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Jon Gosselin: Caught With Another Woman!

Jon Gosselin: Caught With Another Woman!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is defending himself against allegations of stepping out with a “mystery woman.”

Us Weekly has a picture of Jon leaving Legends Lounge with said woman and reports that he was not wearing his wedding ring.

Jon emailed the mag a statement reading, “I went to Legends to speak to the owner. A friend of mine wanted to check out my car, so I let her drive it to her car,” he says. “Yes, I have female friends — but that is all she is. I’m not going to end my friendships just because I’m on TV.”

Poor Jon can’t even have female friends anymore!

UPDATE: Jon tells Extra, “Like most people I have male and female friends and I’m not going to end my friendships just because I’m on TV. However, being out with them late at night, showed poor judgement on my part. What makes me sick, is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position. My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them.”

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  • Kirk


  • joanne

    they’re probably separated anyway

  • hehehe


  • i love them

    i hope this isn’t true. the girl he’s with doesn’t even look pretty!

  • janelle

    They’ve been saying this for awhile. I hope it’s not true for the family’s sake.

  • jen

    Tabloids are so ridiculous. I feel bad for Jon and his family. Everything becomes a big deal just because u are on tv. Oh well. Lesson learned. Not to have friends at 2 AM.

  • Just Jared

    @janelle: You hope what’s not true? That Jon can’t meet a friend at 2AM?

  • jc

    I suspect they are separated but have agreed to maintain a certain image for the sake of the show, the books and whatever reputation with the churches Kate does talks at and sells her books. Outside of the kids, there is alot at risk if the perfect family image is not kept up – no matter what. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

  • Julie

    Have you SEEN her on the show. She treats him like absolute dirt. Not an excuse……but wow….she needs to loosen up a bit.

  • k

    Wow, one still picture and everyone knows the WHOLE story.

  • Chaz

    hahahahaha he’s in trouble now

  • ********

    It’s probably true that he was out with a friend, but if it were more I’d have to say he probably was just looking for a little kindness since his wife is always slapping him and putting him down. I think the show allowed his wife to somehow think she was the person in charge instead of allowing them both to be a team. just my thought

  • Megan

    Poor Jon, having to live with Kate is enough for this poor man, give the guy a break. Obviously he’s in love with Kate if he takes all of the crap that spews from her mouth.

  • Laura

    Um, it says that he’s not wearing his wedding ring but it’s pretty clearly shown in the pic????

  • jaye

    Kate probably told him to say that. You know she runs everything and he’s just a whipped puppy. I kind of feel sorry for him. I love watching the kids they are bright and intelligent. Kate on the other hand is a pain in the backside, snotty, bossy, intolerant and overly opinionated. She makes absolutely no effort to speech to him in a respectful manner. That kid Maddie is going to be just like her. She’s whiney, bossy , mean ( she hits the little ones all the time for no reason) and disrespectful.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • Anakin

    They’ll never divorce, the alimony will be crazy

  • pimply faced teen

    jon’s wedding ring was probably in kate’s purse with the rest of his goods.

  • liz k

    Glad he’s able to get away from Witchy-Poo from time to time.

  • P

    If anyone has a reason to cheat, it’s this dude. The wife is horrible.

  • midge

    The poor chump may just want to get away from those whiny kids on that show.

  • angel

    At the end of last season, it was obvious that Jon wants off the show, but not Kate. Kate’s head has really gotten big since they moved into the mansion. She is a celebrity now – so much for wanting documentation of your children’s lives – how about a camcorder instead? I hate to say anything bad about kids, but Maddie really is a nasty child – especially to her younger siblings. They need to call Nanny 911 to appear on Jon & Kate Makes 8: Maddie Gets an Extreme Time-Out!

  • Jane

    i would totally understand if he was cheating on kate. kate is a complete controlling psycho on the show.

  • zzzz

    Cheating is despicable, but I’ll give this guy a pass. His wife is a nasty, degrading, condescending control freak and he deserves someone sweet and sexy.

  • poor guy

    He DESERVES another woman. Kate probably is as exciting as a log in bed and Lord knows what kind of horrible remarks she makes in the bedroom, if she’s such a bitch in public.

  • trisha

    I can’t say I blame him if he’s wanting to spend time with a woman who treats him decently. His wife is a raving bitch.

  • ello

    It’s not nice to say but if I was jon I would want to hang out with other women too, even if we were just friends (Although I think this is more than just friends)

    He deserves to be treated with respect and affection because he certainly does’nt get it home.

    I know people say she needs to behave that way to raise 8 kids but both Jon and Kate said she acted this way (nagging, hitting, controlling) before they even had kids

    you don’t need to be that rude, self-centered, and abusive just because you have 8 kids.

    Plus they have plenty of people helping and plenty of days away from the children.

    Okay I’ll stop ranting now

  • casting call for kate

    Kate should get those kids on nanny 911. they need some serious dialing in. she has already been on say yes to the dress, impressing everyone by shopping for a wedding dress in new york. what’s next, the trading spouses show. anything to keep the media attention.

  • emma

    If this is true i feel bad for Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel

  • Crap


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! So true!

