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Miranda Kerr: Salon & Shoes, Oh My!

Miranda Kerr: Salon & Shoes, Oh My!

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr goes for some retail therapy at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills and then gets pampered at a salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 29).

No sign of the 26-year-old’s current beau, Orlando Bloom.

In the mood for models? Catch Heidi Klum and Miranda on Good Day L.A. today! Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine also stop by as guests!

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s shoes and salon day…

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miranda kerr salon shoes 01
miranda kerr salon shoes 02
miranda kerr salon shoes 03
miranda kerr salon shoes 04
miranda kerr salon shoes 05
miranda kerr salon shoes 06
miranda kerr salon shoes 07
miranda kerr salon shoes 08
miranda kerr salon shoes 09
miranda kerr salon shoes 10
miranda kerr salon shoes 11
miranda kerr salon shoes 12
miranda kerr salon shoes 13
miranda kerr salon shoes 14
miranda kerr salon shoes 15
miranda kerr salon shoes 16
miranda kerr salon shoes 17
miranda kerr salon shoes 18
miranda kerr salon shoes 19
miranda kerr salon shoes 20
miranda kerr salon shoes 21
miranda kerr salon shoes 22
miranda kerr salon shoes 23
miranda kerr salon shoes 24
miranda kerr salon shoes 25

Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • len

    So the pedicure is for the show? Ok i get it.

    Take 3 action. Cut

  • come to me

    Holy moly, look how skinny she is. I never noticed how extreme until I saw the full length ones of her above.

    Now she isn’t as pretty to me anymore. I don’t like Hello Kitties (super tiny bodies with big heads).

  • her hand size…

    is scary… in some of the side views her hands are out of proportion with the rest of her…

    far too skinny i reckon, she looked much better when she had a bit more weight on her….

  • nativenyker

    She looks so generic. The VS people are truly gifted.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • CRazy oldie

    Call her generic or whatever…still hotter than the majority of the women out there

  • Gege

    was that rayban shes wearing? anyone can tell what model?

  • mayfrayn
  • lana

    she so beautiful!

  • lana

    correction- she IS so beautiful! type-ooooooo!

  • Sighs4l

    Dammit Jared, I searched “Orlando Bloom”, not Rayban Wayfarers…

  • bellla

    Fluzy —plz jared don’t put pics with this stupid girl

  • james

    No No again this shit

  • valerye

    who cares about her sunnnnny glassess go home mirranda

  • lorna

    she and her boy friend are so stupid ..orlando is so mediocre like actor….and she is a cow

  • LOL!!

    And once again the haters are the first to show up on one of her threads.
    I guess that their only purpose in life is to search the internet for posts about the girl that they “are tired of looking at!!”, and are tired of being “forced down their throats!!”.
    And once again, the hater with the syntax problem posts more than once.
    Soooo pathetic.
    And so sad.
    But funny!
    She’s gorgeous, successful, sweet, and Orlando loves her.
    GET OVER IT!!!

  • jamie lynn spears

    She’s pretty except from her feet, they are ugly and look deformed. Sixth toe feet are plain gross. It should be illegal for people with nasty feet to walk around bare foot so normal citizens don’t get grossed out.

  • @16

    Hey, stupid!
    She has normal feet. Didn’t they teach you how to count in school?
    And if it was illegal for people who may “gross” people out to leave the house, you would never see the light of day again.
    P A T H E T I C

  • http://justjared beautiful

    Love Miranda she looks great love to see pictures of Miranda thanks Jared.

  • toni

    I noticed that she has a wide fivehead… sort of like Kate

  • french

    she is so beautiful

  • gorgeous girl

    Miranda is stunningly beautiful, has a hugely successful career and her
    boyfriend Orlando Bloom loves her……all you jealous haters need to
    GET OVER IT, Orlando will never be yours…

  • jam

    Heidi is so amazing for keeping that kind of body after all those years. You go girl!

  • @16

    I bet the delphites are going to start a thread saying that they have “proof” that her feet are deformed, just because someone said that they are.
    Such losers.
    Miranda is gorgeous!

  • http://justjared love her

    She looks great hope to see pictures of her and Orlando soon I love this couple.
    Hope Orlando can make it to Cannes and takes Miranda with him that would drive the Delphi idiots even crazier than they already are.

  • ken

    The shippers are soooo ridiculous!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The life is really miserable over there.
    …………………..they start talking about you!!
    (be sure: NOT THE NICEST PARTS)

  • no name

    “one potato – two potato – three potato – four”

    “the last one to speak either shipper or hater – will be the one ending up getting laughed out the door.”

    Translation – “Over confidence that you are right and everyone else is wrong, Is almost a 100% Guarantee that you will end up being the one that is Wrong!

