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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Kitson Couple

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Kitson Couple

One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton hold hands after shopping at Kitson Men boutique in Los Angeles on Sunday (May 3).

The couple was later seen doing some extra strolling along Robertson Blvd.

A new episode (“Show Me How To Live”) of OTH airs tomorrow @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW. The families of Tree Hill draw closer as Lucas bonds with Jamie while working on Peyton’s car, Sam develops a connection with Victoria, and Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower. Meanwhile, Nathan’s ambitions seem closer than ever when he learns that an NBA scout will be watching his next game.

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Photos: WENN
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  • nicole huggins

    this girl needs to eat a sandwich

  • Cali

    they look so cute!

  • dissssss

    I LOVE her outfit!

    he is looking better…

  • lovesIt

    omg i love her dress. i wonder where it’s from?
    have they set a date to get married?

  • mary

    ^I don’t think they will marry for awhile.

    That is what I heard. I’m not sure if that is 100% or not though

  • must say

    Him leaving OTH is like the BEST thing he could do for his career. That show is such a joke. It use to be good.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i haven’t watched one tree hill in years. damn, i use to love that show. LOL.. if i were to watch it i’d have no clue what’s going on.

  • must say

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]: @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:

    don’t worry. you’re not missing ANYTHING haha it is like one of the worst shows on TV. use to be great must say

  • leslie

    He looks hot. They both look bored though

  • ashley


  • Rebecca

    Kenzie looks really cute and thank goodness Chad cleaned up his look. It seems to me though, they just want their privacy.

  • jughed

    they look really weird together. :(

  • anonymous

    both look great

  • chels

    both look clean and great

  • Deb

    He looks trashy she looks like a skinny kid. What is with his jewelry.

  • that’s hideous

    kitson is crap

  • vanessa

    one tree hill has turned to utter crap. chad was smart to get out

  • beautimagnet

    Kind of awkward in these pictures because she looks super young. And he looks old. They look like siblings rather than a couple.

  • tono


  • Liv

    There are plenty of other places to shop than freakin’ Kitson if you “just want your privacy”. What a set-up.

  • Interesting…


    I see what you mean, def look related. (That would suck!)
    Also, she is heaps younger than him. I think they were engaged before she was 20. So she cant be much older now, only a couple years.

  • ***

    She was 18 when they got engaged.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She looks beautiful. I love her white skin. It’s nor ruined by the sun exposure, like so many girls in LA.

  • Interesting…

    Whats the point in being engaged for years and years, if you honestly believe you will be together for ever? Why wait? Or…If your going to have a long engagement why not prepose once you’ve been together for a few years then plan for a year and get married.

    Also, anyone find it weird that she was an extra on One Tree Hill when he was married to Sophia Bush, now shes engaged to Chad?

  • ice

    Are they paying someone to take photos of them? Why are they suddenly appearing everyday on JJ? Oh well, at least they actually act. Unlike Nicole Bitchy who’s on JJ everyday, but never held a job her whole life

  • Liv

    Yes they are having paps follow them. They want to get his face out there now that he has no prospects.

  • etoile

    I agree with Liv, if they really want their privacy, they’re not going in famous places for eat and shop and they won’t move to L.A. where a lot of paparazzis are!!! I think they like that…

  • ***

    Kenzie looks pissed off/bitchy in those pics. Somone must have peed in her cheerios. Or she finally realised that you are not actually supposed to pose for the paps. That it makes you look like a famewhore.

  • Sue

    They look hot together.

  • brian

    chad is hot. kenzie is ok. hilarie burton, his co- star is ugly.

  • Not a Fan

    Umm…you can see through her dress! Poor girl. I dont like her at all. But that would suck.

  • YUCK


  • sar

    @Interesting…: i’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that he cheated on sophia with an extra, and that’s why they divorced so early — i’m guessing this is the extra.

  • Marco

    Chad looks amazingly hot! seems very tall, or maybe she is very short.

  • Kendall

    He looks great but they look like brother and sisters , that’s weird !!

    Also , if she’s so annoyed by the paps , she shouldn’t live with him in LA , she could have at least give them a smile and her dress is transparent but she can thank Chad for paying for it , cause I doubt she’s got the money to buy a Diane Von Furstenberg dress cause she’s not doing anything unless dating an A lister .

  • haha

    guess you have been living under a rock because that was not what happened and everyone knows it.
    i dont see why everyone is all “they shouldnt be in LA if they dont want there pics taken” when they have not complained about the paps.
    they look cute though

  • mammy

    glad to see she wore a slip under the dress unlike some celebs who like their panties showing. i bet girls these days dont know what a slip is.shes classy and he’s hot.!!!

  • Prezzz

    chad is looking hotter and hotter these days! Kenzie does not look that bad herself. Hopefully Chad can find work in LA (I’m sure he will) and never ever go back to OTH. Him leaving is the final nail in the coffin.

  • jj

    Ewwwwwww. They both look like they’re siblings He looks like her older brother and she looks like his younger kid sister. That is one abnormal looking couple.

  • May

    Chad is getting uglier and uglier with age.

  • chen

    The reason Chad looks so tall is because that boney little girl he’s with is a shrimp. She’s incredibly short and anyone standing next to her looks like a giant.

  • anonymous

    Chad’s famous enough so that paps do know who he is. He’s not a stranger to the business, unlike someone who leeched off of him and does in fact pay the paps to get his/her photos snapped all the time.

  • Bunny

    In the first pic she looks 12. Creepy. Looks like he’s walking his little sister to school.

  • Cel

    I agree with what you said but Chad is NOT an A-lister. Thats just hilarious. He’s more like a C-lister if anything.
    And they both looks bored out of there minds in those pictures.

  • we

    The ONLY person leeching off of Chad is Kenzie. The girl is blowing off his money left and right. Maybe you should consider worrying about a pathetic little nobody mooching off a guy like there’s no tomorrow.

  • lol

    there is really nothing she can do to “look older” why must you all pick on someone you know nothing about? if she was a fame whore you would think they might have been to some sorta event since the TCAs LAST year. but no. she ha done nothing to get ‘famous’ since she has been with him. the only thing she has done is model some which she has been doing since she was a kid. i dont see how moving to LA with your fiancee makes you begging for attention. i also dont see how going out with you fiancee is bad. leave her alone. like she is doing nothing wrong.

  • lol

    @we: let me guess… she was leeching off his money at a MENS store right?

  • Cali

    @anonymous: LMFAO i love this comment. its true…

  • sail

    faux hawk- CHECK.
    Tight Black V neck shirt- CHECK.
    Gaudy jewelry- CHECK.
    Cop glasses- CHECK.
    Girlfriend with Big glasses & flats- CHECK.
    OMG! he is such a West Hollywood poser! LOL.
    L A M E

  • Sann

    Please. Give me a f*ckin break. The only reason she hasn’t been to some sort of an event since the TCA’s last year is because she is a NOBODY. And nobody’s can’t just go to any type of “events” without knowing someone famous. And so since Chad didn’t really didn’t visit LA that much before he moved there a few weeks ago, she didn’t have anywhere to go where there would be photographers. But now that they’re in LA, watch them be on JJ every week and going to events left and right as soon as they get more settled.
    And like #45 said, she’s been leeching off of him ever since they got together. Who do you think pays for MOST of her clothes, shoes, etc.?? Certainly not her parents. And just because they were at a Men’s store doesn’t mean she’s not a leech. I feel like JJ is full of a bunch of tiny teeny boppers who don’t know how the real world works.