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Rachel Bilson is Whole Foods Fierce

Rachel Bilson is Whole Foods Fierce

Rachel Bilson keeps the doctor away, munching on an apple slice after a trip to Whole Foods supermarket in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 30).

The 27-year-old actress kept warm in a Chanel scarf but hid underneath a hat and behind a pair of sunglasses. Rachel can be seen wearing her engagement ring!

Have you submitted your questions to Rachel yet? She’s InStyle‘s latest fashion columnist!

15+ pictures inside of Whole Foods fierce Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson whole foods 01
rachel bilson whole foods 02
rachel bilson whole foods 03
rachel bilson whole foods 04
rachel bilson whole foods 05
rachel bilson whole foods 06
rachel bilson whole foods 07
rachel bilson whole foods 08
rachel bilson whole foods 09
rachel bilson whole foods 10
rachel bilson whole foods 11
rachel bilson whole foods 12
rachel bilson whole foods 13
rachel bilson whole foods 14
rachel bilson whole foods 15

Credit: Vila/Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Bostongirl

    first! she’s so cool.

  • linda

    she’s so cute :)

  • Nptune

    She’s so short!

  • ano

    How is this girl cool? She doesnt do anything but shop and pretend she has fashion!

    Why is her left hand always in front of her face, attention whore wants us to see her ring.

    I’m not a celeb hater going to bash people, but this is one girl I can’t stand.

  • mag

    love her chanel scarf! i want it so badly!
    and i’m thinking some Q’s here.

  • lili

    love her

  • food for thought

    Coycat POS bittch

  • food for thought

    its fair to say hayden is working in nyc while she spends his money.

    both are pathetic, dumb

  • voice of reason

    Love the scarf, Rachel will be seen more she’s going to the Met’s Costume Gala.

  • melissa

    love her style

  • food for thought

    what style? copy real celebs?

  • Not at all

    Does this dumb bimbo actually DO anything? RB is totally useless and doesn’t work. She shops. Constantly. Endlessly. She eats lunch. She calls the papparazzi to take pictures of her shopping and eating and showing off her engagement ring. She goes to parties. She has a column in a style supermarket rag that someone ghost-writes because she’s too busy shopping and spending her fiancee’s money.



    She looks really cute here. I dont have a problem with her lifestyle. Makes an occasional movie here and there, shops and eats out all the time and goes home to one fo the hottest men in hollywood. It sucks to be you guys maybe but not her.

  • funkey

    She has to make sure we know she is writing for INSTYLE has to get JJ to promote that out. Plus she is ALWAYS now pressing out the finger funny I don’t see many newly engaged celebs doing what she is doing it’s as if she has to make a point with all of this. Gee she is as popular as Spencer and Heidi they all get the same amount of hits on JJ funny neither couple is as popular on other boards just this one.

  • sotrue

    Which whole foods?

  • voice of reason

    @funkey nice to see you are back have you found the links yet for the comment you made about me? You like to make many comments without any substance.

    @8 Hayden is not working in NYC, has nothing listed tsk tsk he may be in town guess we will know in a few days.

  • lakers fan in boston

    whoa love her
    she looks totally cute
    cute outfit as always, and the chanel scarf looks really well on her
    love u rachel!

  • Lacey


    He’s supposed to be working on Casino Jack, which started principal photography this month. Maybe if you spent more time worrying about his career than having your head up his fiancee’s ass and torturing people around here you’d know that. And hopefully he’ll be rehearsing/shooting for his movie role rather than being dragged down a red carpet looking uncomfortable with his “loving” fiancee…..again. I wonder how many times you’ll be posting in this thread? Seeing as how you practically live here.

    @ Jared

    Wow she’s wearing her engagement ring, exclamation point? Stop the presses, she’s been wearing it since it happened!

  • Jane

    Jared- any idea where that hat is from? It’s fabulous. I need one.

  • Paula

    Wow, her skin looks really bad. I’ve never seen her appeal, she’s not even cute. Her scarf and boots are killer though.

