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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Spring Fling Sexy

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Spring Fling Sexy

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh and Just Jared sandwich in cute couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at Harry‘s 8th Annual Spring Fling Party at The Private Roof Club and Garden at New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday night (May 2).

The star-studded bash was wall-to-wall with celebs and everyone in the industry including make-up artists, celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, designers Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez, fellow celeb hairstylist Chris McMillan, and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, and Tyson Ballou.

It truly was a night to remember and Harry Josh pulled it off with flying colors!

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orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 06

Credit: Steffman/Curd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • cooh

    the hottie and the nottie
    xo orli

  • lovely amazing

    Orly looks hot with the stache, bring back the stache!!! –

  • Mary

    please shave!

  • Lisa

    didn’t you say on your twitter account that Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend where there too…holy awkward

  • Just Jared

    @Lisa: Haha, yes. :X

  • a total fan

    Wow Jared is just everywhere. lucky.

  • A bit like Tom and Nicole

    Whoa – she towers over him in those high heels! Kinda reminds me of Nicole and Tom back when they were a couple. Though I understand she’d normally wear flats so their diference in height wasn’t as noticeable. That aside, still a handsome couple. And lucky Jared!

  • LIsa

    did Orlando and Kate avoid each other? Did Miranda give Kate a dirty look or two? lol

  • question

    for a fashion model, why does she have no style in her personal life? With all the celeb stylist there last night, I hope someone gave her some pointers. Orlando could use some too.

  • Burn the suspenders!

    Orlando looks great – EXCEPT for those damnable suspenders!! Why oh why has he made those things into some sort of fetish? Miranda needs to steal those things while he’s sleeping and BURN them!

  • shenanyginz

    i like the suspenders tee hee

  • Tracy

    When will this showmance end? he looks happy, she looks pissed.

    Ah yes, true love! It is so obvious he is being used.

  • yahoo!!

    This is not a coincidence. lol

    Orlando and Miranda getting back to their roots with Just Jared.


  • chels


    yeah i know, they are so fake, i hate her for using him

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    no wonder orlando and his walking hanger get sucked so much. hahahahaha.. i got it now. i guess a lot of ass kissing is needed.

  • Emotionally vulnerable?

    I’ve always thought that he’s more into her than she is into him. I think she likes him but she’s a very cool-headed little businesswoman who’s noticeably ambitious too. I hope he doesn’t end up getting ‘burned’ because I think he’s the type of guy who may let his heart rule his head when it comes to his deeper emotions. His sensitivity is one of the things that gives him that kind of ‘feminine vibe’ many people pick up on about him.

  • @ 16

    Well if he does get burned just remember….

    “Everybody Plays A Fool, Sometimes”

    Who sang that song, can’t seem to remember now. But that song is burning in my mind now since these pics popped up.

    Just some people seem to enjoy making more of a spectacle of themselves than others while doing it. And I’m not referring to her.

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen her not looked too thrilled to be seen with him.

    Maybe those reports about her not wanting to settle down with him really are true.

    I’ve tried to rush relationships before and they always end with the other person running away like a frightened deer.

    But now that I’ve slowed things down a bit, I finally have a chance with a wonderful guy.

    I waited 18 years for me and the one I love to grow up enough to enjoy a relationship together.

    Even if I had the opportunity to know Orlando as a friend and possible relationship, there is no way I would wait around for him to calm himself down. That is if he is crazy as the tabloids make him out to be at times.

    All the Best Orlando – Hope Miranda waits for you to grow up. But I would not count on it.

