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Reese Witherspoon: Feed The Children Of The World!

Reese Witherspoon: Feed The Children Of The World!

Reese Witherspoon stays in touch with her loved ones on her Blackberry Bold as she waits at the Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy on Saturday (May 2).

The 33-year-old actress toted around a bag supporting the charity Feed The Children Of The World, a group of Columbia University students dedicated to promoting and raising awareness about hunger. The organization is also committed to providing the sources needed to help you and your community end hunger. For more about FTCOTW’s mission, visit

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  • Las Vegas

    She’s not only gorgeous but also a really amazing actress! We Love her. :)

  • sharon

    im sorry but all she ever does is travel the world and spend time with her new toyboy! rarely ever see her with her kids anymore
    such a shame

  • madmax

    maybe she’s there ahead of her boytoy. supposedly his sister is gettng married in Italy next weekend

  • madmax

    well if she’s in Italy can her boytoy be far behind? He might have already been there waiting for her to show up. supposedly Jake’s sister is getting married (unless it’s really THEM getting married and they’re trying to throw everyone off.

  • ewww

    Fugly and badly dressed as usual.

  • uh

    hey jj those pics are from several days ago, not today. they were posted on like wednesday or thursday

  • legit

    ^^#6 you are a liar

  • Mark

    You mean Reese’s gay “boyfriend” ?

  • Pattycake

    I for one appauld the lack of internet pictures of her kids, even though I’m as guilty as the next person for enjoying them. Her kids deserve a private childhood. I’m glad people reminded me about Maggie’s wedding. I was wondering what Reese was doing in Milan. Ryan’s film has wrapped in S. Africa. I wonder if he has the kids.

  • lulu

    does she ever spend any time with her children? i’m sure she’s got great nannies etc, but really, sometimes a kid needs a mother.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ughh im ashamed of myself….
    she’s starting to grow on me =[
    her face doesnt look bad and her outfit looks kinda cute
    dang i wanna say something mean but i cant =[ =[

  • whortensia

    Her boytoy is as essential to her well being as is her Gucci handbag. She keeps both of the at hand all the time. LOL He seems to have gone to Italy by commercial jet while she appears to have gone by private plane. Unequal relationship.

  • la mommy

    She doesn’t spend time with the kids. How can you applaud that? She works constantly and seems very focused on this relationship. The reason you don’t see the kids is that she has them parked with a nanny. I thought since she had them for two uninterrupted months she would take some time and disappear WITH them but no she has been all over working and with Jake and they have been doing whatever it is that they do. When their father comes home he’ll do the daily routine and spend as much time as he can with them as usual. But she’ll get named best Hollywood mother. It really is sad to see,

  • whortensia

    1. The reason you don’t see the kids is that you don’t see them with Ryan either. For a while they were competing in the “I am the better parent” contest. I would guess they decided it was too much trouble so they called a truce and neither parent goes out to show off the kids anymore. Ryan has virtually disappeared.
    There was a TV segment on her and her very lavish life style. She took Jake to Los Cabos for a vacation at a place that costse $20,000 a week to stay there. She has lots of money and spends lavishly.
    I also would bet that the reason she and Jake are not getting married is that he won’t sign a prenup and so she prefers to keep him dangling from her purse strings and can dump him whenever she gets tired of his

  • Pattycake

    @la mommy: You know what I really applaud? That you managed to spell the word “applaud” correctly, unlike me, who totally messed it up. Reese’s pr image is so tied into the fact that she has two kids that everything she says and does seems to exploit them. The European papers are now running her “I was so alone after Ava was born and too broke to hire help,” BS. @whortensia: Ryan hasn’t disappeared. He’s been in S. Africa for a month filming his new movie, “The Bang, Bang Club.” I believe the reasons Reese and Jake aren’t married are less related to money than to other things.

  • Whatever

    @lakers fan in boston: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if I had her income I’d be dressing a little less Target discount rack and more fashionally chic. Look at the pictures. Her shirt is sticking out past the end of her jacket in the back and her pants are baggy and ill fitting. I’ll bet everything she has on cost a fortune. But it looks like discount store. I’m going to cut her some slack because she is at the airport, but she seems to dress like this most times.

    And one more thing, for someone who yacks on and on about her kids, what is she doing in Europe the week of Mother’s Day?

  • anon.

