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Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas: City Couple

Rachel McAdams & Josh Lucas: City Couple

Rachel McAdams and Josh Lucas are spotted out and about in New York City on Friday afternoon (May 1).

When asked what can we expect from her upcoming mystery movie, Sherlock Holmes, the 30-year-old actress said, “Well, I think it’s going to be… I think what I enjoyed most from the little bit that I saw was that Jude [Law] and Robert [Downey Jr.] are lovely together. And I think that if anyone had preconceived notions about what Sherlock Holmes and Watson and that duo should be, I think they’ll be completely eradicated by their performances, both separately and together. And it looks amazing. It looks s really amazing. And I think, you know, maybe there’s concern with period pieces sometimes that they won’t grab the audience, but it just looks stunning.”

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rachel mcadams josh lucas new york city 01
rachel mcadams josh lucas new york city 02
rachel mcadams josh lucas new york city 03
rachel mcadams josh lucas new york city 04
rachel mcadams josh lucas new york city 05

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Celia

    yay! Rachel McAdams…I love her! I can’t wait to see Sherlock Holmes!

  • nyc2009

    Love them. They make such a nice couple.

  • why??

    I knew as soon as we saw those Ryan pics today we were gonna get some Rachel and that guy whose starting to lose his hair pics???

    Why are the paps stalking the two exes lately?? What are they hoping to get the scoop on??

  • lena

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz. State of Play flopped

  • Sherlock

    I am so psyched for Sherlock.

    I love Josh and Rachel pictures– what a gorgeous pair!

  • friendlyfarmers

    she has no makeup on and looks amazing!

  • Gino

    Didn’t she say that she’s not very tech savvy, and doesn’t use the internet?? That looks like a very tech laptop there…and they go from biking to a big gas guzzling SUV???…go greenies!!

  • *** hearts ***

    LOVE THEM !!! :-)

  • sheryl

    Very much looking forward to Sherlock!!!

  • dabu

    Both are not even attractive and mediocre actors.

  • jg0401

    is there an interview with her? where’d she say that about her movie? what a nice couple, they seem so cool.

  • HUGS

    Loving them muchly right now

  • Jack


  • Grant

    Ugh can’t stand them. Attentionwhore seekers!! He’s getting old, wrinkly, balding with bad film credits, she’s desperate and clingy with bad to mediocre films lately…so yeah they suit each other.

  • 2 Cuties

    awwwwwww the look of love

  • PT499

    Watched his video interview for his new film Tell-tale. Gawd that was the most boring, yawn inducing interview ever…I wonder if that’s an indication to what his film will be like??

  • Nula

    My favorites…cant wait until she starts filming in the city. His jacket is awesome.

  • piecesofjewelry

    i think they make such a great couple they are both so beautiful and talented people

  • Cinqo de mayo

    I want a picture of him facing the camera
    I want a picture of the little dog
    they are a nice couple
    she is so pretty

  • magic

    This is a bit too much of him and her overkill lately. Overexposure can kill the buzz!!

    Don’t like these two!

  • A. leonard

    I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morning Glory?

    Did filming already start? That was fast.

  • Morning Glory?

    Did filming already start? That was fast.

  • Avenue A

    Favorite couple!!!!!!!!!!!! Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diggity Diggity Diggity doo…I love you.

  • me too!

    I totally have that laptop bag! Rachel has excellent taste, especially in guys. ;-)

  • Pam

    He looks v.v. hot in those glasses

  • firecrackers@night

    i just love her and am really hoping that sherlock is as fab as they say and as I hope. he seems fab too. cool photos.

  • marnie

    Pam #26, how do you know how he looks in those glasses, you can’t even see him properly??? JK

  • Tweeting

    They’re awesome

  • Sherlock drops 12/25/09

    When did she say all that about the movie?
    She rocks

    +++ Sherlock drops 12/25/09- yeah baby

  • mastercard

    Really looking forward to SH. While SOP was good, it wasn’t great, and she needs a film to bring her acting cred back up, apart from Della in SOP her roles are lagging in acting credibility lately. Love her…him not so much!

  • marianne

    cute. cute. cute.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    these two are so boring, and we get pictures of them everyday.

  • Daisy Mae

    LOVELY :-)

  • gh54321

    Hands down one of the best couples

  • moi

    Maybe some day they’ll do a movie together I can imagine them to have great chemistry and they are both such good actors. I am so happy to see her back in movies and Time Travelers Wife should be good. What a great book.

  • xxx-tictactoe

    yes me like…me like alot.

  • grady

    Meh…he sucks as an actor, how long has he been in the business and what awards noms or recognition has he got…zilch, none…at least she has a MTV (wow) amongst others to her name.

  • JL is Hot

    JL+RM = Hot

  • Pam

    Its in the 3rd picture sideways with the glasses on. It’s like a profile view. v.v. nice

  • IMA Leo

    Can’t wait for Sherlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shenanyginz

    i like them. I think they’re sweet :-D

  • DAX

    oh cute city couple

  • wolverine

    no doubt #35, they’re great

  • sora

    Yeah Rachel!!! You are a true star. A TRULY gifted and gorgeous A-list actress…please do more movies Rachel you are an amazing actress and we need actors like you who are meant to delight moviegoers with TRUE talent unlike so many in Hollywood today without talent (Paris Hilton, Jen Garner, Violet Beckham, etc.).

  • amon

    naturally beautiful and doesn’t try hard. gorgeous.

  • Lana

    I love how on the Gosling thread he’s praised for his good looks and no one says anything bad about him but than those Gosling fans see Rachel happy and moving on with Josh and they rip into her and Josh. So funny how bitter and jealous people are. Beautiful couple, nice to see Rachel happy again.

  • OceanSpray

    Gosh what a gorgeous couple…

  • goslingtwilightlover

    I miss you and ryan but rachel, you have my blessing(chelsea handler reference) hahaha.

  • dancer

    they are lousy actors
    While not a fan of Gosling he’s a promising actor and will rule Hollywood.