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Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

Also pictured: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

If you haven’t seem Slumdog Millionaire yet, why not?????

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328 Responses to “Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars”

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  1. 26
    Sue Says:

    Why all the ugly comments? A rhetorical question-don’t answer. I think the pix are great and GB & the kids look like they are having a good time. That’s all that matters isn’t it? And who believes all the crap that is written in the tabloids by those trying to make a buck. The true person GB is, is known to himself alone, and the rest of the people who spread lies and gossip can go pound sand. Let the man alone to live his life the way he wants. He seems like a good man and God knows there a very few of them around.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  2. 27
    ger the dîckmunch Says:

    hallelujah praise the lord. he’s not partying in a nightclub.

    he must be feeling ill. maybe he’s got swine flu, or maybe the greedy capitalist fuçk has a conscience after all.

  3. 28
    To Sue Says:

    Please go fuçk yourself.

  4. 29
    StinkyLouise Says:

    OK. I’m climbing on the soapbox. There has been , in my opinion ,a disturbing trend among celebrities over the last couple of years.And that’s the use of a pregnancy and kids for PR purposes.Either to promote an upcoming project or simply to stay relevant. I find it exploitative and troubling. And I see G doing it here.He could have done this for the kids privately. Instead, photos were taken and sold to a wire service. Getting off MY soapbox.

  5. 30
    LoneWolf Says:

    #29-Weezie, I again agree…..what better “tool” to use to get public attention that a cute baby/child, ill/poor ones as well. Now, someone correct me here….I cant member where I read it but it was made clear by JA at one time she didnt want kids, BUT to get the monkey off her a$$ while married to Brad and then after the breakup she said she did (but all that ttime married to BP never had one) and then does eventually? THEN!!!! she appears with a little ST Jude child…which BTW she really looked….(someone help me out here….know what I am wanting to say…something like phoney….)

    You all know there is the humane societys that need help….maybe a cute puppy or kitten parsay….?

    Weezie, where do you get a soap box? (LOL just pickin on ya…)



  6. 31
    twifanatic Amanda Says:

    I love him and slumdog. All is good.

  7. 32
    looks like PR Says:

    Looks like a PR attempt to divert attention from all the bad press he has been getting lately…especially here on JJ in the “NY is Neat” thread.

  8. 33
    why-so-cynical? Says:

    Why can’t you take it as face value? He’s involved in many more charitable stuff than people know, anonymously.
    You don’t need to be a monk to care about others and give. Live and let live, the world’s pretty screwed up already.

  9. 34
    andrea Says:

    Agree with you 100%.
    These people here seem to know everything about how PR and etc. work. So smart. Why do they need to trash GB constantly is beyond me.
    Give me a break!

  10. 35
    StinkyLouise Says:

    We don’t NEED to trash him. He just makes it so easy. I’ll repeat what I said in another thread. If he had become an actor instead of a celebrity, we wouldn’t be here.
    And as for his anonymous charitable work, that must refer to all the hours he spends in clubs rescuing poor innocent waifs and tending to their needs.LOL

  11. 36
    andrea Says:

    I think that for many people he IS an actor. Personally that’s all I care about.
    He is a celebrity? So what?
    And so what if he likes being with girls and do whatever? Nobody’s business.
    Innocent girls? Please!

  12. 37
    PR Says:

    Commenting on the timing of these pictures with regard to the horrible press that he has been getting lately is not trashing him. It is an observation regarding the potential motivation for releasing pictures of a private gathering.
    If the intentions were strictly altruistic for meeting these children, then the pictures could have remained private. Instead they were released, and it was probably to help rehabilitate his reputation in the press. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

    Unfortunately, I think he is going to need more than a few pics with children to change the reputation that he has earned for himself lately.

  13. 38
    hannah Says:

    These pics are just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!! Best set of pics that are worth looking at on this site in weeks. Gerard is such a classy fella! Kudos to him ;)

  14. 39
    andrea Says:

    Just out of curiosity; what kind of “horrible press” are you talking about?
    You mean the trashy sites that’s sole purpose is to get attention and would write/lie anything just to get it?
    Or these people’s opinion that are negatively commenting every moves he makes?

  15. 40
    fardous Says:

    Priyanka and Gerard Butler i hear they are dating hope best for


  16. 41
    bailey Says:

    thanks so much for posting these jared!

  17. 42
    now that's funny Says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that the pics were probably taken for the children and perhaps a parent who would supposedly “sell their child on Ebay” would think nothing of selling these pics to a wire service? I don’t know if that’s the case. My point is, neither do you.

    What I see are new pics of my favorite actor from his Indian vacation.

  18. 43
    amen Says:

    Too funny – is it possible that some that post here and on other sites like this, consider our unsubstantiated rants and drivel P-R-E-S-S ?
    Get over yourselves…ROTFL

  19. 44
    boo boo day Says:

    The only negative press I see is from the man-eating sharks trolling for attention here.

  20. 45
    andrea Says:


    what are you talking about? Maybe you can explain while you ROTFL.
    I have not seen any negative press regarding GB that’s why I am asking what the hell you people are talking about.

  21. 46
    Cherish Says:

    Ugh, what’s with all the bad comments?? Who cares?
    The man looks (and is) great and the kids and pictures are adorable!

  22. 47
    StinkyLouise Says:

    Actually, there hasn’t been ANY press. ZIP. Zero. Outside of Bollywood no one cared. And that’s the problem. His trip didn’t generate any interest. So he brings out the kids for PR.

  23. 48
    Sanjay Says:

    #47, is correct. The general public in India was not interested in Gerard’s visit. It got no publicity except for Priyanka yapping to the press. She is a media ***** who encouraged citizens to vote in a video then did not bother to show up to vote. But she found time to arrange a party for Gerard on election day and notified the media about it. Pathetic.

    BTW, she is average looking even after all her plastic surgery.

  24. 49
    andrea Says:

    Why do you assume that he would need any press of his trip?
    What purpose would that serve for him? Can’t you just believe that he wanted to go to India for whatever reason?
    He is well known among people that understand his acting and care about it; he has enough fans I think.

  25. 50
    StinkyLouise Says:

    If he didn’t want the press then he would have slipped in and out of India unnoticed. He did it last year. This time he was barely off the plane when he gave his interview.

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