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Tom Brady's Smartwater Ads Revealed

Tom Brady's Smartwater Ads Revealed

Smartwater spokesperson Tom Brady climbs “the corporate ladder: in this new ad (of two) for the Glaceau water brand. The ad copy of the two ads read:

– SERIOUS BALLER. Don’t hate the player (or the electrolyte-enhanced hydration).
– CORPORATE LADDER. Electrolytes: remember, you don’t work for them. They work for you.

Two other smartwater ads featuring Tom were featured last year.

Mr. Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen were recently in Vancouver spending time with his son Jack.

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tom brady smartwater ads 01
tom brady smartwater ads 02

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  • Alyssa

    gisele is a lucky lady

  • hag

    i will never buy sh*twater and give uglyston any of my hard earned money

  • Natalia


  • Blah girls!

    Gisele really IS lucky! He’s so hot!

  • DANI


  • zahra

    He’s sooooooooo hot, but I still won’t buy that water

  • beth


  • Erica

    lookin’ good!

  • guest

    What happened, did they replace Maniston since it wasn’t selling well.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    The first picture looks like he’s standing on the floor and making a constipated face.

  • anon

    He looks constipated in that ad.

    I think he’s a douchebag, so I would never buy something he’s hawking.

    Plus, I’d never waste my money on so-called Smartwater. Tap water is just as healthy and its free! Smartwater is a waste of money and pollutes the environment with all those plastic bottles.

  • me

    he might look good, but I don’t think he is a good person…

  • whatvs

    he’s so pretty but he’s looking at those things as if it were a calculus problem to be solved.

  • Buckley

    Hotter than Beckham, methinks.

  • dj

    Isn’t his son’s name John, not Jack?

  • yuck

    I would never buy anything this major douche endorses!

  • jess


    His birth name is John but he goes by Jack.

  • Nano

    WOW!!! He is sooooooooooo perfect!
    This is exactly why Bridget tried to trap him into marriage and why she cannot get over him. She still has no man in her life…it’s almost been 3 years! No way to upgrade from Tom Brady. Not possible!

  • Angie

    Why is he a bad person? Because he didn’t marry the girl he broke up with who found out was preggers AFTER the break up? By all accounts he is pretty stand up and doing well by his son. He has not once said a negative word about her or the situation. I think he seems pretty cool and looks great!

  • midget

    I thought it was burt reynolds for minute there.

  • Buckley

    I agree..he’s been a stand up guy. Hasn’t said a thing about Bridget.
    I like Bridget too. Actually I like all three of them.

  • jo jo

    #20 that might be the most random comment on JJ of all time.

    He is totally a fine piece of man. I find his boyish charm so sexy. He is so All-American and his son is going to look exactly like him!!! So cute!

  • one size fits all

    I don’t know what happened with the whole Bridget thing (althought her timing is very suspect to say the least), but I do know he seems to totally love his wife, she seems to totally love him and that little boy is one little cutie pie who seems to be loved and adored by his parents, step-mom and I am sure all his grandparents. That is one lucky little boy! Tom Brady looks very hot here!

  • hag

    i have no beef with tom. he loves his son and is in his life. just cause he no longer loves his son’s mother, so what. my beef is i can’t stand fraudiston and since she has a steak in sh*t water, i will never buy that crap no matter what

  • sky

    he should put his shirt back on….he’s a bit flabby.

  • sky

    he should put his shirt back on and cover his arms….he’s a bit flabby.

  • why?why? Tom

    He looks like he is taking a dump here.

  • Bonitto

    Sky , you can only wish to look as good as Tom Brady, naked and all.

  • jf

    if he’s a gorgeous man?, it’s clear, he’s handsome but is a dumb without brain! Is gisele lucky just because he’s handome? I don’t think so. he’s not good for gisele, she’s a nice person, but him, urgh….
    It’s obivious that she married him because she’s passionate, but when passion goes away, Gisele’s will see that she made the most biggest mistake of her life! wake up Gisele and leave this guy, he doesn’t deserve you. I think now he’s more a model than a football player, because since he starts do date Gisele seems that he’s envying her supermodel carrer. She’s a star, not him. here in Brazil he’s just Gisele’s husband nothing more, before she starts to date him anyone know who he was, so stop to post things of this tom. he sucks!

  • Bonitto

    I really has to laugh at you jf, stop making a fool of yourself and go say your prayer, you calling Tom Brady dumb is crazy – please go type in Tom Brady on your computer if you have one, and read a little about him my friend, I am still laughing at you.

  • what happen

    Tom is stupider than a rock. He got pushed through college like all athletes – but this man is a very muscular dummyhead. He looks like a neanderthal – half monkey half ape with his flat forehead. I am so surprised he can stand upright – this big monkey. I think Gisele is very successful and she wants this monkey because he has money. But Gisele seems like no Einstein either so this monkey is smart enough for her.
    Leo is much more handsome and intelligent than Tom the monkey but Leo does not like Gisele for wife. So now she is with the monkey because he wants her for wife.
    She takes this baby monkey Jack like she’s his manager and Jack is a human accessory like a little poodle. So surprised they don’t make having Jack drink the smartwater. Soon Jack gets his own talk show even though he cannot speak and Gisele gets 80% because he is too small to read his contract.

  • brina

    he’s so hot, i luv u tom

  • brina

    he’s so hot, i luv u tom

  • jf

    WHAT HAPPEN, agree totally

  • jf

    bonitto, if you wans to laugh the problem is your, i don’t care if you think this guy is so good, but I’am not lying here in Brazil he don’t pass of this, gisele’s husband come here to my country and ask about him for eveyone, if somebody know him it’s just because of her, i repeat if somebody knows him!

  • jf

    gisele becomes a dumb marrying this guy, but I still like her, hopefully she lives this guy one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jf

    leaves this guy, sorry!


    i like gisele not brady.
    oh and she is very smart.

  • jennifer

    *29 he’s not good for gisele.

    Agree with you

  • bridget

    He’s smokin’!! I’ve heard him speak, hes smarter than your average jock, just a really nice, reasonably intelligent, normal guy.

  • lylian

    Shouldn’t be pushing stupid water. It’s unhealthy for the environment.

  • Bonitto

    jf, going on chatting your nonsense, that all you can do, you are an idiot.

  • ellie’

    There are now to hot ones promoting Smart Water..

  • groundcontrol

    I am not a big Tom Brady fan. Nor am I a Smartwater fan.
    BUT that pic could allllllmost entice me into buying it. Maybe. On a strictly animalistic and hedonistic level you understand. Once my mind was switched off and my baser instincts took over. Like now.
    He and his arm do look good.

  • kathy

    Brady graduated from Michigan with honors.He is not stupid.

  • Girl

    Wow, he is so f-ing hot! Love this!

    To those who are calling Brady “dumb”- he graduated Cum Laude (3rd highest in his class) from Michighan…not to mention that everyone who knows him has said he’s a very bright guy.

    And did someone actually say he looks out-of-shape? wow…just look at the guy!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    He’s not even that hot.

  • nate

    Does anyone know what the wall he is climbing in the ad is called? looks like a pretty good work out.