    I´ve just seen pics in IHJ Maggie and Peter´s wedding in Italy.
    I saw Jake and his parents. Of course, Reese was there but she, Maggie and Peter didn´t appear in the pics.

  • nicole

    I am so sick of this chick. Is that all she ever does is travel around without her kids and shop???? How pathetic she is. I don’t care how much money she has, she is nothing. She is a terrible dresser most of the time, except when you see her actually dressed up for some awards show. I feel really bad for her kids, who she shoves with their nanny 99% of the time. I’m surprised her and Jake didn’t fly together to Italy for the wedding, but I’m sure they will fly home together.

  • Anon

    I know lets attack Reese all of a sudden for being a “bad mother” how the f**k does anyone know if she is or isn’t, wow she is papped when she is working/shopping during the day when the children are at school, oh and she went away for the weekend with Jake, probably the same time that Ryan had them, that makes her a “bad mother”?. If anything she tries her best to keep the children out of the limelight good for her.

  • whortensia

    Patty: Even if he is in S. Africa, if Ryan wanted paps to take pictures of him he could arrange it. I think he has decided he will never be a great actor so he isn’t bothering much and he has stopped the competition of “I am the better parent” with Reese, so neither of them goes around showing off what they are doing for their chilrun. Re Gyllenspoon marriage: everything in Hollyweird revolves around MONEY and my suspicion is that he won’t sign a prenup so she isn’t going to risk her fortune again. She lost, by my calcs, ar least 7 million when he dumped Ryan. She’s rich but not rich enough to pay every ex 7 million.

  • fauxmance

    “Of course, Reese was there but didn´t appear in the pics.”
    I’ll wait for the pictures to believe it.
    I’m sure Reese Witherspon will use this oportunity to promote the fauxmance with Jake – with or without pictures.

  • Shelly

    Reese was there as was Peter’s family plus 40 guests. You don’t see pictures of them either.

  • Bianca

    Wow. Some real mean people here. But it’s to be expected: Reese Witherspoon is very successful in her job. She’s seriously rich. She lives in a mansion. She’s thin and can wear designer clothes. In fact, famous designers do things just for her. She can afford to go anywhere and do anything she wants to. She can fly in private planes and stay at exclusive resorts. She has two lovely children, a drop dead gorgeous boyfirend, she’s been dating for almost two years, and she was married to a drop dead gorgeous husband for what, 9 years? I don’t think she even cares about what you bitter haters think. I bet she doesn’t loose a moment’s sleep over it. SHE DOESN”T CARE ABOUT YOU. While you spend all your time “living” on the internet, trashing Reese, and still keeping up with the details of her life and Jake’s, she is out here living and enjoying life. You should try it.

  • victoria

    Good for her – using her fame to highlight a worthy cause :)

  • Laine

    She actually dating with Jake since April 2007 but first public appearance they made in October 2007 in Rome after Rendition premiere.
    Yes she looks lovely and i am thrilled to see her new pics with Jake.

  • fake and phony

    Reese Witherspoon is pretending to date gay Jake Gyllenhaal since March 2007.

  • ellie’

    Thats a one of the greatest charties thats also what Jennifer Aniston is involed with and a million other people..

  • Anon

    Why on earth would Reese pretend anything, Oh wait “Ted” said so, yea poor “Ted” even he doesn’t know what to say any more What a bunch of imbeciles!.

  • Whatever

    @whortensia: What? No credit for sex and drugs? Just money? Seriously, you seem to be the one all hung up on money. The same things drive these celebs that drive the rest of us. love, admiration, success, and the appearance of success. I don’t know why you snark so much on Reese and Ryan’s parenting. As much as I doubt Reese’s motivations, I believe both her and her ex-husband make parenting a priority in their lives. Good for them.@Bianca: I don’t doubt for a moment that Reese care very much what we think of her. Why else would she go to all the trouble of pushing her showmance in our faces all the time and promote her I’m-just-a-lonely-young-mother routine? But does she secretly laugh at us? Probably. @Anon: Ask the Disney studios that question.

  • life


  • JJ


  • lol

    at people who think Reese doesn’t care what people think. She cares so so so so much it is pathetic and it looks like she’s found her soul mate in “image management”.

  • Reese is PR ho

    Fangirls are stupid and pathetic.
    Reese Witherspoon, her PR team and her fake bf can sell any BS to them.

