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Kate Walsh Gets A House Appraisal

Kate Walsh Gets A House Appraisal

Private Practice star Kate Walsh rushes over to her home in Los Angeles on Friday (May 1) to meet her real estate appraiser, who showed up to assess the property’s value.

The house is being appraised as it’s part of the divorce settlement between Kate and her husband, movie exec Alex Young.

TMZ is reporting that Alex is fuming because shortly before they married, they bought a multi-million dollar mansion and pimped it out. Alex wants in on the property and Kate‘s accountants apparently won’t let him look at the books!

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kate walsh house appraisal 01
kate walsh house appraisal 02
kate walsh house appraisal 03
kate walsh house appraisal 04
kate walsh house appraisal 05
kate walsh house appraisal 06
kate walsh house appraisal 07
kate walsh house appraisal 08

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Lynn

    She is so, so beautiful. Truly gorgeous woman.

    Thanks for the post JJ! :)

  • Ed

    is that her co-star in the car?

  • Mia

    That definitely looks like Paul Adelstein. Is she wearing lucite heels? Shit. She’s a hottie though.

  • A

    Well at least you did not go with the “mystery male” angle.

  • layla

    oh dear god those shoes are hideous.

    otherwise she looks very nice.

  • S.

    She looks amazing.

    Those photos should be used in a course for young starlets on how to get out of a car in a short skirt without flashing the pap. Use the door.

    That is Paul Adelstein.

  • Karla

    Kate looks amazing. She’s so gorgeous.
    Thanks for the pics!

  • Jamie

    Thanks JJ. Kate looks gorgeous.

  • WTF?


    One of the better looks seen in a very long while. wow.

  • Amy

    sooo beautiful :) thansk jj

  • Gy!

    Beautiful as always! Thanks JJ!
    And yep thats Paul Adelstein.

  • sarah h

    Hot woman!!

  • so smart

    why won’t she let her husband look at the books?
    If it’s true..they bought it together & pimped it up,
    by law in Cali..he owns half of it.

  • um

    She looks great. Everything is right on her, haircolor/length, sunglasses, outfit, shoes. Very couture. . Can anyone ID the glasses?

  • galove13

    Kate is looking fantastic. Thank You Jared.

  • nik

    She has lovely hair and skin and amazing legs.
    Beautiful woman!!

  • anna

    getting old and botoxing it. attractive but not special imo.

  • melanie

    I love Kate!

  • Paul

    What a b*tch, she used Alex, she married him and has sold their wedding’s pics and now she wants to pass for the victims.

    Poor Alex I feel bad for you, buddy.

  • Violet rocks

    I never liked her, she’s full of herself, on PrP set she refused to sign us an autograph waving her hand in the air like we’re some strays, whereas Taye and Amy were very nice with us and tried to excuse her.

    I’m kind of happy that Alex defends himself, he owns half of this things so he should have them.

  • anon

    #19 Are you one of Alex’s friends? LOL. Alex is the one with a restraining order against him.

    #20 You are such a liar. The cast and every fan who meets Kate always praises her how sweet she is.

  • missy

    I met Kate Walsh. She came to my school for Obama. She took time with every fan signing autographs and taking pics. She signed all my GA stuff I brought with me. She was wonderful and very patient with all of us.

    Amy Brenneman and Kate Walsh are good freinds. I don’t think she would appreciate you telling lies about her friend.

    Thank you JustJared. KW is gorgeous.

  • Las Vegas

    Kate Walsh is great and she looks wonderful!

  • lu

    the man in the car is Paul Adelstein!!!!!!!

  • Ewana

    Kate’s gorgeous! Love her!

  • Teejh


    No, he just decided to ignore him completely instead, lol.

  • NataĊĦa

    Kate looks so beautiful! Good to see her with Paul Adelstein.

  • Hot fudge!

    Kate is so beautiful and so classy! Thanks JJ!

  • LoveKate

    Fab photos. Kate looks great. Paul & her do look like they’ve just attended a funeral though.

    Jared – Alex is the one with a protective order against him for abusive and threatening behavior. As TMZ says, Kate stumped up the bulk of the property purchase and since all property prices have fallen, Alex has no case anyway. That’s why his lawyer has said he will settle, if it goes to court he knows he will lose.

    And #20 – you will have to come up with better lies for us to even try to believe them lol.

  • *nicola*

    She looks AMAZING. Love her!!!!

  • Emily

    Love her! She’s so talented and gorgeous.
    She seems like a genuine sweet person, I hope one day I’ll get the privelage to meet her!

    I wish Kate the best of luck through these hard times.

    Screw you Alex Young!

  • Lucy

    Kate is beautiful. I love that suit. Cant wait to get that new mag she’s on the cover of :)

    Her Ellen appearance this week

  • Debs

    I love that Kate and Paul are long standing friends. How cool must that be to work with someone decades later that you used to wait tables with !

  • katie

    She’s gorg. Thanks JJ

  • Kimmy

    haha Addie and Cooper together :) They should share more scenes on PrP.

  • Kar

    is she screwing Paul?
    she looks like a witch

  • Nativenyker

    Greed at its finest!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • anon

    a true beauty!

    Please more put more beauties like Kate and less uglies like Fergie and Olsen trolls.

    Kate”s really beautiful. Those eyes of hers are the best since Bette Davis. Striking.

  • Helen

    Ahh, she looks fab. Nice to see her hanging out with Paul.

    Paul is married to Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls !!

  • clare

    I so agree with you anon – Kate has the most beautiful expressive eyes. She looks so beautiful even in a scrubcap!

    ps. how hot was that scene with Addie and Noah! Roll on season 3

  • LaLaLand

    Yay for Kate, thanks Jared.

  • RobN


    You know I don’t really care one way or the other, but obviously if she comes to your school trying to push her candidate, she’s going to be nice. What would be the point otherwise? The question, if there is one, is what is she like when she doesn’t want something.

  • S.

    RonN a quick search over at facebook, or Flickr, and you will find loads of pictures of Kate with fans taken when she is just out as a private person. She is really nice even when she is just trying to have dinner.

  • Kelly

    #42 – Well that logic applies to every celeb ! My best friend met Kate at a cafe in LA last year and said she was a sweetheart. I’ve seen plenty of other posts online from people who’ve met her and they all say the same thing. Kate has a fantastic reputation and always spends time with fans. Just google her on YouTube.

  • Kate Walsh VOMIT

    paul, I agree with you here. Kate Walsh is a w***e

  • Ollie

    I love her sunglasses. She looks good. The paps didnt recognise Paul then!!

  • sam

    My friend met her during her greys days and Mrs. Walsh ignored her.

  • Jen

    Nice to see the jealously obsessive EP freaks have joined us. Welcome to our Kate love-in :)

    Thanks Jared for the photos. Kate is looking well.

  • PPfan

    Kate is wonderful and beautiful.
    It is great she got another magazine cover. Anyone know about the movie she is going to be shooting this summer?

  • Julia

    She is gorgeous. Thanks for the Ellen interview, haha very funny…i loved the ‘exclamation/explanation’. And another movie !!!!!!!!!!!!