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Rachel Bilson is Au Bon Pain Pretty

Rachel Bilson is Au Bon Pain Pretty

Rachel Bilson picks up a cup of soup from Au Bon Pain bakery and cafe on the Lower East Side of New York City on Friday morning (May 1).

The 27-year-old actress carried around a red umbrella in anticipation for tonight’s rain storm!

Rachel is expected at this year’s MET Costume Institute Gala. Brian Atwood has created a custom dress for her (she’ll wear head-to-toe Bally).

Ms. Bilson is toting around the Jimmy Choo “Kiki” bag.

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  • first

    I’m the 1st!

  • mika

    Love her style

  • juniper

    Simply FUGLY

  • toni

    She looks much older than 27. Wonder if the dress will be as bad as last years.

  • ali

    I love her

  • trevise
  • Thurmen Murmen

    Whooof the f*ck is she?

  • trevise

    @Rachel Bilson is Au Bon Pain Pretty…
    - Aptly “re-titled as Rachel Bilson is Au Bon “Painfully Ugly” – lol!

  • peter

    she’s really pretty

  • ho down

    Wow she looks really terrible!!! And she calls the papprazzi every time she goes out. What a pressb****!!!

  • heart

    simply gorgeous.

  • mag

    great outfit :)
    wow, ppl can’t even go out! ¬¬

  • Panakin

    @#8 – you nailed it! Rachel is just plain ugly….look at those bags under her eyes!

  • RORY

    What the heck happened to her? She looks just is terrible as Darth now

  • RORY

    What the heck happened to her? She looks just as terrible as Darth now

  • RORY

    Sorry for the double post.
    Why is my name in caps? I didn’t type it that way.

  • Where is TM?

    Looks 37 or 38. F.U.G.L.Y and when she talks it’s embarrassingly stupid. Why does this idiot merit all this space on JJ or anywhere?

  • Heather

    she is looking old. Is she working at all or just shopping all the time.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks beat in the face but whatever i still like her
    outfit is alright, nothing special but she looks nice
    as much as i love her, she’s kinda trying that vibe 2 me that she’s a seriously materialistic girl, not good…..i dont mind a lil materialism but 2 much isnt good
    something luxurious once in a while is great, but not everytime like rachel seems 2 have

  • Greg

    Since getting engaged she doesn’t smile as much or dress as well as she use to.

  • elsa

    She looks nice!!!

  • paige

    she is so pretty. and she does not look old, she looks tired, which is allowed.

  • MeMe

    Rachel is a cutie but she does resemble a Pekingese a little, lol.

  • Charles

    If you think SHE looks beat, then you girls must be unbelievably gorgeous! Please provide pictures.

  • not there yet

    Looks bad and pissed off. What is her damn problem? She does nothing all day but shop, get lunch, shop some more, get her picture taken by the papprazzi (when she calls them first to come follow her around), shop, go to the airport, and then shop some more. For all the shopping she does she sure looks like hell. This stupid woman is writing a FASHION COLUMN?! I don’t think so not by herself anyway.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    so fcuking ugly.

  • @

    she’s cute

  • sly

    Looks to be extremely angry don’t think I’ve seen another photo where shes like that

  • Ky

    she looks so old, and she’s losing her chicness.

  • Gasol_fan16

    She looks like hammered sh*t! Sorry to say. My hubby thought the same thing when he saw the pictures of her. Hubby thought she was in her mid 30′s and who the hell was she? I told him RB. Hubby rolled his eye’s and said, “Damn! WTF happened? She used to be kind of cute. She looks like she is defiantly hung over from the night before and nursing a hangover. ” It looks that way to me. She is eating soup. Probably has a sour stomach and does not feel any too good. People alway’s go to soup after partying hard and soup accourding to the Hispanic’s is the cure for the hangover. My hubby is part Hispanic.

    I will give her some credit. Maybe she did not call out the pap’s this time. The reason for the angry glare. She did not want pictures of her looking like she was hung over. Words for thought! :D

  • voice of reason

    Gasol I would agree but for a few things:
    Hangover? would you not be wearing sunglasses.
    Hispanic Rachel is not.
    Fatty food is normally what the majority want ask anyone from the UK-Bacon, eggs and sausage.
    Although to be fair Rachel does not eat pork.

    To me and I’m going to be a bit silly here she does look tired but I don’t think it has anything to do with getting drunk, given what she is wearing which looks like it just was picked up from floor I think maybe she has had a few good nights doing something else. Just words for thought…………………………………… :)

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Vor,
    You had me ROTFLMAO!!! You actually may do have a sense of humor! That is the Hispanic remedy for a hangover is soup. I did not say Rachel was not Hispanic in anyway. I know she is defiantly not! She is part Jewish, Italian and Phillipino descent. Where was it written did I say she was Hispanic??!! I said my hubby was and not Rachel. Learn to read more carefully please.

    I know Rachel does not eat pork. Hayden don’t either. But, the Jewish do make a great Matzo ball chicken soup and that may be their cure for the commen hangover. I don’t care for pork either. Cannot stand the taste or smell. But, I will have bacon. I do like the taste of bacon. Cannot resist that.

