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Rachel Bilson is Whole Foods Fierce

Rachel Bilson is Whole Foods Fierce

Rachel Bilson keeps the doctor away, munching on an apple slice after a trip to Whole Foods supermarket in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 30).

The 27-year-old actress kept warm in a Chanel scarf but hid underneath a hat and behind a pair of sunglasses. Rachel can be seen wearing her engagement ring!

Have you submitted your questions to Rachel yet? She’s InStyle‘s latest fashion columnist!

15+ pictures inside of Whole Foods fierce Rachel Bilson

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65 Responses to “Rachel Bilson is Whole Foods Fierce”

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  1. 1
    Bostongirl Says:

    first! she’s so cool.

  2. 2
    linda Says:

    she’s so cute :)

  3. 3
    Nptune Says:

    She’s so short!

  4. 4
    ano Says:

    How is this girl cool? She doesnt do anything but shop and pretend she has fashion!

    Why is her left hand always in front of her face, attention ***** wants us to see her ring.

    I’m not a celeb hater going to bash people, but this is one girl I can’t stand.

  5. 5
    mag Says:

    love her chanel scarf! i want it so badly!
    and i’m thinking some Q’s here.

  6. 6
    lili Says:

    love her

  7. 7
    food for thought Says:

    Coycat POS bittch

  8. 8
    food for thought Says:

    its fair to say hayden is working in nyc while she spends his money.

    both are pathetic, dumb

  9. 9
    voice of reason Says:

    Love the scarf, Rachel will be seen more she’s going to the Met’s Costume Gala.

  10. 10
    melissa Says:

    love her style

  11. 11
    food for thought Says:

    what style? copy real celebs?

  12. 12
    Not at all Says:

    Does this dumb bimbo actually DO anything? RB is totally useless and doesn’t work. She shops. Constantly. Endlessly. She eats lunch. She calls the papparazzi to take pictures of her shopping and eating and showing off her engagement ring. She goes to parties. She has a column in a style supermarket rag that someone ghost-writes because she’s too busy shopping and spending her fiancee’s money.


  13. 13 Says:

    She looks really cute here. I dont have a problem with her lifestyle. Makes an occasional movie here and there, shops and eats out all the time and goes home to one fo the hottest men in hollywood. It sucks to be you guys maybe but not her.

  14. 14
    funkey Says:

    She has to make sure we know she is writing for INSTYLE has to get JJ to promote that out. Plus she is ALWAYS now pressing out the finger funny I don’t see many newly engaged celebs doing what she is doing it’s as if she has to make a point with all of this. Gee she is as popular as Spencer and Heidi they all get the same amount of hits on JJ funny neither couple is as popular on other boards just this one.

  15. 15
    sotrue Says:

    Which whole foods?

  16. 16
    voice of reason Says:

    @funkey nice to see you are back have you found the links yet for the comment you made about me? You like to make many comments without any substance.

    @8 Hayden is not working in NYC, has nothing listed tsk tsk he may be in town guess we will know in a few days.

  17. 17
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    whoa love her
    she looks totally cute
    cute outfit as always, and the chanel scarf looks really well on her
    love u rachel!

  18. 18
    Lacey Says:


    He’s supposed to be working on Casino Jack, which started principal photography this month. Maybe if you spent more time worrying about his career than having your head up his fiancee’s ass and torturing people around here you’d know that. And hopefully he’ll be rehearsing/shooting for his movie role rather than being dragged down a red carpet looking uncomfortable with his “loving” fiancee…..again. I wonder how many times you’ll be posting in this thread? Seeing as how you practically live here.

    @ Jared

    Wow she’s wearing her engagement ring, exclamation point? Stop the presses, she’s been wearing it since it happened!

  19. 19
    Jane Says:

    Jared- any idea where that hat is from? It’s fabulous. I need one.

  20. 20
    Paula Says:

    Wow, her skin looks really bad. I’ve never seen her appeal, she’s not even cute. Her scarf and boots are killer though.

  21. 21
    Kimmy Says:


    She’s on here because you guys keep her on here. I noticed that posts by herself don’t get much hits and can sit under 3-4 pages for days. But as soon as people start insulting each other, and VOR spouting off stuff like she has Hayden and Rachel’s phone number and talks to them about their life together, the pages go up in numbers. And Jared gets money off of that. So when she tips, he buys because it brings mucho dinero to his site. And it’s publicity for her. So if I were Jared, I’d go for the cash. Hey, he might have student loans to pay off. Can’t hate on him for that. He also gets you guys by saying things he knows you’ll respond to. Which is even more money. And it makes me laugh because people fall for it everytime.

  22. 22
    funkey Says:

    Nice to see you too VOR you have always made statements against Natalie Portman, WHY DO I have to post **** to back up what you have put out in the past, that list would be incredibly long on NP. Check IMDb you act as the police patrol and also I find you answer a question with a question, how original and also I was not directing anything towards you. So if I don’t answer you I stand on what Riley has said for everyone here you don’t own the board and to answer you is a waste of time. But, you always seem to have to answer everyone’s question don’t you.

    @ Lacy
    BRAVO for the post…the only thing here as “IF” he is actually working there is always something that goes wrong when he is set to start filming movies most seems to get bumped I’ll believe he is actually doing this movie when he is there filming it. Until then I say it’s all speculation if he is actually working on this. If he shows to this good for him more stage show press attention to the g/f.

  23. 23
    jose Says:

    Elizebetta and Araba and the Bondi Beach woman were all prettier. LOL

  24. 24
    juniper Says:


  25. 25
    reedley Says:

    @ She’s InStyle’s latest fashion columnist!

    Oh it is ALL PR bullsh*t concocted by her agent, publicist & editor behind closed door negotiations. It’s never even relevant to begin w/ just like what she do on her reality-TV life.

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