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Scheana Marie Talks John Mayer

Scheana Marie Talks John Mayer

John Mayer has denied having a girlfriend but that hasn’t stopped JONAS star Scheana Marie from speaking to the press about how the two met and what their current relationship status is.

Watch the must-see clip below of Scheana talking about Mayer!!!!! Must must must!!!!! If you’re too lazy, Scheana is asked if John is a good kisser. She answers, “John Mayer has. F—. (laughs) He has really nice lips.”

She also talked about how sweet John can be: “[I get] little messages saying like, ‘Hi, how you doing? How’s your day going?’ It’s like ‘Oooh!’ It’s the little things that makes a big difference.”

When asked what kind of cute messages or sayings John uses in his text messages, Scheana shares, “Smiley faces. Good ol’ dot dot parenthesis.”

Colon, anyone?

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# 1

Ever since Mayer admitted to making out with Perez Hilton, I’ve never looked at him the same. It’s not so much the gay thing. But, Perez Hilton? Yuck. I don’t know how Jennifer Aniston could have touched Mayer after that.

# 2

she’s pretty… her eyes are kinda like britney spears’ eyes very pretty eyes

# 3

yeah she is a lil.. “britney spearsish”….. she sort of looks like her. Its just retarded that she would just openly talk to the media about john and jennifer….John should tell her to keep her mouth shut!!!!.. but hey mayer is a dush bag too!!

# 4

Jeeze, big mouth much??? She should work on the sound of her voice, it’s annoying. They seem to have a lot in common…media whorishness.

# 5
mayday parade @ 04/30/2009 at 6:28 pm

sorry but she claims by doing this she wont get called a media *****? right… she made it ten times worse. good thing she is barely on the jonas show cause disney would honestly kick her ass.

# 6
a realist @ 04/30/2009 at 6:29 pm

What at great upgrade from Aniston.

# 7

Whatever. Irrelevant is the only other word that comes to mind.

# 8

So basically, he used Jennifer Aniston just so he could have a seat at the Oscars eh?

John is horribe. He used Jennifer then dumped her like yesterday’s news.

# 9
a realist @ 04/30/2009 at 6:31 pm

You people are silly,. ALL celebrities are media whores. It is part of the profession. If they were not media whores they would have become doctors or accountants.

John GO AWAY @ 04/30/2009 at 6:31 pm

She sounds retarded !!!

A new show with the Jonas Brothers on Disney Channel? Really? I hardly call a five second cameo in one episode “a show with the Jonas Brothers.” Perez Hilton had it right…

GO SNORT SOME MORE LINES JOHN @ 04/30/2009 at 6:39 pm

What a *****!!!

media *****….

Better looking than Jen, young and fresh…great skin to look at and perhaps touch etc. However, she seems as dumb as Jen (and Jessica). does John klike them especially dumb. They both speak las if they are “special” or uneducated. Jen, comes off as really doltish because as a 40-year old, she cannot construct a proper sentence.

Wow….good choice Mayer….good choice. Everything this girl is saying sounds like a bunch of BS. Seems like Mayer downgraded.

John GO AWAY @ 04/30/2009 at 6:31 pm

She sounds retarded !!!
Why should he go away, he is a celebrity! Are mad that Jen lost again?. bwahahahhahahaha

John upgraded from Aniston.

WHAT A SKANK @ 04/30/2009 at 6:52 pm

She sounds really Stupid….Her and John are really good for each other……….:)

I like this girl. She is pretty and seems like a lot of fun.

Jennifer was telling her how pretty she is, so I guess John went back to get to know her better for himself.

I like her.

OMG is this for real? She really does sound retarded here……

Lol, and how old is this girl? God, Jen’s always losing to her natural hair color!

She is full of the juices of youth. Am sure she is a nice change after his last girlfriend. But I think she is a bit immature for John. John, really, a girl in her late 20s would be perfect for you!

To Jenhags: Scheana is so pretty, and bubbly.