  • Kimmy


    She’s on here because you guys keep her on here. I noticed that posts by herself don’t get much hits and can sit under 3-4 pages for days. But as soon as people start insulting each other, and VOR spouting off stuff like she has Hayden and Rachel’s phone number and talks to them about their life together, the pages go up in numbers. And Jared gets money off of that. So when she tips, he buys because it brings mucho dinero to his site. And it’s publicity for her. So if I were Jared, I’d go for the cash. Hey, he might have student loans to pay off. Can’t hate on him for that. He also gets you guys by saying things he knows you’ll respond to. Which is even more money. And it makes me laugh because people fall for it everytime.

  • funkey

    Nice to see you too VOR you have always made statements against Natalie Portman, WHY DO I have to post shit to back up what you have put out in the past, that list would be incredibly long on NP. Check IMDb you act as the police patrol and also I find you answer a question with a question, how original and also I was not directing anything towards you. So if I don’t answer you I stand on what Riley has said for everyone here you don’t own the board and to answer you is a waste of time. But, you always seem to have to answer everyone’s question don’t you.

    @ Lacy
    BRAVO for the post…the only thing here as “IF” he is actually working there is always something that goes wrong when he is set to start filming movies most seems to get bumped I’ll believe he is actually doing this movie when he is there filming it. Until then I say it’s all speculation if he is actually working on this. If he shows to this good for him more stage show press attention to the g/f.

  • jose

    Elizebetta and Araba and the Bondi Beach woman were all prettier. LOL

  • juniper


  • reedley

    @ She’s InStyle’s latest fashion columnist!

    Oh it is ALL PR bullsh*t concocted by her agent, publicist & editor behind closed door negotiations. It’s never even relevant to begin w/ just like what she do on her reality-TV life.

  • Stacy

    I for one prefer the Rachel in the previous post. Rachel McAdams – lovely, talented, great style, low profile, and in NO WAY annoying….McAdams > Bilson.

  • voice of reason

    @18 Lacey the casino movie starts later this month and is being shot in Toronto, guess you should learn research.

    Funky if you accuse you should be able to post one little link. Prove it or shut up, don’t try to hide behind nothing but talk. And don’t make the same comments someplace else”if he actually is filming it”–you give yourself away.

  • sterling

    @#20 – Wow, her skin looks really bad. I’ve never seen her appeal, she’s not even cute…

    TRY THIS ONE… a genuinely beautiful, classy, grounded, NO media/paparazzi-ho celeb & with majority full of positive post/comments.

  • Saudia

    ooh I’ve missed her .. she looks so fabulous .. love the outfit!

  • FrankJames

    Damn, she’s a knockout!

  • click


    they why do you even bother commenting you can always look away.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Sigh….VOR!! No! Would you just shut up then?!! No one want’s to hear your stupid nonsense anymore. Your a total head case and love to cyber bully. Gee. Someone has no life at all. Your only on Hayden and Rachel threads 24/7 and have been at it for a while now. People are now sick of your cyber bullying. It is riduclous. What are you planning to acomplish then? World peace? LOL! Your only causing battles on the board. People are not putting up with your cr*p anymore and the truth must really hurt!

    To answer your silly question: Not that you deserve an intelligent reply. No! I was not Jen’s troll. More like you are. Your the one the got banned off Jen’s board for bashing Sienna and Lola Skye right? Bad move. Jen also is found of Sienna Miller. She likes her too. How many years has this been you have been on Hayden’s a$$ and watching his every move?? MY God! You are sounding like a creapy stalker that has no life. I did not mind Hayden with Sienna at first but, I had the feeling Hayden was only going to be a rebound relationship after Jude Law. I was hoping it would work out between Hayden and Sienna but, it turned out Hayden was a rebound b/f. Lola I did not really care for but, we cannont chose whom Hayden want’s. That is on him. Lola may have had a foul mouth and have been wanting attention but, she is smart. She did study quantum Physic’s like, Hayden has. Reason.. He may has been interested in Lola. Words for thought. ;)

    Oh please. Rachel cannot even comprehend 4th grade math I’m sure or read past the 5th grade level. All she knows how to do is media wh*re and gloat. She is clearly gloating on these pictures and showing off the bling bling every chance she get’s now. How pathetic is that? If, this is your drama queen. Then worship your precious darling then. It is uncool to bash or attack other’s that don’t care for Rachel. Everyone has a right to speak there mind. You have no right board policing and telling others what to do. You don’t own the boards! Give it up and get a life. It sounds like you actually need some. If you catch my drift? With your lifeless sense of humor I bet so!

