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Suri Cruise is a Star

Suri Cruise is a Star

Katie Holmes holds hands with daughter Suri, 3, as they leave a dance studio on Thursday (April 30) in Pacific Palisade, Calif.

Katie, 30, was seen clutching onto her Blackberry and cup of coffee from Le Pain Quotidien. Suri must have spent a lot of time coloring in pictures, her hands are all stained with marker ink! Their bodyguard carried out an orange-and-green star colored in by Suri (her name is in the corner of the coloring).

10+ pictures inside of born-a-star Suri Cruise

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suri cruise star 02
suri cruise star 03
suri cruise star 04
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  • Catherine

    finally im first. Suri is an adorable little girl.

  • cherry

    suri is losing her prettyness. she is still cute though.

  • Selene

    cute girl. love her looks – very cool girl. katie and jen g. are bad tv actresses who moved up by marrying a-list. wish they’d work on their careers instead of relying on their husband’s star power.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    awww… adorwable.

  • diVa

    it’s true… suri lost her prettyness but she is still cute..
    jennifer garner and katie are nothing without their husbands..
    (just like jessica biel, but she would WISH she was married with JT)
    anyways… they’re just normal human beings.. why are they following them all over the world and city…

  • JEN



  • laura

    I don’t know how people deny that Tom is the father of Suri. I think she resembles him more than Katie! She’s a cutie.

  • http://surisastar daphne

    aww such a pretty, pretty girl

  • Karena

    Aw, she’s so adorable. :)

  • Ed

    the older she gets, the more she looks like tom cruise.

  • JEN

    Why put on a polyester dress and pink ballet slippers when she has
    23 pairs of shoes already..

  • Annie

    Wow…the only way they stay relevant is because of Suri.

    How sad.

  • liam

    yeah…she does resemble Tom and even his mom!

  • eliza

    Nice to see her smiling and happy for a change. Cute little girl.

  • Susie q

    It just cracks me up that Katie’s hands are too full to carry a picture made by her daughter. Thank God for bodyguards!

  • Sal

    I can’t wait for Michi or Raphie to protect this….And he will say “protect what”?….and I will say, another pimping epsidode.

    Hmm. they havent been seen in weeks,you know why??? She did NOT go to her brother-in laws funeral, thats why. Now the publicity starts again. They are so sick. Nobody cares about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes anymore….big time liability because of Scientology. He may have been popular 15 years ago, but not now. MICHI, Raphi, when is his next move?? Nobody in Hollywood is knocking down his door…When IS his next movie Raphie?????So sad.

  • C

    FO Schwartz? Okay….maybe daddy needed more publicity> It just isnt working.

  • JIOnxx

    Where is my daddy??? He and I had a good photo op. Now mommy is here and he disappeared! Where am I going?? Scientology school? Oh, take me , anybody!!

  • LEE


  • prettyness is not a word

    #5 are you sick? What a stupid , thing to say! Nothing without their husbands! Takes ALL kinds..and you and others can’t even SPELL “Prettyness”.. It’s Prettiness! And if Suri isn’t pretty, don’t DARE tell this board that Zahara is! Give me a break, posting this beautiful little girl, who is on her way to becoming a knockout, is’nt pretty anymore. at 3 years old mind you. Sick posters, and getting sicker..unless it’s Z or Pax, then everyone is ‘perfect”…PUKE.
    Get a SPELL CHECK DIVA and the others who put down a kid,but can’t spell while doing it. How funny is that!

  • Suri is so adorable

    Suri has beautiful coloring, brown chesnut hair and those eyes, what a match. Look for Suri to be a really pretty teenager. She’s Tom and Katie, a Combo. And what a combo! Beautiful, getting big too.

  • prettyness?

    # 2 & 5, Prettyness? What does that mean?
    Suri is losing her “prettyness”. Ummm, first off, maybe u mean Prettiness? No, she’s not losing it – but you both are losing your minds. Agreeing with post # 20 – where in god’s name is this child losing her looks? Must be out of meds at the home, Or, so jealous of this lovely mom and beautiful child – u just cannot take it, huh?
    Unreal folks.

  • who said she isn’t pretty!

    don’t waste your time telling these JP wacko fan club posters anything positive about kate/suri (yep even a little kid!!)/jen/other jen/and whoever else isn’t related somehow to the pitts. agreeing here, these are the same posters who claim Zahara is beautiful, (yep the snarler) and Suri? ugly. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. and Pax and madox are soooo cute! Yep, they said that, But, this Suri? Not pretty anymore, Yep, fact, actually posted on here, look! Not lying! LMAO! JP Wacko’s continue! Suri is more then pretty, Shiloh is adorable and the rest are average kids, and you all should stop saying a little girl is losing her ‘prettiyness” ,whatever that may mean.

  • buckley

    hmm what happened to the cuteness…:((

  • Why So Hateful Fans?

    Whats with the nastiness from #20 & #22. Calling people “stupid” and “sick” for having an opinion different than yours. Giving them a hard time on their spelling (not everyone who posts here is american, darlings), telling them they’re “jealous” or “out of meds”. What a couple of nasty, obnoxious people! Miserable human beings!

    Katie Holmes and/or Tom Cruise fans are a bunch of nasty creeps! Mean, arrogant, offensive and just plain cruel. I see that alot here. Critics are called haters, but the reality is the fans are much more hateful. Sorry guys, but you need to deal with it and stop being so obnoxious. Just post your opinion and move on. No need to attack others for their opinions.

    Suri’s cute. All kids are cute. As for Katie, its just another day of her looking messy, tired, and out of it. Nothing new there.

  • whoa!

    she’s amazingly adorable!
    and she’ll be so beautiful when she grows older.

