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Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

Also pictured: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

If you haven’t seem Slumdog Millionaire yet, why not?????

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328 Responses to “Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars”

  1. 1
    smart1* Says:

    he could have a baby and looked like a beautiful father.

  2. 2
    naina Says:

    awww…that’s so sweet of GB….what’s going on with him and Priyanka? are they a couple??

  3. 3
    ebmo Says:


  4. 4
    Alexanderina Says:

    so cute

  5. 5
    vcbcb Says:

    Aww the pictures are all cute!

  6. 6
    Ignacia Says:

    i saw the movie just yesterday ! beautiful ( :

  7. 7
    pop86 Says:

    Gerard and Priyanka make a cute couple.

  8. 8
    Jane Says:

    he is sooo hot, i love him. i heard he’s a really nice guy

  9. 9
    Moira Says:

    He has such a soft side to him. Lovely thing to do for the kids.

  10. 10
    Hotlips Says:

    Looks like they all had a wonderful day. So adorable all the children.

  11. 11
    jennifer86 Says:

    This is an adorable picture! Who’s the UGLY white guy in the middle?

  12. 12
    StinkyLouise Says:

    I was wondering what he would do to get press for this trip. Apart from the Indian rags, no one gave a rat’s *ss he was even there. But, Hey, trot out the slumdog kids for a PR photo-op and voila,he’s news.

  13. 13
    ffj Says:

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet

  14. 14
    what happen Says:

    Someone has to keep an eye on these kids because their parents keep on trying to sell them on E-Bay.

  15. 15
    MARLA Says:


  16. 16
    emma Says:


  17. 17
    brazilian woman Says:

    Gerry makes everyone around him so happy!
    It’s a pleasure to be his fan…
    Thanks JJ … beautiful photos!

  18. 18
    uglysexy Says:

    they are cute kids….espesh the one whose father tried to sell her…shame…but that makes you wonder how many saudi sheiks are buying children for whatever purpose….creepy/scary

  19. 19
    Gino Says:

    Priyanka has to be one of the hottest babes in bollywood.

  20. 20
    Teresa Says:

    He is a beautiful man.

  21. 21
    5erg Says:

    oh how sweet :D And the movie is really worth the fame

  22. 22
    smile Says:

    good pr to distract from his smutty rep. LOL

  23. 23
    LoneWolf Says:

    #12-Stinky Weezie, I agree with ya…. hug a little kid and there is the PR…. also, I cant believe (even after Gerry himself has said it….)just because he is pic’d with someone doesnt mean he is dating her…..anyway, if you read all the India/Bolllywood cr*p……you will find he is supposed to have said “Id like to marry a Indian woman”……THEN, in another one it says he’d like to date one……..then as for this proposal thing…..I am curious what he would have done if she called his bluff and said yes!!! Boy, the PR and rag mags would have a heyday. (But she is also in her 20′s!!!!!)

    Also, after reading past posts (previous thread, NYC one) I have to agree with I think it is Stinky (Weezie) who has a friend wh is knowledgeable (sp) in Bollywood insight. If Gerry is going on looks that is fine….but as for personality, Priyanka is as it is posted previously……you better have the money to approach her or she walks on by and she is definitely the party/drinking monger…..and isnt afraid to do what ever it takes to get where she wants/needs to be. Some describe her as very beautiful, everyone has their opinion but personality also contributes to personality as well. While my friends were in Mumbai for RnR several of the Marines got pics of some of the actresses/actors and with what my friends sent me Priyanka didnt come close to several. BUT!!! as I have always said, just my opinion. Bombai also was a beautiful place via the pics…..

    Anyway, if you read everything as it comes in you will find as I do nothing makes sense til it comes from the man himself….our rag mags here are nothing to what those are over in India (or overseas for that matter)…..5 minutes you have a totally different story……but, what is the best thing to overcome boredom? *But to read all the cr*p out there, look at his interviews….bits and pieces of the same thing in all them and then the interviewers “input”.

    **?-wasnt our own beloved (note sarcasm) Jennifer Anniston pic’d with a cute little St Jude kid……? again all for the PR….and I know (sigh) they got to get it some how….



  24. 24
    LoneWolf Says:

    *note-Sorry cant type…what I was trying to say-personality contributes to appearance as well (not personality contributes to…..) *remember the old line…beauty is only skin deep……and I myself have in the past been guilty of going just for looks…and have paid for it…

    Sorry, gang for the grammar/typo…..6 days working nites is taking a toll.



  25. 25
    claire Says:

    cute photos. but what is he doing in india? is he shooting for a film?
    i also saw some pictures of a party thrown for him

  26. 26
    Sue Says:

    Why all the ugly comments? A rhetorical question-don’t answer. I think the pix are great and GB & the kids look like they are having a good time. That’s all that matters isn’t it? And who believes all the crap that is written in the tabloids by those trying to make a buck. The true person GB is, is known to himself alone, and the rest of the people who spread lies and gossip can go pound sand. Let the man alone to live his life the way he wants. He seems like a good man and God knows there a very few of them around.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  27. 27
    ger the dîckmunch Says:

    hallelujah praise the lord. he’s not partying in a nightclub.

    he must be feeling ill. maybe he’s got swine flu, or maybe the greedy capitalist fuçk has a conscience after all.

  28. 28
    To Sue Says:

    Please go fuçk yourself.

  29. 29
    StinkyLouise Says:

    OK. I’m climbing on the soapbox. There has been , in my opinion ,a disturbing trend among celebrities over the last couple of years.And that’s the use of a pregnancy and kids for PR purposes.Either to promote an upcoming project or simply to stay relevant. I find it exploitative and troubling. And I see G doing it here.He could have done this for the kids privately. Instead, photos were taken and sold to a wire service. Getting off MY soapbox.

  30. 30
    LoneWolf Says:

    #29-Weezie, I again agree…..what better “tool” to use to get public attention that a cute baby/child, ill/poor ones as well. Now, someone correct me here….I cant member where I read it but it was made clear by JA at one time she didnt want kids, BUT to get the monkey off her a$$ while married to Brad and then after the breakup she said she did (but all that ttime married to BP never had one) and then does eventually? THEN!!!! she appears with a little ST Jude child…which BTW she really looked….(someone help me out here….know what I am wanting to say…something like phoney….)

    You all know there is the humane societys that need help….maybe a cute puppy or kitten parsay….?

    Weezie, where do you get a soap box? (LOL just pickin on ya…)



  31. 31
    twifanatic Amanda Says:

    I love him and slumdog. All is good.

  32. 32
    looks like PR Says:

    Looks like a PR attempt to divert attention from all the bad press he has been getting lately…especially here on JJ in the “NY is Neat” thread.

  33. 33
    why-so-cynical? Says:

    Why can’t you take it as face value? He’s involved in many more charitable stuff than people know, anonymously.
    You don’t need to be a monk to care about others and give. Live and let live, the world’s pretty screwed up already.

  34. 34
    andrea Says:

    Agree with you 100%.
    These people here seem to know everything about how PR and etc. work. So smart. Why do they need to trash GB constantly is beyond me.
    Give me a break!

  35. 35
    StinkyLouise Says:

    We don’t NEED to trash him. He just makes it so easy. I’ll repeat what I said in another thread. If he had become an actor instead of a celebrity, we wouldn’t be here.
    And as for his anonymous charitable work, that must refer to all the hours he spends in clubs rescuing poor innocent waifs and tending to their needs.LOL

  36. 36
    andrea Says:

    I think that for many people he IS an actor. Personally that’s all I care about.
    He is a celebrity? So what?
    And so what if he likes being with girls and do whatever? Nobody’s business.
    Innocent girls? Please!

  37. 37
    PR Says:

    Commenting on the timing of these pictures with regard to the horrible press that he has been getting lately is not trashing him. It is an observation regarding the potential motivation for releasing pictures of a private gathering.
    If the intentions were strictly altruistic for meeting these children, then the pictures could have remained private. Instead they were released, and it was probably to help rehabilitate his reputation in the press. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

    Unfortunately, I think he is going to need more than a few pics with children to change the reputation that he has earned for himself lately.

  38. 38
    hannah Says:

    These pics are just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!! Best set of pics that are worth looking at on this site in weeks. Gerard is such a classy fella! Kudos to him ;)

  39. 39
    andrea Says:

    Just out of curiosity; what kind of “horrible press” are you talking about?
    You mean the trashy sites that’s sole purpose is to get attention and would write/lie anything just to get it?
    Or these people’s opinion that are negatively commenting every moves he makes?

  40. 40
    fardous Says:

    Priyanka and Gerard Butler i hear they are dating hope best for


  41. 41
    bailey Says:

    thanks so much for posting these jared!

  42. 42
    now that's funny Says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that the pics were probably taken for the children and perhaps a parent who would supposedly “sell their child on Ebay” would think nothing of selling these pics to a wire service? I don’t know if that’s the case. My point is, neither do you.

    What I see are new pics of my favorite actor from his Indian vacation.

  43. 43
    amen Says:

    Too funny – is it possible that some that post here and on other sites like this, consider our unsubstantiated rants and drivel P-R-E-S-S ?
    Get over yourselves…ROTFL

  44. 44
    boo boo day Says:

    The only negative press I see is from the man-eating sharks trolling for attention here.

  45. 45
    andrea Says:


    what are you talking about? Maybe you can explain while you ROTFL.
    I have not seen any negative press regarding GB that’s why I am asking what the hell you people are talking about.

  46. 46
    Cherish Says:

    Ugh, what’s with all the bad comments?? Who cares?
    The man looks (and is) great and the kids and pictures are adorable!

  47. 47
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Actually, there hasn’t been ANY press. ZIP. Zero. Outside of Bollywood no one cared. And that’s the problem. His trip didn’t generate any interest. So he brings out the kids for PR.

  48. 48
    Sanjay Says:

    #47, is correct. The general public in India was not interested in Gerard’s visit. It got no publicity except for Priyanka yapping to the press. She is a media ***** who encouraged citizens to vote in a video then did not bother to show up to vote. But she found time to arrange a party for Gerard on election day and notified the media about it. Pathetic.

    BTW, she is average looking even after all her plastic surgery.

  49. 49
    andrea Says:

    Why do you assume that he would need any press of his trip?
    What purpose would that serve for him? Can’t you just believe that he wanted to go to India for whatever reason?
    He is well known among people that understand his acting and care about it; he has enough fans I think.

  50. 50
    StinkyLouise Says:

    If he didn’t want the press then he would have slipped in and out of India unnoticed. He did it last year. This time he was barely off the plane when he gave his interview.

  51. 51
    chill out Says:

    He is well known among people that understand his acting and care about it; he has enough fans I think.
    Let’s hope you don’t represent most of his fans.

  52. 52
    myopinion Says:

    Just for a minute let’s try to be a bit objective here.
    We are jumping to conclusions about a man mostly based on:
    a) Gossip bloggers
    b) Disgruntled fans
    c) Two foreign chicks who are desperate to become famous no matter what it takes

    This is all we have, rumours and gossip. I keep hearing GB’s “negative press” thrown around and the need for his PR people to fix the damage, but so far I haven’t read anything negative about him from a respected source.
    What about all those celebrities beating the crap out of their gf’s, or those constantly coming in and out of rehab centers, or those other accused of even worse unmentionable things.

    If all the negative things said about GB are true, how come we don’t hear anything from a serious and trusted source? It’s not like the press in this country is out to protect celebrities, right?

    If GB’s worse crime is liking young beautiful women and going out to have fun, as long as the women are consenting and willing adults, who cares? He’s single, doesn’t have to be faithful to anyone and as far as we know, he’s not breaking any laws.

    What if he acts like an immature moron? So many men his age less better looking, less famous & with less money do, why wouldn’t he? Why have such high expectations from an actor?

