is holding in his shit. That girlfriend of his is hot like the sun!

  • hwooddood

    im excited to see that film

  • pinkrose

    Yp, seriously hot bod!

  • lol

    satsuki looks miserable, he looks tired.
    not one pic for a month then all of these.

  • Puke

    His girlfriend is so damn ugly.

  • tess

    Freeballin’ it! LOL
    Crazy oldie, drinking already? You seriously are crazy if you think that gf is hot.

  • ??

    Going to the gym although the gf doesn’t look like she is.
    I wish we could get a definitive pic of her. She seems to be hiding behind Daniel, doors or coats in every pic so far. Although I don’t think she is pregnant she still looks thin.

  • danny wanny
  • no R Park

    That’s still at his old house.

  • tess

    @??: She’s hiding because she knows she is DONE!

  • tess
  • gerard Vandenberg

    Try to controle your girlfriend first.

  • mac

    gotta love the penie!!

  • Agree

    That was a great article. Hard to understand the English translation at times, so I read it in French, so between the two, can understand it. Glad to hear that Daniel is trying to be “green”. But of course, knowing the man like we do, what else would he be? His back ground and his father’s help him to understand all the waste there is in this world. Another point, I heard Daniel goes “commando” on weekends and holidays. Save the planet, less washing of underware!!!

  • Agree

    That was a great article. Hard to understand the English translation at times, so I read it in French, so between the two, can understand it. Glad to hear that Daniel is trying to be “green”. But of course, knowing the man like we do, what else would he be? His back ground and his father’s help him to understand all the waste there is in this world. Another point, I heard Daniel goes “commando” on weekends and holidays. Save the planet, less washing of underware!!!

  • Agree

    sorry for sending it twice.

  • ??

    I am somebody already who adores the sport, in particular the jogging and swimming. To run or swim in the middle of refuse, it is frankly not a pleasure. When I see a plastic bottle to trail by ground, I stop, I collect it and I put it in a dustbin. It is a simple gesture. A healthy gesture. And so much worse if that breaks my tread…
    Put aside to embrace the most beautiful creatures of planet and to test in preview of the gadgets High-tech, which are the advantages which you draw from Jump?
    I would have said you well the best of the tables in more sélect of the restaurants but my role of Jump does not make it possible any more to taste with this simple pleasure. Because of notoriety, it is increasingly difficult for me to return to me in this kind of establishment. You go me rétorquer: “Not need to reserve. It is enough to present to me and one finds me a table at once”. The problem, it is that I hate the people who use to be able to them. The other solution, it is to order me with Chinese of the corner the Cantonese specialities. There too, that can cause reactions which I prefer to avoid. As this deliveryman who asked me to dedicate a pair of Chinese rod not to him, but ten. I had to explain to him that I by no means intended to find my signatures on E Bay even against two rollers of free springs!


    LOL, the translation is quite funny.
    I do see he talks about being able to go into restaurants without reservations. Didn’t work at Chows huh?
    BTW, what was Ebay trying to sell? Two springs with his signature on?

  • athena

    Daniel’s leaving his package covered by his sweats only…lol…Just to go, he believes in less washing of underwear…LOL…

  • a game

    they always look frosty.
    i wionder why though, full length pics of her werent taken, they usually are.
    i think the people buying the pics are trying to create a “pregnancy” rumor although she was drinking the hard to come by champagne at the art opening.

  • mixed message

    If he believes in going green and trashing waste, why is Satsuki still there?
    But seriously…he drives a guzzler of a car (non hybrid), he jet sets to art exhibitions (unnecessary trips) so, really is that not being an enviromental hypocrite?

  • to 18

    He stated that he hated when he was a waiter and had to “find” tables for VIP’s and now he asks the same thing.
    He states that when he orders Chinese takeaways, the delivery man asks for him to sign chopsticks for him , not one but 10 pairs.
    He says no as he does not want to find ten pairs of chopsticks on Ebay even when the delivery man says he can give him a free order of spring rolls.

