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90210 Stars... With No Make-Up On!

90210 Stars... With No Make-Up On!

90210 starlets Jessica Stroup, Annalynne McCord, Jessica Lowndes and Shenae Grimes put their freshest faces forward for their People‘s Most Beautiful photo spread.

“My mother taught me less is more,” says Lowndes, 20. “When I discovered bronzer in tenth grade, I kind of went to town – I looked like an Oompa Loompa!”

Added Shenae, 19, “My hair is my security blanket. A good hair day? I’m on top of the world. Otherwise, I feel self-conscious.”

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Photos: Stewart Shining/People
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  • emma

    first! they all look alright, shenae the best.

  • kali

    I’m sorry. They’re just not attractive.
    Aren’t they supposed to be in their early twenties?

  • sarnikki

    Wow, is it just me or does AnnaLynne McCord look really bad and maybe a little old in those pics… maybe it’s the hair… eww

  • a total fan

    nice to see all of them without makeup. However its more than just the way they look that make some of the 100 people beautiful. Its also what they have been through and what they do with their lives.

  • bindy

    Jessica Lowndes looks so beautiful with long hair, i didn’t recognize her!

  • tee

    All girls look fine with no make-up! and Jessica looks the prettiest here

  • kelsie

    i think they all look amazing without makeup!


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    Jessica Stroup – gorgeous.
    Annalynne – holy mother of god she’s fcuking demon fugly!
    Jessica Lowndes – needs to put the makeup back on cause she looks like a completely different person.
    She-nae-nae – makeup, no make, god, or a genie and 3 wishes couldn’t help her face.

  • mju8

    imo Shenae looks no different to her normal self

  • lala

    Annalynne McCord is oldddddddddddd

  • point made

    they all look great without makeup!
    the only reason people think otherwise is because they are always seen with it own.
    so they aren’t used to it.

    if you wear make up everyday and then dont one day people would feel the same about you.
    do u want to be called old or ugly.
    jeeze i guess you are hating on yourselves

  • eunice Sandoval

    I like Jess Stroup ! So natural. Shenae looks okay. ;) Jessica Lowndes has a really pretty face, but I like her with make-up.

  • wowee

    All the ladies have my respect for going without makeup in a national magazine. It takes courage to do that in such a beauty conscious industry and all the women look lovely. In the same vein as the saying ‘clothes do not make the man’, makeup merely enhances the beauty already present in these women’s features. But they obviously don’t have to rely on it, unlike some of us! lol!

  • Kimberly

    Jessica Stroup is so pretty with make-up or without but, Annalynne looks really different without it, she looks really old. But, they are all still pretty.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    The onlyone who looks naturally good is the chick on the very right.

  • Leah

    I’m not buying that Annalynne McCord is only 21, she looks no younger than 28 with or without makeup

    Shanae looks good here but in general she’s not that memorable looking

    the Jessicas are very pretty, but these aren’t great shots of them

  • bec

    Shenae looks the best by far. Annalynn looks rough.

  • nd32

    The two chicks on the right are hot.
    The two chicks on the left are not so much.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Most stupid subject. Yes. They look okay without makeup. Just average. The point is?? STUPID!

  • pop86

    The all look alike. I can’t tell Jessica Stroup from Jessica Lowndes??
    Annalynne McCord is seriously lying about her age. No way that girl is 21. 27 or 28 maybe

  • Saudia

    they look gorgeous without makeup .. unlike myself lol . .but I’m with Shenae on her comment …my hair is my security blanket ..if it’s good then I’m on top of the world

  • gracemarie


    Vanessa Hudgens went without make up for Peoples Most Beautiful 2008 and if remember correctly she was the only one.

  • Matingas

    shenae looks cute

    the rest… don’t

  • jessica

    shanae looks the same. i don’t understand why ppl think annalynne looks so old. i think she is the most gorgeous. maybe thats why she is the only one who gets offered any decent roles and gets the most attention. her and kellan are so hott together!

  • hello

    so this is what they look like when they turn 40

  • rita_mcg

    I find it hilarious that on the show Shenae looks the least attractive but in this picture she looks the best. I guess makeup does wonders for the other chicks. Who would have thought that Shenae is the most “naturally” pretty.

  • m

    ew to annalynne and stroup.. jessica lowndes looks so pretty. but can see a hint of makeup (eyeliner, shadow), albeit natural looking, on them

  • meh

    Shenae is wearing black liner. And Jessica Lowndes is wearing some light shadow/liner.

  • Not ONE zit? hmmm…

    The two girls on the right have eyeliner on, not fair. Plus I find it very suspicious that out of four girls, not one has a zit or a zit in the process of fading. As an esthetician, I can assure you, it’s impossible! Concealer is makeup!

  • Vi

    Silver (The 1st girl.) looks best. She’s so pretty.

  • zzzz

    Annalynne needs to come clean about her age, she is not 21.

  • cecily

    The Canadians look the best.

  • emmaa

    Jessica Lowndes looks the best, not suprisingly. I just think that she is the most beautiful girl on the show, and she has the best character to play…ahh I love her!

  • vanessa

    jessica (silver) has a fatass face for being extremely skinny. really pointy chin. ew. jessica lowndes looks the best then annalynne then shanea who looks about 12

  • scary

    So if Shenae and the girl next to her wore eye makeup for the no makeup shot, they must be really hideous without it. Shenau is even wearing mascara! At least the other two bit the bullet and went bare-faced, that takes balls in H’wood.

  • vannie

    Both Jessicas look GREAT! Also i don’t believe they have No makeup on, i think they do, they just have it natural looking, they def. have cover up on.

  • Rose

    I did a double take with Jessica L. She looks beautiful!

  • Ingrid

    They look great. The people criticising AnnaLynne, what do you look like with no make up on?

  • sam b

    Shenae looks beautiful!

  • beautimagnet

    With the exception of eyeliner, it is still natural when compared to “Hollywood makeup”. Even without makeup, these ladies still look lovely. I totally dig it! Magazines should do this more often.

  • alex

    All natural? They are wearing concealer and have their eyebrows filled in.

  • sefora

    jessica and shenae a lokk nice but the other bad especially analyne dam so bad she seem old like 40

  • sefora

    jessica and shenae a lokk nice but the other bad especially analyne dam so bad she seem old like 40

  • missme

    I almost didn’t recognize Jessica L. but she is gorgeous with long, lighter brown hair, as someone said above! Wow, I wish her character would grow it out like that!! They are all beautiful girls, though, imo.

  • sundus

    shenae looks the best…love her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebca

    Jessica Lowndes is perfect and by far the best. Jessica stroup is just average nothing we haven;t see so far in hollywood.I like AnnaLynne!She has something different on her.

  • curious

    just goes to show that even celebrities can be average-looking/hideous..just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean that it instantly n naturally makes them de most beautiful people..i like this shot of them,its v v BOLD!!…n also annalynne n jessica lowndes look older than their age

  • KG


  • twiggy

    er, i don’t know if we’re looking at the same photo but … jessica stroup looks awful ! i mean, i like her a lot, and she is gorgeous in 90210, but w/o make-up … like she hadn’t slept for ages.
    and jessica lowndes IS stunning.
    not judging or anything, last morning i saw a hideous vision of a strange face in the mirror, only to realize it was my own reflection :/

  • keplaay

    Jessica and Shenae are the best!!!