    I think people get way too involved in celebrities’ private lives as if celebs were that different from us. Men will be men and even though not all men are the same, I’m sure many in his situation would take advantage of it to play around.

  53. 53
    Soho kid Says:

    I get a message that says my post is awaiting moderation???! I don’t understand, this has NEVER happened when I’ve posted on JJ before. Did anyone else here get this message?

    The strange thing is that I just posted on the Dita von Teese thread and I didn’t get that “moderation” message there. Does this only happen on the Gerard Butler threads?
    Very confusing.

  54. 54
    StinkyLouise Says:

    My only issue is the photographs. And what I perceive as a blatant attempt to use these kids as PR.

  55. 55
    Sani Says:

    Gerald is a nobody he has dating a million girls Priyanka is too good for him i don’t like their pairing if they are together! i think they are just rumors too

  56. 56 Says:

    awww soooo cute!!!!

  57. 57
    myopinion Says:

    What’s wrong with posing with some kids who happen to be the actors in an award winning film that he loves?
    He’s not having pictures taken in the middle of the Indian slums with starving kids, he gave a lunch in honour of these children that he admires!!

  58. 58
    awaiting moderation Says:

    I got a waiting moderation too. So wierd. The post was benign.

  59. 59
    myopinion Says:

    It’s happening to me too. wtf?

  60. 60
    Shelly Says:

    Priyanka never told anything to the press if you read the news, which apparently you have not, the gerald stories were all over now SRK threw him a party too so he was in the news too then you had photographers piled all over her house and even at SRK’s house go read the news articles before making stupid rumors
    oh and i have met priyanka before at the london airport and she is so nice to her fans the lady that she was with kept telling her that she had to go but priyanka still signed autographs for her fans she has the best smile she doesn’t make herself seem so obvious and is not a publicity seeker that is kareena and aishwarya rai

  61. 61
    Cinde Says:

    two attention seeking foreign women? um jennfier anison could never make it to the top in hollywood she has only been known as that girl with the famous hair cut who got dumped by brad pitt she has never been able to achieve the #1 status priyanka is at the top of bollywood right now so she doesn’t need someone like gerald, who is not even at the top himself, to make it big it’s more like gerald needs her gerald hooks up with a different woman every day i won’t be surprised if tomorrow he’ll be with lindsay lohan

  62. 62
    g!na Says:

    the boy who played little malik is my favorite!!! especially when he jumped into crap to see his favorite actor for an autograph!!!!!!!

  63. 63
    maarshh Says:

    that lady priyanka was a former miss world she’s quite pretty gerald is a nice guy it’s not for publciity!! haters will always be haters!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64
    me Says:

    I got an awaiting moderation message too. It only happens on this thread. I just posted on other celebs threads and no moderation message. Hmm….

  65. 65
    myopinion Says:

    JJ probably got tons of complaints for other GB’s threads & now he’s put this one under mod

  66. 66
    huh Says:

    there isn’t not that much hatred for gerald in general so i am thinking that the haters over here must actualy be the same person posting over AND OVER AGAIN! how stupid get a life loserssss
    i am not a fan of gerald and he is a playa i feel sorry for that chopra chick she shoiuld watch out for him

  67. 67
    milli Says:

    Gerry and Priyanka are a couple.

  68. 68
    LoneWolf Says:

    #67-tell that to her boyfriend Shahid…(sp)…..

  69. 69
    life Says:

    hey I know who miss priyanka is! My friend showed me parts of a film on youtube along with another famous Indian actress. She is really beautiful. Gerald doesn’t look good with her. The couple is really odd. Isn’t he dating Jennifer Aniston though? He is a confused guy HAHA. Why and how did he get so famous? I never hear of him. I guess he’s only popular in Scotland?

  70. 70
    red Says:

    East meets the West. Nice lol.

  71. 71

    I hope they showed those kids the Nim’s Island video, otherwise it just is pretty creepy having these kids take pictures with strange white men. Very pedo-creepy.

  72. 72
    pafan Says:

    The ‘waiting moderation’ message is standard on JJ. No biggie.

    The negative press comment was ridiculous. There is no negative press regarding GB. The only negatives are from nut cases who blog and make retarded, untrue comments for god only knows what reason. I wish libel laws could bring them down.

    Great photo. It’s nice that GB remembers these kids and obviously brought some happiness into their lives. Look at those faces. They obviously had a blast. If you’ve read anything about them, you know they don’t lead the lives of celeb kids in the US.

    And, GB and his fans support many charities. Just because he doesn’t choose to flaunt it in our faces like Brangelina doesn’t make it less important.

    I will never understand why some enjoy trashing this truely nice man. Come on, find a quote on record from anyone (with a real name) who actually knows him saying anything but complimentary things about him. I don’t think you can.

  73. 73
    Sally Says:

    Great pictures of Gerry with the kids, everyone looks like they are having a good time! Now, if you were really a fan of Gerry’s, you would know his name is GERARD not Gerald as many of you have spelt it!

  74. 74
    ohmy Says:

    I wonder if he’s dating the little girl in the purple outfit.

  75. 75
    Simple Says:

    Gerard seems nice. He would make a nice couple with many girls. It was reported that he went to India on a visit, but he called up Priyanka and even visited her on the sets. They hung out for that whole day. Then Priyanka threw him a goodbye party, as did another famous Bollywood celebrity. I take this as a good gesture, something of good manners. Now you have Gerard inviting Priyanka to come meet the SD kids with him. He seems very interested in her. She is a gorgeous girl so I am not so shocked. People should lay off Gerard. He seems like a decent guy!

  76. 76
    buster brown Says:

    Gerard Butler is a marginally talented fame *****. Plain and simple. I can’t believe that some here are actually that naive (or would the correct term be stupid?) to defend this man’s honor so vehemently as though they’re sleeping beside him every night. Wow! Getta’ a grip! Do you not realize that this man gets paid millions every time he steps on a movie set? He ain’t no average Joe. He is a commodity. He is a product that is to be marketed, packaged and sold to various demographics. His job is to put asses in seats at the multiplex, preferably to the tune of several hundred million in box office receipts. He has a team of people crafting an image that will sell. And yes, probably 90% of that image is a lie. When POTO was released he was the big puppy dog. The sweet, sensitive type that cries and loves his Mum. The Scottish guy who overcame adversity to hit the big time. Now he’s the consumate Hollywood star with a complete entourage that never strays too far from a party or an event where he never seems to stray too far from a photo op. A bad boy that’s lovin’ em and leavin’ em’ (wouldn’t it be funny if he had actually been in a long term relationship all this time?) hanging out with beautiful Bollywood actresses and Brazilian supermodels. He even has the elite of the fashion industry holding shows in his honor. He drives fast, expensive cars and is relentlessly (so you all think) pursued by the media. So which is it? How much of this is real or just hype?! Take a wild guess.

  77. 77
    bee Says:

    GB is pretty in these pics!

  78. 78
    WTF Says:

    It’s getting really hard to get a post through. WTF is going on. Have we been marked as the baddies of JJ and have to be monitored? God, I hope so!!

  79. 79
    Lea Says:

    I agree with the posters who think Gerry is getting “bad” press because no press IS bad press. Remember what the philly blogger said; he couldn’t sell any photos of GB during his stay there. No news outlet wanted them. The only thing left for G are blogs and sites like this and they ain’t to flatterin’ lately.
    G was all over India but only written about or photographed in relation to piggy. The only time he gets media attention for any length of time is for his love (?) life. He really doesn’t seem to have anything else to offer, oh, except his cr*ppy movies of late.

  80. 80
    uh oh Says:

    OMG – Is he wearing a red string on his right wrist? Uh oh.

  81. 81
    Mihay Says:

    Really cute picture but I am so tired of hearing about this effin’ movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    Charley Kane Says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Im pretty sure thats not what i wrote. Now im supposed to come back later to see if my comment got through? Too busy. Lots of celeb sites out there, and most of them actually trust you especially after youve been commenting for several weeks. Bye.

  83. 83
    Sare Says:

    #76 I love you lol.

  84. 84
    yes Says:

    Haha I have never heard of this Gerard character until I saw reports of him linking to Priyanka. I watch Hollywood films and I probably saw his picture somewhere, but he had no lasting impression on me it seems. I even did some research and he has a very stupid career. I fail to understand his popularity.

  85. 85
    Sugar Says:

    It’s weird. He met Chopra only days after he was spotted kissing Kristi in the arcade. How did he move on so fast? Anyway if its true, they are a nice couple

  86. 86
    really had enough Says:

    Nice enough pics – why weren’t they kept private if they are at a private lunch party – sounds and looks like intrusive and pointless PR (again) – I have to say that I have really had enough of GB, his demented fans and the whole sickening PR rubbish – I also know that I don’t want to spend any money on supporting his movies. It seems that he is, as a previous poster says, merely a commodity, a movie brand. Fine, but I suspect that there is very little to commend other than smart PR. He is not very well known here in UK, maybe he is a ‘big noise’ in the US?
    I wish him well and hope that he enjoys his fame, but I no longer wish to know. Walking away in disgust and disappointment.

  87. 87
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Mission accomplished. His trip finally go the attention of the press outside India. And he used innocent kids to do it.
    I owe a poster an apology. He/she said that G would do any thing for publicity and I disagreed. Sorry!

  88. 88
    am Says:


    Thanks; that was such a nice comment.
    What did I say to deserve it?

  89. 89
    Ayeoh Says:

    Well said buster brown #76.
    #79 Could it be because Gerry’s 15 minutes of fame has ticked away amongst the mainstream audience? TUT will not help him out.
    Those kids are so cute.

  90. 90
    ILoveVelvetGoldmine Says:

    adorable picture!

  91. 91
    tiana1 Says:

    Gerry is living his life… and seems to be happy… everything else is blah blah blah… from unhappy and bitter ones.

  92. 92
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Are posts being deleted?

  93. 93
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    This comment has nothing to do with GB.

    I am actually a bit concerned for the wellbeing of some of those kids, especially Rubiana Ali. The idea of someone wanting to selling their own child makes me feel ill.

    That is all.

  94. 94
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    I bet this comment moderation has something to do with the likes of that “Jesus/GB” psycho rant on another thread – the empire awards thread I believe

  95. 95
    StinkyLouise Says:

    I just had a horrible thought? What if they’re being rented out instead?
    Desperate celebs who want to cash in on the film’s success, can rent the kids for photo-ops.At this point nothing would surprise me.

  96. 96
    bollywooddeewana Says:

    Do you watch bollywood Jared

  97. 97
    remember da truth Says:

    Lone Wolf you are right. People who say someone shouldn’t be with someone because they aren’t cute, in their opinion only, are weird. If you only date someone for their looks, or think a celeb should break up with someone who is ugly, you are really messed up.

    But then again, you shouldn’t be reading so many tabs and believing what they say, They make it up, you do know that, don’t you? If they say, “a source says” then it’s made up. The source is the person across the desk from them, or a pal on the phone, or the cleaning lady, and then they are covered.

  98. 98
    LOL! Says:

    What a load of crap this guy serves. Not saying he doesn’t like the little kiddies, but how naive are you people.

    1. he is gay
    2. he traveled with male companions. duh.
    3. it is all PR – wake up and smell the coffee you losers.

  99. 99
    Swansong Says:

    I think he looks fantastic, and those children are beautiful. I hope Gerry is having a great time!


  100. 100
    cubedweller Says:

    Of course it’s PR – aimed straight at the gossip blogs where he is getting the attention these days. His entire itinerary being given to the Indian press, being cute with kids, chasing a bollywood actress who is over 21. The kids appear to be having a fun time and good for them. But why are the photos of the event popping up from different news agencies? Because somebody made the effort to publicize it. This is the press he is courting right now – blogs and recycled sound-bites. What would happen if a serious journalist sat him down for an in-depth chat? Don’t see that happening.

