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Brad Pitt: Sumo Wrestler Help!

Brad Pitt: Sumo Wrestler Help!

Brad Pitt continues filming his commercial for Japanese cell phone company Softbank with his favorite sumo wrestler in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday (April 29).

The 45-year-old actor was seen holding up the sumo wrestler, who was already held up with four different suspension wires.

Last night, Brad was played the sumo wrestler’s umbrella holder. This looks like it’s going to be another fun one!

10+ pictures inside of sumo wrestler helper Brad Pitt

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  1. 51
    bdj Says:

    More information

    NEW ORLEANS — Actor Brad Pitt’s dream of seeing the Hurricane Katrina-wrecked Lower 9th Ward neighborhood thriving with more than 100 families by year’s end is slowly becoming a reality.

    More than a dozen homes are either complete or under construction under the Pitt-backed Make It Right foundation, and construction is set to begin on 17 more next month. Plans are also under way to diversify the neighborhood from single-family homes to duplexes.

    “Duplexes are an important part of the New Orleans topology,” said Tom Darden, executive director of Make It Right. “Families in New Orleans like to live close to their relatives, and you see examples of that all over the city.”

    Darden said duplexes are more cost-effective and have less impact on the environment because two families are living under one roof. Families will also have the option to rent half the duplex, Darden said.

    On Wednesday, Make It Right got a boost from New Orleans activists and civic leaders who donated $150,000 _ the average cost to build one home. Though Pitt wasn’t on hand, he was honored by the crowd of about 100 nonetheless.

    The group unveiled two signature art pieces made especially for Pitt by New Orleans artist Luis Colmenares. The artist said he collected debris from the Lower 9th Ward, including ironwork from downed fences and parts from a flooded-out car, to create a roughly 2-feet tall “New Orleans Recovery Oscar” statue and a special chair that depicts in bright colors and symbols such as musical notes the city’s recovery.

    “I make things from the heart,” Colmenares said. “I tried to think of what Brad would like. That’s why I used recycled materials, and that’s why I gathered my materials right here in the Lower 9th Ward.”

    The donors, who each gave a minimum of $1,000, were also treated to a tour of the neighborhood by architects.

    “This is incredible,” Juan Jorge Gershanik said while walking one of the neighborhood’s streets.

    “I love New Orleans,” said Gershanik, who is originally from Argentina but has called New Orleans home for the past 30 years. “I love the architecture, the people, the food. Anything I can do to help bring the city back fills my heart with joy.”

    Gershanik, who lives in a section of the city that did not flood, said it was especially important to help residents of the Lower 9th Ward, a predominantly black, working-class neighborhood.

    “Everybody counts,” Gershanik said. “Everyone in this city, every neighborhood, was responsible for making this city the success that it was. Everybody deserves a chance to come back.”

    Pitt stopped by the Lower 9th Ward earlier this month to meet with architects who will create new house and duplex designs, which are slated to be unveiled this summer.

    In the meantime, construction will continue on single-family homes. So far, eight families have moved in, six homes are under construction and groundbreaking is set for 17 more in May.

    The homes are for property owners who can pay insurance and taxes, and monthly payments are based on applicants’ income and subsidized by Pitt’s foundation.

    So far Make It Right has received more than 200 applications from families, and currently 85 are “in the pipeline,” Darden said. That means they are on the tail end of the application process, which includes undergoing counseling how to maintain the homes.

    “We’re doing everything we can to make sure these families are here for many year to come,” Darden said.

    The homes are more contemporary in style than the shotgun homes and Creole cottages New Orleans is known for. But they are built high off the ground and with energy-efficient features such as solar panels, which will cut energy bills by at least 75 percent.

    Darden said monthly bills have been ranging from $20-$30 a month.

    “And because the power company buys back energy, some bills are lower than that,” he said.

    The homes do incorporate some elements used in the New Orleans area for generations, such as high ceilings and shaded porches. They also have architectural elements to address challenges of the area, such as ventilation and mold- and termite-resistant materials.

