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Jennifer Aniston is Pickled Purple

Jennifer Aniston is Pickled Purple

Jennifer Aniston looks pretty in purple as she arrives to the set of her new flick, The Baster, in New York City on Thursday (April 30).

The 40-year-old former Friends star appeared in good spirits and smiled for photographers!

She went with a sporty outfit yesterday with a tank-top and red training pants. The day before, she wore a backless dress and turned into the “lady in red“!

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  • dabu

    Whatever plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure she had done to her face is not working!

  • Oceanview

    ahahahah….the iced nips are back!

  • yes you are.

    Lard filler.No good for nothing.People will learn this sooner or later.

  • yes you are.

    Saucer face .No good for nothing.People will learn this soner or later.

  • um

    Her face looks a little different. Fuller. She’s ok but why the daily sometimes 4 times daily posts?

  • bet

    here she is cuty. lovely woman.

  • ello



  • daddyvisitation

    LOL look at the fat heiffers running in like a herd of hippos to bash on Jen. LOL Get a life people. Bradders needs your help over in his thread, you know he has been demoted to just a commercial man. THE SHAM WOW GUY OF JAPAN.LOLOLOLOL!

  • Laney

    GORGEOUS! ..the rest of you hags are just jealous of pretty Jen.

  • slambang

    I wish she’d do something with her hair – it always looks so frizzy and scraggly!

  • lara

    thanks jared! I love looking at her pictures… she is greaat! :)

  • lara

    thanks jared! I love looking at her pictures… she is greaat! :)

  • hello

    Aw love you Jen

  • yummy

    Her headlights are on! :-)

  • joanna

    I think she is pretty. Always have.

  • UFO

    America’s Sweetheart.
    We love you Jen!

  • anon

    Thanks Jared!!! Love her-keep the pics coming…gives the haters something to whine about!

  • amanda

    Thanks JJ! You rock! :-)

  • zoie
  • Jealousmuch?

    “iced nips” ? Unbelievable the crap some will say. My “nips” show like this almost always, unless I wear a padded bra. I guess it’s just not possible that JA could be a normal woman is it? *eye roll*
    Plastic surgery on her face? I believe you’re in the wrong section, dear… the AJ section is two doors down. You know, the one at the hotel without BP and the kids.

  • jaf

    She looks so pretty. I love you, Jen!!!!!

  • pink

    she obviously did something to her face.

  • bbb

    She is looking good but still boring. I hope she does something interesting / worth remembering.



  • thomas

    Wow! She looks awesome!

  • Keep on keepin on

    So cool Jen is getting so much attention!!! Thanks Jared.

  • omg

    FUG and she looks so old.

  • samantha

    yikes….every time i see her i wince.

  • Tyler

    She is a pathetic weak piece of nothing. Can’t act so she has to pay her way into movies.

  • ashley

    She looks like old Barbra Streinsand.

  • h

    gorgeous as always!

  • You/Me

    I think we’ve seen her in this top before. Purple is a really good color for her. I ♥ Jen :-)
    I wonder if she is dating anyone? And if she has seen Mayer’s friend’s (Sheana?) interview? Bet she laughed over that one,lol.

  • damn

    so ugly

  • Isla

    Can she open one movie of hers without using the triangle I really think she is a lesbian.

  • oath

    Jen looks like a crap.

  • samantha

    she’s so pathetic. all her bf’s dumping her lmao

  • lol

    She is the biggest loser.

  • whatever

    She is great! I actually came over here because I hear JJ posted something about her! Keeping posting Jared and I’ll give you more hits! I think you really like her! It’s all about the $$, just like Brangie!!

  • Nick

    It all adds up……she must be a lesbian.

  • marmalade

    Money talks…LOUD [enough said]

  • she thinks she’s pretty.

    I use to like her.But now I almost hate her because of her lies.
    She is just for herself.I hope someday she pays for all her lies.

  • yes you are.

    I hope someday her hair falls out from the bleach.
    Wearing blue contacts for 15 yrs.or longer.
    Just wait until she is older.

  • Jill

    Jared, are you going to post a new thread every time she changes her clothes?

  • bet

    she think she is pretty

    did she told you that she is pretty? did you know her personaly? What did she lie to you personaly?

  • ellie’

    Your here every time shes does change her clothes. Jared Ji** is most certainly interested. Keep it coming.. Thanks Jared your the best.

  • bet


    well you still here. well jared post every time she changes her clothes , which we love it. andalso, you Jill the biggest contiributer in jen thread. why not you are helping jared?

  • ellie’

    Jen was always so pretty and still is. I enjoy seeing her daily. Thanks Jared..
    Hey lara sweet jade bet jen fan off to bed just got in I’m really tired..
    Talk to you all tomorrow..

  • ellie’

    Jared again thanks I enjoy Jen.. and the Angie fans that really hate her and aren’t interested , you know they really are ,they all can’t get enough of her..
    Night to everyone..

  • bet


    good nigth freind.

  • Rose

    I’m sorry but she is not aging well. She looks like a California cougar with too much botox, long stringy hair and too much sun. There are better looking 40 year olds in Malibu and Newport Beach.