    As far as me mentioning Natalie Portman. I do post on her boards too. She is not my precious Natalie. God! Your sick! I’m not in love with the woman. I happen to be very strait. I admire Natalie that she can act and has made something for herself on her own without other’s help. ;) Thank you very much.

    You know I did not care much for Rachel McAdam’s all that much but, I rather see post’s on her then RB. And. Rachel McAdam’s did do a fantastic job in “The Notebook”. The love scene between Rachel and Ryan was the best love scene I have seen in quite some time. Hayden and Rachel Bilson’s love scene was silly and stupid. Oh hell. I will send you guy’s a link. Not like some deserve it here!

  • Gasol_fan16

    NOW!! This is a true sex scene! Enjoy!!

  • heart


  • gerard Vandenberg

    ordinary americans look pretty weird these days, folks.
    …………..IS IT THE WETTER?

  • @20

    “Wow, her skin looks really bad.”

    I’m just sayin…..

  • unreechy

    Whoa after the talented & working (employed) actress named Rachel McAdams… here comes the talentless & non-working so-called actress called Rachel BilHO.
    Nice working Jared!

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol are you ranting again? you keep saying the same things over and over it’s like having to read a broken record. You accuse me but offer no back-up:
    You say I hate Natalie–show me where I have said anything like it, if you can post yet another one of your links you should be able to copy and paste something that simple.
    You Gasol show up on every thread here that mentions RB and or HC although by your own words you don’t like them, you must be one jealous person, sometimes it’s like you are a kid in a sandbox you keep on going about things, maybe it’s time for you to pack up your toys and go home. How many times have you posted that you are leaving and not coming back when someone calls you out. But with no surprise at all you can’t help but post ,because to not have a go at someone or something is an ability you do not have.

    You don’t like RB those that disagree with your opinion have as much right to post here as you—- after you posting about her being batcrap and all the other names, after you bad-mouthed Jen from DH and people contacted me about you, not to mention the words you used on an open board after I went out of my way defend you and you have the nerve to question me? I think you need to take a chill pill stop posting about a person YOU hate, stop telling everyone else here that show support that we don’t have the right to reply.

    If someone makes a comment that they think Rachel’s scarf looks OK is that going to change your life forever?

    You do post on Natalie’s boards but nowhere near as much as you post on RB’s I find that a bit strange, you support Natalie but spend most off your time here on a RB thread.

    As for being around 24/7 that is funny coming from someone like you–if you think I’m here 24/7 what does that make you? Checking on me 24/7 .

  • me

    how can you say that she’s engage when she has been seem with other guys?Even when she came home the last time we saw her.What is with her hanging with then guys then. You all not looking at the big picture.Some of you think its ok what’s she doing getting a job in a magazine when you know it was given to her.Also noone said anything about when Hayden didn’t take her to his house to open those gifts,Also she didn’t go visit him on his birthday she was hanging with some guy on the beach.So why didn’t we seethe picture of that.You all know and jared too that rachel is not really engage to hayden.So why they haven’t said anything yet about it.There is no such a hush hush engagement. She should stand up and be a real woman about and tell people the truth about this.What is she going to when people she was lying about this time and the media like this site help her cover it up. You all know that if hayden was engage to her he would like people know and he would spend more time with her.She went and got her a ring herself so people wouldn’t think she went up there to get a part in a movie.Rachel need to take off that ring and let everyone know that she still single and dating other behind hayden”s back. I don’t really not coming back to see her again.Since that seen that noone talking no wedding date or anything else for that matter the same on thing about what she’s wearing and shopping and what she doing ny so early. And why she go to the premirere of her movie Ghosts of girlfriend past? Afraid of people asking about the so- called engagement jared keep hyping up.I read in a book that she has to keep up appear are people would lose interest in her.So this attempt to keep her in the limelght. Need to stop chasing hayden like she do cause He’s noy buying what she’s doing are he would be with her.She need to take that ring off if she isn’t going tell nobody she engage.That would be the right thing to do and just say things didn’t work out between them. You all know hayden is no show this time.What you all called it solo.And don’t say its ok for her to be up there by herself.She’snot engage and she is still on the let’s be honest here. If she don’t say anything about it at the gala she need to take off the ring.