  • re cars

    I think his old black RR has been done away with as the licence plate was printed once I think and it is became too well known? But he has a black BMW too. Where does he store these cars? Cannot be all on the street there as it would not be great security and it costs to park on streets in London. You cannot have more than one space, if you’re lucky.
    Maybe they were on their way to see how the new apartment is coming?
    I think the posts about him finding a new bachelor pad were false.

  • lottery to 4273

    Dani is sexy as always but Satsuki is ugly like the darkness in chimney.

  • bag of bones

    My God can Satsuki get any thinner??? It must be like banging a bag of bones!!!

  • smart-winner

    LOL Just Jared is right- Daniel looks serious I am surprised how Just Jared has noticed too….

    I am seeing there was no wedding ceremony and there will be no baby.
    hehehe ……………………..
    So what Eve/Wannabe, Satsuki looks good, eh?? She looks like the ugliest dog in the world.

  • smart-winner

    I bet Satsuki thinks 2 bedrooms apartment in Regent´s Pak is small or not good for her and she likes house in Maida Vale.
    Maybe the apartment will be only for new girlfriend of Daniel.

  • skeletal sats

    Satsuki does look thinner in the face. But her arms in the art opening pic look like a bricklayers.

  • smart-winner

    But Daniel has a super car here! He has a few cars. He is dandy he has a black, grey car and black crosscountry car.
    I would like to see a red car yet. Ugly Satsuki carries her ass in this beautiful cars. To beautiful car belongs to beautiful sexy young girl not an old wrinkled woman with monkey mouth, an adam´s apple and horse teeth.

  • we know the tune..(spongebob)


    “Who gets into the Audi like she’s Daniel’s wife?
    (Satsslug sourface)
    And who expects a free ride for the rest of her life?
    (Satscock punchface)
    She looks like a tart with no elegance or grace?
    (Satssuck Lemonslice)
    While Danny looks sexy but tired in the face?”

    Althogether now…



  • smart-winner

    Is he training for 23.Bond? Surely yes.

  • to smarthead 2

    He was in NY before flying to Kiev so maybe he met Babs to discuss Bond 23?

  • to 29

    Ugly Satsuki carries her ass in this beautiful cars

    Well I agree but I’m sure Daniel wipes the seats down after she gets out with Lysol. ;)

  • smart-winner to 30

    Beautiful song! You can be singer in Pop Idol and sing this song for Satsuki (in public)!!!!!!!! Go to Pop Idol, please!!!! Go go!!

  • new pics
  • new pic
  • Riley

    boy, he looks good in those pants lol.

  • new pics
  • ??

    thanks for the new pics! umm..where was satsuki?
    who’s that woman?

  • smart-winner

    I think Daniel has dealing about 23.Bond in the Ivy recently. There will be news about 23.Bond maybe in Juni.

  • to no R Park

    and he will no move to the new house.
    The seller gave the hint to the press and violated the secrecy clause, contract is null and void

  • Marketa Linden
  • to 41

    That’s what I heard too. Didn’t know it was true though.

  • vampire

    @danny wanny:
    He looks with his bulking frontline like no one iron and bulletproof undies will rescue his manhood.Is it from the morning?But Satsuki is like his shadow.

  • to 41

    I forgot to say, when a place is sold though it is public record. How can the seller be responsible? The press yes and he sued them.

  • tess

    @new pics: Maybe this is his new PA? And zipping his jacket to make sure people get a good look at his ring finger? Sats is putting bags in the back seat of the car? Dumping her off elsewhere?

  • re regents park

    so will he continue with the renovations then as selling a place redone will get more money than one gutted?

    anyone know?

  • smart-winner to 41

    I dont think. Daniel bought this apartment and he paid 4 millions GBP.
    It were paps who appeared his new address. He is closely watched and his every step is known immediately. Daniel often goes to this apartment to renovating, lol he paid 4 millions for 2 bedrooms flat which is in the blue-greyed house.

  • maida vale

    The place in Maida is well known.
    Paps are there and fans can walk up to his front door.
    So why is he beefing about security at R Park when fans cannot access his front door there?

    What the diff?

  • tess

    @to 41: He probably has a corp. set up for financial dealings so these transactions don’t appear in his own name.