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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Star Trek Treat

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Star Trek Treat

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes sign autographs for fans at the premiere of Star Trek at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Looks like this couple skipped out on the red carpet!

According to the National Enquirer, Tom has offered to let Katie‘s recently widowed sister Tammy and her children move into their Beverly Hills mansion. Katie‘s brother-in-law, 48-year-old Jeff Fretti, died of a heart attack on April 12.

Katie was so worried and upset for Tammy,” an insider reveals. “They are really close, and Katie wanted to help any way she could. Then Tom came up with the idea of inviting Tammy and the boys to live with them. It meant Katie could keep a close watch on her sister and help her through this tough time. Tom really was a savior. He wants Katie to be happy, and he knew this would make it so much easier for her.”

Pictured below: Katie visiting the Disney Studios in Hollywood on Friday morning (May 1).

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Credit: Clint Brewer ; Photos: MeetTheFamous/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • anon

    A savior? That’s really reaching…he probably has a scheme up his sleeve to recruit the vulnerable sister into Scientology, to “help” them.

  • heehee

    Katie looks like a Stepford robot here.

  • Deb


  • raquel

    OMG! Her sister is in such a vulnerable place right now that Tom’s ready to jump on her and recruit her and her children into his Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Religion. Hope her sister doesn’t fall into the trap!

    Glad that Katie is looking out for her sister and her nephews, but I fear for them all when Tom or even Kate start in with the Sci-Fi crap.

  • Katie

    Leave these people and their religion alone! Tom and Katie seem like very happy people, and they always seem in good spirits when talking about one another so why do you believe the bad stuff when it’s clear they are happy? I hope her sister gets all the support she needs, and my thoughts and prayers are with them and their family.

  • what happen

    Tom he lives in Star Trek – not needing to see the movie. He’s crazy and she is brainwashed. I hate him so much – this guy what an ass. He picking on Brooke Shields who everyone loves her. Scientology they don’t want to give the drugs. What happens if baby gets sick? This wife I feeling so sorry for her. She marries this midget and he is brainwashing her. Katie gets rid of him soon – she not so stupid as she looks in picture.

  • pr person

    The only one I see signing autographs is … Crazy. And once again Katie is just standing there ….Pathetic.

    Yikes! Who would want to move into that nut house? So did he invite her because as a Scieno… only Crazy and his super powers can help her? Or maybe hoping to recruit Katie’s family one member at a time? Crazy is quite the guy isn’t he? We should be amazed at his amazingness. That he is such a “savior” of saving. What would be wrong with Katie flying out to Ohio, with Suri, for a couple of weeks and spending time with her sister? Wouldn’t THAT be the ‘normal’ thing to do?!?! It isn’t like she doesn’t have the money or the time to do something like that. Crazy freaks!! GAAAK!! Hopefully Katie’s sister has more sense and will keep her butt in Ohio.. where I am sure she has PLENTY of family support. Not to mention.. her house, job, childrens school, friends… Stay away from the nut house, Tammy, stay away!

  • athena

    Katie looks so distressed…I feel for her and her family’s loss. Tom is great in supporting his wife…if that will help ease the pain of loss than all the more for him…that’s great and I’m sure he’s done this in all sincerity, being that he knows what it’s like to lose a relative. He suffered the loss of his father while filming the movie Legend…so, I’m sure he has much empathy.

  • m8

    I like them both, but she DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY! Her eyes are sad :(

  • Blah girls!

    Aliens? Space ships? How perfect for them!

  • http://JustJared soprano

    She looks like a wax work dummy. Is this another stage in her transformation?

  • anon

    yep National Enquirer bears the truth
    so low JJ

  • marcel

    Great family and lovely inside and out

  • blue

    Theyre the best and nice of them to support JJ Abrams.

    I hope this Trek movie is really good and does well at the B.O.

    Oooooo what is Katie doing at the Disney studio?
    a movie or animated voice?

  • !

    All American Hollywood royalty

  • Sal

    Katie was so very upset about her brother-in law dying that she didnt even go to the funeral! Now, if you consider dance lessons, attending a birthday party for VB and throwing two birthday parties for her daughter a good way of showing how “upset” she was, well then, she did a good job.
    If they were as close as this “insider” (pd for by Tiny Tom) says, she would have been on the first plane home.

  • RobinMN

    #2 – That’s what I was going to write: She’s looking vacant and Stepford-ish…

  • Run tammy run!

    Run for the hills sis! Here comes the Sci-Fi cult monster to eat up you and your kids!!!!!!

  • Annie

    Robo Wife looks like she needs her batteries recharged.

  • nysro

    Fresh meat for Scientology is what Tom had on his mind…

  • piper

    wow so many stars showed up for Star Trek much more than The Dark Knight.

  • pathetic

    Sal is God that she saw everything that happened.LOL!

    I guess when someone dies we are supposed to die too and those around us suffer as well.

    Your judging only backfires.

    Whether Katie was there or not its best the media didnt intrude on the privacy mourning making it a circus.