  • Alex

    Well, till now I have read your posts carefully and it always called my attention the fact that some of you stated that Just Jared was specially interested in promoting Miranda Kerr and that this was the one thread or forum devoted to her with so many, as you call them, “shippers” (and “haters”, adjetives with I don’t agree, btw.) But now I have seen the pic of Just Jared with Miranda Kerr, -setting aside Orlando- and this squares with the version of his unconditional support to MK that some members of this forum have claimed. He has even given us a summary in pics of that relation/ business relation, showmance or relationship or “only God -and/or managers- knows” relation.
    it is a relief to have the chance of taking a look at that summary and see the truth, the awful truth or whatever this is. Or at least, see not only opinions but pics.
    your employ so solid, so convincing arguments, you put foward your arguments so forcefully that sometimes, I feel tempted to believe the more vehement. But must confess that I incline to believe the version of those who don’t look on that couple as a real one.
    I have always been sure that there is a net of vested interests in this world. it doesn’t matter if it is film industry or fashion industry. In the end, all is the same. getting promotion, getting money, getting a career… getting money selling pics, selling mags, keeping alive a site like this… congrats to all… business men. But now, no doubts.
    Sorry for Orlando. I guess he never thought he would be so difficult to be an actor and get roles. I would like to know the kitchens where producers, managers and publicits are plotting all the attendances, parties and balconys where Orlando must be and Miranda Kerr must pretend she is innocent and almost shameful of his ·”PDA”. Sorry for his anxiety. His whole body is telling he would like be somewhere else or with other company. She is the one who holds both hands tight, even in tow, to hold her contrats?? Love is far more natural and gestures are far more natural. She behaves like a little girl… If i were a man and my gf were behaving that way, I would asked her to grow older quickly. that’s not love, that’s a sticky image. IMHO. I would like to read his mind. Puff, I apologize in advance. I don’t mean to hurt all those who believe they are madly in love. you express your opinion, and I express mine. Hope you undestand.

  • shenanyginz

    oh boy.

  • ..I don’t know…

    …who to believe. One of you says he needs to grow up, another one says she needs to grow up.

    I do think most of you are full of it about the “showmance”. Nobody plays a game with so little reward for close to two years.

    And, I do know that she was visiting him on the set of “Main Street” without fanfare and I’ve yet to see all the photos of her there – seems like if they were in it just for the publicity and to rattle your feathers – they would have had more pictures of her in Durham since she was there for about a week.

    Who needs to grow up?

  • jennifer86

    Alex, feeling a bit prolix? Your long-winded harangue is hilarious. You must be clairvoyant to possess such “insight” as to their relationship, professional lives, etc.
    The ubiquitous Jared looks much better than Orlando Bloom in the one photo. Orly is run-of-the-mill looking at best, and is lucky to have Miranda Kerr in his life. If she appears disgruntled, it’s probably because she knows she could do much better than him!

  • vanessa

    I love them! they are the perfect couple in my opinion!!!

  • tono


  • @ 22

    because they are both celebrities?

    because of how they look on the outside, to you?

    a perfect couple comes from within.

    a perfect couple is perfect because they do not need anyone’s approval to be with the one they love.

    the only person’s opinion whom they care about is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with!

  • http://justjared poor haters

    Losing their shit I love it .Keep on the name calling Delphi loons it didn’t work these two years .
    I guess if you keep it up they may even marry and have 5 children karma is a bitch for the idiotic haters .LOVE IT HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • http://justjared tanii

    Oh god, everyone just needs to shut up.

  • Just Jared

    @tono: YOU are suck.

  • Here we go again

    You conspiracy junkies don’t make sense anymore.
    He has at least 4 projects for this year, and there’s no way to relate the way he got them with Miranda Kerr or his relationship with her. She is one of the most successful models in the world and being with a famous actor can get your name known but it can’t make you the next Giselle, so what exactly are they using each other for? As far as I can see, each one is successful by their own merits without anybody else’s help. And those who don’t want to be called loons should stop trying to make people believe they know them, how they feel about each other or what their relationship is like…from pictures. That’s just advice.

  • Just an observation

    He’s (supposedly) admitted to friends that he feels he isn’t ‘good enough’ for her. I think he’s a bit insecure, and has been from the start, about their relationship. Some of his actions (flirting with other girls when they’re not together) kind of hints at that to me. It’s as though he constantly has to ‘prove’ (mainly to himself) that he’s attractive to other women – even if his flirtations are light and not meant to be taken too seriously at the time. Maybe he’s insecure enough to want to keep his options open?. I’ve always thought Orlando was CUTE – but not heart-stoppingly handsome or particularly attractive in a grown-up ‘manly’ sort of way. His special charm has always been his ‘boyishness’ – but as he grows older those boyish charms tend to lose some of their appeal and leave him seeming more like an immature teenager living inside a body that continues to age. (His actions and demeanor don’t seem to jibe with the fact that he’s now in his 30′s.)

  • http://justjared hot couple

    Love them they look great I prefer Orlando with longer hair but I need to make my mind up that this is for a role his hair grows really fast and that consoles me .
    Miranda really looks great she looks great her hair looks perfect I envy her

  • @29

    Speak for yourself. I do think he’s particularly attractive and there are many people who agree. He may have a complex about something like every other human but I doubt his (famous) looks are what troubles him.
    His actions, and by his actions I mean partying occasionally as those ‘flirtations’ are yet to be proven, are perfectly fine for a 32 year old. He’s 32, not 80.

