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Gisele Bundchen is SKY Sexy

Gisele Bundchen is SKY Sexy

Gisele Bundchen stuns in red Christian Dior as she hits the stage at the launch of SKY HDTV held at Sky Terrace in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday (April 28).

SKY HDTV is the largest launch of channels in high definition made at the same time by a pay TV provider in Latin America. “I am very proud of this launch. After a long merger process (SKY and DIRECTV), leading this market is vitally important. For the first time, we will be able to provide 1,800,000 customers with a product/service that has no equal in the Brazilian market,” says Luiz Eduardo Baptista, SKY President.

Over the weekend, Gisele and husband Tom Brady spent some quality time in Vancouver with Tom‘s son Jack.

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  • lala

    she’s so damn perfect!

  • kids crack me up

    Amazing dress!

  • bald outing

    Tom Brady is one lucky guy!

  • Gen

    yes she is

  • bridget

    Her butt could be a tad bigger…but yea, I agree, she looks amazing.

  • Gen

    yes she is perfect

  • Drex

    I love the color red. Everyone looks good in it.

  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Gi

  • Damn

    This girl is also a supermodel, not a VS model supermodel wannabe who got famous by wanking an actor like the previous model post.

  • Camila

    SHE IS AMAZING !!!!!!

  • bobjustbob

    For a model she doesn’t change her look very much (unlike Heidi Klum or Tyra), always looks the same (she looks the same here except she traded in her jeans for a dress). The problem is her hair, it always looks scraggly and uncombed and the same style and color (she could straighten it or put it up at times for a fancy occasion). She’s really no prettier than a cute mall girl, but she’s taller than most.

  • Whatever

    She is the highest paid model and according to Guinnes the richest model. The girl is smart and knows how to handle the business. She’s probably the last supermodel.

  • brina

    wow she looks gorgeous

  • Paul

    She is very pretty! Perfect! I am learning to speak Portuguese, who knows thus obtains to take off it of Tom. : D

  • crystal


  • hello

    wow her dress is great. her face, not so much

  • Ms. Wiggles

    Jared, Tom’s son’s name is John, not Jack!

  • Victoria

    I can’t stand her. Most narcissistic egocentric self centered “model ” ever. She seems like a man, and her husband seems very feminine. Go figure. Her husband also doesn’t appear to be interested in his own son. All he does is text message when he’s in the presence of his son.

    A sad and pathetic pair. I am more interested in altruistic people, who help others. I don’t predict a happy ending for this “couple.”

  • lovely amazing

    I feel bad for bridget, she needs a good man and I am available!

  • lakers fan in boston

    her face looks alright but who cares
    gisele looked absolutely amazing!!
    that dior dress is just 2 beautiful 2 speak, love it =D
    love the louboutins as well, makes most women look way sexy
    sexiest body of any woman imo, love u gisele!

  • jaygay

    Gisele looks jus amazing….Her glow has gone up the roofs since she got married to Tom….

  • what happen

    Where is little John – she takes him everywhere?

  • juu


  • Girl


    Gisele is actually one of the most down-to-earth celebrities ever…have you ever seen/read one of her interviews or actually know anything about her? What makes you think she’s egocentric? Lies the tabloids tell you, I bet. And what’s with the quotation marks around “model”? She’s the highest payed model EVER, has contracts all over the place, and designers/photographers always want to work with her- that probably would not be the case if she was a “model.”
    She’s manly? Are you blind?
    Her husband is feminine? Yes, the 6’4 three-time superbowl champion, NFL MVP and possibly the best quarterback ever is feminine. All his 300 lb teammates respect him because he’s feminine.
    And how can you say from a few pics if he’s interested in his son or not? So what if he was texting? He’s not allowed to take his eyes off his son and do something else for a few seconds? The NFL draft was that weekend- maybe he was keeping up with that or MAYBE he was texting Bridget to let her know that everything was okay- how would you know? I’ve seen plenty of parents, including John/Jack’s mom talking on the cell phone while with their kid. Seriously, that’s what you’re gonna criticize him for? That he looked at his phone for a minute while around his son? If he really didn’t care for him he wouldn’t have flown to another country hours and hours away to go see him.
    And if you’re not interested in them at all, why did you bother to come to this page and then comment about them? Is it so you can say bad things about people you don’t know and make yourself feel better?
    I usually wouldn’t waste my time on things like this, but your comments just really irritated me!

