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Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

Also pictured: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

If you haven’t seem Slumdog Millionaire yet, why not?????

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  • chill out

    He is well known among people that understand his acting and care about it; he has enough fans I think.
    Let’s hope you don’t represent most of his fans.

  • myopinion

    Just for a minute let’s try to be a bit objective here.
    We are jumping to conclusions about a man mostly based on:
    a) Gossip bloggers
    b) Disgruntled fans
    c) Two foreign chicks who are desperate to become famous no matter what it takes

    This is all we have, rumours and gossip. I keep hearing GB’s “negative press” thrown around and the need for his PR people to fix the damage, but so far I haven’t read anything negative about him from a respected source.
    What about all those celebrities beating the crap out of their gf’s, or those constantly coming in and out of rehab centers, or those other accused of even worse unmentionable things.

    If all the negative things said about GB are true, how come we don’t hear anything from a serious and trusted source? It’s not like the press in this country is out to protect celebrities, right?

    If GB’s worse crime is liking young beautiful women and going out to have fun, as long as the women are consenting and willing adults, who cares? He’s single, doesn’t have to be faithful to anyone and as far as we know, he’s not breaking any laws.

    What if he acts like an immature moron? So many men his age less better looking, less famous & with less money do, why wouldn’t he? Why have such high expectations from an actor?

    I think people get way too involved in celebrities’ private lives as if celebs were that different from us. Men will be men and even though not all men are the same, I’m sure many in his situation would take advantage of it to play around.

  • Soho kid

    I get a message that says my post is awaiting moderation???! I don’t understand, this has NEVER happened when I’ve posted on JJ before. Did anyone else here get this message?

    The strange thing is that I just posted on the Dita von Teese thread and I didn’t get that “moderation” message there. Does this only happen on the Gerard Butler threads?
    Very confusing.

  • StinkyLouise

    My only issue is the photographs. And what I perceive as a blatant attempt to use these kids as PR.

  • Sani

    Gerald is a nobody he has dating a million girls Priyanka is too good for him i don’t like their pairing if they are together! i think they are just rumors too


    awww soooo cute!!!!

  • myopinion

    What’s wrong with posing with some kids who happen to be the actors in an award winning film that he loves?
    He’s not having pictures taken in the middle of the Indian slums with starving kids, he gave a lunch in honour of these children that he admires!!

  • awaiting moderation

    I got a waiting moderation too. So wierd. The post was benign.

  • myopinion

    It’s happening to me too. wtf?

  • Shelly

    Priyanka never told anything to the press if you read the news, which apparently you have not, the gerald stories were all over now SRK threw him a party too so he was in the news too then you had photographers piled all over her house and even at SRK’s house go read the news articles before making stupid rumors
    oh and i have met priyanka before at the london airport and she is so nice to her fans the lady that she was with kept telling her that she had to go but priyanka still signed autographs for her fans she has the best smile she doesn’t make herself seem so obvious and is not a publicity seeker that is kareena and aishwarya rai

  • Cinde

    two attention seeking foreign women? um jennfier anison could never make it to the top in hollywood she has only been known as that girl with the famous hair cut who got dumped by brad pitt she has never been able to achieve the #1 status priyanka is at the top of bollywood right now so she doesn’t need someone like gerald, who is not even at the top himself, to make it big it’s more like gerald needs her gerald hooks up with a different woman every day i won’t be surprised if tomorrow he’ll be with lindsay lohan

  • g!na

    the boy who played little malik is my favorite!!! especially when he jumped into crap to see his favorite actor for an autograph!!!!!!!

  • maarshh

    that lady priyanka was a former miss world she’s quite pretty gerald is a nice guy it’s not for publciity!! haters will always be haters!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    I got an awaiting moderation message too. It only happens on this thread. I just posted on other celebs threads and no moderation message. Hmm….

  • myopinion

    JJ probably got tons of complaints for other GB’s threads & now he’s put this one under mod

  • huh

    there isn’t not that much hatred for gerald in general so i am thinking that the haters over here must actualy be the same person posting over AND OVER AGAIN! how stupid get a life loserssss
    i am not a fan of gerald and he is a playa i feel sorry for that chopra chick she shoiuld watch out for him

  • milli

    Gerry and Priyanka are a couple.