  • reese

    I heart them!

  • chels

    @piper: i know righ?

    i love tomkat as a couple, and i seriously dont get why a lot of people hate them…

  • :)

    trolls and the tabloids are soulmates
    in hell

  • peace

    Many love them. The few usual haters that change that aliases dont count. Even some here when they see TomKat and Suri in real life go crazy and pose asking for their picture and autograph.
    Bunch of cowards and two faces hating in their keyboards.

  • ugh

    Why will these couple smile and not feel unsafe in this chaos of people and paparazzis everywhere they go?
    I know I wouldnt be smiling and most videos showed the people and paps screaming at Katie especially Suri for camera shots.
    How can the mom and child not be scared????

    good for the paps whining of getting crunched

  • gambit


  • passing through

    Tom is a genuinely nice cool guy but I dont read the rags nonsense.

    Katie looks serene and sweet and a real sweetiepie.

  • beltway

    I didnt know about her ex brother in law passing away. How sad.

  • dolphins

    Both look good.
    Thanks Jared for the pics but I hate when you post trash on all actors and actresses.

  • tiffany

    Where are the pics of Connor? He’s with Tom and Katie in the premiere of Star Trek and Tom and Katie attended the funeral of the former brother in law of Katie in Toledo.
    The pics are available at the various Cruise site forums.

  • kit

    Katie looks frozen in time. She’s matured alot it appears.

  • sydney

    You haters sound so ridiculous. You come here day after day to retype the same old ****. You’re the only ones that look and see CRAZY. Tom Cruise is more normal than you’ll ever be, and at least he has the balls to come out and be out spoken about whatever his beliefs may be rather than hiding behind a computer and typing the same crap over and over again. Get a life! What’s your problem? Are you so hung up on certain other celebrities that you can’t take the fact that Tom is and will always be at the top of the A list? No one else even comes close to having the incredible history in movies that he has the right to claim. Who ever you are, where ever you are, no one else really cares if you dislike Tom Cruise or if you disagree with what he believes. People are free to think whatever they choose, including you. But you’re not free to go around writing lies and crap about innocent people. One day, if you’re not more careful, you could end up in serious trouble for writing lies and distorting the truth to make yourself feel better.

  • ali

    Beautiful solid couple….

  • Annie

    SYDNEY! JJ is NOT a Tom Cruise fan site! It is a GOSSIP SITE!!! Deal with it you troll.

  • Michaelangelo

    Don’t believe everything you read, #7.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i feel bad for katie, she’s going through a hard time…
    ima stop being mean 2 her for a while
    hope she quits smoking, since i heard she started again after this

  • minx

    She looks empty. Empty and sad.

  • Its Called Free Speech

    But you’re not free to go around writing lies and crap about innocent people. One day, if you’re not more careful, you could end up in serious trouble for writing lies and distorting the truth to make yourself feel better.

    Uh…..yes people ARE FREE to write whatever they wish. Its called freedom of speech and having an opinion. Where the heck do you live? Iraq? LOL!! No one here is getting in “serious trouble” and the only one who appears “crazy” today is YOU. Being this absorbed with what a bunch of people on the internet have to say about a couple of actors and getting angry enough to attack them personally and threaten them is quite insane. Get help for your obsession and please… the constitution so you don’t sound completely ignorant.

    Get a grip will ya! Sheesh

  • Michaelangelo is a hypocrite

    Don’t believe everything you read, #7.

    Same to you, sweetums. You believe only the positive stuff you read so why shouldn’t others believe what they want! You’re a total hypocrite. According to you, only the positive stuff is true and the negative stuff is false. Do you realize how stupid you sound? You have no idea whats true and false so STFU.

  • sora

    stars like her and jen garner marry “up” thinking they are improving their lives and then they get stuck. money, fame, power through their husbands but then what? robotic and sad lives without the husbands around. too bad she never reached her full potential.


    beltway @ 05/01/2009 at 4:05 pm I didnt know about her ex brother in law passing away. How sad.

    it’s strange how she suddenly feels worried about Tammy and her children now when days after her brother in law died, she seemed like she didn’t even cared, going to broadway practices and pimping her daughter.

  • dead pan look

    katie’s expression on photos #4 & 5 are priceless!

  • Michaelangelo

    I do no such thing, 341. As long as it’s from a respected source, I swallow everything said about TomKat be it good or bad. I can’t say the same for critics though.

    According to me? I NEVER, EVER said that only positive reports about TomKat are right and only negative reports are good.

    How do you know that Garner and Holmes lead sad lives, #42? Garner didn’t have to marry up at all.

  • scientoloFREAKS!

    robowife is back!

  • quick

    omg! Katie look so fugly on those photos!

  • is she okay?

    oh boy, katie seem so lifeless and she is looking like a man’s wax figure with a terrible wig and dress. what has happened to her?

  • ALEX

    Now do you want to see an unhappy wife?
    this is Katie for you.

  • e

    oh come on people
    you cant deny she looks wierd robotish?

    look at her eyes!!!!!