    Oh please!! If, Rachel got her freak on last night. Belive me I know. A woman that has had some good sex the night before would, be glowing and not frowning! Have you ever heard of the term “Afterglow?” Yeah..Right! Rachel is not sporting that afterglow euphoria type of look. She looks hungover too me. It is okay to have some fun and party on. Everybody does that. You may want to try to go out and have some fun yourself! ;)

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol nor did I imply that you stated Rachel was Hispanic you commented that your Hubby thought she was hungover and that was the cure for it. Perhaps you should read a bit more.

    “Afterglow” all night sex can leave you tired but to be fair Rachel could just be upset that she was caught in a less than perfect outfit–I’m not liking the T-shirt at all in fact I’m not really liking the whole outfit maybe the bag works but the leggings and boots no sorry IMO bad choice.


    #30 Why should we care about your hubby thoughts?
    My dog thought she was very hot!

  • sharon

    And the only reason she does not eat pork because Hayden does not ,because he made a statement about not eating pork because of his two pigs .

  • abigail

    Are you sure her bag is Jimmy Choo kiki?

  • laura
  • skankybilson

    hc isnt doing mona lisa, bet rb had soemthing to do with it.
    she seems to be jealous, psycho type

  • skankybilson

    rb ruined hc’s career, his life, his future.

    she is a worthless piece of shiit who is so damn superficial, greedy and possessive.

    hc is an idiot for marrying the biitch. i lost all respect for this guy

  • jaeger

    Take 2:

    FUGly woman,
    Walking down the street,
    FUGly woman,
    The kind I like to beat,
    FUGly woman,
    I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth,
    No one could look as fool as you,

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Oliva,
    Who cares what your thought’s are? My hubby happen’s to have pretty good taste. If, you think she looks gorgeous then, yeah you must be butt ugly to want to try to look remotely as bad as Rachel. Words for thought! ;)

    Okay…Yeah. I agree. I don’t care for the outfit either. All looks bad. If, she is going to be a fashion editor. She needs to step it up. The only thing I did like was the Chanel scarf she wore the other day or the past thread before this one. That was the ONLY thing I liked was the Chanel scarf. LOL! As Hayden could pull an all nighter sex romp. Dream on. I have the feeling Hayden and by the looks of him has even a hard time getting it up! ;)

  • antwacky

    @ 23 – but she does resemble a Pekingese a little…
    LOL that was good… a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Papillon would suit too as long as its a “dog” as that what she is in the biz in the 1st place; a “media-dog”, followed closely being officially put a non-actress category.

  • sam

    ” I think maybe she has had a few good nights doing something else. Just words for thought…………………………………… :)”



  • jane


    Your husband must be blind, is the only explanation that I find him to live with a woman like you, retarded :D

    Listen, I know that today is Saturday, but you do not work? Every day has his comments here. What do you do? Lives looking at YouTube videos of sex and watching pictures of Natalie, Hayden and Rachel?
    Wow! His life must be a shit!


    Funny were is it printed any of you that HC is even there and if I were you if he goes fine if he doesn’t guess its not in the contract. Your all assuming and hope he doesn’t make an ass out of you while you sit back and assume where he is.

    don’t throw dirt at someone’s husband unless you want comments made about yours (if you even got one at least Gasof has one) back at you. And lay off the NP slamming she isn’t part of the picture so why drag her in this seems that when knowone has anything intelligent to retaliate with about your princess you slam NP. And why is that. really??

  • jane

    I am not married, has only 16 years, I think a disgrace to see people married, with children and speaking evil of the life of a person you never met. If you are married.
    If you are married, why you will not care the life of your husband?

  • http://@VICTORIA#4 Justmyopinion

    RB is not philippino, just jewish and italian (no asian blood in this girl) . People say this cos she is really small.

    Seems like she has lost all her baby fat in her face. She starts aging badly especially around the eyes and themouth. Or maybe cos she is always on diet? Or maybe ciggies, cos she is a closeted smoker.
    The dark hair looks better though….but she is far from being a beauty.

    Guess she gets hired thanks to her jewish circle of friends. The woman who hires for Instyle Mag is jewish too.
    Funny she always gets jobs thanks to connections in business and not her talent.
    Remember anna kournikova did the same in Elle mag, and it didn’t last.Maybe RC will be more lucky!

    Jews and muslim peoples don’t eat pork, so she doesn’t. but HC isnt jew, and doesnt pork eeither because of his pets.

  • Gasol_fan16

    The only serious retard is you. Of course your not married and cannot land a date to save your life. Between you being probably butt a$$ fugly and your nasty disposition and insult’s. No man would give you a second glance. It sounds like you need some. Since, you think Rachel is so beautiful maybe, you should start asking girl’s out. Some may dig ya! LOL!

    You seriously need to grow up and play nice. I was not talking to you btw! If, you want to play mean then, expect the rocks to be thrown back at you. Go back to your hooking job. Someone needs a blow job. Or go and use your trusty dildo. You dumb a$$ need it! ;)

  • jane

    I do not need a dildo, I got my boyfriend. I repeat for the old deaf to hear: I said I sure do not think an old (you) talk shit to someone you do not know. I never said I love Rachel, I never said that she is pretty, but I bet it is more than you. Well, since you are old, married and a mentally retarded, why will not care the life of your husband? He must have betrayed you many times do you? But of course you will not care for his life, you prefer being on the Internet and look at pictures of Hayden, Rachel and Natalie. I think you need help, or a dildo ;)

  • @#47

    @ RB is not philippino…

    It actually spells as FILIPINO…. jeeez even fans of this impish twit are also moronic just like her – no wonder!