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Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday (May 2).

The five-star hotel festivities were all courtesy of the 39-year-old Scottish stud. How sweet!

Azhar Ismail (youngest Salim) and Rubiana Ali (youngest Latika) first met Gerard at the Oscars in February 2009.

Also pictured: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

If you haven’t seem Slumdog Millionaire yet, why not?????

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328 Responses to “Gerard Butler Loves Slumdog Millionaire's Child Stars”

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  1. 101
    comment Says:

    if he is supposedly dating Pryanka why the **** do you travel with male companions? lol

  2. 102
    Eve Says:

    I have to comment here that I have a gut feeling about all of this and it is that Gerry is being used to get publicty for Chopra and maybe even promote Bollywood. He was supposedly invited by Chopra and she had a party in his honor. Gerry himself even commented that he really didn’t want anyone to know he was there but it was obvious that his little playful escapades of proposing to her were leaked out. Is that what friends do?

    Even these pics with the slumdog kids is being taken by Chopra and since we’re all looking at them, she had no problem exposing these either. I think she has an agenda and I hope Gerry doesn’t get hurt.

    I know Bollywood is probably doing what it can to get their movies more exposure here in the US. During these stressful economic times and with all the outsourcing of American jobs to China, Mexico and India, people here just aren’t going get all that warm and fuzzy about it.

    I love Gerry and I hope something like this doesn’t do more harm than good for Gerry’s career because he’s a fantastic actor and has a great future a head of him if he uses his brain and not the other organs in his body to do his thinking for him!

    I’m sure Slumdog was a great movie and I plan on seeing it but the reality is, the movie going American public is going to spend the last of the hard earned dollars on food and things that aren’t coming from countries taking their jobs away.

  3. 103
    LoneWolf Says:

    #97-RDT-No I never believe what is said unless it comes directly from the source themselves and then again, if the wind blows in the same direction it does have my attention and also curiosity. Espically being prior service (Marines) reading the papers and hearing what I do and knowing what I know is enough proof for me right there to show how far people will go to get a story…..regardless of who it hurts or what it does to the source and their rep.

    As for Gerry, he is a good guy in his own way. But, as I also agree with other posters something has gone wrong somewhere and he is apparently trying to regain ground in anyway he can, this case PR. No, he wasnt a hit in Philly, HughE indicated that and I am sure it isnt hard to figure out and as for India, well you see how that is going and the “type” of attention he has gotten there. And LA, well those stories speak for themselves. (cant deny a video).

    Gerry is who he is and it is understandable his fans dont want to see this. Fine, who doesnt want to see someone they like in true form and also out in the rags/mags, etc. getting hit with the remarks he does. But at the same time they should not bash those who do see both sides and dont wear rose colored glasses. Gerry as I have said often needs to find who he is because he has at this time forgotten who he really is. Running to India and whereever isnt going to get it. He needs a long time out from all of it!!!!!! Who hasnt at one point in time hit the brakes and said “I need to take a break…..this isnt me or what I really do?”

    Everyone, no matter where your opinions lie, or what all you read/hear it all breaks down to one thing……Gerry is going to do what he is going to do no matter what is said and get attention however he can (PR) until HE at some point gets to a niche in the road to where reality does slap him in the face and there he will fade away and hopefully come back to the Gerry everyone know, remembers and many love (in their own way). Til then, who knows what is next….maybe pics of him and puppies/kittens from the Animal Socities…. Keep the faith…



  4. 104
    Swansong Says:

    With all the crap published about celebrities, I don’t blame them a bit for wanting to manage their own positive PR.


  5. 105
    LoneWolf Says:

    #97-RDT. Forgot to respond to your other remark to where you say I think a celeb should break up with someone cause of their looks:

    First, never said that. And second, if it is all that ANYONE not just celebs is going for in regards to pursuing dating and/or a relationship and that is their looks then they have no one to blame but themselves if something happens along the way while dating or being bf/gf. True, it can go well, Im just saying it doesnt take looks to make a person. You can be very plain and yet be the nicest person around. BUT, then if you are worreid about who you are seen with in public….well, that is a mule with a different color….



