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Lindsay & Ali Lohan are Beach Babes

Lindsay & Ali Lohan are Beach Babes

Sisters Lindsay and Ali Lohan show off their curves and get wet and wild during some surfing lessons in Hawaii on Thursday (April 30).

Lindsay, 22, and Ali, 15, both then headed to the spa at the Grand Wailea Resort for some pampering.

LiLo has spent the week in bikinis on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, getting away from the recent blow-up with Samantha Ronson.

15+ pictures inside of Lindsay & Ali Lohan, beach babes…

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lindsay ali lohan beach babes 01
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 02
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 03
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 04
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 05
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 06
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 07
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 08
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 09
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 10
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 11
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 12
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 13
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 14
lindsay ali lohan beach babes 15

Credit: Starsurf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Claire

    Is all i have to say.

  • bridget

    These people are to awful for words. 15 and a boob job? Lindsay getting all this attention for horribly destructive behaviour?? Terrible.

  • flynews

    That’s one pale ass bitch. She could replace the SPF 15 with charcoal briquette lighter fluid and still be white as the driven snow.

  • lol

    I don’t like lohan family ;p;p

  • bobjustbob

    Man Lindsay has gotten really unattractive, she lost her cuteness long ago. She looks so dirty and messy all the time, even when wet she looks like she could use a good scrub down wash with disinfectant.

    And Ali should be in school (why isn’t she??), she needs to stay and school, needs a backup plan because she has no star power whatsover and with her sister’s bad rep now, she’s not likely to rise to the top from that and her lack of talent (and she is not appealing) wil not get her there..

  • w


  • Sofia

    omg her sis looks like she got a boob job…-.-’ at 15?so patethic and useless cuz she’s still ugly…these 2 famew***e haven’t any reason to be still “famous”…

  • lola

    Did Ali get a boob job? She is only 15! Just shows how messed up the world of Hollyweird is. That mother should have her children taken away from her. She let her teenage daughter have a boob job so that she could be her new meal ticket, now that the first one is a drugged out skanky mess.

  • jimmyjo

    Find it funny how many, many celebs go to Hawaii or wherever and we see no pics, but we see pics (that look posed) everyday of these 2 fugly sisters. LL thinks the public is stupid, that we we all think “boy she must be still popular because the paps follow her, even in Hawaitt”, when we all know that LL lets them know where she is and where she is going at all times, it’s her way to stay in the spotlight, her way to remain relevant.

    She has no clue, she doesn’t get just how far down she’s gone (her career is actually even lower than Tara Reid’s….even Tara in her darkest days still got gigs with MTV whereas LL has no job or job offers). If LL had gone away and stayed OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT WITH NO PICS for even one week, it would perhaps make a bit of difference on how she is perceives. But now she looks even more like an attention getting media ho. Disgusting.

  • chriswoman

    I truly hope that Lindsay takes whatever time she needs and keeps spending it with her sister, being on vacation in a beautiful place does wonders for the mind and emotions.

  • nativenyker

    Its good to see Linds having a good time – outside of the LA nightlife.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’d doooo ali in an alley before lindsay. LOL… `i mean in 5 years of course. =]

  • Lovethatdoll

    15? She looks so old! She’d pass for 30 easy!

  • Heaven On Earth

    From what I see I have to say that LiLo is not that skinny. I think she looks good.

  • saggy


  • me me me

    wow, LL at 22 is skinnier than her 15yr old sister. i don’t like her body.

  • F_U

    Wow…so creepy how old Ali looks…something is just not right about that

  • Ashley

    oh my my……. Ali looked 30 to me….
    Go back to school Ali! it’s gonna be hard though when people will think that your the teacher….

  • M

    Curves? I don’t see any curves in these pictures. I see an anorexic crackhead and her 45 year old sister. That’s it.

  • magda

    Lindsay Lohan and curves in same sentence??
    ha ha ha , you’re so so funny

  • cara

    Jared I’m getting bored of your site now. Between the DAILY pics of the not-working Lohans (why so many pics of them??) and the constant boring pics of Jennifer Aniston on that lame movie set EVERDAY!! I am starting believe that a little payola is happening between their reps and you. Like all good things must come to an end, maybe your blog has seen its better days.

  • DragQueen


  • bandit

    I have to agree JJ, when you write “showing off their CURVES??” I have to think that it’s a paid post or why not be truthful and call a too skinny and sick looking person the way she truly is (serioulsy CURVES???). Stop pandering, you do that lots recently, disapointed in you lately.