  • lydia


    Another day of Katie pimping out Suri for publicity. Her and Cruise are the biggest PR wh*ores on the planet. If she wasn’t hanging on to Suri, no one would even pay attention to her. She’s nothing but a D list starlet who married a complete wacko lunatic for money and fame. I feel really sorry for that poor little kid having those two losers for parents.

  • Andrea

    She’s just a kid people. She’s not the second coming. She’s not perfect. She’s not the most gorgeous child on the planet. Suri is just your average run of the mill KID. Cute, but that’s all.

    As for her parents all I have to say is UGH. I wouldnt pay to see either of them in movie. Tom Cruise is a jerk and Katie Holmes is a Stepford Wife.

  • jamie

    This kid is getting uglier by the day! It looks like the milk truck runned over her face.

  • Poor Scientology Baby

    Poor Suri. Her parents are raising her in a cult that ruins lives, kills people, destroys families and drains people of their money. RUN, SURI, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elmer

    This kid is getting uglier by the day! It looks like the milk truck runned over her face.

    That’s just mean #29! There’s nothing wrong with the kid. It’s her parents who are freaks who pimp her out to the press. I can’t stand them, but don’t pick on a little kid for her parents wrongdoing.

  • april

    tom and katie both went to the funeral they have not had suri in public for a while jen has her kid out more than they do you people are the ones sick if you dont like them move on i like this family they actually send time with their kids and have put up with all the hatred

  • ello

    Mamma said if you ain’t got nothun’ nice to say than don’t say nuthin’ at all!

  • april if full of crap

    tom and katie both went to the funeral
    Really now? How do you know? Have you seen pictures? Do you have proof? Were you with them? NO, NO, NO and NO. I love how some of you make crap up to defend those two idiots.

    You have no idea if they went. I don’t think they did or there would have been press reports from Katie’s home town. No pics or press reports, no proof. I can’t believe Katie was hanging out in LA the week before the funeral instead of being with her sister and her kids. After that, as far as I’m concerned Katie is a worthless piece of crap. Who goes to dance classes in LA after her sister lost her husband and her kids are fatherless? Not a good human being as far as I’m concerned.

  • Michaelangelo

    Learn to spell, #2. Also, you shouldn’t be saying that about a little girl.

    Garner was already a mega-successful TV star when she got married to Ben Affleck, #3. Holmes wasn’t but she can’t help who she feel in love with. They’re not relying on anyone.

    You’re an idiot, #5.

    How untrue, #12.

    Cruise is getting offers like crazy, #16.

    He’s still very popular. They DIDN’T go to that funeral so that’s why they HAVEN’T been seen in weeks? That makes no sense.

    Different opinion, #25? Stop trying to hide behind the bill of rights.

    You’re terrible, #29.

    That’s silly, #34. If there are no pics, it didn’t happen? How short sighted is that? And wasn’t there a report a few days prior that Holmes would be attending (which people later accused Holmes of milking this tragedy for publicity)?

    What people do in their private lives is their business and not for you to judge.


    It’s true #25! The hardcore Cruise worshippers get worked up into such a frenzy! They are the CRUISE COMMENT CRUSADERS!!!!!!!


    Well, I almost made it!!!!

  • presh

    I use to think that Tom wasn’t her real father but there is no denying how much she looks like him now.

  • e

    at least they are’nt holding her anymore

  • Z

    Michaelangelo @ 04/30/2009 at 6:54 pm
    Get back to work, asshole.

  • abc

    #35 Michaelangelo said “Learn to spell #2 ” etc.

    Then he turns right around and says
    “But she can’t help who she feel in love with”
    Really Michaelangelo, I didn’t know people feel in love with each other. It’s called spelling. As in, learn how to do it. And your nothing special. Your bullsh*t criticizing is just self masturbation. YOU KNOW NOTHING INSIGHTFUL! YOU KNOW NOTHING MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE WHO POSTS HERE! You are self righteous with no substance! How dare you call anyone an idiot!? How dare you correct anyone!? You sir, are a douche. And when I read your posts, I am doing so just for entertainment purposes only!!

  • Two Suri’s

    I believe there are “two Suri’s”. The real one is the one pictured in this article. She’s the one that appears to be autistic. Then there is the cuter one that seems like a spoiled brat. The spoiled brat Suri was probably adopted because Camp Cruise was ashamed of the autistic Suri???

  • mel

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  • tina

    wow im kind of getting sick of hearing about this kid.ya shes cute, but so are most children i just hope she doesn’t grow up to be a brat.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow i actually like how katie looks like for once
    she looks decent, love the scarf
    and as usual suri is adorable, love the star she drew =]

  • april

    yes they did go tom was on a picture with splash a funeral is private i guess some people had class and didnt print it you people will say anything hateful im glad tom and katie are classy people and like katie said she will just keep living their life and let everybody say what they want i admire them for putting family first like i said they are a class act

  • Michaelangelo

    You’re a hateful moron, #42.

  • ellie’

    Suri is just so adorable a little beauty..


    What are you talking about Number # 42 ? LOL. LOL. LOL. Maybe a little to much science fiction late at night ? Would make a great movie though.
    Suri’s face ” looks like it was run over by a milk truck.”? What does YOUR face look like IT was run over by”? Pretty harsh and mean words for a 3 year old precious child. Or ANY child, for that matter.
    Suri’s bangs are growing out, and her hair looks thick and cute. Alot of small children do not like hair accessories in their hair for very long, and will pull them out in a short amount of time. I cannot figure out why this is so bothersome for so many people, the Cruises do not even know or speak with.

  • slambang

    Odd-looking child.