  6. 106
    MARLA Says:

    Good morning Gerald Butlers’ FANS. I think that GB is getting nasty comments because the HUVANE MONEY MACHINE IS GETTING INVOLVED. This machine is SUPPOSEDLY paid by a certain person that we all know. This machine do not want the world to know that GB is dating MS. CHOPRA. The person that I am talking about was dumped recently. Huvane is trying to hook her up with her because she has a movie coming out, or maybe she wants to make a fool of herself and go to the CANNES AWARDS, just like the way she did at the OSCARS. SHE IS A PATHETIC PERSON.

  7. 107
    StinkyLouise Says:

    @LoneWolf-You stated that something has gone wrong somewhere. I’ll tell you what that is: Shattered, PS I Love You, Nim’s Island and RocknRolla. His post -300 flops.
    This Slumdog- India -PR blitz smacks of desperation. He needs TUT and Game to be hits.TUT might be a success because of Katherine Heigl’s previous hits but I think Game might flop, just like the Crank sequel.

  8. 108
    LoneWolf Says:

    #107-Weezie, this is what I mean-he is “grabbing at straws” (like the PR, doing any project like TUT, Game etc without research the pro/cons) to get himself back to where he was…but this is the wrong way. Like I said, he needs to take a long break from EVERYTHING and come back being espically particular with what projects he takes on and definitely stick to what he himself has said…..keep his private life private….)no more videos, the carousing and so forth) and avoid those who(for the real reason) wants to use him for their own “career/s” and not to be friends. Just my opinion/observation of course.



  9. 109
    tugger Says:

    Mmmmmmm….isn’t he just picking out his new ‘young’ girlfriend!

  10. 110
    sAD Says:

    Nice PR!

    Eve,,,wake up. He’s not a child, he’s a big-boy now and is more than capable of taking care of himself, and we don’t know that Gerry’s people didn’t leak the information coming out of India. And lets not forget Gerry’s boyish stupidity at constantly proposing to Chopra at a party, KNOWING she has a boyfriend. Talk about insensitivity. Does that man’s brain not fire on all cylinders?

    Marla…could it be that it’s more than Huvane that’s drawing nasty comments. It could be that people are realising that he now has the taste for fame, and wants it at any price. Somebody once said there no such thing as bad publicity, and I’m sure his PR people have brought him up to speed about his recent womanizing image, and this is a very nice way to dampen things down. Afterall, he knows his fans will forgive him anything.

    Stinky Louise and LoneWolf (106 & 107)….well said, except Lonewolf, I think it’s a two-way street as far as using people. You have to work-it in Hollywood, and he’s has been around long enough to know how to do just that. Exposure is the name of the game and it takes two to tango, so both parties could be after the same thing. Being photographed with a pretty model/writer/actress/dog walker, does his (and her’s) profile a lot of good.

  11. 111
    LoneWolf Says:

    110-sAD. You are right. I am a firm believer that there are 2-sides to everything (because there is), which I usually indicate often in what I say, post or write. This time I forgot to include it. Thanks for bringing that point up.



  12. 112
    LoneWolf Says:

    #110 sAD-Also, forgot to add, you spoke of Gerry’s stupidity…how about causing trouble with his “joke”. He more than likely assumed everyone would think it was a joke-thus funny……he should have checked out the Indian protocal for “jokes”.



    *imdb also has it on the GB page (news….)

  13. 113
    people please! Says:

    Does anyone really care about this ****? It’s all a joke anyway and he’s probably laughing all the way home with his male companions. Another reason to link him to her and his constant proposing to her. Make it look like he is straight. duh

  14. 114
    skeeter Says:

    @Lonewolf, StinkyWeezie and cubeD…all well said. And Buster Brown…sweet.

