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Freida Pinto is Miral Marvelous

Freida Pinto is Miral Marvelous

Freida Pinto takes a quick bathroom break in a porta-potty while filming her new movie Miral in Jerusalem, Israel on Thursday (April 30).

According to Variety, Miral is an adaptation of Italo-Palestinian Rula Jebreal‘s book about Hind Husseini, who founded an orphanage in Jerusalem in the wake of the 1948 partition of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel. Schnabel wrote the screenplay.

Freida is currently dating Slumdog Millionaire costar Dev Patel. His mother Anita recently confirmed the news.

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  • Jackie W

    She a good looking woman, hopefully she will not fall into the “Hollywood trap” many young stars fall into.

  • Ash

    I LOVE Freida. I’m so happy she’s working with so many amazing directors.

  • what happen

    She should stay in the porta potty. She looks like shaat.

  • what happen

    Thanks JJ for the big news. Someone ugly and no one cares about made a pee and a shaat. I been waiting for this update – thanks again.

  • raquel

    The girl can’t go to the toilet witout some jerk taking a picture!

    She’s a lovely girl. Looks like she cut her hair.

  • http://JustJared soprano

    Very,very average looking & a crap actress; wake up…….

  • Blah girls!

    They are the cutest couple and Freida is TOTALLY ador.

  • raquel

    #3 & 4. Maybe you should go to the toilet and release some of that stuff you have in your head! You are just plain nasty!

  • identified

    is going to bathroom a “news” ???
    gee .. wake up ppl !!

  • nicky

    She looks beautiful….

  • whatvs

    she’s lovely
    what a waste on that ugly Patel

  • jain

    this site out to be ashamed of it’s self! Can’t a person go to the toilet without some crappy photographer taking pictures, and you lot publishing them!

  • carla

    I thaught Jerusalem was the city of Palestine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lara

    yeah!!!!! Israel has stole this city .Jerusalem belongs to Palestine not Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • groovacious

    Why would they take pictures of her coming out of the bathroom?
    come on , give her some privacy!

  • stevie

    Israel kills many innocents, stole the grounds and they are not even punished!!!!

  • Athena

    Jerusalem is part of Israel.

    Frieda looks lovely.

  • really

    She looks really pretty. Hollywood hasn’t corrupted her yet. looks as fresh and youthful as ever.
    But it would be nice not embarrass celebrities with photos of them going to the toilet.

  • !!!!!!!

    No, it’s Jerusalem, ISRAEL # 13/14/16. Why don’t you crawl back into your cave.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    Schnabel, as in Julian Schnabel? If so, he is quite the talent and creative force.

  • hate idiots

    lara; Another undeducated fool who has no knowledge of the history of Israel! Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish homeland thousands of years ago and still is! Israel was re-named Palestine by the Romans and has no Arab connection. There has never been a Palestinian country, people, language or culture. Jews were the first ones to be called Palestinian because they have always lived in Israel/Palestine.

    The Arab invadors stole the name “Palestinians” in the 1960′s for propaganda purposes. The Arab Fakestinians are from Arabia not Israel! They are the occupiers and settlers. Jerusalem was built by the Jews and it is forever the Jewish eternal capital!

  • Gino

    Shes so fresh, young, pretty. Tired of seen all the old boring hollywood chicks. Love you Freida

  • .

    “the wake of the 1948 partition of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel.”
    PARTITION MY ASS!! More like it was taken over by a bunch of terrorists. Don’t make it sound peaceful.

  • mandey

    @hate idiots:

    Are you joking or what ? idiot!
    people arent stupids
    REturn Back TO The History, the real one, not to the fake one
    there is no country for the jews, GOD judge them to be dispersed in the world , because they didnt obey him or Prophets they just stole Palestine, kills many innocents , and rename it isreal.
    Facts ARE facts ………OK!

  • what happen

    she is so ugly – why do we care if she make a poo?

  • megan

    shes absolutely gorgeous!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    who’s the indian?

  • really

    ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 05/01/2009 at 9:42 pm

    who’s the indian?

    One of the prettiest new faces in Hollywood. Quite the foil for drug laden, anorexic young American Hollywood crowd.

  • amina

    its Jerusalem pa;estone…#21 don’t make me laugh

  • amina


  • To 20/21

    Your’re an idiot. Take your political agenda somewhere else. This is a GOSSIP board, not a political one.

  • Above is directed at #29/30

    Not #20/21. I Mistook the comment numbers.

  • katie n

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Hope these good directors will mold her into a good actress as well.

  • oH PlEaSe

    Bleh. She nothing to chatter about. NEXT!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jerusalem was and is a Hebrew city.

    It was built by Israelies and after 1948 Jordan took over a part of it, which Israel got back in 1967.

    IF anyone has any claim over that part of Jerusalem it might be Jordan, although Jordan took it by force in 1948.

  • beautimagnet

    Ms Pinto is just classic -I love her!

  • lyla

    anyway i hope they don’t lie and make it look like the palestinians were the bad guys, like they always do

  • jora

    I CANNOT believe the comments on the bored…

    If its ever frieda or dev.., taye diggs, .there is always a racist person on here saying something horrible…

    Whats is the matter with you guys?????
    Are you so naive , or have that much hatred and evil inside you that you want all ethnicities dead!!…

    Look the world is in a tough place already…. a “bank created” recession, jobs losses, ( the recession was created by a handful or white/ american/english bankers just look it up, before you blame anyone else ) terrorism, racism, hunger..

    For those of YOU who want to make things worse…ask yourself WHY??? The characteristics you show are evil and full of hatred..How will you ever be happy.

    But just remember most of us,,,with good in our hearts, and love, God, or whatever good you believe in, will fight you all the way…because good will always triumph of evil, no matter if you think things are going your way..

    Peace and love people…

  • kks

    haha which idiot took that picture? lol they can’t seem to leave her alone

  • kks

    which idiot took that shot! they can’t even let her go to the loo in peace!

  • kks

    lol nice new look.she looks so young here.

  • lol

    @what happen: LOL, you must be one of those guys that needs a magnifying glass to find his pee wee to go pee pee. Grow out of this recial bullshit.

  • rAQUEL

    Israel steals from the Palestians and then blames them when they try to reclaim what was theirs to begin with. The US should STOP sending money to Israel until Israel gives the Palestians the right to have their own state. Why do the Israelies feel that the world owes them?? Everyone country in the world except the US knows that Israel is the problem in the middle east. They take and take and the US does nothing. One day the US will wake up and realize the the problem in the middle east IS Israel.

  • rAQUEL

    The Jews NEVER had a homeland. They wondered around the world and settled in many countries. Once the were ‘given’ land which they named Israel they proceeded to steal land from the Arabs and Palestinians which they are still doing to this day. They will NEVER be peace in the middle east as long as Israel continues to steal and lie.

  • MARK


  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I’m so glad Freida and Dev are dating!!!!

  • eredrt

    she has sheet face