  • Hmm…What!?!

    I really dont understand how she got a job giving advice on fashion.

  • brrk

    I think she might be pregnant,it seemed to me like that…

  • voice of reason

    @39 me–when you actually make some sense perhaps someone other than me will reply to you. fact checking is your friend, can you provide the link to the photo on the beach I’d like to see it. I’m sure others here would as well.

    I am assuming you know Rachel was not in the movie you mentioned.

  • prepster

    She looks like a “Penguin Walking In NY!
    And that face skintone… eeewww!
    Someone should throw her a loofah to scrub that oily blemish & homely face of her!

  • David

    @#36 and #41
    I agree, Rachel may be pregnant. She looks to have gained weight on her hips and buttocks. I can’t see her breasts with these clothes. Maybe a good time for her to get pregnant coz she doesn’t have work.

  • toni

    Is she promoting Whole Foods now? This set of pics looks so staged I couldn’t help but laugh. Hats off to her publicist. It must be hard to convince photographers to take her pic doing nothing.

    She looks like she is copying Jessica Alba’s style but forgot that it doesn’t work without the annoyed expression or the baby accessory.

    I guess JJ forgot to add OC in front of actress this time. Maybe because most of the cast is working(still acting) but not Rachel. Let’s hope she doesn’t ruin Hayden’s next movie with her OC girl impression again. The story looks interesting and he will have his hands full trying to be believable next to Kevin Spacey.

  • stacy

    Hasn’t she supposedly been pregnant for about a year now?

  • are you kidding?

    @39 me You are really not making any sense, you post on several sites, and have been saying they “are done” for the last 6 months since Hayden & Rachel were seen in the Lacoste commercial in October. Every time you have said she is not wearing “the ring”, it was very obviously on her finger in all the photos taken of her since she put it on in February, you just have to look through them to see the ring when her left hand is visible. It was never around her neck, it was on her left hand! If you don’t see the ring in these pictures, it is because you don’t want to see it, not because it isn’t there!

    Hayden and Rachel disappear at the same time, all the time now, why do you think that just because you don’t see a picture of him with her, that they are not engaged? That’s crazy! And just because you see her picture taken with other men does not mean she is dating them, how weird! Do you date every man you are ever seen with? The last one you said was a man, is a woman helping her cross the street in another thread. You should stop making up lies about them, you have no idea what they are doing, you act like they tell you about themselves personally. People do not need to go around telling people they ” are engaged”, that is ridiculous, when they are wearing an engagement ring! She has worn the ring with Hayden a few times, the last time with she was with Hayden & his mom a couple weeks ago. Why would they do that if they were not engaged?

    You are entertaining, someone in severe denial, why do you care if they are engaged? It’s their life, let them live it!

  • aberfitch

    Poor RaTchel, she is not aging well at all & now getting more ugly (as she was never been a beauty in the 1st place). She (probably) needs to toned down or more like bring to a halt her shopping mania & mediawhoring.
    @28 – Agree Much. RaTchel would badly needs a sympathetic fairy godmother just to “transform” her to look like Alexis Bledel even for a bit LOL

  • pepto

    @#46, make that two years. Must be going for some kind of record. It’s been all over several sites this week posted as a blind item that this “engagement” is nothing more than a contract put in place by the studio, probably to promote interest not only in Jumper, the possibility of Jumper 2 and NYILY. Sounds more plausible to me than Hayden actually being interested in this little troll.

  • whodie

    I thought it/she was “Kourtney Kardassskank”… damn that was much too close!