  • UGH

    boob job… yes, a boob job.

    Ali will never be as pretty as LiLo.

  • Beth

    Shame on their Mom for letting a 15 year old get those huge implants. Another Linsey in the making. How long until we read about Crackhead Ali ??

  • bonzo

    Jared, if you consider Lindsey a “babe”, you should get a pair of glasses.

  • Annie

    God their gross. What’s wrong with the younger one’s face? she looks like quite old.

  • Charles

    These two skanks are NOT hot and they BOTH need to get back into school. Take out the fake boobs and what do you have? A couple of ugly crackheads with stupid written all over their foreheads.

  • Annie

    And where is the little ones mother?? And why isnt she is school????

  • sophie

    ali looks like a 25 year old

  • anon

    Just no. These two are very unfortunate looking people. Lindsay was her most charming when she was a child but now? NO.

  • LINdsay is eewwww!!!

    I’ve always hated Lindsay since those days..with the fued between Hilary and herself because Hil was my fave..I really hated Lindsay and I’m glad I did..I don’t see why some people even like her, I mean c’mon.eeeww..she’s looking worse and worse as days progress..She has really negative energy and she thinks she’s so hot when guess what??she isn’t..she’s too skinny for words..she looks dilapidated :P
    but I like Ali, she’s pretty and I love her voice..I just have 1 wish for her..I hope she doesn’t go down the same twisted road her sister went on :)

  • teri

    Ali didn’t have a boob job, she’s had boobs since 12 years old. I get so irritated when people make fun of such young impressionable girls. Who in their right mind would mess with a 12-15 year old not even developed yet? I guess it just hits a sore point with me because my 15 year old has a DD and she gets made fun of, by flat chested girls all the time. She has grown to hate her body and very self concious about herself. Doesn’t matter that at all times she wears two shirts she still get’s male attention and the girls are the worst about it. Just having big breast automatically makes you a wh*re even though you have no control of it, I thought this only happend in junior high and high school, boy was I wrong. She’s been talking already about a reduction because her back is killing her. Alittle sympathy and compassion goes a long way. Ali is just fine.

  • Ethan

    I think they look awful.
    Hawaii is not their thing.
    They look really white, like a ghost. lol

  • beautiful girls

    The truth is they’re beautiful, that’s why they get so much attention…well, one of the reasons. Lilo should clean up her act & Ali, she’s just 15, good kid & hope she can be mature & responsible. No boob job, that family is just blessed w/ good genes.

  • chels

    wow lohan sisters, have huge boobs, i wish i have their genes..

  • mare

    LL has a strange body. Her boobs like rather saggy and her hair is straggly. She needs to take care of herself.

  • pc or mac

    little bitch

  • In all fairness

    Ali looks like her dad.
    Not cute for a 15 year old girl to have the head of a 40+year old man.
    I hope their brother is in school. He’s their last hope.

  • Michaelangelo

    And how do you know she’s gotten a boob job, #2? What awful destructive behavior? Lindsay Lohan hasn’t gotten in trouble in almost 2 years.

  • teri

    Just because Lindsay has messed up doesn’t mean that Ali will.


    Boobjobs, 15 yrs old and already had her boobs job. She will grow up to be a slut. The mother has not disciplined nor bestow respect, moral values to her kids.

  • what happen

    JJ get a picture with the food. No one cares with the sister, the dog, the friend, etc. Get with food – they want to see if she eats. She can spit out after picture – but this picture worth lots of money.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “MIAMI VICE” can’t survive without these COKE-ADDICTS, folks

  • nicy noo

    are they allowed to post theese pictures of ali!!! she may not look it but she’s only 15 jeez


    is that lindsey’s new tattoo on her left arm?? i want to see a close up of it!
    im pretty sure we all love to hate the lohans. they’re badass.

  • emilia

    Jared you are straddling a dangerous line of child pornography. I mean she is 15 and you are actually willfully putting these provocative pictures of her. Whether or not she willingly posed doesn’t matter. This is just wrong.

  • mili

    not long ago, ali seemed almost normal with the exception of the teeny tiny swimsuit she chose to wear. She may have grown up phisically, but her face , specially her lips have grown too. She is going the plastic surgery path anyway
    Jared has pics of LiLo summer party , I do not know if the link will go thru

  • tia

    the fact that ali CLEARLY got a boob job is DISGUSTING!!!!



    Dina Lohan, is that you?