  2. 52
    brangelover Says:

    awwe that was a sweet video. Thank you Guli. I thank all of the JJ fans who post the JoliePitt videos and a special thanks to the people who make them. I think the JP videos are the most adorable like short films out there.
    Brad cracks me up with these cell phone videos he has been doing forever it seems. They are always so funny. You can tell from them and his movie BAR he does comedy really well. Geesh what can’t our Bradman do? He can do no harm in my eyes. I have always loved Brad going on15 or more yrs now and couldn’t be happier for him and Angie getting together. See that lots of peeps including moi make a mistake first time around hmmm probably for a reason or many reasons. You learn from your mistakes tho and if you are fortunate as Brad is by meeting Angie and both falling in love you are on cloud nine with your true love.
    Angie and Brad make a wonderful couple just as people like myself who divorced and remarried or live together(same thing) have done. There is nothing so absolutely fullfilling then meeting your true love after mistake number one. You appreciate all the small things and completely fall in love all over again when you snuggle at night.

    Go Brad and Angie.. Love you!

  3. 53
    soopx Says:

    LLM love your videos.Brad is so cute.A man with a kind heart.
    Everyone have a Great Day.Peace.

  4. 54
    bdj Says:

    HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! Don’t whine too much hens. You are becoming repetitive, envious and downright whiny. Go support ole girl in her lame rom com attempt and leave the Jolie-Pitts alone to raise their family and handle their biz. It is all good.

  5. 55
    Jess0 Says:

    Very interesting articals BDJ. Thankyou!

  6. 56
    Brangelover Says:

    bjd Happy Thursday to you as well and thank you for supplying us with Brange info every morn. You are a real trouper never missing a day. It is appreciated more than you could know. Yup makes the morning coffee taste that much better when you have all of these articles to read. Tks tons!

  7. 57
    REPOST Says:

    now this is funny! @ 04/30/2009 at 5:40 am–Have-a-baby-and-diaper-sex-fettish-according-to-bodyguard
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Have a baby and diaper sex fetish according to bodyguard
    Mickey Brett, Brangelina’s former bodyguard, has submitted a proposal for a tell-all book on some of his major clients. The most explosive details, however, are about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. One can always debate whether or not the details are true, but I have seen the proposal and can reveal some very racy details.
    Mr. Brett recalls a time when he heard a lot of baby noises from the bedroom and it didn’t sound like any of Branjelina’s kids. Brad Pitt, wearing diapers and a baby bib, ran out of the room and into the bathroom despite having a bathroom in their bedroom, not realizing Mr. Brett was watching. Mr. Brett then assumed the baby sounds were just a recording. He hid behind the wall to hear some more and realized there was a third person in there. He heard another woman say, “I don’t know if I am comfortable with this.” But when Brad entered the room again, she was pretty much silenced. Then, he heard a lot of spanking going on followed by the recording being turned off. Suddenly, all three began to cry like babies until they climaxed.
    I don’t know what to make of this. I can definitely imagine Angelina Jolie being involved in all this, but Brad Pitt? My image of him has just been destroyed! Please stay tuned to this column as I have more explosive details from Mickey Brett’s proposed book

  8. 58
    Brangelover Says:

    Oops so sorry i spelled your name wrong bdj . You would think after all these mos. and mos.of reading your morning posts i would get that right b/c i do know the difference. just need a little more coffee.:)

  9. 59
    REPOST Says:

    Now you CAN tell why they are TRYING to block him from writing THIS BOOK.
    They are Perv. Someone needs to take away those kids from them.
    Now that they have split and Brad is living in midtown Manhattan hotel for a while and Jolie is living in Long Island with kids. Can’t wait for their battles over custody and how they are going to humiliate each other in media. More sh*t stories about them will come. Can’t wait.

  10. 60
    quentin carmicheal Says:

    brad is one of time’s most influential. angelina is not

  11. 61
    Sal Says:

    @REPOST: To the FAKE ‘repost’, accepting the word of an EX-staffer, he is a convicted CRIMINAL? A suspected (and I believe) convicted of murder/manslaughter? Wow, you poor desperate JenS.l.uts are really scraping the bottom of the barrel out of sheer desperation, aren’t you? The fact that you would even be SO desperate as to post that, really reflects badly on you and does more to show you up than anything else. Do keep humiliating yourself in this manner. Its fun to see Jens.l.uts lose control and crash! :lol:

  12. 62
    REPOST Says:

  13. 63
    JPLovah Says:

    I love Angie and Brad they are adorable together. The best thing Brad Pitt ever did was get rid of that twisted insecure fug Maniston.
    haha now she can’t even find herself a date. She has to pay for them. BWhahaha And thats the truth. Big mouth PeeBoy Mayer has spread the word of how excessively needy Maniston was when he was in her clutches. UGH what a horrible feeling.

