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Kate Bosworth is Spring Fling Sweet

Kate Bosworth is Spring Fling Sweet

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend James Rousseau (pictured below) come out to support their good friend, celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh at his 8th Annual Spring Fling Party held at The Private Roof Club and Garden at New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday night (May 2).

Kate was super sweet and talked a lot about her first love, equestrianism. By the age of fourteen, she was a champion equestrian! The 26-year-old actress also was quite passionate about her new film project, Lost Girls and Love Hotels. Kate is producing the flick with pal Nadia Conners and considers this project her “baby.”

James chatted a bit about his music and how its now being mixed by a few people in L.A. He said he hopes to tour and play a few gigs soon!

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kate bosworth sping fling 01
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kate bosworth sping fling 03
kate bosworth sping fling 04
kate bosworth sping fling 05

Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lisa

    Kate looks really great!
    Nice that you got to talk to her Jared

  • jason

    she’s perfect.

  • smart1*

    Hmmmm Just Jared boy with cat Kate! He meets always beautiful girls!

  • You go girl!

    Kate looks great!

  • dIETER

    Jared – did you get the hot butt of hers a little slap? I guess she likes it !!!

  • vanessa

    shes so pretty!

  • butterfly

    very pretty .

  • what happen

    Kate is so ugly. She is also going bald – look how thin her hair is. She is so skinny, flat, with big ears and nose, two different color eyes, and her head is huge for her small body.
    Please JJ no posts of Kate. Maybe only from a distance – not so close like this one.

  • jason

    @what happen:

    Oh grow up! Jerk!!

  • what happen

    #9 is Kate

  • http://justjared ?????????????

    How come the Delphi loons aren’t calling her a fame whore for taking her picture with Jared and TALKING to him? Double standards of the loons never stop amazing me .Her boyfriend looks like shit

  • missme

    Gosh, James is gorgeous!!

  • n

    @11 Dear someone,

    Kate and James look very glam because they are not a couple who need to prove they’re famous and important in the movie and fashion industry.
    Miranda and Orlando, may be in love, very muhc in love, but they are tacky, very very tacky. Look how they’re dressed.
    I cannot imagine them going to the gala tomorrow and I am honestly angry that Wintour let eveyrone nowadays. It was a very glamorous event not for a couple like Heidi&Spencer or Miranda&Orlando.

  • http://justjared tanii

    @what happen:

    No, I’m pretty sure no. 13 is.

  • james

    im so jealous jared! i love this girl, in a strictly plutonic way;)

  • jason

    She’s still perfect!!!

  • divachase

    her face is so beautiful. :-)

  • http://justjared @13

    It is not an event for the only actor in history who has stared in TWO OF THE BIGGEST TRILOGIES EVER and a Victoria Secret MODEL who is there on behalf of the company ? Ok what ever you say lololololol.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    damn, her forehead could’ve killed someone. blogger-boy was lucky. hahahahahahahahahah…

  • Fabric_Princess

    Kate looks good in black. That’s one of her best colors. I think her hair would look better worn a bit differently, but she still looks very nice.

    Jared, you’re having waaaay too much fun! You social butterfly and celebrity mingler, you! Thanks for posting the series of pictures from this event.

    It’s good to see that Kate and James are still together. They seem to be a nice and well matched couple.

  • shallow dirtbags

    I think Kate looks lovely and classy. But it sad to see that four years later she still gets linked to that wooden plank. I agree with #13, I think Miranda Kerr is one of the most shallow, tackiest models out there and Orlando seems to have met his equall in her. Yuck yuck can we please leave Kate out of all of this..? She has her own life, her own career and seems to have a healthy, normal relationship that isnt based on getting publicity.

  • http://justjared lol

    At Kate fans being so bitter about her losing her meal ticket .

  • @13

    Actually, it’s the other way around. If you are famous enough to not have to “prove something” you can dress down. If you dress up at a party like this, it makes you look like you are trying too hard.
    Was Kate leaving in those pics?
    Did she run away when she heard that Orlando was arriving with Miranda?

