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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Spring Fling Sexy

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Spring Fling Sexy

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh and Just Jared sandwich in cute couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at Harry‘s 8th Annual Spring Fling Party at The Private Roof Club and Garden at New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday night (May 2).

The star-studded bash was wall-to-wall with celebs and everyone in the industry including make-up artists, celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, designers Marc Jacobs and Narciso Rodriguez, fellow celeb hairstylist Chris McMillan, and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova, and Tyson Ballou.

It truly was a night to remember and Harry Josh pulled it off with flying colors!

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orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr spring fling 06

Credit: Steffman/Curd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • shenanyginz


    but of course. however back in the day and even with other big celebrity couples there’s a balance between work and personal life that makes the lovey dovey crap tolerable. I HOPED (but understand not all things are possible) that the lovey dovey crap wouldn’t be as big a deal now that orlando’s back to work and miranda clearly having her name out there. but don’t count on me getting into the whose using who debate thats all i have to say about that. I think I’ll shut up now.

  • Varushkha

    Some people are getting it wrong but i respect their opinions…

    VS never sponsored a model or an angel to any of those MET events. It’s never in the past or certainly at the present. Take for example Alessandra, she never went to any MET events since joining VS, So is Adriana, well for such a long time she’s making quite a comeback in high fashion that she will be sponsored this time around. As for the other ex/current angels like Gisele, Karolina, Heidi, Doutzen they’re always present every year.

  • homme

    MIranda looks stunning in her photos although I think that V magazine photo by Mario Testino looks awfully a lot like her Allure editorial with Testino as well.

  • Bellebelle!

    I think Miranda and Orlando make a gorgeous couple even though I wouldn’t mind having Orlando for myself…. ha ha ha :]

  • justbored

    wow! u’re amazing jared :D

  • @52

    It’s a known fact and I totally agree with you except for the Heidi thing. She isn’t always present to MET events. As for the three topmodels you mentioned, yes and as far as i know they’re regular attendants since their modelling careers started.

  • @ Bellebelle!

    “I wouldn’t mind having Orlando for myself…. ha ha ha :]”


    Even joking around, why would you want to? Just because he looked good in movies?

    Gotta do better than that to be with me.

    Yes he has done charity work.

    So has the one I am deeply in love with. And he continues to do so without the fanfare. I still wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

  • @57

    If you ask me, i would rather be with a man who really loves, cares, and respects me regardless of who i am. At the end of the day, it’s not one’s looks or status that will prevail but rather your love, care, and respect for each other.

    Does love, care, and respect exist in mk/ob’s relationship? umm errr you know yeah oh i don’t know

  • @58

    Well, he told the world that he loves her, that showed both love and respect. And they both travel to be with each other when they can, that shows caring, IMO.

  • 25

    I agree with 59. He said that he loves her and he does treat her with love and respect. i dont get why there is so much hate for her. Is it because people are jealous of her. She is a successful vs model nothing wrong with what she does. delphi people are full of crap about her not getting any work. She has a great career. they are also wrong when they say its a showmance. miranda and orlando are in a real relationship and some dont understand it. i see this relationship will last because he really cares for her, you can see it. she is different than kate, much different. people need to back off of her because she has done nothing wrong to any of the people saying bad things about her. She is pretty, successful and has a wonderful boyfriend and some people cant stand that. they need to grow up.

  • @59 and 60

    Seems like your very well put sensible posts have quieted the hysterical masses. Bravo!

    They’re beautiful people who seem to care about each other. Why does that drive some people insane?

  • @61

    Oh, they’ll be back. They just have to wait until their sedatives wear off.
    “Why does that drive some people insane?”
    That’s a pretty short drive for some of them. ;)
    I guess they think that talking bad about someone like Miranda, will make them feel just a little bit better about themselves.
    Pretty sad way to live your life, IMO.

  • elayna

    For those of you who think her outfit is “unstylish”……please. No one said fashionable meant all out pieces and dresses. You can keep it simple and still be fashionable…come on. That’s the beauty of her style. Or what I think. Thats what I love about this chick. Unlike some celebs, she seems to have some favorite pieces of clothing in her wardrobe, such as the black jacket and those jeans which she likes to wear a lot, which is completely normal for a human being if you ask me.

  • Alex


    hey, I haven’t call you names or said that your post are hilarious. or “prolix” if you don’t like to read my post, don’t do it! why do you put “between” hyphens those words.

    People here don’t employ argument, they simply insult. poor losers, poor haters… what’s that??? btw… they are money making couple, keeping blogs lilke this couple. btw… contracts are signed taking account time. and if this is a showmance, it needs time to yield profits- for whoever of both is the largest benefit- and it will last as long as people come here to insult the others, deny the truth, or believe everything they see in a pic. For a showmance to work, you need it not to look a showmance. So, sometimes you will have to look madly in love, of course in front of papz and with the add of them.

  • @64


  • http://israel Lisa rose

    nice couple!

  • keL


  • IAmMe

    OMG I used to belong to delphi but I left after deciding they really were just genuinely crazy and full of shit. It’s mad the crap they come up with to try to justify what they see in pictures of OB and MK.

  • ME too


    I agree with you I used to post at Delphi but now they are just annoying with the conspiracies and weird as hell theories. Its like they always make a big deal of MK and OB being together and always make up some excuse like MK is the bad one who is making him do all these things. He is a grown man if he didn’t like what was going on her would have left. There is always some evil plot with them about MK.

    lol, @shenanyginz I like your views. :)

  • ME too

    It would have been a very different story If Miranda would have just kept her mouth shut from the start of the relationship. I mean its ok from time to time to talk about your BF but to go into heavy details like MK did isn’t very private. All of last year in most of her interviews she wanted to make sure and let people know that Orlando was her handbag bf. So I don’t feel sorry for her when people bug her all of the time asking about OB.

    I mean she was the one that started talking about him even before they were even dating, so what else do they expect? Both her and her publicist did. I think they are a real couple but it looks like they are really desperate for some publicity here, lol.

  • IAmMe

    And no, I’m not from dl_anon, I am actually from delphi. I know you lot in the prive section at delphi will assume these comments are coming from shippers or dl_anoners who are trying to ‘mess with you’.

  • ME too


    lol, yeah everyone is trying to mess with them on the private side of the forum. The conspiracies never die. I am too a member from delphi but I haven’t posted in a long time. That place is a broken record. Gets tiring after a while.

  • IAmMe

    @ME too: It really is tiring. It’s just the same old everytime they post something, and every new set of pictures has a back story of conspiracies and arguments behind them. I’m glad I stopped reading there, I feel much better for it.

  • ME too

    Yeah it feels relieving to leave that place after a while.@IAmMe:

  • oh boy


    “And no, I’m not from dl_anon, I am actually from delphi. I know you lot in the prive section at delphi will assume these comments are coming from shippers or dl_anoners who are trying to ‘mess with you’.”


  • IAmMe

    @oh boy: What, you don’t believe that I’m from delphi and not dl_anon? Sucks for you.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Orly looks like a creepy Italian boy.