  • LoneWolf

    #67-tell that to her boyfriend Shahid…(sp)…..

  • life

    hey I know who miss priyanka is! My friend showed me parts of a film on youtube along with another famous Indian actress. She is really beautiful. Gerald doesn’t look good with her. The couple is really odd. Isn’t he dating Jennifer Aniston though? He is a confused guy HAHA. Why and how did he get so famous? I never hear of him. I guess he’s only popular in Scotland?

  • red

    East meets the West. Nice lol.


    I hope they showed those kids the Nim’s Island video, otherwise it just is pretty creepy having these kids take pictures with strange white men. Very pedo-creepy.

  • pafan

    The ‘waiting moderation’ message is standard on JJ. No biggie.

    The negative press comment was ridiculous. There is no negative press regarding GB. The only negatives are from nut cases who blog and make retarded, untrue comments for god only knows what reason. I wish libel laws could bring them down.

    Great photo. It’s nice that GB remembers these kids and obviously brought some happiness into their lives. Look at those faces. They obviously had a blast. If you’ve read anything about them, you know they don’t lead the lives of celeb kids in the US.

    And, GB and his fans support many charities. Just because he doesn’t choose to flaunt it in our faces like Brangelina doesn’t make it less important.

    I will never understand why some enjoy trashing this truely nice man. Come on, find a quote on record from anyone (with a real name) who actually knows him saying anything but complimentary things about him. I don’t think you can.

  • Sally

    Great pictures of Gerry with the kids, everyone looks like they are having a good time! Now, if you were really a fan of Gerry’s, you would know his name is GERARD not Gerald as many of you have spelt it!

  • ohmy

    I wonder if he’s dating the little girl in the purple outfit.

  • Simple

    Gerard seems nice. He would make a nice couple with many girls. It was reported that he went to India on a visit, but he called up Priyanka and even visited her on the sets. They hung out for that whole day. Then Priyanka threw him a goodbye party, as did another famous Bollywood celebrity. I take this as a good gesture, something of good manners. Now you have Gerard inviting Priyanka to come meet the SD kids with him. He seems very interested in her. She is a gorgeous girl so I am not so shocked. People should lay off Gerard. He seems like a decent guy!

  • buster brown

    Gerard Butler is a marginally talented fame whore. Plain and simple. I can’t believe that some here are actually that naive (or would the correct term be stupid?) to defend this man’s honor so vehemently as though they’re sleeping beside him every night. Wow! Getta’ a grip! Do you not realize that this man gets paid millions every time he steps on a movie set? He ain’t no average Joe. He is a commodity. He is a product that is to be marketed, packaged and sold to various demographics. His job is to put asses in seats at the multiplex, preferably to the tune of several hundred million in box office receipts. He has a team of people crafting an image that will sell. And yes, probably 90% of that image is a lie. When POTO was released he was the big puppy dog. The sweet, sensitive type that cries and loves his Mum. The Scottish guy who overcame adversity to hit the big time. Now he’s the consumate Hollywood star with a complete entourage that never strays too far from a party or an event where he never seems to stray too far from a photo op. A bad boy that’s lovin’ em and leavin’ em’ (wouldn’t it be funny if he had actually been in a long term relationship all this time?) hanging out with beautiful Bollywood actresses and Brazilian supermodels. He even has the elite of the fashion industry holding shows in his honor. He drives fast, expensive cars and is relentlessly (so you all think) pursued by the media. So which is it? How much of this is real or just hype?! Take a wild guess.

  • bee

    GB is pretty in these pics!

  • WTF

    It’s getting really hard to get a post through. WTF is going on. Have we been marked as the baddies of JJ and have to be monitored? God, I hope so!!

  • Lea

    I agree with the posters who think Gerry is getting “bad” press because no press IS bad press. Remember what the philly blogger said; he couldn’t sell any photos of GB during his stay there. No news outlet wanted them. The only thing left for G are blogs and sites like this and they ain’t to flatterin’ lately.
    G was all over India but only written about or photographed in relation to piggy. The only time he gets media attention for any length of time is for his love (?) life. He really doesn’t seem to have anything else to offer, oh, except his cr*ppy movies of late.

