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Jessica Simpson Looks Maxi Marvelous

Jessica Simpson Looks Maxi Marvelous

Jessica Simpson leaves Katsuya restaurant in a long flowing maxi dress and denim jacket in Los Angeles on Thursday night (April 30).

The 28-year-old Texas-born country singer/actress struck up a conversation with Rihanna on the way out! Jay-Z was seen eating inside with Ri-Ri.

Already in the swimsuit business, Jess has just signed a deal to get into lingerie, sleepwear and intimates. Irresistible!

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson looking maxi marvelous…

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46 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Looks Maxi Marvelous”

  1. 1
    hag Says:

    jessica has been through alot. she took advantage of her loving husband and thought she could be a bigger star without him. yeah jessica PIMPSON!!
    your vag and you are dadd’y's bread and butter

  2. 2
    mallory Says:

    She is absolutely stunning.

  3. 3
    dom Says:

    hang it up jess!

  4. 4
    b chick Says:

    she looks fat.

    why does she keeps choosing clothes that are not flattering to her body type?!?!!? is she stupid or something??

  5. 5
    b chick Says:

    she looks fat.

    why does she keeps choosing clothes that are not flattering to her body type?!?!!? is she stupid or something??

  6. 6
    Las Vegas Says:

    Jesica looks really perfect with everything she wears :)

  7. 7
    beautimagnet Says:

    Jessica looks lovely as ever, but I am not in love with her outfit. Rhianna’s outfit makes her look horizontally big.

  8. 8
    sal Says:

    Very beautiful. She looks happy and radiant…unlike those people that prefer to spend their time bad mouth and critising. Ugly inside they are.

  9. 9
    bey Says:

    she looks so PERFECT !!!!!

  10. 10
    bintk Says:

    She looks great!

  11. 11
    gejwin Says:

    Her face is so radiant and glowing.

  12. 12
    ME2 Says:


  13. 13
    GLAM examiner Says:

    This look does absolutely NOTHING for her!

  14. 14
    jen Says:




    Go figure!

  15. 15
    dian Says:

    I think Jessica is very pretty hope her swimsuit line goes well

  16. 16
    anon Says:

    I think she looks really good and the dress is pretty. The photographs are odd though…why are the paps taking her picture as she leaves the restaurant walking by herself but there are no photos of Jay-Z and Rhianna?

  17. 17
    anon Says:

    I think she looks really good and the dress is pretty. The photographs are odd though…why are the paps taking her picture as she leaves the restaurant walking by herself but there are no photos of Jay-Z and Rhianna?

  18. 18
    anon Says:

    I think she looks really good and the dress is pretty. The photographs are odd though…why are the paps taking her picture as she leaves the restaurant walking by herself but there are no photos of Jay-Z and Rhianna?

  19. 19
    anon Says:

    ooppps, sorry

  20. 20
    k Says:

    She smiles alot more when she is not with Romo.

  21. 21
    soopx Says:

    I think she looks very nice and happy.

  22. 22
    anonymous Says:

    This is the third time the Simpsons have announced a lingerie spokesperson deal for her. First it was with a company called Vestiny, then it was with a company called Muse, now it’s with a company called Vandele Industries.

    Can you blame these companies for backing out of the deals? Who wants to do business with a sleazebag like Joe and who wants their spokesmodel to be an overwewight failure at everything she tries?

    Vandele should follow those other two companies and run for their lives from the Simpsons. Romo should too!

  23. 23
    Sam Says:

    Hey, for once she doesn’t look drunk leaving a restaurant/club. She looks like a vacuous, drooling idiot as usual, but at least she doesn’t appear to be drunk…yet. She probably pulled out a bottle of vodka after the paps took her picture.

  24. 24
    Jinx Says:

    Poor Rihanna getting stuck talking to that lame-brain, Jessica Simpson. Rihanna’s smile looks forced. She looks like she wants to punch Jessica right in the face. It’s ok, Rihanna. The whole country would want to punch Jessica in the face if they got stuck talking to her too.

  25. 25
    dr. 90210 Says:

    Why doesn’t she see a plastic surgeon and fix her big ugly nose. Was it broken by someone without Rihanna’s patience who got stuck talking to her once and punched her in the face? Pulling her extensions back like that only makes her bumpy schnoz look even bigger.

  26. 26
    cow Says:

    This cow isn’t going to model the lingerie? The company that makes the lingerie must design for fat chicks, otherwise why would they want tubby Jessica?

  27. 27
    J.O. Says:

    How true is it that Jessica is planning to make a TV series with Britney Spears similar to Laverne and Shirley? I have an idea of the title – Dumb and Dumber

  28. 28
    G Says:

    That giant dress does a good job hiding her manly legs and out of shape body. If only it covered her manly face too.