    Brad was smart to get out while the going was good. Poor guy stayed a couple of yrs longer then he wanted to but he’s a softie so am just happy for him that he got out of that sticky situation when he did.
    YayyyyyNow we have the most famous couple in the world ~Ze Jolie Pitt’s!!! Gotta love them and their 6 adorable tots. I can’t get enough pix of them. Hope to see the twins soon. Maybe when they are a yr. old People mag will have something for us JP Fans..Hope so.

  14. 64
    zoie Says:

    Big guy!

  15. 65
    jen the new porn star Says:

    the body gaurd was never allow in the soil of America, and does the BG lived with their employer 24/7 in the same room , same house . NO rich, famous peoples do that. Lastly, Michael Brett had already denied he ‘ s writing a memeoir or book.
    STOP YOUR BS. I ‘m sure we will be reading Mr Pee boy tell all in his blog or twitter on how he pee, and all those weird sexual act offer by the aging sitcom hag. first before those Michael Brett tell all.

  16. 66
    wow1 Says:

    Someone is trying to ruin the J/P’s and it is not Mickey the body guard.
    I rather think it is the x and her Manager.They hate J/Ps they are big
    time Jealous if i were them i would sue the crap out of that Tabloid.

  17. 67
    wow1 Says:

    John Mayer will write a Tell all book about all the about how he was paid escort.

  18. 68
    wow1 Says:

    I was going to say more but I thought i better not go to that Level.#67

  19. 69
    some bunny Says:

    Love the new pictures, JJ! I don’t know why they made Brad Pitt shave off the beard for the commercial?? I like the clean shave look, but the rough look is much better! IMO, I sure hope it does not take long for his facial hair to grow back. But that morning after shadow, ohh how lucky Angelina is to feel it on her soft and lovely cheeks.

  20. 70
    luv Brad Says:

    Brad is IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 71
    Debra77 Says:

    Brad looks great. The haters can’t stand it. For people who say they don’t like this couple, it is just so funny how they are intuned to any and every news article about them. Love the clean face look on Brad. The nuts see how hot he is and they are losing their minds. Reaching for any rumor to try and trash them. But the best revenge is a Happy Life.. Brad/Angie have a Happy Life.

    No matter how many lies they tell the truth always wins out. KARMA is at play

    That is why all these great things are happening to and for them..

    Suck it hard Haters/

  22. 72
    New Says:

    Angelina was spotted in Albany with one of the twins walking out of toy store. She will stay there until monday.

  23. 73
    Timeforactions Says:

    TELEPHONE: (310) 556-3501
    TELECOPIER: (310) 556-3615

  24. 74
    the real lou Says:

    # 57 REPOST @ 04/30/2009 at 8:30 am
    # 59 REPOST @ 04/30/2009 at 8:35 am


    Brangelina book ban
    If there’s one man who has knows Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, from the couple’s hookup on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” to their dramatic fights and parenting shortfalls, it’s Mickey Brett, who served as head of security for Pitt, Jolie and their children until he was fired in 2008.

    The family’s longtime bodyguard and confidante is shopping around a proposal for a tell-all book and a reality TV show, according to an April 26 report in the New York Daily News — and Pitt and Jolie have hired top libel attorneys to stop him.

    Brett has denied trying to sell stories.

    “No, no, no,” he told Life & Style. “I’m not writing a tell-all book. I don’t know where this story came from. It’s not true.”

    So you can shut your tabloid,gossip blog reading ass up!God,you haters are losers.This story was MADE UP to get hits on this bottemfeeders site and your dumb ass bought it. :roll:

  25. 75
    some bunny Says:

    REPOST @ 04/30/2009 at 8:35 am # 57 & 59

    Go back to bed and take your wet dreams with you, you disgusting piece of dogsh!t. Noone cares about what the tabloid trash says especially one like the examiner. I hope the feds track your fuggly azz and yoiur body guard friend down, and put you both on a high predator watch for all your 1000′s of childp*rn images. You are on the wrong thread looser, you won’t find the diaper fetish that you have been longing for since 3am on here.

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