  • Tracy


    What is wrong with him that he allows himself to be used like that, and isn’t he concerned at all about his career or personal happiness.

    There is no spark between them, except in the mind of those who have stars in their eyes, and those who see right through this charade are called lunatics. As if….

  • @Tracy

    Yeah it’s kind of lunatic to say that two people who’ve been together for two years and are successful enough not to need to use anyone are fake because to you “there’s no spark”.

  • Tracy

    @..I don’t know…:

    Dear I don’t know -

    You and half the worlds population knew she went to Durham to see him on his film set so the world world is in “the know” on that one.

    But, when you are in love with someone, it isn’t forced. It comes naturally. if these two are in love, there is no shine in their eyes, no spark. If they claim that their work keeps them separated, then a little privacy or restraint by both of them should be shown.

    But, whenever they are together she is either smirking that fake smile or he looks miserable, angry or wants to be anywhere but where he is. There are too many pictures of him dashing ahead of her, not even looking at her when they are together, and the pictures of them in Venice, let alone the charade at Gran Carnia was pathetic.

    If he has stupidly fallen in love with her in the meantime, I feel sorry for him. It is so obvious her association with him was to do one thing, and that was to advance her career. You don’t do what she has done this year and claim to be in love.

    he needs to focus on his career and find someone who will love him for him.

  • Tracy


    If she feels she could do better than Orlando, then why does she continue to use him for her silly set-ups?

  • Tracy

    Me and a bunch of other people don’t see any spark between them.

    When a man and woman are in love, do you think that spark, the look of love, that shine in their eyes when they look at each other fades after two years? There are people who have been in relationships for 50 years and you can see the love there. Here, what do you see? Zippitty do dah.

  • @Tracy

    ***You and half the worlds population knew she went to Durham to see him on his film set so the world world is in “the know” on that one.***
    Or maybe she went to Durham to see her boyfriend and the media, who had been taking on set pics those days, took pics of them. That she went to prove anything to you is your assumption.

    ***If they claim that their work keeps them separated, then a little privacy or restraint by both of them should be shown.***
    If it is “shown”, then it can no longer be called privacy. When they are together without cameras, you can’t possibly know about it.

    ***whenever they are together she is either smirking that fake smile or he looks miserable, angry or wants to be anywhere but where he is.***
    She is always smiling, when she’s with him and when she’s not. He sometimes smiles and sometimes doesn’t, but of course you’ll conveniently say that if he smiles that’s because he’s pretending he isn’t disgusted at being with her and if he doesn’t that’s because he hates being with her.

    *** It is so obvious her association with him was to do one thing, and that was to advance her career.***
    Obvious? I see. VS and other agencies saw that she was with Orlando and said ‘Hey, let’s pay 3.5 million to this girl’. Sure.

  • Fabric_Princess

    Miranda looks pretty, but as with Kate Bosworth at this same event, I think her hair could have been styled just a tad bit more. Both ladies can wear their hair very nicely. I’ve seen enough photographs of both of them to know it.

    I don’t like the hanging suspenders on Orlando’s pants. I’m all in favor of actors and entertainers in general trying to express themselves via fashion and clothing choices, but hanging suspenders don’t do a thing for me. I don’t think even Johnny Depp could pull that look successfully. It looks unkempt rather than stylish or individualistic. I could also do without the sweater sleeve type thing around his neck. If he’s going to wear one of those, then I would suggest one in a shade of wine or burgundy to complement his overall outfit. Wine or burgundy near his face would look very good and would work well with black, gray and charcoal tones. A snazzy pair of stylish black shoes would have been a nice finish instead of black lace up sneakers.

    Other than that, they’re an attractive couple. A good stylist would be a strong asset for both of them, especially if they attend any high profile or major events together in the future.

    I do, however, think it would be more polite of him to wait for Miranda next to the car before heading indoors or towards the event, as he appears to be walking several paces ahead of her. He does eventually stop to look at her and hold her hand, but it’s more polite and respectful to wait and walk together. In my opinion, this is especially true for celebrity couples who live their lives to some degree in front of cameras, and most especially at public events where they know full well that paparazzi cameras will be present.

    Mr. Bloom did that with Kate, as I recall, and I didn’t care for it then, either. Kate Bosworth’s current beau, James, seems much more attentive and chivalrous in that department than Mr. Bloom does.

    Nothing more to add except to say I wish both couples well for 2009!