John couldn’t wait to dumb Jennifer’s snobby, conceited ass.

LOL. . . they sound perfect for eachother . . . media whores

And Shut Up!!! @ 04/30/2009 at 7:03 pm

She needs to put on her helmet, board her little yellow bus, buckle up!!!

Anonymous @ 04/30/2009 at 7:05 pm

She shoulfdbe on a trashy reality show she seems like the type.

He dumped Jen for this? Wow MAJOR downgrade

LOL… she sounds like “Corky” from life goes on!!!

So… she telling everyone that John is using her for some @ss?

this girl sounds dumb, good to look @ like britney put should really not speak… ever. perez is freakin’ retarded! i simply don’t understand his obsession w/lady gaga… i feel like a retarded baby when i say her name. ugh. i sidetracked. this girl is sounds as dumb as britney.

Can you say bootycall? He is just bumping with her….DUH

I like her. She’s pretty and I love her expressive eyes and body language. She listens and pays attention to the reporter and achieves a good rapport, which shows a high level of intelligence. If she seems a little dumb, it’s just an affectation. For her own good, she needs to stop “hanging out” with that loser of a guy pronto.

me and your mom @ 04/30/2009 at 7:36 pm

if britney spears and miley cyrus had a baby, that’s what she’d look like.

This girl sounds like someone who has NO relationship with John Mayer, but is using the 2 – 3 chance encounters with her to milk her 15 minutes…

wow, he sure knows how to pick them! she just got instantly DUMPED after this…never heard of this chick, dont care and certainly won’t be watching some lame disney show she is so shamelessly promoting in this clip. hahaha, good luck lady. you’ll need more than banging some c-list celebrity like john mayer to get your career started!!

lol she looks like she loves the attention
explaining every single lil detail
she’s alright in my book, the only reason she’s better than aniston was because she’s near his age(i assume)

he dumped jen for this? wow downgrade much

Sorry but I don’t care if she is younger, she is a downgrade

marmalade @ 04/30/2009 at 8:08 pm

That ‘BOY’ always looks like he could use a good old shot of
penicillin.. Ugh

You have got to be kidding me with this one. I generally only think thing like this in my head, but I felt this had to be verbalized: she sounds like a serious fame-grabbing *****. The whole way through that video all i was thinking was, if he is actually dating this girl (sounds like they are just banging to me, but whatever) then he is gonna have to re-evaluate the direction he is going in, because I am no particular fan of Jen, but her…


how do people get this stupid? i mean, seriously. i do girls get that dumb?? we “hang out”. translation: “he uses me for sex and when he stops talking to me i won’t even get upset cause i don’t have one ounce of self-esteem”. pathetic.

i meant “how do”, not “i do”. obviously.

Okay, JJ, I watched this just because you stressed that your readers should and I want you to know that I got a big huge belly laugh over it, lmao. :-) That was the best interview EVER! Ahhh, this girl is likeable but she is wayyyyy to chatty for her own good. I’m wondering if John will want to have anything to do with her now, especially after telling her the best thing is “no comment”! But then again John himself is very chatty with the paps. She really should not have said anything about Jen, even if what she said was nice and flattering to Jen the fact is everyone knows Jennifer likes her private life private. This chick will learn to value her privacy after a while. I think she has star potential.

jen chinchin the new porn star @ 04/30/2009 at 8:42 pm

You/Me @ 04/30/2009 at 8:31 pm
everyone knows Jennifer likes her private life private ??????????????@*!
Giime a break !!! A private person does not parade her every newly bought boytoy or bed partner for the a razzi photo op.
A private person don’t fake a relation just to get the attention from Oscar.
A private person does not parade in that too small bikini exposing those newly wax cooch,butt and *** , espxoing those almost bare vag.ina and pub.ic to the razzie and does not inform the paps on her every exotic vacation, date night wtih her new bed partner
A private person does not go to the razzie infested restuarant for a photo-op.
If a person want privacy they don’t go to the acting business !