  • Bonitto

    #18, go kissTom & Gisele backside and stop chatting your nonsense, you wouldn’t know what narcissistic egocentic self-centered is even if it get up and kick you in the face – you are just a jealous green-eyed monster, are you Bridget Moynahan.
    Tom & Gisele dont want you to predict anything for them, you sound like an idiot.

  • em

    Gisele is by far the best model today. Period

  • http://AOL SUSAN

    #24…Do you know the two personally? Sounds like you do. If not, EVERYONE is entitiled to their perceptions of these people! Your slam of Victoria is laughable!.
    Personally, I find Gisele very manly. Her face is not attractive, but she does have a body to die for.
    In regard to Tom, I don’t recall seeing him much with his child prior to Giselle. As a matter of fact, I recall an article where Bridget said Tom does not spend much time with his son at all!!! And, Gisele’s comments about the child were disgusting! She was very wrong in what she said and I have no respect for her now. What an awful thing she said about being the childs mother. IN MY OPINION, WHICH I AM ENTITLED TO, she is trash.

  • amazing

    she looks amazing in that dress, just gorgeous.

  • Anon2009


    I totally agree, Susan. For about the first year of Jack’s life, he was barely there. I don’t think it’s wrong for her to say that she loves the child, but all she had to do was say, “I love him as though he is my own.” Surely that is not too hard for even a foreigner to say.

  • Bonitto

    Hey Susan, you are a damm liar and the trash and stop telling lies on Bridget, you read no article where she say Tom dont spend much time with his son – you are a God damm liar, you are asking people if they knew Tom or Gisele, do you know Bridget Moynahan? Gisele have every right to talk about her husband son and there was nothing disgusting about it, she love the child and there is nothing you can do about it,but to come here with your liar self, that is disgusting. You are the trash not Gisele.

  • Girl


    I’m not saying that people are not entitled to their opinions, I responded to Victoria the way I did because people never get their facts straight. You seem to have the same problem- when and where did you read that Bridget said Tom doesn’t spend time with John? I recall no such article- Bridget has not spoken of Tom publicly (at least not directly) since the break-up.
    Also, what do you mean Tom didn’t see John prior to Gisele? He and Gisele have been dating since BEFORE John was born. You didn’t see him much because he was playing football in New England where he has a contract. Also, have you considered the slight possibility that you don’t get to see what he’s doing every minute of every day?
    You think Gisele is ugly- fine. You think what she said was wrong- fine. You have your own opinions and I have no problem with that (although I do think its harsh to call someone you don’t even know “trash”)- I was just saying get the facts straight and learn to seperate them from tabloid gossip lies.

  • nn

    She look Gorgeous as always. Woman are natural born haters of other woman. Are you really surprized they’re calling her ugly? They’ve got nothing of sumbstance to say. Just hate hate hate and hate. Women are so pathetic.

  • clarice

    I thought she had more, you know, um, curves when it comes to her behind, she looks great but she could gain a few pounds that wouldn’t kill her but I guess she’s also naturally very slender

  • clarice

    I thought she had more, you know, um, curves when it comes to her behind, she looks great but she could gain a few pounds that wouldn’t kill her but I guess she’s also naturally very slender

  • cawed

    how do you know if he was there or not? b/c the paps didn’t get pictures of him? there were very few of him with BM so perhaps they just didn’t exist…when children are that young (infantile) they aren’t running around and can be kept out of the “public eye” so perhaps he saw him often and just didn’t have a camera in his face. I’ll bring up the same point as #27, do you know them all personally, my guess is no. So if you don’t know them personally you couldn’t possibly know what their situation is like and how many times the man has seen his son…
    if you don’t like one or any of them, thats fine but to base your opinion of a person from what you see and read in blogs and celebrity sites is laughable. Didn’t your mother ever tell don’t believe everything you read…

    I read these things to laugh, not judge.

  • Makaroni

    Bridget never said that Tom doesn’t spend much time with his son
    that’s a lie

  • Cherry

    Gisele pretty sexy in red

  • custom T

    Look at how long her legs are! WOW Jealous!!