  • irksome

    I’m getting a little tired with the debate “Who’s using who”.
    If one of them was doing all the using, and the other one was upset by it, this mess wouldnt have gone on for two years. Maybe a few months until one of them finally would have said “enough” but not TWO WHOLE FREAKIN YEARS.

    I think its safe to say at this point that they both enjoy each others company *ehum* and use each other and are both perfectly fine with it. I dont feel bad for either. She likes being called “Orlando Blooms Girlfriend” and have people give her all this attention on blogs like these. Orlando on the other hand.. well just look at the look on his face in the group photo. Holly-smugness.

    I wonderd what happend a year ago when there where stories going around saying even his friends thought it was nothing serious, that she was an idiot and he would get over it. (Anyone here remember OBPAL and the so many others?) Now look at him. WTF happend?

    Sorry for the long post, I got a little carried away. BTW dont bother calling me a “jelous hater” . Its getting old and I just call ‘m as I see them.

  • lol!

    I see the loons with the ability to read minds, and sum up an entire two year relationship based upon a few photos are here in full force.
    So pathetic.
    For both sides of the ‘argument’.
    Miranda and Orlando are in a relationship. No one but them, knows the scope of that relationship, or whether or not it has a future. But anyone hanging onto the ‘they aren’t really a couple, it’s all for show’ line of garbage needs professional help.
    They are together, and went to an amazing party (judging from the guest list). THAT is the only thing that we can tell from these pics. That, and the fact that Jared got invited, too. Lucky dog.
    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as gorgeous, rich and successful Orlando with his gorgeous, rich andsuccessful girfriend ran into Kate with her failing career, and her not so successful boyfriend who lets her pay all of the bills.
    THAT, I would have paid to see.

  • @39

    You mean that you actually believed an “insider”?????
    I won’t call you a ‘jelus hater’, but I will call you ‘stupid’.

  • shenanyginz

    well if you ask me I’m over it. They’re together. For what reasons no one knows but the two of them. Can he do better? In my opinion he can but I’d hope at this point I wouldn’t hear more about Orlando’s relationship than his work. (My personal vendetta with Mirkerr) It maybe a little naive of me but a girl can hope can’t she?

  • @39

    You still fail to say what exactly are they using each other for. Orlando has never needed anyone for publicity. I’m not a big fan of her, but when a person works hard I recognize it, and Miranda works non-stop.
    As a woman it pisses me off to see people say she’s using him instead of admitting that she’s working hard for what she has. What can I say? Society sez: if a woman is successful, it’s because a man had something to do with it.

  • @42

    This is a gossip site. Of course there will be more discussion about his private life, than his work.
    This would happen with ANY girl that he dated. Not just because it’s Miranda. It happened with Kate, when he was at the busiest point in his career.

  • lakers fan in boston

    miranda looks cute, nice outfit but for once im not loving the louboutins…
    im almost completely over the pit stain pics
    nice 2 c u having a nice time jared

  • @ irksome

    “If one of them was doing all the using, and the other one was upset by it, this mess wouldnt have gone on for two years. Maybe a few months until one of them finally would have said “enough” but not TWO WHOLE FREAKIN YEARS. ”

    Interesting thing – when someone is being used by someone else, sometimes they don’t realize it until many many years have passed.

    It’s called being abused emotionally. There are no physical marks that others can see. But sometimes there are signs that those who have been in that situation can see them for what they really are.

    All I’m saying is, it is possible for it to happen in any relationship.

    The relationship starts out as friends, moves to being a more intimate and romantic feelings. But not everyone is honest with the other person about what they are feeling. Even if they say one thing, they may feel completely opposite. One does not need to be an actor or possess acting skills to be able to say one thing and do another.

    Not sure if that’s what’s happening here. Maybe…. Maybe not.

    Time is still the ultimate truth.

  • sasha

    Damn they look good together. Even with that too-short-hair-and-mustasche-and-yes-I-know-it’s-for-a-movie look on Orlando.
    I do have to admit that the short hair really shows off his amazing bone structure. Just look at those cheekbones!!
    I wonder if he will be needed on set Monday, or if he will be able to stay in NY and escort Miranda to the Gala? It’s been a long time since I have seen Orlando in a tux.

  • Hector

    She looks miserable and he’s 20 paces ahead of her until he realized she was getting very pi$$ed off. don’t think it was the best evening for them.

  • toni

    I’ve seen that bag and the outfit on her for so many times now in random pictures. She has the guts to go cause she’s with orlando otherwise who knows.

  • lilyrose

    Orlando looks great.