  101. 101
    comment Says:

    if he is supposedly dating Pryanka why the **** do you travel with male companions? lol

  102. 102
    Eve Says:

    I have to comment here that I have a gut feeling about all of this and it is that Gerry is being used to get publicty for Chopra and maybe even promote Bollywood. He was supposedly invited by Chopra and she had a party in his honor. Gerry himself even commented that he really didn’t want anyone to know he was there but it was obvious that his little playful escapades of proposing to her were leaked out. Is that what friends do?

    Even these pics with the slumdog kids is being taken by Chopra and since we’re all looking at them, she had no problem exposing these either. I think she has an agenda and I hope Gerry doesn’t get hurt.

    I know Bollywood is probably doing what it can to get their movies more exposure here in the US. During these stressful economic times and with all the outsourcing of American jobs to China, Mexico and India, people here just aren’t going get all that warm and fuzzy about it.

    I love Gerry and I hope something like this doesn’t do more harm than good for Gerry’s career because he’s a fantastic actor and has a great future a head of him if he uses his brain and not the other organs in his body to do his thinking for him!

    I’m sure Slumdog was a great movie and I plan on seeing it but the reality is, the movie going American public is going to spend the last of the hard earned dollars on food and things that aren’t coming from countries taking their jobs away.

  103. 103
    LoneWolf Says:

    #97-RDT-No I never believe what is said unless it comes directly from the source themselves and then again, if the wind blows in the same direction it does have my attention and also curiosity. Espically being prior service (Marines) reading the papers and hearing what I do and knowing what I know is enough proof for me right there to show how far people will go to get a story…..regardless of who it hurts or what it does to the source and their rep.

    As for Gerry, he is a good guy in his own way. But, as I also agree with other posters something has gone wrong somewhere and he is apparently trying to regain ground in anyway he can, this case PR. No, he wasnt a hit in Philly, HughE indicated that and I am sure it isnt hard to figure out and as for India, well you see how that is going and the “type” of attention he has gotten there. And LA, well those stories speak for themselves. (cant deny a video).

    Gerry is who he is and it is understandable his fans dont want to see this. Fine, who doesnt want to see someone they like in true form and also out in the rags/mags, etc. getting hit with the remarks he does. But at the same time they should not bash those who do see both sides and dont wear rose colored glasses. Gerry as I have said often needs to find who he is because he has at this time forgotten who he really is. Running to India and whereever isnt going to get it. He needs a long time out from all of it!!!!!! Who hasnt at one point in time hit the brakes and said “I need to take a break…..this isnt me or what I really do?”

    Everyone, no matter where your opinions lie, or what all you read/hear it all breaks down to one thing……Gerry is going to do what he is going to do no matter what is said and get attention however he can (PR) until HE at some point gets to a niche in the road to where reality does slap him in the face and there he will fade away and hopefully come back to the Gerry everyone know, remembers and many love (in their own way). Til then, who knows what is next….maybe pics of him and puppies/kittens from the Animal Socities…. Keep the faith…



  104. 104
    Swansong Says:

    With all the crap published about celebrities, I don’t blame them a bit for wanting to manage their own positive PR.


  105. 105
    LoneWolf Says:

    #97-RDT. Forgot to respond to your other remark to where you say I think a celeb should break up with someone cause of their looks:

    First, never said that. And second, if it is all that ANYONE not just celebs is going for in regards to pursuing dating and/or a relationship and that is their looks then they have no one to blame but themselves if something happens along the way while dating or being bf/gf. True, it can go well, Im just saying it doesnt take looks to make a person. You can be very plain and yet be the nicest person around. BUT, then if you are worreid about who you are seen with in public….well, that is a mule with a different color….



  106. 106
    MARLA Says:

    Good morning Gerald Butlers’ FANS. I think that GB is getting nasty comments because the HUVANE MONEY MACHINE IS GETTING INVOLVED. This machine is SUPPOSEDLY paid by a certain person that we all know. This machine do not want the world to know that GB is dating MS. CHOPRA. The person that I am talking about was dumped recently. Huvane is trying to hook her up with her because she has a movie coming out, or maybe she wants to make a fool of herself and go to the CANNES AWARDS, just like the way she did at the OSCARS. SHE IS A PATHETIC PERSON.

  107. 107
    StinkyLouise Says:

    @LoneWolf-You stated that something has gone wrong somewhere. I’ll tell you what that is: Shattered, PS I Love You, Nim’s Island and RocknRolla. His post -300 flops.
    This Slumdog- India -PR blitz smacks of desperation. He needs TUT and Game to be hits.TUT might be a success because of Katherine Heigl’s previous hits but I think Game might flop, just like the Crank sequel.

  108. 108
    LoneWolf Says:

    #107-Weezie, this is what I mean-he is “grabbing at straws” (like the PR, doing any project like TUT, Game etc without research the pro/cons) to get himself back to where he was…but this is the wrong way. Like I said, he needs to take a long break from EVERYTHING and come back being espically particular with what projects he takes on and definitely stick to what he himself has said…..keep his private life private….)no more videos, the carousing and so forth) and avoid those who(for the real reason) wants to use him for their own “career/s” and not to be friends. Just my opinion/observation of course.



  109. 109
    tugger Says:

    Mmmmmmm….isn’t he just picking out his new ‘young’ girlfriend!

  110. 110
    sAD Says:

    Nice PR!

    Eve,,,wake up. He’s not a child, he’s a big-boy now and is more than capable of taking care of himself, and we don’t know that Gerry’s people didn’t leak the information coming out of India. And lets not forget Gerry’s boyish stupidity at constantly proposing to Chopra at a party, KNOWING she has a boyfriend. Talk about insensitivity. Does that man’s brain not fire on all cylinders?

    Marla…could it be that it’s more than Huvane that’s drawing nasty comments. It could be that people are realising that he now has the taste for fame, and wants it at any price. Somebody once said there no such thing as bad publicity, and I’m sure his PR people have brought him up to speed about his recent womanizing image, and this is a very nice way to dampen things down. Afterall, he knows his fans will forgive him anything.

    Stinky Louise and LoneWolf (106 & 107)….well said, except Lonewolf, I think it’s a two-way street as far as using people. You have to work-it in Hollywood, and he’s has been around long enough to know how to do just that. Exposure is the name of the game and it takes two to tango, so both parties could be after the same thing. Being photographed with a pretty model/writer/actress/dog walker, does his (and her’s) profile a lot of good.

  111. 111
    LoneWolf Says:

    110-sAD. You are right. I am a firm believer that there are 2-sides to everything (because there is), which I usually indicate often in what I say, post or write. This time I forgot to include it. Thanks for bringing that point up.



  112. 112
    LoneWolf Says:

    #110 sAD-Also, forgot to add, you spoke of Gerry’s stupidity…how about causing trouble with his “joke”. He more than likely assumed everyone would think it was a joke-thus funny……he should have checked out the Indian protocal for “jokes”.



    *imdb also has it on the GB page (news….)

  113. 113
    people please! Says:

    Does anyone really care about this ****? It’s all a joke anyway and he’s probably laughing all the way home with his male companions. Another reason to link him to her and his constant proposing to her. Make it look like he is straight. duh

  114. 114
    skeeter Says:

    @Lonewolf, StinkyWeezie and cubeD…all well said. And Buster Brown…sweet.

    I’m sure of all us posters would look cute posing with the SD kids.
    Wouldn’t we all. They would make any of us seems like heros- those children are adorable.
    So as for GB timing-what the heck…do you think he would be doing this 1 year from now? probably not.

    GB and Piggy: the new Thing 1 and Thing 2.

  115. 115
    whocaresaboutpriyanka Says:

    Just because he went to her party doesn’t mean they’re dating or anything. Her boyfriend was there and Gerry would have to be stupid to hit on a woman when her boyfriend is there. The Indian websites have him proposing to her when actually it seems it was a joke of his to show her how impressed he was with the party she threw for him.

    Btw, note to Marla: a lot of people want Gerry, not just one person, hon! Don’t presume to read people’s minds and think you know what they want or not. I think most of us are intelligent enough to know as much as we admire Gerry, we’ll never have him. I think what you wrote could be applied to you for all we know.

  116. 116
    nyob Says:

    I don’t know who was responsible for the leaking of these photos to the media – gerry’s camp, priyanka’s camp, or the kids’ parents – but whoever it was is a disgusting famewhore. The kids are adorable and are bigger stars right now than either of these two wannabes. It disgusts me that someone would use them for attention. And don’t tell me for a second that this is not a PR move by someone. This was a private party in India and ends up on a US celeb gossip site within 24 hours – come on. It makes me want to vomit. At least the children look like they were having fun – that should have been the only point of this party.

  117. 117
    myopinion Says:

    Even if it was a joke I think it was in very bad taste to spend the night “proposing” to a girl in front of her supposedly bf, kind of humiliating for the guy. I guess that’s his sense of humour! hmmmm
    She’s no doubt a beauty but too young again, has this man dated anyone over 30? Don’t answer, I’m guessing…NOT! :)

  118. 118
    Sugar Says:

    People he was JOKING. I remember when one of my husband’s friends came over and I made him such a great dinner, he said, “your cooking is great, please marry me.” We all laughed because it was a joke to show his appreciation. My husband was there and of course didn’t think anything of it. Stop over analysing everything this guy does. My GOD!

  119. 119
    not really funny - kinda sad Says:

    The difference is that your husband’s friend said it once, not every 30 min. over and over again.

    That joke would get old after the first 3 times. But Priyanka probably had to keep forcing a laugh because it’s Gerard Butler. There is a point of taking a joke too far.

  120. 120
    pafan Says:

    The bottom line of the party with the kids was that they seemed to be having a blast. Look at their faces and the way they obviously relate to GB. Remember, he met several of them in the U.S. at Oscar time. Most of them still live in conditions we in the U.S. would consider poor and most will likely never make another movie.
    And, so what if there are pictures in the media? What’s the difference if it’s Angelina or Madonna gussied up in fake African garb posing for photogs over and over again? GB has enough going on in his life that he doesn’t have to stage a party for these kids to get a few pics in the media. Get real peeps.
    I also am amused by those who put him down as needing to change his life. So, he’s making lots of money, has many diverse film projects ahead, has traveled all over the world, has friends who obviously like him everywhere, has homes in New York and L.A., ‘drives fast cars’ to quote an earlier negative post, has thousands of fans who love him and is enjoying life. I bet millions of people would be willing to change places with him in a heartbeat. And you who post batsh#t about him on here, what do you have to compare?

  121. 121
    HE IS gay Says:

    The proposals are a joke because he is gay. Come on, every f@g hag out there has had proposals from their g@y friend!

  122. 122
    please Says:

    why the hell can’t we post easily anymore?????

  123. 123
    oh really now Says:

    Maybe we should go back to the old threads. You could say anything there. LOL

  124. 124
    **** Says:

    I wish I could finger his ass.

  125. 125
    LoneWolf Says:

    #117-If I remember right Jasmine (Burgess) his date/gf in NYC was 31…… meaning she is the oldest. Now, if you count the lunch date with Laura Harring she is 44 (maybe 45 now).



  126. 126
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    Dear Jared,

    Why are my comments being moderated? Was #124 moderated too?

    Much Love…

  127. 127
    even benign stuff Says:

    comments being moderated – yes

  128. 128
    even benign stuff Says:

    yes it seems that comments are being moderated – leaving just the crazy stuff and the fans

  129. 129
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Comments moderated? Awwww, Jared, say it isn’t so!
    As for the Gerry and Piggy gossip, when my friend gave me some info on the Bollywood scene she also said not to believe ANYTHING in the Indian rags. They are as bad, if not worse, in making up garbage. Look at the Tom Cruise/scouting for movie location BS.