    Why take the chance?

    Ego’s are so fragile and so destructive to the world when they have been injured or bruised….

    This is like the popularity contest at a high school….did those terrible tragedies teach you nothing.

    All I can say is History of certain events will continue to repeat themselves until it gets it right.

    I don’t give a F.U.C.K. about Grammar ! You think that makes someone more intelligent than someone else? Maybe? Maybe Not.
    Just Remember – Intelligence Has Nothing What-so-ever To Do With Common Sense.

    Throw stones at me all you want….Just remember You Don’t Know Me! Anymore than any one of you Shipper or Hater alike know what Orlando and Miranda’s relationship really is.

    And #24 If you feel that your happiness comes from other people feeling bad because these two are together – Word of Advice – Karma is not a very forgiving spirit…..Those feelings that you wish on them, will come back to you, Ten Fold, in ways you could never possibly imagine. I’m not saying that to be mean or to scare or threaten anyone….just stating the facts…..I am not Karma’s messenger….but I do know, that those who feel they are, get the worst Karma you could imagine. I’ve seen it before.

  • http://justjared @27

    Oh please give me a break you people are wishing horrible things and hating on Miranda (a total stranger ) 24/7 so don’t play innocent with me .
    I guess karma won’t be too kind with you either .

  • cas

    i love her bag

  • regurge

    wat the fuque mind games does Buddha boi play with his females that makes them go anorexic huh!? Shell coma around like the last one and dump him soon

  • thread check

    My expectations for this thread were pretty low considering this is a Miranda Kerr thread. Still, come one people, you can do better. The only one showing any creativity is the poster with the six toes theory. It might not be factual, but at least it’s entertaining. And the fivehead, that one might even be true.

    Gerard checks in with his ongoing loopy posts that only his mother could possibly begin to understand.. Miranda seems to attract an disproportionate amount of this type of poster but at least he’s got the headgears whirling even if it comes out as gibberish.

    To the whiny Miranda defender – get over yourself , and stop polluting every Miranda thread with your tired old crap. You really need to accept the fact that there are lots of people on the internet who do not like Miranda Kerr. Not all of them can be from Delphi. Delphi does not have that much power or that many members. Some posters like her, some don’t. Do us all a favor and come up with something new for the next post, ok hon, because you’re sounding like a broken record. “It’s delphi, it’s delphi….blah, blah, blah.

    Our Orlando and Miranda at Cannes poster is just as dilusional. If Orlando Bloom showed up at Cannes without a project to promote he would be seen as nothing more than a lowlife, publicity hungry famewhore, and rightly so. I’d like to think that he’s a little smarter than that and that he’ll postpone that trip until he’s got a film in the can. Sorry, but that dream photo op of Miranda and Orlando on the red steps of Cannes will have to be put on hold until reality can catch up with your daydream. Until then, check out the old Troy photos, maybe you can put Miranda’s head on Diane Kruger’s body and voila.

    I was waiting for that stunning poster to show up, just like she does in every Miranda thread Let me guess, your favorite word is stunning. Yep, got it in one. Maybe the theory that you are from Miranda’s camp, mother or agent, has some validity. Maybe not, but you do not win any award for the grossest overuse of your favorite adjective. Pick a new one, please.

    Miranda’s threads are becoming so generic. Every thread has the same responses irregardless of the title or photo subjects. A little more thought and creativity in your replies would be greatly appreciated. And maybe some of you can even limit your comments to specific pictures in the thread instead of your own pro/anti Miranda Kerr agendas which seem to take over each and every JJ thread. Try harder.

    Carry on darlings.

  • @31

    Wow, you seem to think that people care about what you have to say.
    Talk about boring!
    And I love how you slide in the statements that not all haters can be from delphi, but her shippers are most likely someone in Miranda’s camp. Double standard, no? The four remaining delphi posters are famous for their multiple posts as sockpuppets. They deny it, but their language and syntax problems give them away.
    And Sympathy for Delicious is supposed to be premiering its trailer, or some clips at Cannes, and Main Street may go to try to drum up an early buyer, so there ARE legitimate reasons for Orlando to attend. We won’t know for sure that he is, or is not going, but if he does, it wil be for work, and not publicity for himself.
    Oh, and please, get over yourself. This is a gossip site. If you don’t find this interesting, why are you here?

  • no name

    @ 28

    I’m not wishing anything bad or saying anything bad about Miranda or anyone else.

    I do wish everyone on this board a long and happy life.

    But those who claim to be shippers seem to think that as long as they wish painful feelings on others, whether they know them or not, just because they don’t believe that the relationship is real, those shippers seem to think, “it’s okay to be nasty to them.”

    It’s Not.

