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Jennifer Garner Explains Cuts & Bruises

Jennifer Garner Explains Cuts & Bruises

Jennifer Garner (in Ports 1961) gives one of the cutest interviews ever at The Late Show With David Letterman in New York City on Wednesday (April 29).

Since Letterman had a terrible sore throat, the 37-year-old actress came out and served him with a mug filled with tea, honey and lemon. So sweet!

Jen then explained all the cuts and bruises on her knees and elbows. “I just biffed,” she told Letterman. “I took a header. I wasn’t even making an action movie or anything. If you do it when you’re making an action movie, you feel cool. When you do it when you’re just running on a beautiful day in front of a lot of people, you don’t feel so cool. (laughs) And you think you’re anonymous and suddenly everyone’s like ‘Jen Garner just fell down! Jennifer, do you need help???’”

Towards the end of the interview, Dave applies some Neospoin antibiotic ointment onto Jen‘s cuts. She then proceeded to shove the tube in her dress. Hilarious!!!

Jen‘s new film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past opens in theaters TOMORROW (May 1). 40+ pics inside…

Jennifer Garner Explains Cuts & Bruises
Watch Part II here!

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jennifer garner cuts bruises 31
jennifer garner cuts bruises 32
jennifer garner cuts bruises 33
jennifer garner cuts bruises 34
jennifer garner cuts bruises 35
jennifer garner cuts bruises 36
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Credit: WENN/FPZ; Photos: INFdaily, James Devaney/Wireimage
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  • twifanatic Amanda

    She was so extremely likeable in this interview. One of the best Letterman episodes I’ve seen. Especially with Manchester Orchestra.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • bea

    she looks fantastic, and she has a great sense of humor, Ben should be happy for having her in his life.

  • rein

    The Emmy’s should introduce a new category for best performance by an actor/actress on a late night talk show and the award for best actress goes to…. Jennifer Garner.

    Close your mouth dear, your on Letterman not at home with Ben.

  • ***********

    So cute:)

  • zoe

    she looks greatt. a big contrast from her usual look when she’s out and about.

  • Ivelisse^^^

    She was adorable on the show. I wonder what the twisted haters on here will come up with today.

  • Sal

    What narcissism from Jennifer Garner on Letterman last night, she fell jogging and had some bruises and cuts, big deal!! it’s not like she returned from a tour of duty in Iraq without a leg.

  • nativenyker

    She looks so chubby! Damn!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • zoie

    She looks much better!

  • s.i

    She is so funny and very BEAUTIFUL! Its so funny that her daughter said that to her! Adorable woman, sweet person!

  • ben/jen fan

    Funny interview. Jennifer was very endearing in this interview.

    Bad looking scraps though.

    Glad that Jennifer and Violet are having some fun while in NY….shopping broadway. Enjoy ladies!

  • violets auntie

    Ha, Ha, ivelisse, you nailed the haters! She was sooo funny. Makes me want to see the flick tomorrow.

  • hongkong

    so cute and smart! this woman is great!

  • mary

    she is a sarcastic b…..!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    horrible actress. and her movie’s going to bomb.

  • sophie

    sooo cute!!!

  • cookylicious

    luv to watch jen in her new movie!!

  • franca

    I love Jen and her entire family. Violet and Sera are the most adorable
    celebrity babies. Wish her speed recovering from the wounds.
    A fan of hers from Nigeria, Africa.

  • jen is funny

    #16 guess you won’t be buying a ticket then, huh?

    That is a good thing, means more seats for those that really want to see it.

  • Ingrid

    She is so average, it hurts.

  • LT

    Luv her, she’s adorable!!


    Don’t worry about tickets for Ghost, you’re one of the few who actually want to see it.

    Wolverine is going to kick its a$$ this weekend!!!

    Yet ANOTHER Jennifer Garner BOMB! She can’t even help a movie in a supporting role!!!


    P.S. And did you know Ben Affleck was originally supposed to star in Ghosts, but after all his bombs, the studio killed the project?

  • Ariel

    I have seen Wolverine already, and unfortunately it is really bad (I am a X-Men fan) – but I am sure the young American males will like it – the worst the better.

  • Fergie Fan !

    I Love Her Smile !

  • JEN


    No it was not cancelled with Ben because of his bombs by the way
    He’s just not that into you made over 100 million not a bomb!!
    and that the studio that was going to do it cancelled the project when
    they had studio problems.. Not Ben Problems .. Besides this movie
    will bomb like the war in Iraq …because Matthew’s movies always
    bomb with co stars like Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker ..
    who are losers too RIGHT ROTFLMAO

  • Cherry

    Oh my, she looks so good in blak!
    So beautiful!

  • bald outing

    she’s been looking super cute lately.


    her smile is the cutest thing ever. put she wiped her wet hands of the sofa not good move.

  • jen is funny

    Not going to see it this weekend, nor Wolverine. Differnet movies for differnet populations. Wolverine better make some money this weekend, afterall the money it took to make.

    Jennifer is in this movie, but it’s not “her” movie. That would be Matthew M. movie. And he hasn’t had a good movie in well………………………………………..can’t remember when. But people still pay him bucks to appear, don’t they.

    Saying this is Jen’s movie is like saying Juno was her movie. Jen had a supporting role in Juno. However, she did make a hugh amount on Juno because she took a stake in the profits instead of money upfront. Say whatever you want about Ben and Jen but they are smart with the movie deals.

    Agree #26, Ben out of Ghost was because of Studio problems not Ben problems.

    Besides, doesn’t matter if Wolverine had the worst acting, and fakest scenes. Fans will still go. Just like Star Wars. No one has ever one an Academy Award for their acting in Star Wars. Revenge of the Sith would have been better acted by the local HS drama dept. But did Star Wars fans care? NO. Killer sales first weekend.

  • jc

    KUDOS to Jennifer for not giving into industry pressure to shrink to a size 00 days after her baby is born. It’s great to see an actress who looks HEALTHY and not overly nipped, tucked, sucked etc. Kudos to Ben for being supportive of it Im sure.

  • stefano

    the interview was soooo funny
    jen rocks! :)

  • emily

    Wow, she’s really impressed with herself, isn’t she? Sorry, but she sounds like such a phony.

  • Selene

    She’s so FAKE! how come she always acts like she’s a 13 year old? At least she got rid of her lisp she used to have in interviews when she used to talk like she was 13. BTW JEN, do you need a lot of attention or what? Cover up your cuts with a BAND-AID….kinda gross to see.

  • Bostongirl

    Saw the interview too. She’s very sarcastic in her humor which i really don’t like. She comes off very defensive and insecure when she’s sarcastic like that in her other interviews. What is she hiding? She doesn’t need to be sarcastic. Leave that to Ben.

  • Michelle

    She’s so pretty, sweet, and funny. I do agree with Dave…she does look 19!!!!! :)

  • mary

    Jen has an angelic beauty. When she talks you wouldn’t even dare to close your eyes for a second ‘coz you don’t want to miss her be dimpled smiles. Jen really looks young though for her age just what David Letterman said. Her secret? Her cheerful face and an innocent kind of aura. To all who envy her beauty….to all who thinks they’re prettier than Jen… us your pics. No one could beat her ever!
    Jen has so much appeal. She’s pretty smart and has a sense of humor, too.

  • mary

    she definitely knows how to act for the cameras. she used to be very plain and boring you can tell Ben’s personality, jokes and business savvy rubbed off on her A LOT (she has said before that he’s taught her a lot about showbiz). Dave Letterman always flirts with her which is hilarious – I think he has a crush on her! In the past he’s asked her why she’s with Ben and if “they are still together”, insinuating he’s a loser, etc. Funny.

  • lakers fan in boston

    for once she wasnt boring!!
    she looks very cute in that dress =]
    she seems like such a sweet person as well

  • so

    Oh please, the woman is so full of herself. She was not funny at all, she reminded me of her character in the stupid movie 13 going on 30, she tried flirting with Letterman, and she acted out that entire interview, she would pause and see if there was a reaction than she would look make faces, wave her hands it was so weird to me. It was like she was beside herself, trying so hard to be cute and that baby voice is horrible. She was all over Letterman acting very familiar with him, it was totally obnoxious.

  • zoey

    Oh, I see she wore her Jlo shoes LMAO!!!!!

  • pippi

    Could Jen be any cuter? I don’t think so. She is the best mom and doesn’t have one pretentious bone in her whole body. So likable, no wonder those who know her adore her so much. She is the best!

  • Kaley

    I don’t see why everyone’s posting this interview all of the internet, there’s nothing good about it, Jen looks as fake as always.

    And I also think Ghosts will bomb, but MM is the star. Jen is smart not to take the lead roles, she can’t carry a film, 13 Going on 30 would have worked with a lot of actresses (what tween girl doesn’t wish she could wake up grown, with breasts, a cool wardrobe, and a cool job?), and nothing else she’s starred in did well.

    Talk about overhyped. Without being married to Ben, nobody would care about her today.

  • Jennah

    She’s the cutest thing

  • mary

    #43 well said.

  • pippi

    Kaley #43 you don’t make sense. If people don’t care about Ben Affleck, why would they care about her if it’ only because she is married to him. Explain yourself or just STFU.

  • joe the plumber

    She was trying too too hard, and it showed.

  • Marie

    Oh man, some of these comments are so sad. Jennifer Garner has to be one of the most harmless celebrities in Hollywood, yet you feel the need to bash her because she’s too nice? What a world we live in.

  • Mark

    I don’t know where you people got your information from, but Ghosts with Affleck was killed because of concerns about Affleck’s marketability. It was set up years ago, when he was still with Lopez, but he had a string of flops right around that time that he still hasn’t recovered from.

    It happens.

  • Kaley

    People care, idiot, because Jen and Ben got together under quite interesting circumstances, but you’re too dumb to remember that. Remember Bennifer I?

    Remember Jen dumping her husband, hooking up with her co-star, then dumping him to take up with Ben? All with the rumors that the reason Jen’s marriage fell apart was because of a fling/too heavy flirtation with Affleck during Daredevil?

    The shotgun wedding?

    Killing the co-star off Alias, launching an campaign to have the character brought back to life that worked because the ratings nosedived?

    All the Mommy and me pics (and occasional family pics, although Ben need to learn how to smile more for those to work, he can’t even contain his misery, his happiness is gone with his cajones).

    Ben and Jen have kept their careers alive by having kids. It’s pathetic, really.

    But I bet that explanation’s too complicated for you, isn’t it, pippi?