  130. 130
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    If Butler has ANYTHING to do with Cruise, I’m outta here! That’s it. He’ll be jumping up and down on Craig Ferguson’s couch proclaiming his love next.

  131. 131
    people please! Says:

    Isn’t Laura Harring considered a *** Hag?…pftt

  132. 132
    i wonder Says:

    who his two male friends are who are with him.

  133. 133
    slum dog crap Says:

    first of all these kids are not all slum kids… only 2 of them are. the rest are normal child artists and some of them have been on indian tv before.
    #132 one of the males looks like GB’s assistant… Hally or some thing… i am sure GB nor piggy wanted publicity and it was circulated by the child’s parents. there are actaully some more pics in mumbai mirror and there are a lot of other ppl sitting around the table. so it could’ve been any one of them.
    as for GB, Piggy, Shahid love triangle we’ll have to wait and see… no one actually confirmed Shahid was datin Piggy it was all rumoured!!! who knows!!!!

  134. 134
    @133 Says:

    his assistant?? How do you know he has a male assistant?

  135. 135
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Maybe she means “assistant “!

  136. 136
    @Stinky Says:

    you mean like wink wink assistant? lol

  137. 137
    jayenne Says:

    Apparently, fans know nothing about the real GB, but all the haters do. I hate to break it to you people, but TMZ and other gossip mags/blogs/tabloids aren’t exactly the most reliable sources of information. You want REAL dirt on this guy, you’ll have to dig much deeper than that. Good luck to you.

  138. 138
    @137 Says:


  139. 139
    paula Says:

    Here’s a little different perspective on the Indian trip.

  140. 140
    tiana1 Says:

    Dirt? Prejudice is dirty… I will never love him less because of his sexual preferences… I admire this man… NO MATTER WHAT…
    Break it for us? Haters don’t know more about Gerry than his fans. They simply don’ t understand the meaning of the words REAL FAN.
    Gerry is a great person!!! I respect him… that’s it… period.

  141. 141
    Sugar Says:

    I don’t think Gerard is gay, but even if he was, big deal

  142. 142
    just bored with the PR now Says:

    In conclusion – I am just heartily bored with the GB PR Factory – If it was a Private Party – make it private – whoever GB really is (I think that we shall never know as he seems only to be a shell of just hype and PR).

    Whatever he now does, he appears to have sold out to the PR machine to be a Hollywood celebrity (sure it is a big move from his Scottish roots) and has forgotten to be the ‘actor’ he wanted to be – unless he is acting the role of his life (that is the role of ‘Gerry Butler’ Movie Star)?

    I am totally frustrated with the whole charade from the rabid fangurls and their unblinking defence of his every move, to the haters who proberly have something interesting to add, and those who are interested by his work but just get all the disperate accounts about him that add up to a confusing and bizarre portait of ‘Gerry Who?’!

    Eventually I guess that each and every group of his fans, from the fangurls to the haters and the average joes who buy tickets to see is rather disperate and peculiar range of movies will all lose patience with all the hype and wonder who he really is?

    This is just more boring and pointless PR and each and every person who posts here (good, bad and wierd) are just part of the the GB PR machine -They must be laughing out loud at all of us.

    A pity – what a waste of time and of a life!

  143. 143
    slum dog crap Says:

    ;D no i didnt mean wink wink!! well i dont know if this guy is still his assistant… he is the guy he intorduces as his assistant in the documentary of wrath of gods. there are another few vedio’s with him in it as well…. he looks like the same guy. da vedio’s are in youtube

  144. 144
    @Slum dog crap Says:

    Maybe it was just his assistant for that movie.

  145. 145
    StinkyLouise Says:

    A friendly warning to those of you clicking on links from Indian blogs and gossip sites, some of them have infections, Trojans etc……Make sure your anti-virus is updated or just avoid them.

  146. 146
    To PR or not to pr? Says:

    Come guys, we know hollywood is all about the pr, Gerry’s not superman, he can’t don on a cape and leap tall buildings with a single bound or feed the saving slum kids in India with a few loaves and 5 fish….what makes us the fans, the public, pay attention or look out or look up to these actors, is well yes…of course their movies, but what happens when all the good roles get given to the likes of Sean Penn and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, there are more movie stars than movies. I think Gerry’s choices have been reasonable considering the choices. You work with what you got, until the time is right, hopefully for him it will be “Burns” and going back for a stint to Scotland, his roots, might make him rethink where he’s heading in life and his career. He’s a smart man, who knows what he’s setting up for himself down the track, he might trade Hollywood for Bollywood. As for Priyanka Chopra, she is a very beautiful Hindu woman…I can’t see their friendship being anything more than that, of course Gerry would be attracted to her, but if he was seroius, I think he would have to become a Hindu to marry her. These bollywood stars aren’t even allowed to kiss on screen, let alone in public, remember the hype when Richard Gere kissed that bollywood actress/model in public. I’m sure he doesn’t like the way the pr machine is heading himself, maybe he has no choice or say. PR or not, the fact that Gerry caught up with the children from the Slumdog movie, shows me that they really touched his heart, he loved the movie and felt for their plight.

  147. 147
    brazilian woman Says:

    I agree with you.

  148. 148
    find a new PR team Says:

    I am not sure that ‘Burns’ will be a big movie – looks like it will be an art house flick and very limited release – its supposed to be an epic poem or something – its all financed out of Scotland in honour of the 250′s Anniversary of Robert Burns’ death. Newsworthy in Scotland, but not holding my breath that it will make it further than the Scottish Inland Border.

    I also have to say that GB apparently turns down a great many scripts – so what he gets seems to be what he chooses. I am sick of all the PR deluge – often not helped by GB himself – including the TUT stuff afirming that the role in TUT this summer is ‘him’ (that is a chauvanistic, manwh*ring, womanizer – mind you so was Robert Burns), and he seems to live that image up to the full, as countless blogs, gossip sites and his own interviews might suggest. Now we have the ‘He’s just a big soft puppy’ (fangurls words not mine) which seems too contrived for words.

    What are the rest of those of us who are neither fans nor haters to think. I agree with #146/142 in that he seriously needs to get off this particular PR bandwagon and do some re-grouping and find reality once again. And as far as Philip Seymour Hoffman and (recently) Sean Penn et al are concerned, great movies, but niether they behaving like an ‘immature moron’ (#52) (so maybe there is a hint here for GB).

    Feel negative about this post, but like those posting above, I just feel that he is quickly losing his way, and although the fangurls will forgive him everything, the box offices may not long term.

  149. 149
    To PR or not to pr? Says:

    You make some very good points, the only thing I would just like to point out is that Sean Penn and Phillip Seymour Hoffman even though great actors in their own right, do not affect their fan base the way Gerry does, whether its because they are not as good looking as Gerry, or they are married/ have partners and so the fans don’t fantasy about them the same way they do with Gerry. There’s just something about Gerry, that keeps most hanging in or hanging on, for whatever reason, either its clever PR timing or he redeems himself in some way ever so slightly. Anyway even if he is in real life like the character he plays in TUT, the truth of the matter is, even though I haven’t obviously seen the movie yet, I got a feeling that the ending will go either one of two ways, he changes his ways to become the kind of man Heigl falls for or he realises that he will only get the kind of girls that fall for manwh*ring womanizers. My fav saying is “if you always do what you have always done, then you’ll always get what you always got”. He’s had Alan Siegel as his agent for years, maybe he needs to change agents, cos he will always get what he’s always got, “mediocre”, when he could get great.

  150. 150
    pafan Says:

    I think GB is too loyal to his friends and business partners to boot any of them unless they would do something to stab him in the back. He just may be too nice for his own good in Hollywoodland.
    The man does have something that draws his fans in and keeps the majority hanging on. I’d say it’s a combination of looks and personal charisma. While Penn, Hoffman and others may draw people to some of their acting roles, GB has a more personal effect on people. Those who get hooked want to know every detail of his life.

  151. 151
    jandie Says:

    something i just found kind of interesting. this was a comment on another site about G.

    “He is really something else – my step-sister had a fling with him while filming 300 in Montreal. Basically he had her holed up a his hotel for a summer and then took off. “

  152. 152
    StinkyLouise Says:

    I may be wrong, but wasn’t 300 shot in the winter?

  153. 153
    You're not wrong Says:

    I read they wrapped filming with a snow ball fight.

  154. 154
    fall not summer Says:

    300 was filmed in the fall and early winter. So no fling thing in summer . Maybe she got the season wrong!? lol
    Wouldn’t be surprised if he did keep some chick handy in one of his hotel rooms.
    “I’ll be back soon, sweetie. I just have a few girls ahead of you, then I’ll be home”!!!

  155. 155
    The PR trail Says:

    to 142/146/148 and 149/150 etc
    I really think that all of you make excellent points – It seems to me that GB has the possibility of being a better actor.

    The poster who wrote: “if you always do what you have always done, then you’ll always get what you always got”. He’s had Alan Siegel as his agent for years, maybe he needs to change agents, cos he will always get what he’s always got, “mediocre”, when he could get great.

    got it exactly on the button.

    He could be great, but I suspect that his loyalty to his friends and facilitators mean that there will be more of the same for the rest of his career.

    He DOES bring out divided reactions from those who care to follow his career – from the fans who seem to forgive any and every ridiculous and damaging antic – from accepting and forgiving his every indiscretion and immature and frankly tediously teenage behaviour, to the gossip site regulars – for whom he seems to be easy prey – not because they specifically or necessarily ‘hate’ him – but because he seems to provide them with all too frequent and stupid opportunities to write about him.

    He seems to blunder about making an idiot of himself when, with some maturity and a fresh perspective (maybe making a break away from the ‘always get what he’s always got’) would give him the boost to better opportunities and better roles.

    I was disappointed that when he DOES have the opportunity to be an ambassador for himself, HE DOESN’T seem to grab the opportunity to make his critics sit up and respect him. For example: The ‘Welcome to Phily’ reception for LAC by Mayor Nutter, he was utterly outflanked and outshone by Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx was an absolute statesman as an AList celebrity, wonderfully dressed, and when speaking, whilst witty and at times, edgy humour, Jamie was an ambassador for his business, and truly an Oscar winning Actor and true A list actor worthy of the hype.
    GB turned up in filthy sweats and jeans and looked as though he had just rolled out of bed, and made a speech that was cringingly embarrssing (not on the cut TV version – but I made the mistake of viewing it online uncut from the Phily news sevice). This was at a time when GB was not only the leading actor for the movie, but its producer too. Then as the Phily Blog site atests, he seems to carouse his way around the city for the length of the shoot, doing the ‘usual’ GB stuff that has given him such a specific reputation of late. This is the sort of occasion that his PR team and his manager, IF they honestly cared about his longevity as an actor – and not short term PR fix, should have been there to advise him!

    I would LOVE GB to suceed and find the roles to take him further, but I think that loyalty to his old team, and maybe, a personal immaturity – which is fans will forgive and call his BOYISH CHARM – will eventually mean that ‘mediocre’ will never translate into ‘great’.
    Another person feeling negative – but there you go!

  156. 156
    to 155 AND THE pr POSTERS Says:

    Another early hours posting …
    Guys, I think that you have all stumbled on the truth.