  • @Kate fans

    Kate seems to be very happy, good for her. Now why oh why can’t you leave Orlando alone? She doesn’t seem to care anymore and has found herself a new boyfriend. She’s moved on, why can’t her fans?

  • @13

    Orlando and Miranda are dressed much like Gisele and Tom. I guess that you think that Gisele and Tom need to “prove something”, too?
    Your post is not logical in the slightest.

  • Lisa

    Kate doesn’t look like she spent hours in hair & make up
    yeah she put on a nice dress, but she still doesn’t look like she spent hours getting ready! She actually looks pretty chill, its a black dress its not flash

  • Jamie

    OMG she looks beautiful and her legs are sensational!!!!

  • Katie

    JARED! You are so so lucky! I love this chick right here. Did you see if they (james and kate) ever interact with Orlando/Kerr?

  • Katie

    Btw…isn’t her “first love”, Orlando? Talk about AWKWARD!

  • Emily

    Kate is stunning. Nice to hear she’s super sweet. She looks super sweet. She and James make a lovely couple. I saw the pictures of Orlando and Miranda at the same party. Miranda doesn’t look happy at all. Maybe it was just a bad moment for her. Or possibly a bad night.

  • Toluca

    Kate glows!

  • @Jason

    I agree with you – she’s perfect!

  • D.

    Kate is with James, Orlando is with Miranda. Let it go people – both of them have moved on. BTW, Kate looks fabulous.

  • @34

    Funny how people can’t let it go. It’s been years. James and Kate seem very happy together.

  • jamie

    I love her outfit.

  • katy

    Between Kate and Miranda, it’s very clear to see who has more fashion sense. Need i say who?

  • celebrityobsessed.

    Wow, I wonder if she was giving any dirty looks to Miranda from across the room !

  • @36

    I’m sure you’re suggesting Kate has more fashion sense. No argument from me.

  • @37

    Highly unlikely. Kate seems very happy with her life.

  • katy@38

    Of course why would i comment on this thread if i don’t like kate’s fashion style.

  • @39

    not #37, but….
    Oh, I’m sure that she has made a happy life for herself, but I wonder if she will always pine a bit for Orlando. She just seemed so devastated by their breakup. It must be hard for her to see him so happy with another woman.
    She’s going to run into them again tonight at the Gala. Well, at least Miranda will be there. Orlando may have had to go back to NC for filming. Guess that we will have to wait and see.

  • @41

    I don’t think Kate would care wethere they are happy or not ,she’s happier and prettier than them and have her own life and career .

  • She seems very content

    I’m sure she’ll always have some fond memories of Orlando. After all, according to her he was her first “big love/heartbreak.” But I’m happy that she seems very happy and content with James. In my opinion he seems to be good for her. Notice how healthy she looks, she glows.

  • http://justjared @42

    Well she herself said she lost all that weight because of Orlando and she was heartbroken over the break up .
    Or was another way of using him after their break up because people only know her as the anorexic ex of Orlando Bloom star of Troy,Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, Kingdom of Heaven ect ,while no one knows who the hell she is?

  • http://justjared @42

    Well she herself said she lost all that weight because of Orlando and she was heartbroken over the break up .
    Or was it another way of using him after their break up because people only know her as the anorexic ex of Orlando Bloom star of Troy,Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, Kingdom of Heaven ect ,while no one knows who the hell she is?

  • @44

    I’m talking about her now ,she looks better ,I know she’s not a huge star but she’s doing very well in her career ,as for Orlando he’s not working in huge movies now ,but it dosen’t mean any of them is a loser ,each actor /actress has his /her ups and down they are human .
    As for using him after break up I’m sure his current gf will do the same when they break up, it happened alot in hollywood .
    Let see what she wears in the Gala I like to see the latest fashion.

  • Erika Fonseca

    Between Miranda & Kate, i choose Kate even though i don’t like her.

    Miranda seems to be shy and Orlando uncomfortable by her side.

    Anyway it’s good to know that they both have moved on, but i still think that Orli and Bosworth still like each other very much.

  • Betina

    I want a picture with Kate too! :( Love her!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    You are lucky you got to go to this party!! It looks like a blast!