  29. 29
    jaye Says:

    I don’t know her personally, but I like what I know about her. She seems to be REAL and not pretentious at all. She manages to stay out of trouble, that in itself should be praised. Hope she finds happiness with a man who is meant for her.

  30. 30
    mel Says:

    She’s been sued for breach of contract three times by clothing manufacturers she is supposed to represent and has that breach of contract hanging over her head with that fitness video.

    She and her dad don’t seem to be honorable and trustworthy. It’s no wonder those other lingerie companies got out of their deals with the Simpsons. They are conniving and Jessica is so fat that the thought of her in lingerie would drive sales away.

    It’s the weekend. Stay tuned for another set of pictures of a disheveled Jessica leaving a club drunk. Hope she gets help for her drinking problem.

  31. 31
    Georgia Says:

    @b chick:

    She’s trying to do what she said ; Get her beach body back by summer.
    Theres more momentum if she reveals her body at the end of the diet.
    At the moment she is mid way so she is covering up :)

  32. 32
    C Says:

    UGH how does this woman have a clothing line when she steps out of the house looking like that. She needs to hire a stylist! But then again maybe not cause she just got dropped from her record label so it’s not like she has anything going for her!

  33. 33
    dc Says:

    I will never buy anything with her name on it. She makes my skin crawl.

  34. 34
    Cara Says:

    Stop the hating of Jessica….she’s authentic and has a very sensitive, sweet, and compassionate heart. If truth be told, Nick would take her back in a heart beat! She isn’t responsible for the fact that his “career” never took off. At least she’s become a business woman…designer and manufacturer!

  35. 35
    she's a loser, not a designer Says:

    Jessica is not a designer. She sold her name to be a brand to real designers who hoped her famous name would give their products some positive buzz.

    Sadly for those companies stupid enough to buy her name, the only buzz her name generates is negative. They could have gotten the same sort of buzz for free calling their products “Desperate Fat Drunk Failure ” that they do with the name “Jessica Simpson”.

  36. 36
    sarge Says:

    Like Jessica’s career has taken off? She’s failed at everything and just got dropped by her record label.

  37. 37
    dom Says:

    she’s a loser, not a designer

    Amen!! some people are so ……….

  38. 38
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    what an ugly ass dress and then she puts a leather jacket on top, lol
    her face looks alright, ive seen worse from her so i gotta complement….her career is really skyrocketing =]
    sry couldnt resist =p

  39. 39
    boston Says:

    she looks so good

  40. 40
    Helenay Says:

    This message is for “Cara”- Cara, you know absolutely nothing about Jessica Simpson. NO KIND, COMPASSIONATE “authentic” human being leaves their husband after having a “vision” in Africa and then watching “The Notebook” to REALLY clarify that she needs a divorce!!!!! Nick Lachey deserves so much better!! And he CAN do so much better. I think that Jessica and Tony deserve each other because they both choke when its time to perform.

  41. 41
    Kira Says:

    Wow, so many hateful experts on the private lives of “celebrities”?! Nothing or anyone is quite how it or they appear on the surface and neither are those who hate.

  42. 42
    what happen Says:

    JJ – why are you making a post about her? Jessica Simpson is dumber than a rock and now she has no albums or shows out. This woman has no talent – no one buys her ugly clothes and shoes either. She will perform at an artichoke festival for $15.
    When I watching the 1st episode of Newleyweds – I say out loud these 2 are getting divorced. She is moron making stupid remarks can’t distinguish the tuna from the chicken, can’t brush her own hair without help, spends too much money, treats Nick like crap, and he is just regular guy who watches sports and moves his own furniture. I can tell how he looks at her – it’s gonna be a divorce.
    This outfit is the ugliest outfit I have seen on the internet to date. Zebra prints and then actual tigers on the bottom with leopard shoes? C’mon who wears this – that is not blind or high on intravenous drugs? Even blind people can dress better & are embarrassed for this outfit. So horrible. Also, 1987 called for Jess and they want the denim jacket back.
    Maxi Marvelous – WTF this means JJ?
    She looks better than a bloody maxipad? No – I think the maxipad, the tampon, the used toilet paper, the pee, and the shaat look better than Jessica.

  43. 43
    sal Says:

    @what happen:

    I pity you. You have deep apparently unadressed issue. Let it go.

  44. 44
    jo Says:

    what happen is right. Used toilet paper does look better than Jessica. It looks so much better, it should have it’s own fashion line. It probably sings better than Jessica too.

  45. 45
    what happen Says:

    #43 is Poppa Joe
    What’s wrong – you are sad because no commission from pimping out your non-talented kids?
    Don’t worry she can sing at the watermelon hoe-down in middle U.S. soon, wear more ugly outfits, and then she forgets the words but you still get a cut. Thanks for playing.

  46. 46
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Give it up!

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