    Watching or following GB is a bit like viewing really bad car crash TV – the sort of thing that leaves you breathless and fascinated, though you are equally or more sickened and shocked and feel that you watching some disaster that you should not and hoped never to see!
    He always seems to be one step away from complete disaster – causing the fangirls to want to pick up the pieces and forgive anything to allow him to continue – bringing out each and every motherly instinct in them, he gives ample opportunities to all the bloggers and gossip site posters to stand back and gasp in shock and awe at his excesses, and then gasp further at the frantic PR mending (like this thread). And all the time, we watch the circus that is the ‘Jerry Springeresque’ behaviour that is GB’s life (aparently) and miss the core of what he should be about – the acting.
    In previous years, there seemed to be more of GB and less about the PR, but in 2009, we just get the PR on the car crash TV and the acting is a big void – where, as previous posts have said, it could be great. Like other posts – a big disappointment and a waste of what could be a great and long career –

    PS: I for one would love to see him 10 or 20 years down the line when he has stopped all the dreadful Rom Coms and see him do serious, challenging and truly interesting roles – Though, I can’t see it happening, unless there is a sea change in his own mind, or if, the car crash of the PR actually leaves him with no place to hide.
    I do wish him well, but hate to see him settle for this.

  157. 157
    ?? Says:

    #155-Well said. I wonder if GB really cares about what people say. He’s got money, girls, makes movies when he wants to. Perhaps quality isn’t so important. Maybe being an A-lister isn’t his goal. Who knows?

  158. 158
    Sugar Says:

    155 tell us a bit about the longer version of the speech, I’m curious

  159. 159
    to 155 AND THE pr POSTERS Says:

    to 158
    I think that the link is

  160. 160
    to 155 AND THE pr POSTERS Says:

    - sorry – forgot to add that there are two versions of the video on the link above – the short one that got aired and the long rough edit that is no#2 – I do wish him well, but as 157 said maybe hes got what he needs and is happy with that? Sorry been a long night – I wrote this on the post just now, but it got moderated – not very experienced about posting

  161. 161
    from post 160 and 161 Says:

    Arg – It has been a long night – By the way, I am not poster 156 – I am 155 – Hell, its been a long night!
    Peace and love – time to sleep

  162. 162
    Sugar Says:

    He looks good in the video. And he is dressed in the same way as the director, in pants and a casual shirt. There is nothing wrong with that. And I don’t see any stains.

  163. 163
    amen Says:

    Some very meaty commentary on this thread. I’m baffled by the direction his career is taking…or rather the lack of it. Kind of reminds me of one of those game shows where the contestant is tempted to reap the temporary gains they’ve garnered, or risk more to go for the big prize. GB seems to have come along way from his loser, drinking, drugging and casual wh*ring college and law school days (yeah, he’s hanging on to the casual wh*ring part LOL). He has enjoyed some much deserved success and gotten some notoriety along with the success. Could it be that he’s just come so far from HIS bottom that what he has now is all he can comprehend? Does he lack the imagination and drive to see himself at the top of his potential? I think all this bad acting (personal and professional) is just him augering in.
    He settled for the trappings and celebrity because it was enough for him and he lacked the vision for greatness. I suspect he’s a weak vessel….and I suspect he knows it.

  164. 164
    StinkyLouise Says:

    He’s lazy and complacent. He doesn’t seem remotely interested in being challenged as an actor. He seems content with films that require minimum effort artistically . He collects his paycheque and spends the rest of his time clubbing and partying.
    There is a new interview where he claims that he gets many scripts and turns down alot of them. Apparently Salt being one. I’d be interested to know what he turned down to do TUT, Game and the upcoming Aniston cr*p.

  165. 165
    amen Says:

    too funny StinkyLouise – turn down Angelina’s flick to do an Aniston? Oh yeah GB – hitch your wagon to Aniston why don’t ya? I can’t believe Alan would have suggested or endorsed a project like that – especially after the Turkey Baster film……eeewwwwwww.

  166. 166
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Actually Angelina took over the lead role when Tom Cruise backed out. It was then re-written for a female lead. So it appears that G was offered the role first.

  167. 167
    Big in Hollywood Says:

    Ya all talkin about Gerry doing something great or big in Hollywood, but everything’s been done and redone, he’s done most genre’s, more than most actor’s. But there’s one genre he ain’t done yet, a period piece, I’m not talkin Pride and Prejudice, even though he’d make a great brooding Mr Darcy, that’s been done and redone and done again, I’m talkin the likes of Gone with the Wind, they ain’t redone that yet, well I don’t think they redone that yet. Gerry could be the next Rhett Butler, he doesn’t have to even change his surname. The new Miss Scarlett, could be Scarlett Johanssen and Tara could be the Taj Mahal, seeing that he loves India so much, now there’s a great movie for ya all and I ain’t even his agent.

  168. 168
    jayenne Says:

    Why all this moderation??

  169. 169
    jayenne Says:

    Anyway, as I was saying, tiana, chill, I’m on your side. I was being sarcastic when I said fans know nothing of the real GB whereas haters do. They think they’re more enlightened just coz they happened to read about his alleged sleeping around in the gossip rags or saw it on TMZ. Bottom line is, none of us knows the real GB, so it’s kinda pointless to discuss how he should do this or he should do that. For all we know, he probably gets a kick out of seeing everyone get so worked up about him. And even if the stories were true, so what? Like it’s anybody’s business who he sleeps with.

    He can live his own personal life however he wants–and I really wish people would just get off his back about it–but I will comment on his professional life. I think his recent role choices have been rather questionable. I’ll concede to that. I respect that he likes to mix things up and dabble in every genre known to man, but I haven’t seen a really gritty, compelling performance from him in a while. I’m hoping Law Abiding Citizen will be it. And Burns, too.

  170. 170
    cubfan34 Says:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the way he acted in the 13 minute Philly video. He was a just a bit goofy in spots but that’s the way he is.

  171. 171
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, not only are his choice in film roles mediocre (if he actually has had much of a choice, with his work of late) , but his PR crap has become repetitve and boring. The same old club- and bed-hopping manwh0re image he and/or his peeps put out there is not really that much of a scandal for me anymore.
    Just my opinion, but if he at least cleaned up his image, he may get more respect and more interesting roles.
    I’m talking genuine humanitarian work such as (at least) promoting awareness for a worthwhile cause – not just a small charity for kids with cancer – but something like Oxfam, Unicef/UN, Amesty International, Project (RED), and not blatantly obvious PR B.S. either.

    He’s killed my crush on him.
    I just sigh, yawn, role my eyes, and point and laugh at him these days.

  172. 172
    skeeter Says:

    Celebrity Jeopardy:
    I’ll take “ManWhores” for $800 Alex.

    Gerry Butler.
    What is:??????

    Someone help me out here LOL
    Need a lifeline.!!!!

  173. 173
    lyn Says:

    Found this on another site posted Nov 08. If true, it fits in with a lot of whats been said here lately. Kind of sad too.

    “Even an A lister gets unlucky sometimes. There was some previous discussion whether this individual is actually A list. If he isn’t A then he is right on the cusp. Apparently all the women surrounding his table thought he was A list or at least wanted him to think so. Allegedly dating someone everyone thought he was behaving himself except in the drinking department until a model walked by. He immediately ran over to the model and began trying to hit on her. Apparently though she didn’t know who he was. When he informed her drunkenly who he was and what he had been in, she said, “I don’t really care. Plus if you need to list your accomplishments to get a date, you really have not accomplished all that much.” It would have been nice if this had been a quiet conversation, but unfortunately for our film actor the entire group surrounding the table all heard it. Nice.”

    Who is it? Answer….
    “Gerard Butler”
    -Not so sure about the drunkenly part though.

  174. 174
    @ lyn Says:

    Well, a lot of what’s been said here are based on dubious sources, so I wouldn’t believe everything I read if I were you. And you’re right about the ‘drunken’ part. As far as I know, he doesn’t drink. He’s said as much in various interviews.

    As for him getting involved in worthy causes like the UN, etc. I wonder how long he could keep it up before people will blast that as a publicity stunt as well? There’s just no pleasing everybody, esp. those really looking for something to criticize.

  175. 175
    @174 Says:

    i wouldn’t believe everything he says. he’s a rather dubious source.

  176. 176
    enjoy Says:

    Nice way to start the weekend…Gerry Full Frontal…well side view at least. enjoy!

  177. 177
    @176 Says:

    I would hardly call if FULL FRONTAL.

  178. 178
    lee Says:

    @enjoy: love this site. lol.
    thanks! definitely made my weekend. G isn’t the most impressive either.

  179. 179
    lee Says:

    #176 -love this site. lol. thanks! definitely made my weekend. G isn’t even the most impressive.

  180. 180
    ? Says:

    Here’s a new rumor… It says Gerard’s girlfriend flew in to Mumbai after she heard about the stories with Priyanka. I’m a little puzzled though, isn’t a “beau” usually a male lover?

  181. 181
    Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    OK, Jared, this moderation is getting ridiculous.

  182. 182
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Some of those blogs are infected. Careful what you click! They’re also BS!LOL

  183. 183
    right Says:

    Cheryl Burke is still on DWTS so she wouldn’t be able to go to India right now. Or maybe he’s actually dating another of the pro dancers on the show who has already been eliminated this season, LOL.

    Strange we haven’t heard anything about this on the other Indian gossip rags. But then, he does seem to have disappeared after the GQ party.

  184. 184
    brazilian woman Says:

    If someone is afraid to open the link…

    “Gerard’s beau miffed with PriyankaMay 8th, 2009
    By Our Correspondent
    There’s another girl who is having loads of fun. Priyanka Chopra, who was very vocal about the importance of voting was out and about with her buddy Gerard Butler and gave the voting day a miss. The loud party she hosted for him also caused her some issues with local authorities. And now there’s more trouble in store, thanks to her association with Butler.
    His girlfriend, who is a noted Hollywood choreographer, a regular on the show Dancing With The Stars (which desi Jhalak Dikhlaja is based on) is miffed by the reports of her beau’s close friendship with Priyanka. What happens in India doesn’t stay just here these days and Butler’s girlfriend got a whiff of things brewing in Mumbai. She decided right then she wasn’t going to sit at home and let things get out of hand.
    So, she took the first flight to India to be with her boyfriend. Last heard, Gerard and his girlfriend had flown off to Rajasthan for a quick getaway. Wonder what Priyanka’s vote is on that.

  185. 185
    tugger Says:

    So the ‘new’ girlfriend is miffed by the reports of his alleged relationship with Priyanka, but not by the alleged relationship between him and the blond ‘finger licking’ blogger in New York (which we have pictures)??? Mmmmmm…curious.

  186. 186
    Sugar Says:

    I think that would be Kristi

  187. 187
    my thoughts Says:

    If he has a GF, which I doubt, they’re in an open relationship because he’s obviously getting around. If this isn’t a “cover” story or just plain false, then she’s just one of his FWB he calls on for a booty call because he can’t easily pick up girls in India -other than a prostitute. He needs sex regularly, couldn’t get it locally so he called in one of his bennies. That’s my take on it – if it’s true. She may be a choreographer but not from dancing with the stars. That would be all over L.A. and we would have known about it long ago. It seems he really isn’t that discreet.

  188. 188
    Sugar Says:

    I really think it is kristi

  189. 189
    StinkyLouise Says:

    I think it’s Bollywood BS.

  190. 190
    Formally Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    I have just decided to block JJ on Twitter and will no longer visit this site because I find it insulting to be moderated as a spammer, when I consider my comments to be rather benign and harmless – regardless of the celebrity in question.
    So much for free speech.

  191. 191
    Formally Popcorn, anyone? Says:

    One final thing,
    Here are some responses which I have been trying to post with my other email account (yes, I two for privacy reasons)
    187: Sounds logical, If it’s true..
    & 188: If that woman had any sense, she would have given up on him by now..

    Good Bye.

  192. 192
    don't go poppy Says:

    I’ve had problems too. Try contacting JJ personally. I for one will miss you. You are one of the most reasonable people here.