  • janis

    I can ‘t believe people feel sorry for the kids and for that screaming wife of his. People, feel sorry for the kids because their mother constantly puts down thier dad, and feel sorry for Jon…he’s wanted out of the limelight for a couple of years, and Kate continues to bully and overpower him. Those who watch the show know what i mean. He’s smart if you ask me…and he’s probably just going out with friends. RUN JON, RUN!

  • Ingrid


  • Elizabeth

    Well he is entitled to some love and affection…AND respect. Obviously he’s not getting that at home.

  • Valentina

    I usually HATE cheating, but I’ve watched the show, and his wife is really mean, naggy, and generally bitchy. I understand having 8 kids i s stressful, but there’s no excuse for treating your husband that way.

  • rEecey pieces

    I really like them together, even if Kate is hecka crazy. She treats him like the ninth child, but if this is true, she doesn’t deserve him stepping out on her. Some people may say she drove him to with her over the top control and antics, but it seems so out of character for John, but then again we don’t really know these people, just what the editor wants us to see, with Jon and Kate’s permission.

    She has been getting alittle too Hollywood lately, but hey, she is reeling in the money for the kids. I heard she and Jon reside in a 1.4million home, wtf…I thought she was a nurse, I mean I know they get money from the show, but DAAAAAAAAMMMMN…LOL.

    Well, I wish them well none the less, if anything it wasn’t Kate, it was that lil’ girl of theirs, Maddi, damn she is an evil little thing, she said “I wish she never had those kids” her sisters and brothers that is. She is eight, she knows better, that is a disturbing statement, and they may want to watch her for fear of her hurting the children.

  • what happen

    Kate looking a cockatoo with this stupid haircut – she act like a witch. She talks mean to him and hits him. Hard to make sex after this bad treatment. Jon he looks like monkey but he no wants to be bullied by cockatoo. What business he has at 2 am with a guy from club? Such bulllshaat! He business is to find another woman. Jon he works as IT analyst for job – not in clubs!!! He lies and then make a getaway with the car. He tries to get college students where mom lives but they say no because these girls saw the show. Now he finds someone. He will leave Kate because he hates this beech. She makes her own show – Kate minus Jon plus eight. Then she can beech for whole show and do a pity party but not hitting the poor monkey because he has a new wife that not a cockatoo beech.

  • rEecey pieces

    #36, are you my twin…geez, we were literally thinking the same thing…are you stalking me? LOL!

  • http://justjared sELINA

    Kates a control freak who treats him like dirt he deserves better than her.

  • joy

    I side with Kate… For all we know, she could have been covering up for the longest time for all his indencencies. I know that would make me more bitchy as time went on. Its also a known fact that the guy doesn’t really have a job anymore. No wonder he has so much free time on his hands. I think she should dump him… let him raise the kids… lets see if the girls will want him after that.

  • Shelly

    Totally believable, especially after seeing the interviews on the show then watching any episode of Oprah where they discuss why men cheat.

  • angelyn

    Jon needs someone who at least respect him. that wife of his only know how to bark orders, like “holding him by his ears…” Who won’t need a break?

  • Ryne

    no they not cheated on kate…maybe it kate/jon’s babysat or nanny of 8 kids

    wow it totally rumor and that magazine is fake

  • UnIntrigueMe goes on to tell how he met up with this lady at a motel not far from his house. And how he was caught in the hallway passionately kissing her. Also a bodyguard walked in on them in the motel room…his story can be found in the National Enquirer. (Makes me wonder how much of that is really true). This man is a foul if he thinks he can ever afford to pay Kate child support for all those kids. He needs to practice keeping his behind at home with his family. Divorce is not in his best interest.

  • Ryne

    kate and jon’s family with 8 kids are so beautiful

    kate is not horrible or ugly no shit she is beautiful

    no matter same my family is not perfect becuz i’m triplet with 2 sisters and also i have other siblings are twins…it pretty big family everyday my parent fight and love each other it never divorce it natural argue with me or siblings or parent argue each other..

  • lovely amazing

    He must have an open relationship like everyone else.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol i love their show
    she’s always bitching at him, giving him that face when he’s not suppose 2 speak
    honestly ive always wondered why he didnt have the balls 2 say anything 2 her, looks like he’s getting his revenge =]

  • Lyla

    Just because you watch the show, doesn’t mean you know what happends behind the scenes. For all we know, this could have been happening for the longest time, even when they seem “happy.” Cheating is wrong, no matter what. Especially when Jon has 8 little kids at home. If he has a problem with Kate and doesn’t want to be married to her anymore, he should file for divorce instead of having this bad publicity. It’s common sense.

  • rEecey pieces

    Guys…could this be a publicity stunt….I mean, stranger things have happened? Just a thought.

  • myobservation

    perhaps if she got a new hairdo? that mop of hers is atrocious!
    on a serious note…she’s a control freak and lacks emotions…if I were him I’d bail too…they have made tons of money off the show allowing John to not work, and look at all they have received as donations…they have to keep it together for the sake of their bank account..

  • I don’t think that this is true. Jon probally was just hanging out with a friend. Any magazine just wants to have gossip in their magazine that will make people read them..If it is true though, I feel bad for the kids and Kate for what they are going through right now. But Jon just definatly doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife.