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Jennifer Garner: Good Morning Ghosts!

Jennifer Garner: Good Morning Ghosts!

Jennifer Garner works out a Diane Von Furstenberg shirtdress while out promoting her latest movie in New York City on Thursday (April 30).

The former Alias star paired her red DVF dress with nude Christian Louboutin slingbacks. The 37-year-old mother also wore Escada she promoted Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

Check out Jen‘s great interview with David Letterman last night!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner doing Good Morning America

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Credit: PPNY / GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • WOOO

    Lover her!!! Can’t wait to see Ghosts!!

  • Michelle

    Love her!!! She’s so gorgeous as always. And she fits the red shirtdress so well. Her interview on Letterman was so funny, she’s the best!!!

  • LuckyL

    Damn, girl looks pregnant a third time. Flatten that belly hunny or watch the hands.


    #3 Show us a picture of you? I’m sure you’re perfectly fit and gorgeous…or not. It is 100% normal for a woman to still have a belly 3 months postpartum. But you would know that if you weren’t ignorant.


    #3 Show us a picture of you? I’m sure you’re perfectly fit and gorgeous…or not. It is 100% normal for a woman to still have a belly 3 months postpartum. But you would know that if you weren’t ignorant.

  • hongkong

    Yeah, she rocks she is so pretty and smart, and so gorgeous! She is great!

  • s.i

    So beautiful! She is very talented and nice AND P-R-E-T-T-Y!

  • mary

    she cannot act this one and would not be as famous without her husband ben.

  • Amanda

    She looks so happy!
    God, i love her so much, she’s so sweet.

  • ghost

    so what #8, even if that is true, if she is ok with that and Ben is ok with it, then it works for them.

  • s.i

    @mary: Girl, if u hate her so much why do you read all the posts about her and leave at least 2 comments? ARE YOU OK????

  • mary

    True Ghost. By herself, she has the star power and acting skill level of a Brooke Shields or a Teri Hatcher. With Ben, she tries to act like she’s better than she is..and that’s why people get annoyed with her. On camera, she’s extremely good at being fake sweet and funny and im the greatest mom brand but off camera, people say mixed things about her. Will the real not actor faking an image please stand up? Thank you.

  • lollipop

    Ben is trying to make her into the next Julia Roberts. Just one tiny problem with that. She has small screen appeal. She is plain and cute but in no way does she have “star” charisma in any of her movies. She looks tired, plain and her lips are severely overinflated. Julia had the glowing “it” factor without even trying. Garner does not but she is cute and will be great in future small screen movies. Im not being critical. Im just being honest.

  • s.i

    @mary: LOL. And in a while Sera and other haters will come to leave their hateful comment. Out of jealously. Thank you

  • Lacy123

    Agree #12 and #13 – wasn’t she ranked in Forbes magazine as the most overrated star? Next J. Roberts she is so not LOL – super funny. That title goes to a Rachel McAdams or Reese Witherspoon people who can really act. She definitely is not that great of an actress but seems to get attention for being with her kids and being Mrs. Affleck. Jared, you posted 3 pics of this woman in 2 days and also of Jen A. Can you post some of some real stars like Demi or Hugh or Rachel McAdams or Charlize? It’s harder to get photos of the real stars I suppose.Thank you.

  • frank

    garner is very pretty and talent. i like her . dont picking on her ,ok? 中国的FANS 永远支持你。

  • s.i

    @Lacy123: Why are you so mean buddy??? If you dont like her, dont read the posts of her and just dont get on our nerves!

  • annalove

    ANNOYING & DESPERATE but like her shoes!

  • lacy123

    @s.i. uhm, i believe you are the one also getting on nerves. People love or hate her she’s that type of celeb. It’s called being realistic btw and not just stuck in happy unicorn i’m 13 again land – oh whoops, that would be jen garner. darn.

  • s.i

    @lacy123: No need for further commenting on you…..

  • s.i

    @frank: Best comment so FAR : 中国的FANS 永远支持你。!!!!

  • lacy123

    @s.i. thanks for the last comment. Can’t wait until Ben leaves Jen. FREE BEN shirts are selling now.

  • s.i

    @lacy123: I bet you are in love with him. its ok. Thats ok, I mean, but no need to hate Jennifer. She is not your enemy but an actress

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be sure: AMERICA IS FULL OF IT, folks.

  • g!na

    what the hell did she do to her elbow & knee? huge scabs on both! Rough sex with Ben? lmfao.

  • s.i

    And iin a while, Sarah, yes! and other haters will all come to just make their comment…Funny

  • liar

    If ben cheated on her or dumped her , her career would pick up.

  • Mel

    What’s with all the nasty remarks about Jennifer using her husband for fame? She was doing just fine on Alias before she married Ben. If anything, she’s probably out of the spotlight more these days. This is the first time she’s been out and about a lot as she’s promoting her film.

    All of the “haters” on here really need to move on. So you don’t like her – fantastic! Why waste your time bitching here about how much you hate her? And why on Earth does Ben need to be freed? Do you honestly think these people would be together if they didn’t even like each other? And even if you do think that, how exactly is that any of your business? You don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s really quite sad that you think you do…

  • s.i
    She took great critics for her acting in Broadway play. She has a golden globe. She has many prizes and nominations. She is good guys

  • mickey

    Jen seems like a sweet girl but I wish she would make a decent movie. She seems to make the same bad romantic comedy over and over again. This film looks atrocious.

  • janis

    So much vile and mean comments. in my opinion, Jennifer Garner is the most down to earth celebrity on the planet. I watched her on GMA this morning, she was more than honest.: “what’s sleep, kids are hard, I look haggerd without a stylist”…who could be more honest and charming than that. Get off it haters, she’s the real deal. I LOVE ME SOME JENN

  • cookylicious

    i totally agree with you # 28!!
    i like jani’s and s.i.’s comments..
    to all the haters out there, stop being so mean and sarcastic :(

  • yummymummy


  • bonita_mia

    she’s down-to-earth, she’s cute, pretty and gorgeous!!
    i’ll definitely watch her new movie :)

  • s.i

    @cookylicious: Thank you! We should support her, girl! U r nice

  • zoe

    she looks great. good to see her all dressed up and happy….the black coat doesnt look good with the red dress but it doesnt matter. film doesnt look tht great but its good to see her making films

  • ben-affleck-sucks!!!

    Jennifer Garner is THE BEST ACTRESS EVER….In my opinion BEN AFFLECK SUCKS….He is SOOOOOOOOO UGLY, FAT and he look like 89 YEARS OLD…(OMG!!!! WHEN I LOOK AT HIM I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO SUICIDE!!!)….All you ******* stop PRAISING this **** AFFLECK…Jen is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for him…and he must be grateful that their daughter Violet looks like her mother…

  • **

    wow, she can look like a woman when she wants to. It´s a shame it doesn´t happen that often. Will it kill her if she tries to look like that every day?
    Sadly the critics don´t like her new movie. But her fans will go and see it no matter how bad it is and then make all excuses for JG: “It´s not her, it´s Matthew´s fault !” “Jen is good, the script is bad!”etc.

  • ellie’

    Jen is wonderful and beautiful person, I love her acting..

  • ceecee

    Ahem. Jennifer is not famous because of Ben .Anyone remember a little ditty called gigli ?Oh yeah baby .The did rise but it rose tagether with Jennifer .BooyaH!

  • ghost

    What does Gigli have to do with anything. Yes it was a dud. You can name any actor and name a movie that failed, one they wish they hadn’t made.

    Brad Pitt
    Leo D.
    Matt Damon (the baseball twin movie?)
    Dustin Hoffman

    All have made horrible movie at one time or another. Except that even all these years later the only thing anyone can say about Ben & Jen is that Ben made a bad movie.

  • stefano

    preeeeeetty woman

  • cara

    Girl needs to never wear her hair up at premieres, those ears are of hers are very large, much better when her hair is down and her ears are covered. She looks good in red, good color on her. Her little tummy pooch is quite normal for giving birth only 3 months ago.

    Funny how she goes on about busy with motherhood, no time, ect., yet she still finds time to go get her lips plumped!!!! Always disliked that about her, the fake injected lips.

  • bandit

    This movie got SLAMMED in my local paper this morning (especially Mattthew M.), it got a really low rating, the critic said they are likely both be embarassed to have signed up for such a bad movie. It’s a rental, not a must-see-in-theatre movie.

  • whatever

    What’s up with thoses poses..i mean really….wtf us up with the miss america s.h.i.t.

  • michelle

    I find her EXTREMELY ANNOYING and her fans drinking Jen G. Kool-aid. She sucks as an actress and makes faces like she’s 13. In front of the cameras, she tries to act all cute and fake but outside she’s a beeyotch to anyone who won’t further her drowning career. What does she have if Ben wasn’t in the picture? Maybe a future tv series again – I see Jen G. doing tv again since all her movies she headlines tanks. She should go back to that medium and stop thinking she’s A-list. B-list actor with all hat and no cattle as we like to say in texas.

  • Hong kong

    @michelle: Oh, but she is a good actress! LOL

  • lakers fan in boston

    hmmm i think that once again she looks beautiful
    when she really tries 2 look nice, she’s stunning tbh
    her legs dont look that bad as well, but i like her face the most =]
    really sexy outfits btw

  • Pippi

    Love me some Jen Garner. She looks amazing. I have a girl crush on her. The best part is that she doesn’t waste her precious everyday time in hair and makeup and that why when looks especially nice when she makes public appearances . She chooses to spend her free time being a mom to her kids and wife to her husband.

    Any one who thinks she can’t act obviously hasn’t seen her in action. My advise to them is to see more of her work and don’t rely on opinions of other to influence you. Girl can act her @ss off.

  • sora

    Right Pippi…her Oscar winning performance called ELEKTRA. LMAO.