MAYER!! WHAT THE F%$^??? Leaving Jessica or Jen aside this woman is just an oops here it comes a -media *****!!! but it is true Meyer is sort of a publicity stunt!! that is kind of what it seemed like with jennifer. She is a super a lister and it sort of seems like she was used just to go to the oscars!!! what an ass!!!!! the same with jessica! its all just pure publicity!!!!
I just cannot believe that this girl thinks that by doing this she is clearing up rumors and cleaning her image… because actually…it went totally the other way around!! not a smart move girl!!!!

wow. she’s just used up her 15 minutes

15 minutes/seconds of her fame came and went. agree w/who ever typed that she sounds like a reality tv star.

aniston certainly picked a winner w/mayer, lord that guy is trash so is this one

She look like Britney Spear with a darker hair, She’s pretty and cute !!!! John Mayer sure had an upgrade, Mayer’s X ,the 40 y.o. plastic surgery addicted old hag can’t compete with this younger babe , even with a complete reconstruction of her face, repeatedly botox, plumbing her lips, cheek, even how her fans think she was “beautiful” she still look her age, a typical middle age woman,just like some one mom or Uncle’s wife, Mayer sure knew the the difference ,that’s why he’s back dating woman younger than him.

Who really cares if she’s younger? I don’t hear Kurt Russell complaining about Goldie.

The thing with John is that he’s an abuser. This woman just wants her 15 minutes of fame.

mauhlaslover @ 04/30/2009 at 9:01 pm

OH.. Wow… =/

those women who date the ex of jennifer feel they got some kind of thropy when the date jen exs. that is all i can say.

she sound like look at me i got jennifer ex, i am going to be famous just like Anglina. i am so happy , please lisen to me , i am dateing jennifer Aniston ex. i am sure john go around date women, i used to be jennifer Aniston ex, that is his first line to date women.

Jhon first line. i used to date Jennifer Aniston. Do you want to be Famous in the form of Association with me becuase Aniston?

Pretty but I couldn’t listen to her talk for very long.

I just lost all respect for John Mayer. This girl is a – LIKE – a child!!

I am astonished at how incredibly stupid this ditz is for talking to the press on camera. Does she honestly think he’s going to appreciate this? It’s a total tun-off for some chick to come out and blab and blab about you if you’re famous. Just shut up, you publicity *****.

She complains about being a media *****, yet she is whoring herself out to the media by TALKING ABOUT THIS! Talk about contradictory.

Mayer is gay…so this is what they are using to hide John being gay lol.
Three dumb girls in a row. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and now this dumbass. I really believe Mayer is dumb and afraid to find of smart women.

she’s an effing idiot.

this girl is a media ***** because she set up a interview, and is sharing personal information that if she wanted to be kept secret, she wouldnt be talking about it.

all shes doing is causing more attention. this made me really angry. i hope perez posts more stuff about her.

shes fake, half the stuff sounds like she practiced it, and who looks into the camera while theyre doing a interview.

wow, fame whoreeeeeeee!

John told “Pink the singer he only goes out with stupid girls when he was dating Jen because *Pink commented on it.
Obviously he was telling his truth.

I remember “Pink saying whats up with John and dating Jennifer Aniston when he is saying that shite to me.

Now we know if the douchbag knows you have a brain you don’t get asked out on a date.

There is no hurting for John Mayer. Escorts who sign a legal contract for moolah$ get a few pix taken, do the dinnerdates and hit up the Oscars lastly nab their paychecks not a min too late and its buh byeeeeeeeeJen.

hahaha Thanks for the video Jared. What a hilrious twit!

Mayer only date stupid girls.
That video is gross-she is gross. Mayer is the biggest gross douche bag. This proves Mayer didn’t really want old Aniston.

I have no respect for John Mayer at all. I wonder how much was payed for that.