  193. 193
    tugger Says:

    Someone did say on this very site that he was going to appear on DWTS in 2110. Maybe they’re..***ahem*** practicising!! Wow, DWTS…what next. ‘Amercia has Talent’ to show off his singing talent!!! Please, is there no end to his talent. I mean, PLEASE, let there be an end to his talent!!!

  194. 194
    laughin' Says:

    # 187 Open relationship??? You mean ‘open’, as in a barn door!!!

  195. 195
    maybe? Says:

    The mention of “prostitute” by #187 reminds me of something I read years ago in interviews Gerry gave early in his career. He said his dad in Canada would get him prostitutes. Gerry was in his late teens, early twenties when this happened and would likely have been his first experience with sex. If so, it would explain a lot about his behavior with women now. Treating them like objects or commodities for short periods of time then moving on. Having a herd of women to choose from…threesomes… is kind to them but keeps the association on his terms, etc. All sounds like the way a guy would treat a call girl; and of course, sex is the center of the relationship. Apparently guys who get involved with prostitutes when young really confuse love and sex. This might be more insight into Gerry enigmatic character.

    Oh, and about a year ago it was revealed that Gerry hands out cards to girls he sees on the street or in clubs that has an 1800 # on it which connects to a service that will buy whatever the girl wants with this prepaid account. The card said something like “you’re beautiful. buy something as beautiful as you with this card” (probably costs less than a call girl). Might not be true of coarse but if it is it fits into the character that’s coming to light as all these stories/videos come out.

  196. 196
    oh really now Says:

    tugger – Gerry on DWTS in 2110? Damn he’ll really be old then (as in dead). He’ll need a walker, a defibrillator and be resurrected. LOL.
    I’m sure u meant 2010 but I just had to say it.
    Dancing With The Living Dead.
    Oh wait that’s already happened. George Hamilton was on a few years back!!

  197. 197
    me Says:

    A “real” girlfriend would know that these stories about him and Priyanka are a PR stunt and therefore there would be no need to follow him to India to “tie him down”, LOL. Besides, I guess that any woman doing that would have been his girlfriend for the longest time. It’s obvious he doesn’t like to be controlled by a jealous girlfriend.

  198. 198
    @175 Says:

    I’d rather give the guy himself the benefit of the doubt rather than all these gossip mongers citing unnamed sources. It’s the oldest trick in the book. If anyone’s dubious at all, it’s them. And I don’t just mean here in GB’s case. That’s why tabloids and their ilk thrive. They’ll print anything because even seemingly intelligent people buy into crap like this all the time.

  199. 199
    to everyone Says:

    If you believe all this **** you guys are so naive. He doesn’t have a girlfriend….boyfriend probably. I never heard the story about his dad getting him prostitutes. Link the interview.

  200. 200
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    Sugar, I think its her too. Why dont they just be seen together finally and then all the speculation will be done.

  201. 201
    maybe Says:

    Maybe one of his travel mates is actually his boyfriend, LOL. It seems they don’t have girlfriends either or they would surely spend their vacation time with them instead of him.

  202. 202
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    Sounds like he spent the first half of the trip with his buds and the second half with her. Why not? That’s reasonable. (maybe) tee hee.

  203. 203
    noway Says:

    He was still with his buds at the GQ party, so I doubt he’s been with any girlfriend. And certainly not with Kristi. When will people start to leave this girl alone? Get it into your heads, they’re not together!

  204. 204
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    Oh, and one more thing, I didnt see any pix of his friends that he was traveling with at that party. They had already left by then as most people dont have as much time off a GB does!

  205. 205
    noway Says:

    Are you blind? This Freddy from Fuerza Bruta was in basically every pic with him at the GQ party.

  206. 206
    sugar is an idiot Says:

    If anyone believes this guy has a girlfriend, you need to have your head examined. Sugar is probably posting all the links about Kristi – the poster was someone else on the other JJ thread. There wasn’t any girlfriend there at all. His buds were at the party.

  207. 207
    @206 Says:

    It zICO was the one always posting about Kristi. Same as Sugar and I agree with Sugar. All the same poster. What a loser.

  208. 208
    Why Says:

    Are you not posting my comments? What did I do? I am confused.

  209. 209
    Why Says:

    Now you have completely deleted my pending comments…..What is wrong with you people?? Seriously, you just arbitrarly decide what can be posted and what cant?? I am sure you wont post this…….

  210. 210
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    Let’s try reposting the same thing just for ***** and giggles……

    So, as I said before, I did not see any pictures of that guy Freddy or whatever with GB at that GQ party. BUTwho cares if he was at that party or not? What does that have to do with this entire discussion and the blog article? LOL….

  211. 211
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    and one last comment……to #203 – Apparently you have gotten yourself into a snit over these comments. There are only 10 people left in the world who are still reading this old thread so just take a deep breath and calm down…….

    Lets see if this gets posted.

  212. 212
    @211 Says:

    You’re one of the the last 10 people reading this thread. Now shoo

  213. 213
    Sugar Says:

    206, there is no need to call me an idiot, you can say your opinion nicely.

    But it’s funny that you think I’m an idiot because I suggested that he had a steady girlfriend, and you didn’t blink at the other ridiclous comments about him on this thread.

  214. 214
    Sugar Says:

    206, there is no need to call me an idiot, you can say your opinion nicely.

    But it’s funny that you think I’m an idiot because I suggested that he had a steady girlfriend, and you didn’t blink at the other ridiclous comments about him on this thread.

  215. 215
    Sugar Says:

    206, there is no need to call me an idiot, you can say your opinion nicely.

    But it’s funny that you think I’m an idiot because I suggested that he had a steady girlfriend, and you didn’t blink at the other ridiclous comments about him on this thread.

  216. 216
    puzzled Says:

    Sugar, why are you so adamant that his girlfriend (if he has any) is Kristi? Why couldn’t it be any other woman he maybe hasn’t been seen with in public yet?

  217. 217
    Sugar Says:

    I just think so that’s all. It says on her MySpace that she is “in a relationship,” she was the last person seen with him, there were several sitings of her in Philly etc.

  218. 218
    puzzled Says:

    The alleged sightings in Philly were a mix up, that’s been confirmed by now. The woman he was seen with there several times was actually this Danielle who looks very much like Kristi.

  219. 219
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    That blogger that you are referring to admitted that he got her mixed up with someone else in one picture but that doesnt account for the other sources that said she was there. And he doesnt seem to be back from India yet……just sayin. Well, at least there hasnt been any pix since last week and he usually has some pap shot taken of him at least once a week when he is in the states.

  220. 220
    puzzled Says:

    There were several people who said that the girl with him was Danielle, and it’s well possible that the other people who thought they saw Kristi with him made the same mistake as the blogger. There is no proof whatsoever that she was ever in Philly. No pictures of them together since this pier date. He could have well moved on by now.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up in Cannes later this week.

  221. 221
    StinkyLouise Says:

    How did you manage to infer that Kristi is the supposed girlfriend?The blog says she’s a chorographer who’s a regular on DWTS. To mean that screams Cheryl Burke.And made-up cr*p.LOL!

  222. 222
    Not puzzled Says:

    Would really expect the details of that blog to be 100% accurate?…LOL. And to #223, there is no “proof” that it was that other chick either.

  223. 223
    Not puzzled Says:

    oops meant #220

  224. 224
    puzzled Says:

    Yes, there is proof that it was that Danielle as there are pictures of them together. They just weren’t published. But as far as Kristi goes, the accounts that she was allegedly seen there are even more questionable than the blog or anything else out of Philly. At least the blogger wasn’t some anonymous poster.

    But if it makes you happy to believe he’s with Kristi, then go ahead… To each their own…

  225. 225
    puzzled, who me? Says:

    to #224

    Pfft…pictures of them together? LMAO – in your mind maybe. Now you are resorting to making things up.

  226. 226
    zICO/sugar is an idiot Says:

    Sugar.. oops I mean zICO….KK has a boyfriend and it isn’t G. Get that through your head. Kinda weird he goes to India with guys if he has a girlfriend. just sayin.

  227. 227
    Not puzzled, at all Says:

    Okay, #226, whatever you say. Sounds like you know her – how else would you get that information about her? LMAO – again! I guess you can make anything up on the internet.

  228. 228
    @227 Says:

    Actually the joke is on you. LMAO – again!

  229. 229
    @217 Says:

    you’re the one seeing things… sitings of her in philly, because she wasn’t even there.

    G is gay, homosexual, light in the loafers, etc.

    deal with it.

  230. 230
    Alexxxx Says:

    Who woulda thought all this denial could be so entertaining!

  231. 231
    Not puzzled, at all Says:


    Huh? splain

  232. 232
    @Alexxxx Says:

    denial he’s gay you mean.

  233. 233
    Alexxxx Says:

    at #232


  234. 234
    Alexxxx Says:

    at #232


  235. 235
    maybe . . . Says:

    Did it occur to anyone that the article is correct that his girlfriend flew to India, but that the statement of who the girlfriend is was just a case of mistaken identity? His girlfriend is a brown hair, asian looking girl who, after doing some research on whos dated who, might be presumed to be cheryl burke (the one who most closely resemles her on that site)? And who of his confirmed pairings could be mistaken for her? Just sayin . . .

  236. 236
    Leapin Lizards Says:

    The common denominator of all this BS is that there is still no conclusive, irrefutable evidence (and not even by his own admission) of G being in a relationship with a woman. Its sort of a dead giveaway when fans have to create a relationship backstory.
    He’s gay. End of story. Now everyone just relax.

  237. 237
    pafan Says:

    I’d bet the farm that GB is definitely not gay.
    But I’d also bet he’s not in any long-term relationship – especially with Burke. Give me a break.
    When he fiinally decides to settle down with someone, the world will know. I hope it’s sooner rather than later. The delusional fans will just have to suck it up. If you are really a fan of GB’s, you just want him to be happy and keep giving us movies to enjoy. (But the girl he ends up with had better be somebody most of us fans consider worthy of bearing his children!!! LOL)

  238. 238
    @236 Says:

    You are spot on!

    These idiots that keep posting he is in a relationship are hilarious. They couldn’t cope with the possiblilty he is gay. LOL! Idiots.

  239. 239
    @236 Says:

    You are spot on!

    These idiots that keep posting he is in a relationship are hilarious. They couldn’t cope with the possiblilty he is gay. LOL! Idiots.

  240. 240
    pafan Says:

    He says he’s not gay. Are you calling him a liar?

  241. 241
    LoneWolf Says:

    #235-maybe….I gotta ask… how did you come up with a brown haired, asian looking girl is his girlfriend, the article is correct and there is mistaken identity? (true, it isnt CB without a doubt-she is in LA with DWTS and has been). As posted previously it would defintely be out there if he did have a g/f and espically if she flew to India…… I said, had to ask out of curiosity……



  242. 242
    @195 Says:

    maybe? -
    is this what you’re referring to?

    -This A list film actor. I was thinking about it, but he definitely has opened movies on his own. Action though. That is kind of like women opening a horror film and being called A list. Oh, well, everyone knows him, and when I say know him, you know him. You know, (points eyes)down there. Well seems that our actor is a very generous sort to women on the street who he is attracted to. When he meets someone he likes and likes a great deal, he gives them his card. On the back of the card is a 1-800 number to a credit card concierge with a note that says, “buy something as beautiful and exotic as you… my treat xoxo”. There is a pre-set spending limit on the gift.-

    who? Gerard Butler

  243. 243
    anon annoy Says:

    #242 OMG! One more way to herd’um? LOL
    If this one’s true, the boy really needs help.

  244. 244
    Sugar Says:

    Oh please, this is totally made up

  245. 245
    anon annoy Says:

    Of course it’s made up…but then again it’s G we’re talking about. xoxo

  246. 246
    weird Says:

    #242: This blind item has been used on several actors so far, it’s total BS.