  • uh oh

    OMG – Is he wearing a red string on his right wrist? Uh oh.

  • Mihay

    Really cute picture but I am so tired of hearing about this effin’ movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charley Kane

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Im pretty sure thats not what i wrote. Now im supposed to come back later to see if my comment got through? Too busy. Lots of celeb sites out there, and most of them actually trust you especially after youve been commenting for several weeks. Bye.

  • Sare

    #76 I love you lol.

  • yes

    Haha I have never heard of this Gerard character until I saw reports of him linking to Priyanka. I watch Hollywood films and I probably saw his picture somewhere, but he had no lasting impression on me it seems. I even did some research and he has a very stupid career. I fail to understand his popularity.

  • Sugar

    It’s weird. He met Chopra only days after he was spotted kissing Kristi in the arcade. How did he move on so fast? Anyway if its true, they are a nice couple

  • really had enough

    Nice enough pics – why weren’t they kept private if they are at a private lunch party – sounds and looks like intrusive and pointless PR (again) – I have to say that I have really had enough of GB, his demented fans and the whole sickening PR rubbish – I also know that I don’t want to spend any money on supporting his movies. It seems that he is, as a previous poster says, merely a commodity, a movie brand. Fine, but I suspect that there is very little to commend other than smart PR. He is not very well known here in UK, maybe he is a ‘big noise’ in the US?
    I wish him well and hope that he enjoys his fame, but I no longer wish to know. Walking away in disgust and disappointment.

  • StinkyLouise

    Mission accomplished. His trip finally go the attention of the press outside India. And he used innocent kids to do it.
    I owe a poster an apology. He/she said that G would do any thing for publicity and I disagreed. Sorry!

  • am


    Thanks; that was such a nice comment.
    What did I say to deserve it?

  • Ayeoh

    Well said buster brown #76.
    #79 Could it be because Gerry’s 15 minutes of fame has ticked away amongst the mainstream audience? TUT will not help him out.
    Those kids are so cute.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    adorable picture!

  • tiana1

    Gerry is living his life… and seems to be happy… everything else is blah blah blah… from unhappy and bitter ones.

  • StinkyLouise

    Are posts being deleted?

  • Popcorn, anyone?

    This comment has nothing to do with GB.

    I am actually a bit concerned for the wellbeing of some of those kids, especially Rubiana Ali. The idea of someone wanting to selling their own child makes me feel ill.

    That is all.

  • Popcorn, anyone?

    I bet this comment moderation has something to do with the likes of that “Jesus/GB” psycho rant on another thread – the empire awards thread I believe

  • StinkyLouise

    I just had a horrible thought? What if they’re being rented out instead?
    Desperate celebs who want to cash in on the film’s success, can rent the kids for photo-ops.At this point nothing would surprise me.

  • bollywooddeewana

    Do you watch bollywood Jared

  • remember da truth

    Lone Wolf you are right. People who say someone shouldn’t be with someone because they aren’t cute, in their opinion only, are weird. If you only date someone for their looks, or think a celeb should break up with someone who is ugly, you are really messed up.

    But then again, you shouldn’t be reading so many tabs and believing what they say, They make it up, you do know that, don’t you? If they say, “a source says” then it’s made up. The source is the person across the desk from them, or a pal on the phone, or the cleaning lady, and then they are covered.

  • LOL!

    What a load of crap this guy serves. Not saying he doesn’t like the little kiddies, but how naive are you people.

    1. he is gay
    2. he traveled with male companions. duh.
    3. it is all PR – wake up and smell the coffee you losers.

  • Swansong

    I think he looks fantastic, and those children are beautiful. I hope Gerry is having a great time!


  • cubedweller

    Of course it’s PR – aimed straight at the gossip blogs where he is getting the attention these days. His entire itinerary being given to the Indian press, being cute with kids, chasing a bollywood actress who is over 21. The kids appear to be having a fun time and good for them. But why are the photos of the event popping up from different news agencies? Because somebody made the effort to publicize it. This is the press he is courting right now – blogs and recycled sound-bites. What would happen if a serious journalist sat him down for an in-depth chat? Don’t see that happening.