This will sooo not last. Listening to that stupid, nasally, lazy, Los Angeles, “The Hills,” way of talking, (which seems to be de rigeur for twenty-something girls these days) is migraine inducing. Don’t get me started on her constant reliance of “like-like-like-like” instead of actually using the English language. I cannot stand how dumb most young adults sound today. They cannot even bother to learn how to speak properly, and everyone has to mimic everyone else because this culture is becoming homogenized and unoriginal. Like I said, watch The Hills and notice how all the girls sound alike. Girls think it’s cute, but they’re very wrong.

mayer dumped that 40 yr old ugly cougar for pretty young thang! MAJOR upgrade john!


John Mayer needs to dump this bigmouth idiot immediately. Although he is a bigmouth idiot, too, so maybe they deserve each other.

identified @ 05/01/2009 at 4:44 am

woah ..
she looks SO .. SO .. SO much like britney spears ..
even her expressions and way of talking are like britney’s ..
now that’s weird !!
a/w .. the whole interview was a waste of time ..
she kept repeating the same sentence through the whole interview ..
we get it girl .. no need to repeate it for 8 minutes ..
who cares??

Wow,what an upgrade John,good choice.She’s so pretty.

Marieme, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!
Watching this was really disturbing. Her level of low-intellignence is worrying. I simply cannot figure out why a person who is allegedly intelligent like John Mayer would date this person. It just seems like most of the Americans live in a bubble. Too bad.

Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Scheane Marie, seriously Johnny, you need some classy and BEAUTIFUL woman in your life, only fxcking cheap whxres…

one kiss and tell for a kiss and tell…they deserve each other…

WOW…f.u.c.king AIRHEAD! I could only watch 30 sec. of that trach. So sorry you rmom was a wh ore and your dad never loved you …sk a nk

She’s funny; she thinks she’s famous now. LOL. And the word “UM” is repeated enough times to give anyone a headade. “UM, I sound like I am UM so unintelligent UM”

go what an attention *****

whata loser

Is it just me..I don’t thinks she’s anything special in the looks department… and her valley girl voice is beyond annoying..and why is she doing an interview when he already said he did’nt have a girlfriend?~ she is soooo looking for attention~ she’s way too much of an open book ..and she does’nt seem original or interesting at all…Yawn..Boring!! Next…..

LLLLOOOOLLLL!!! What a ditz! Doesn’t she realize that she just admitted to everyone that she is nothing but a S*L*U*T not worthy of being his girlfriend only worthy of boning? Idiot

he can do SOOOOOOO much better!

francesca @ 05/01/2009 at 3:47 pm

omg she looks and talks like britney spears! but not as pretty as britney at all!
she seems stupid too.
i like john and jen better!

Wow, she’s a really bright bulb huh?

Pleazzzzzze! Poor John, or simple insanity

FAMEWHORE!! ALL THE WAY!! can’t believe her.. she’s so stupid.. and her voice and laugh are SO ANNOYING!

She sound uneducated. Cute? Oh I don’t know, I can’t see past the make-up. She is a media *****. She wants her name out there.

John downgraded.

what happen @ 05/02/2009 at 7:48 pm

John is stupid and ugly – he has talent and money that’s all. You are expecting him to get with ivy league or MBA women or even someone that reads books – try again. This man is stupider than a monkey.
His peen gets hard and he will put it in anything, even this ****** that gets rejected from “The Hills” tryouts.
Scheana is so dumb just like Jessica Simpson. I doubt she is able to read the menu of the restaurant she works in. But for BJs – I bet her skills are top notch. She does this interview – so meaningless and makes her look like a moron – better to say nothing.
I still do not understand why successful Jen Aniston goes with this guy. Jen do not get so desperate – the right guy comes – do not get with monkeys like this! He is very ugly – you don’t want a baby that looks like him with a peanut size brain. He goes with many more ***** like Scheana and his peen gets herpes, warts, fleas, lice, and other STDs -you watch and see! The more he plays his guitar – the more STDs come for him.

hahahaha awesome.
karma john…karma

She totally thinks they’re dating and they definitely aren’t.

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