    And I’d also like to know how #235 came up with the brown haired Asian looking girlfriend? How would YOU know how his girlfriend looks? Or that he has one at all since he always tries to keep his personal life private?

    Why would a GF fly to India for a few days when he was there with his mates? Why didn’t she wait until he was home again? And why would she be mad at the Priyanka story if it was just a PR stunt? Besides, I think it would be extremely rude of him to tell the press he’d date Priyanka if she didn’t have a boyfriend, even if he was just blabbering, if he had a GF.

    I think he probably has several FWBs in different places. Maybe some of them like to think they’re more than that, LOL.

  247. 247
    stillinthepicture? Says:

    Krist was supposedly in New Delhi in the last week or two, so there might be truth to the “girlfriend flew to India” story.

  248. 248
    ? Says:

    #247: How do you know Kristi was in New Delhi?

  249. 249
    Sugar Says:

    I knew it was Kristi!

  250. 250
    Sugar Says:

    I knew it was Kristi!

  251. 251
    M Says:

    And how does #248 know that Kristi was supposedly in New Dehli?. Proof is needed to 100% believe this.

  252. 252
    StinkyLouise Says:

    #244- So you know for a fact the blind item is made up ,just like you know for a fact the blog is the absolute truth. OK then. LOLOL!
    Except the blog clearly implies Cheryl Burke. So it ain’t Kristi who’s the girlfriend.

  253. 253
    Sugar Says:

    People Cheryle Burke never happened, Kristi did.

  254. 254
    StinkyLouise Says:

    #M- Kristi has to be in New Delhi or the delusional fantasy doesn’t work.LOLO! So where do the Norweigan blondes fit into this fantasy?Or were the photos on JJ a mirage?

  255. 255

    Just because Kristi may have been in New Delhi still does not mean that she was there with Gerry or even met up with Gerry while there. As far as I am aware, they have not been seen with each other or reported as being with each other since the Pier encounter, so all of this is nothing but speculation on the part of whomever writes it, and there is nothing substantial to any of it. Gerry’s manager, Alan, reported to that Gerry was in India on vacation with friends, there was nothing to the moive location/Tom Cruise reporting, and as it turned out, all the reporting of his encounters with Piryanka Chopra all turned out to be PR for her. He did attend the parties, met with the Slumdog Kids with her, and may or may not have done the tour with her as was initially reported by the Indian press. But as we all have seen, most of what the Indian press has reported has been extremely exaggerated, most all to benefit Priyanka, at Gerry’s expense. The only thing that we have proof of is his attendance at Shah Ruhk Khan’s party, as we do have pictures of him arriving and leaving there. And of course, his meeting the Slumdog Kids. But outside of that, there has been no other proof of anything we have read from the Indian media.

    As far as the DWTS choreographer girlfriend (Cheryl Burke???) how can anyone believe that as she has come out on the show talking about her new boyfriend, who is a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as magazine articles about them. Also, when would she have time to fly to India with her in rehearsals 6 out of 7 days with her partner, Gilles Marini? That was, perhaps, the dumbest and most stupid thing to come out of India to date.

    All of this speculation about Gerry’s love life, who he is dating, is pointless, really. He has many friends all over the world, both male and female, and I’m sure there are lady friends of his everywhere he goes. He enjoys being with his male friends and this does NOT make him gay. As a STRAIGHT woman, I enjoy going out with my girl buddies, and that does not make me a lesbian. Why is it when men have men friends and hang out with them, people automatically brand them as gay? I don’t understand that way of thinking. Men need male bonding from time to time, just as we women need bonding with our female friends from time to time. That is double standard at it’s most worst.

    I think people need to give Gerry a break, and quit trying to dissect every single thing he says or does. He’s single, seemingly not attached to the point of not being able to play the field a bit, and he’s not doing a thing differently than any other single man would do or doesn’t do. He’s popular and friendly and he’s having a good time while he can. He will settle down eventually, when he’s ready to, and that will be at his decision, not ours, and he deserves a lot better from everyone than he gets. He has done nothing to anyone to warrant the kind of treatment he gets from both the media, who tear him apart at every turn, or from the general public, even his non-fans.

  256. 256
    crazy Says:

    How would anyone here know that Kristi was in New Delhi? She’s not a public figure, and I doubt her real friends who might know about her whereabouts would come here of all places to fuel the fire.

    It’s amazing how some people claim to know all sorts of things about his personal life while he tries to keep it under wraps. He’s obviously not doing a very good job, LOL. Why would he show up with a girlfriend in public (allegedly Philly and now India) and at the same time deny he’s with anyone and hit on other women? He can never know when someone might take his picture with any woman while he’s out and about. So what if pictures of him and this alleged woman in Philly had been published? If he really wanted to hide and deny a GF, he certainly wouldn’t hang out with her again and again at the same hotspots.

  257. 257
    Sugar aka zICO Says:

    is nuts……really. ignore her or him or whatever it is.

  258. 258
    Alexxxx Says:

    To #247

    Regarding his comment about wanting to date Priyanka: I am sure that is the least of the crap that Kristi has to put up with from him if she is indeed with him. I believe alot of what is written about him is BS, but when there is that much smoke there has to be some fire.

  259. 259
    Alexxxx Says:

    Remember when he was supposedly dating someone last summer he said he wanted to do Halle Barry at a press conference? Seriously, Kristi has to have some thick skin to put up with it. (if she is with him, which at this point is still conjecture). The dude seriously is lacking tact and an ability to filter what he says before he says it. LOL

  260. 260
    omg Says:

    people, people people. He is too much of an ******* to be with anyone. Who would put up with his ****. He has the emotional maturity of a 13 yr old.

  261. 261
    Alexxxx Says:

    You got that right. It can be funny for a bit but then it has to get annoying after a while. Especially if you are dating it.

  262. 262
    omg Says:

    the only person he “is with” is himself. end of story. if you believe he has a gf you’re all crazy and delusional. Kristi? LOL!

  263. 263
    lol! Says:

  264. 264
    lol! Says:

    oh lookey – this seems to be the one he has eyes for.

  265. 265
    Alexxxx Says:

    Yes, Markasite, I am sure it was just a coincidence that Kristi was in India the same time as Gerry. Oye vay.

  266. 266
    @markasite madame Says:

    I hope you meant your post to be joke…..cause I’m laughing pretty hard.

  267. 267
    Alexxxx Says:

    Not **** 267 LOL

    Markasite,: This just in: Turns out Kristi is not in New Delhi as stated earlier, but rather at a new deli that opened up not too far from her. See that splains everthing. You can see how things get misconstrued on the web. I think you had things covered pretty well already for the DWS chick – whatever her name is.

  268. 268
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    I love Gerard! We will be married someday I believe.

  269. 269
    I agree with sugar too Says:

    we were both right!

  270. 270
    jayenne Says:

    I see this discussion hasn’t died yet. Who the hell cares who he’s dating anyway? You’re all acting like you’ve some kind of personal stake in it.

    Markasite, I’m afraid no matter what GB or his defenders say, those who are convinced he’s gay or a womanizer, etc., won’t change their minds. Not even if he settled down and had a dozen kids. People will believe what they want to believe.

  271. 271
    pfft Says:

    obviously you do or you wouldnt be reading this thread….

  272. 272
    pfft Says:

    some people……

  273. 273
    pafan Says:

    Did you see they filed misdemeanor battery charges against GB for punching that sleezy pap last fall? How absurd. Everyone said the guy was way out of line, following Gerry all over LA and endangering pedestrians.

  274. 274
    ?? Says:

    I wonder if G was really angry that night because there were other people in the car with him that he didn’t want to be pictured with? Couple of club chicks?

  275. 275
    anon annoy Says:

    aahhh, how sweet. GB was protecting his herd. What’a guy. LOL

  276. 276
    jayenne Says:

    Funny, I thought this thread was about the Slumdog kids.

    Some people, indeed…

  277. 277
    StinkyLouise Says:

    OK. Here’s a post that is on topic. The youngest kid, Ismail, had his home, such as it is, razed by authorities yesterday. He and his family slept on the ground surrounded by the rubble. What are Gerry , Piggy and the rest of their Bollywood friends going to do to help?Since Gerry is so philanthropic and caring perhaps he sould stick a crowbar in his wallet and do something to help. He can even use the PR to counteract any negative publicity from the battery chatges.

  278. 278
    @274 Says:

    he probably had a couple of guys in the car with him.

    The only thing I think Gerry did was buy them pizza.

  279. 279
    cubedweller Says:

    IMO – pappers who chase and antagonize celebs are opportunistic, bottomfeeding scum. But Gerry could have walked away from this fight and didn’t. Then, after the initial charges were supposedly dropped, he went on a NY radio show and bragged and joked about the incident. And this guy supposedly has a brain and a law degree? I would be surprised if he gets much in the way of punishment. In the real world, he might be deported. But L.A. justice is a joke – the rich and famous get away with murder – literally. I’m saddened and disgusted that someone who’s work I have admired is lining up in a lawyer’s waiting room with the likes of Lohan and Hilton.

  280. 280
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    cubedweller I agree with you to a certain point. I think it works both ways..stars can use the paps to their benefit at promote, if you will etc…The NY radio show was a bad move on Gerry’s part and yes, LA justice is a joke. He’ll get off with a misdeameaner charge or pay the fine…I do not agree with what he did..but I can see it happening..people lose their cool..especially if the pap was following too close or speeding up to the car…as well as possibly injuring pedestrians..His mistake was getting out of the car and handling it himself..and hopefully his so called “friends” weren’t egging him on..If that is the case, I wonder about them..He should of had the driver pull over and call 911..Let the LA cops handle it…if witnesses were there and they saw the pap running redlights etc and possibly injuring would of been reported…

  281. 281
    wONDERING Says:

    PA FAN

    Why wouldn’t he be charged? What ever we think of the paparazzi, he’s no different to any one of us and therefore is not above the law. It’s no good saying the ‘pap’ deserve what he got, or how absurd that they’re charging GB, because I think I’m correct in thinking I remember you in a previous thread eagerly asking JJ for some new pictures. The media is partially fuelled by what we want, so be careful what you wish for!

    I’m not sure how easy entry these days is between the USA and the UK for those convicted of a crime of this sort. Therefore should he spend any of the time in jail, whether that would have any effect on his re-entry back into the USA after visiting the UK? Mind you, should this pose a threat to his livelihood, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get married to an American very soon to safe-guard his career in the USA. Pay-offs do happen, and if he got married in India, how easy would it be to get it annulled at a later date? I wonder which one of his ‘easy’ dates would become a willing partner?

  282. 282
    Ha Ha Says:

    I would laugh my socks off if the PR trip to India was a ruse for him to get married. Richard and other were part of the best-man’s party. Would this site and others would explode or what!!!!!!

  283. 283
    Lulu Says:

    That’s the two things I look forward to most:- him getting married, and/or him letting it be known he’s had or having a child. The fan-base would…would…would…well, it would be very, very, scary!!! I would take a day off work just to monitor the melt down!

    Of course the third option could be that he’s gay. And please don’t say he has told reporters on more than one occasion that he is NOT. I’m sure if he was he would NEVER, EVER, admit to being gay while his mother is alive, with her being a strict Catholic. He loves and respects her and his family too much.

  284. 284
    @283 Says:

    “I’m sure if he was he would NEVER, EVER, admit to being gay while his mother is alive, with her being a strict Catholic. He loves and respects her and his family too much.

    you’re joking right? About being Catholic and not telling his mother? If he is gay, I would bet his mum knows. Don’t insult all Catholics by saying something stupid like that. I would bet his family would love him unconditionally regardless if he is straight or gay. Geez.