  • se

    All these American actors and actresses are ridiculous!
    The USA destroyed several countries of third world.
    Vietnan, Camboja, El Salvador, Alfganistan, Irak. Why they don’t try to help the countries that they destroyed…
    Vietnan , Camboja, Irak would be more bombard them all Europa in all Second Worl War…

    They would like to help the children in good Hotels of Italian Riviera with their prostitutes and prostitute man!

    They wouldn’t like to get their hand or their shoes dirty!

    Stupidy people! Their corpse would be rotten when they will die! The money would be concentrate in a few hands of their ignorant children and it will be so useless like as usual!

  • madmax

    looks like she was on her way to Brindisi to join her beard at his sister’s wedding yesterday.

  • madmax

    I mean for his beard to join him oops.

  • whortensia

    BiancaP: Some corrections to your post.

    She has two children who never laugh or smile when they are with her, a boyfirend some people find attractive whom she’s been dating for almost two years, and she was married to a baby faced husband who had not been much of a success for what, 9 years? I don’t think she even cares about what you bitter haters think (that is probably true.)

  • Lucky

    ah,ah,ah, freak! How can you say that when you are also living on the internet, keeping up with all the details of R and J lives?,….my advice to you, get off the keyboard and get a good s*hag, you need it. Have you ever heard of f*ucking? I think you haven’t and it’s about time that you have an or*gasm, other than internet p*orn, woman, get a LIFE!!!!

  • Catherine

    38, you are wicked!

  • Anon

    I’ve read some idiotic comments in my life but some of these are beyond belief, i.e. “madmax” (find yourself a nice man), “Phony whatever” (get yourself committed asap, before you do something you wish you hadn’t) , “Lucky/Catherine” (well bonkers or what). and as for “wHortensia” the scroll button is very useful.

  • To Anon, numeber 40

    He,he,….find yourself something better to do with your life than coming here to read all those idiotic comments, what are you doing here, then? Get a bl*oody life,man,woman or whatever you are!
    If your whole life resumes to coming here to defend Jake, Reese or any other celebs,…let me tell you something, you are a really sad person. I only come here to have a laugh and for entertainment, but if this is your whole life,mate, I feel really really sorry for you.

  • To Anon, number 40

    Sorry, I meant, number 40. Yep!

  • Catherine

    You know what, I have a lot of respect for you because you actually gave your opinion. I don’t particularly agree with you, but I apreciate the fact that you didn’t lie and you gave your opinion. This is only a blog for fun, I don’t take anything seriously here, anyway, but I like to come in here and comment about celebrities and have fun. They are not better than me,though, they are just people with different jobs, but not better than me or any of you guys.

  • JJ

    What happens here is that Jake and Reese’s fans are very defensive and they don’t accept that there are people in the world with different opinions to theirs, mistake, imo. I don’t consider myself a fan of any of them, as I think that word is scarey, Fan, Fanatic, umm! I like some of Jake’s films, Donnie Darko, BBM and The good girl and I like some of Reese’s, The man in the moon, election,etc. But i don’t give a sh*it what they do in their lives, I like some of their work,that’s it.

  • Catherine

    Sorry, I have to go as I’ve got things more important and exiting to do than spending my time watching how some people fight over Reese and Jake’s relationship, it’s Bank Hols here in the Uk and I’m going to Stratford upon avon(Shakespeare’s hometown, why do I bother, some of you maybe never heard of him) to spend a couple of days,…bye,guys, enjoy your row over Reese…….! Luv

  • Catherine

    …my boyfriend lives near there so…I don’t even have to pay for a place to stay, io!!!!!

  • RON

    I’m Scottish but I live in Northampton, not too far from Shakespeare’s land, the town it’s beautiful,hope the weather is nice, have a great time,Catherine. If you have the chance, go and see Warwick castle, it’s only 20 mins. driving from there and it’s worth it, believe me. Ta!

  • former fan


  • pulu

    Catherine… I use to live in Leamington spa, that’s nice as well, lots of good shops, Kenilworth’s got a pretty cool castle as well.

  • Lucky

    The only bonker here is you, idiot! Like you have an a*ss, I have an opinion, everybody has. You should learn how to respect people, even when they don’t share your views, you’ve got a lot to learn, you bonker!