    Reminds me of the stupid look on the one character’s face in Kingdom of Heaven. The guy standing by the roadside, saying, “To Kill An Infidel, The Pope Has Said Is Not Murder. Tis The Path To Heaven.”

    A part of me always wants to say to him, “oh goodie, that means I can kill you too.” But that would be wrong. I never said I was perfect, and that I would never have nasty feelings towards others.

    It is a constant struggle between the two feelings on a daily basis.
    There are all types of people in this world. Some are easier to get along with than others.

    I attempt very much to be able to say at the end of the day.

    “My conscious is clear.”

  • @30

    Oh right.
    The fact that one girl is a model, and the other a young actress in weight conscious Hollywood has absolutely NOTHING to do with their weight. IT’S ALL ORLANDO’S FAULT!!!!!
    And their ‘thin-ness’ is different.
    Kate looked anorexic. Very frail and palid. But Miranda looks very healthy and fit. You can be thin and not have an eating disorder. Miranda is a perfect example. She looks beautiful. Kate always looked like she was going to fall over any minute. Kate looks much better now, though. Good for her.

  • Nutters

    You people are bonafide lunatics. Seriously. Good thing Orlando and Miranda are unlikely to ever meet any of you.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty cute, not loving the outfit but whatever
    love her body as well and great face =]
    just cute overall =D

  • toni

    The hit is a crime i feel guilty… better stop bringin em

    Damn those models at the latest issue of V magazine by Testino is what… freaks of nature

    the body the face the sensuality and of course the elegance


  • french girl


    Actually there’s a chance that miranda will be on Cannes Festival since she’s a VS angel.

    I’ve read in a french article saying that a classic beauty top model who is also a semi VS angel wil be attending the said event and for some promotions. Her name hasn’t been mentioned though. Maybe we’re up for a surprise since miranda is also one of the angels.

    The only confusing thing is the word ‘semi’. What does that mean? An ex, not official, or not so attached… Let’s see.

  • tours37

    The VS angel who will be in Cannes isn’t Miranda but Doutzen!!!! Because every year she’s in Cannes as l’Oréal ambassadress!

  • @39

    What makes you so sure sweety?

    Her name wasn’t even mentioned in the article. I think we’ll be up for a surprise. Go Miranda!

  • tours37

    I’m sure Doutzen’ll be in Cannes but maybe there’ll be another VS Angel.

  • no

    Doutzen will be at Cannes. But I don’t know who is going to dress her. How many designers make plus size couture????

  • lydia

    Miranda will be attending the Met Ball for the first time!
    I can’t wait to see what she wears!

  • gremlin

    I’m also excited about miranda attending the Gala… I bet she’ll be with orlando.

    Any idea who will dress her? Every other model even the not so known ones who will attend that paricular event are already listed with what designer’s clothes they’re going to wear.

    As for the Cannes, here’s hoping that she’ll attend. And as for the other angel’s dress who will attend, it was mentioned that Valentino and CK for the two events.

  • tours37

    I hope Miranda won’t be in Cannes. This girl is useless!!! She has no class!!!(élégance)And in Cannes, elegance is very very important!!! If, they begin to inviting people like her, le Festival de Cannes will become ringard!!!!!

  • gremlin@45

    Please stop the harsh words. Even if you dislike her, you don’t know her at all.

    People of all kinds can go to Cannes so long they’re invited or have reason for doing so.

  • tours37

    I don”t see why she’d go in Cannes! If she goes it’s just because she is Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend!!! She and Bar Refaeli would do good friends….

  • gremlin@tours37

    The only fact that’s common about the two of them is both of them are dating actors. They have different personalities for sure. Leo took Gisele to the Oscars, so what’s the problem if Orlando takes also Miranda to Cannes.

    Look if you’re a fan of a particular model, there’s no need for hating or critizing other models just to prove she’s more successful or prettier.

    Or better yet hun, to stop all your whining, better tell your fave model to start looking for a famous bf. From the looks of it lately, your idol seems to be fond of doing charities instead of attending events. Or better yet hun, tell your idol to go back to Africa to be a charity worker with the chipanzees LOL The chipanzees seem to adore her and vise versa.

    No offense ok.

  • http://justjared For god sakes

    I never said that Orlando with go for sure to Cannes and IF he goes he would go to promote his movies not just to show up he is never been the type .
    Lol and if seeing pictures of Orlando and Miranda together brings anyone SUFFERANCE I would pity them it means they have mental problems

  • @47

    Isn’t Orlando allowed to take a date to Cannes?
    What would be the problem, there?
    Are wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. supposed to stay home? Is this a new rule? Or does it only apply to gorgeous models like Bar and Miranda? Are ugly significant others allowed to attend?