    I’m sure of all us posters would look cute posing with the SD kids.
    Wouldn’t we all. They would make any of us seems like heros- those children are adorable.
    So as for GB timing-what the heck…do you think he would be doing this 1 year from now? probably not.

    GB and Piggy: the new Thing 1 and Thing 2.

  15. 115
    whocaresaboutpriyanka Says:

    Just because he went to her party doesn’t mean they’re dating or anything. Her boyfriend was there and Gerry would have to be stupid to hit on a woman when her boyfriend is there. The Indian websites have him proposing to her when actually it seems it was a joke of his to show her how impressed he was with the party she threw for him.

    Btw, note to Marla: a lot of people want Gerry, not just one person, hon! Don’t presume to read people’s minds and think you know what they want or not. I think most of us are intelligent enough to know as much as we admire Gerry, we’ll never have him. I think what you wrote could be applied to you for all we know.

  16. 116
    nyob Says:

    I don’t know who was responsible for the leaking of these photos to the media – gerry’s camp, priyanka’s camp, or the kids’ parents – but whoever it was is a disgusting famewhore. The kids are adorable and are bigger stars right now than either of these two wannabes. It disgusts me that someone would use them for attention. And don’t tell me for a second that this is not a PR move by someone. This was a private party in India and ends up on a US celeb gossip site within 24 hours – come on. It makes me want to vomit. At least the children look like they were having fun – that should have been the only point of this party.

  17. 117
    myopinion Says:

    Even if it was a joke I think it was in very bad taste to spend the night “proposing” to a girl in front of her supposedly bf, kind of humiliating for the guy. I guess that’s his sense of humour! hmmmm
    She’s no doubt a beauty but too young again, has this man dated anyone over 30? Don’t answer, I’m guessing…NOT! :)

  18. 118
    Sugar Says:

    People he was JOKING. I remember when one of my husband’s friends came over and I made him such a great dinner, he said, “your cooking is great, please marry me.” We all laughed because it was a joke to show his appreciation. My husband was there and of course didn’t think anything of it. Stop over analysing everything this guy does. My GOD!

  19. 119
    not really funny - kinda sad Says:

    The difference is that your husband’s friend said it once, not every 30 min. over and over again.

    That joke would get old after the first 3 times. But Priyanka probably had to keep forcing a laugh because it’s Gerard Butler. There is a point of taking a joke too far.

  20. 120
    pafan Says:

    The bottom line of the party with the kids was that they seemed to be having a blast. Look at their faces and the way they obviously relate to GB. Remember, he met several of them in the U.S. at Oscar time. Most of them still live in conditions we in the U.S. would consider poor and most will likely never make another movie.
    And, so what if there are pictures in the media? What’s the difference if it’s Angelina or Madonna gussied up in fake African garb posing for photogs over and over again? GB has enough going on in his life that he doesn’t have to stage a party for these kids to get a few pics in the media. Get real peeps.
    I also am amused by those who put him down as needing to change his life. So, he’s making lots of money, has many diverse film projects ahead, has traveled all over the world, has friends who obviously like him everywhere, has homes in New York and L.A., ‘drives fast cars’ to quote an earlier negative post, has thousands of fans who love him and is enjoying life. I bet millions of people would be willing to change places with him in a heartbeat. And you who post batsh#t about him on here, what do you have to compare?

  21. 121
    HE IS gay Says:

    The proposals are a joke because he is gay. Come on, every f@g hag out there has had proposals from their g@y friend!

  22. 122
    please Says:

    why the hell can’t we post easily anymore?????

  23. 123
    oh really now Says:

    Maybe we should go back to the old threads. You could say anything there. LOL

  24. 124
    **** Says:

    I wish I could finger his ass.

  25. 125
    LoneWolf Says:

    #117-If I remember right Jasmine (Burgess) his date/gf in NYC was 31…… meaning she is the oldest. Now, if you count the lunch date with Laura Harring she is 44 (maybe 45 now).



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