  285. 285
    Lulu Says:

    # 284

    I’m a Catholic…and it happens! Frequently. Get your head out of your a$$ and smell the coffee!

  286. 286
    @285 Says:

    Lulu – you have no class.

    I’m Catholic too, and I didn’t say it didn’t happen. If he is gay, the only reason he will never admit it publicly, is because of his career not because of his family. He seems too close to his family to hide something like that.

  287. 287
    Tiny Says:

    Now that he has been charged do ya think we will find out who was in the car with him? My money is on some PYT.

  288. 288
    Lulu Says:

    # 286

    Whoa! Did I say his mother and family wouldn’t know? Just that he wouldn’t admit to it PUBLICALLY while she is alive. Would you like some help with your head? We’ll both pull on 3.

  289. 289
    StinkyLouise Says:

    @Tiny- I think he had a small herd in the limo. Their honor and integrity must be protected at all times.

  290. 290
    zzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    Yeah, afterall, this is ….


  291. 291
    @lulu Says:

    wow….you are nasty.. I don’t think the poster was saying anything wrong. What difference would it make if he admitted it publicly while his mother was alive.?

  292. 292
    ha ha Says:

    TONIGHT WE DINE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. 293
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    Well, I truly hope that it works out for all parties involved.

    I don’t know Gerry but I have empathy for him. How many times have any of us snapped and just didn’t think. I bet if you think back there were incidents that you probably regretted…Hopefully this will be cleared up soon….

    I wish the best for Gerry and his upcoming movies. :)

  294. 294
    anon annoy Says:

    @Louise- “Their honor and integrity must be protected at all times” LOL

    Bet it was his own honor and integrity he was trying to protect. Not that G has much of either left. God forbid he be pictured with the starf*ckers he typically shags.

  295. 295
    Sugar Says:

    Maybe it was Kristi in the car. Or maybe there was no one in the car and he just got upset. Of all the celebreties out there Gerry is the friendlist to the paps. He’s nice, he poses for photos and even talks to them, and is this what he gets for being nice?

    The man lost his temper because they pushed him too far. Why don’t you people who are defending the paps, have someone trailing after you every minute of the day and then we’ll say what you have to say about them then!

  296. 296
    just saying Says:

    I agree with you. He may have done something wrong and will have to bear the consequences whatever they might be. But I also think it must be really difficult to stay calm all the time especially if you have so many people stalking you day and night. Besides, this is the first time I see Gerry losing control with a papparazzo. I believe he has proven to be quite patient with them all (and he has to because it is part of being a celebrity) I just hope he never does that again. Too much trouble for nothing.

  297. 297
    curious Says:

    Have there ever been other cases in the past where celebrities who retaliated against obnoxious photogs were put behind bars? I don’t know of any. Perhaps some of you do? Just curious, that’s all. Coz if GB does get convicted, and he’s the first such celebrity to be jailed for that, don’t you guys think it will set a dangerous precedent? Who knows what the paps will be emboldened to do the next time?

  298. 298
    @ curious Says:

    Years ago Alec Baldwin went whoop*ss on a papper who ambushed him and his then wife Kim Basinger. They were leaving a hospital with their newborn daughter. I don’t remember the specifics of the outcome, but I don’t think he did any time. I do remember that both celebs and common folk were totally on Baldwin’s side for that one – he was protecting his wife and baby.


  299. 299
    hangglider Says:

    Hey, there are insightful comments here. #259, so right about inability to filter. GB opens his mouth and spills garbage. For ages I have heard how smart he is. the law degree etc. and never see that smart soul. #262, the only person he’s with his himself, sure looks like it. Cubedweller #279, right on,and StinkyLouise #289, you are always a hoot, sharp and on the money. In the past couple of years, the balance has sure turned from the yumyum sayers and worshipers to critics. Seems as if GB must have alienated half of H-wood by now. As for his doing time, I guess not, unless it’s a wrist slap 3 days, like Paris Hilton. The paps only make a living because the mobs of fans greedily sop up celebrity news, gossip, pix. But GB in jail? Living on pubic money? No, he should pay a hefty fine for some good cause for his indiscretion. This man seems to have changed very little since the youthful days he talks about. He’s just the class clown on a different level, self-destructing to entertain the masses and get attention.

  300. 300
    hangglider Says:

    Oops! I meant living on PUBLIC money, not pubic. This isn’t the first time someone made THAT misspelling. Don’t even GO THERE, people. It was a goof. Really, seriously, does it make sense to put a rich, celebrity guy in jail for assault? What purpose is served? Better to bleed his deep pockets to help protect other victims of assault, like battered women for instance. Now that would be some kind of justice. :) :)

  301. 301
    Sugar Says:

    Is he still in India?

  302. 302
    cubedweller Says:

    Yes, backpacking in the countryside, but he left a trail of breadcrumbs for TMZ and JJ.

  303. 303
    Suzy Says:

    With his girlfriend…getting married on some lovely beach in India. Oh, Gerry [sigh]

  304. 304
    Sugar Says:

    How romantic :)

  305. 305

    Here’s the beautiful girl he’s been waiting for…the woman of his dreams…dark and exotic.
    Look how happy he is!?

  306. 306
    wtf Says:

    sexy b*tch. yeah, she’s the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. 307
    lol Says:

    #305 he should have stuck with the nordic chicks. even they were better than this.

  308. 308
    anonymoose Says:


    Grow up please. Thanks in advance.

  309. 309
    @anonymoose Says:

    Methinks Mr. Butler should grow up, LOL.

  310. 310
    #305 Says:

    He looks embarrassed to be seen with her. LOL!

  311. 311
    zia Says:

    She looks like she wants to escape. Poor girl.

  312. 312
    wtf Says:

    surprised no one has suggested that this girl is actually Kristi!

    this is what happens to women who date G for 6 months. let this be a warning to all.

    poor girl indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. 313
    Sugar Says:

    I can’t believe you guys are making fun of someone’s looks like that. Very BIATCHY

  314. 314
    Sugar Says:

    I can’t believe you guys are making fun of someone’s looks like that. Very BIATCHY

  315. 315
    @sugar Says:

    Sugar is that a picture of you??????????

  316. 316
    Sugar Says:

    315, yeah sure, why not? I find nothing wrong with this woman you are all ripping apart. Someone you don’t even know. But hey gils will always be girls, biatchy

  317. 317
    Peatootin' Says:

    These kids have been shown to be ***** ! on the mainstream media .

    What / who are we REALLY concenced about ????

  318. 318
    hangglider Says:


  319. 319
    anoni Says:


  320. 320
    hangglider Says:

    Thanks, Anoni, for your support. Right on. The kids should have received enough money to buy a decent life–if modest– for their families, and a decent education, if not to roll in the wealth and self-indulgence that big movie stars wallow in. I realize Mr. Butler and Miss Chopra were not involved in the production of Slumdog, but he gushed worldwide about the film, and they could have used their clout (and bucks) to bring world attention to this injustice, and incidentally get far better publicity for themselves. He looks like a selfish, tuned out of reality manipulator over this, face it, fangirls. Shall we excuse him that he didn’t know? A man with a law degree and supposed super-high intelligence? I am not his enemy but I am perplexed when I see pictures of him hugging these kids for PR when their lives are (apparently) going down the drain.

    This is worse than “Dances with Wolves,” the hit movie with Kevin Costner, which was nicknamed sarcastically “Saint Kevin and the Indians,” when it was reported that the Native American tribe that was in the film and contributed in various ways, including teaching their language and customs to some of the actors, as well as being actors and extras, got nuttin’ except presumably some salary from the megabucks the film made. Anyone who is old enough to have been there may recall that the VHS version of the film was marketed and sold at McDonald’s! (Buy a Happy Meal, and get DWW for 10 bucks or some such price. It was much more in the stores.) Fortunately for me, this was the one gift my daughter desired for Christmas. I’ll even buy and eat a f***ing Happy Meal for THAT! I–and SHE, being a very aware being–may not have bought even at that age if we knew the Lakota people were not benefiting. If someone knows differently I am willing to be corrected on everything, but with facts, please, not diatribe.

  321. 321
    relatemom Says:

    Priyanka Chopra is top actress in India. 1 billion people with a fan-base that is somewhat conservative. Gerard has made it known he would marry her in jest. I believe he is thinking of her in that way. And the ball would be in her court. I come from a family similar to Priyanka’s mom’s side. This kind of family raises children to go after their careers but are extremely conservative in their families and choosing future spouses. . . How she is portrayed to her family/fans is very important. She probably is very interested in Butler yet have a little trouble with the package (ex-smoker-drinker-almost 40 man). . . . it may be better to have a non-smoker/drinker vegetarian-20 something like Shahid Kapoor as a (public) boyfriend. As for Butler, if he is very interested, the question is – will she pursue more than the casual phone calls, texting and small gatherings? If so, chances are she will consider him marriage material also. If dating,it won’t be a casual thing.

  322. 322
    LoneWolf Says:

    #321….it was to my understanding Ashwarya Ria (sp) is the top highest. True, Piggy WAS Miss Worlld but that was years ago and if you read previous posts and those via TMZ it states that also. “Ash” is also beautifut, doesnt have the rep as Piggy does (married, Piggy has affairs) and is grounded. So before going off and getting Piggy hitched dont you think it is only fair to put out the whole enchilada? (truth)

    *Other words, just because she comes from the famimly she does doesnt make her a saint nor means she is going to follow or follows her upbringing “rules”. Apparently she hasnt thus far.



  323. 323
    relatemom Says:

    #322 I agree.Ash is a top actress with longevity. . . also very beautiful and grounded. Priyanka is top actress also. (Or on the rise) My comments were just my thoughts and experiences in no way to offend. To defame one to better another seems pointless. I did not know it was a competition where only one indian actress could be sucessful and beautiful. Enough said on my part.

  324. 324
    LoneWolf Says:

    no competition……and no defamation and besides these 2 there are others as well.

  325. 325
    hangglider Says:

    Does anybody hear the music? Kids drafted to perform in a blockbuster movie are caught up in a homeless sweep. And you people are piddling on about relationships between spoiled movie stars? That was my point.

  326. 326
    LoneWolf Says:


    Til someone literally makes a stand (meaning say what they mean, mean what they say) it isnt going to happen. Yes, I have heard it for some time….. just like movies here in the States (Pumpkinhead, etc) did any one help those families espically the kids in the “hills” no!

    It is all about the almighty dollar and it is apparent there is no caring in how it is made. What happened to that young man and his family was unspeakable, true but like I said my point is and it takes only 1 to do so is that until whoever comes forth and takes action it will continue. So, I pid about something routine so to speak, because if I voice what I want to I may get into trouble.

    My Grandma had a saying never say it will happen to you….because it will maybe not today or tomorrow but it will…. look at GM for example supposedly bullet proof….. the same with the so called movie industry.
    Use/abuse. No, my friend I am definitely listening to the wind and trying to see what I can do myself to help those kids and families.



  327. 327
    Jayenne Says:

    I read in the news (yes, the news, not some sleazy tabloid) that Danny Boyle and company are to provide the kids with new homes. And then the Indian government are giving them new apartments as well, so the kids aren’t just getting one, but two new homes–each. So those of you who are in an uproar over such grave injustice can calm down now. I’d like to know what *you’ve* done to help these kids, besides cry foul and point to other people you think should be helping.
    “No, my friend I am definitely listening to the wind and trying to see what I can do myself to help those kids and families.” — Well said, LoneWolf.

  328. 328
    lifeobserver Says:

    Some of us don’t have the wherewithal to save others, much as we’d love to. All we can do is cry foul and give ten or twenty bucks here and there, even if it deprives ourselves of a few meals.

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