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Rachel Bilson Shows Off Soho Style

Rachel Bilson Shows Off Soho Style

Rachel Bilson goes casual while out and about in the Soho area of New York City on Saturday (May 2).

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress has been tapped by InStyle magazine to write a monthly column, starting this month.

Ariel Foxman, InStyle editor shared that their readers, “love her particular take on eclectic chic. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to connect Rachel with our audience, and give her a place in the magazine to talk directly to women about her styling quirks and fashion obsessions!”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson showing off her Soho style…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson soho style 01
rachel bilson soho style 02
rachel bilson soho style 03
rachel bilson soho style 04
rachel bilson soho style 05
rachel bilson soho style 06
rachel bilson soho style 07
rachel bilson soho style 08
rachel bilson soho style 09
rachel bilson soho style 10

Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • im

    the best thing that ever happened to this girl is Adam Brody.

  • Las Vegas

    :) She is simply stunning. :)

  • voice of reason

    @im guess not seeing as they broke up over 2 years ago.

    The skirt is not bad but, and it’s a personal thing still not liking the leggings. At the Met Rachel should be back to looking more stylish.

  • oc

    Hey OC fans,

    Ben Mckenzie’s show Southland has been renewed.

  • diana

    This girl has damn good taste in men!

  • http://justjared lovely

    I don’t care what everyone says I love this girl she has great fashion sense can’t wait to see what she wears tomorrow .

  • melsky

    what happened to her? im a big rachel bilson fan but im disappointed.. she used to be one of the best dressed…

  • katie

    Love her style

  • voice of reason

    @7 melsky Rachel is in relax mode, she’ll be back to her usual style.

  • lili

    I love her

  • crapshack

    Oh and she’s back into business – A Timeless MediaHO!

  • Beetle Juice

    isnt she going out with hayden christenshitter? oh boy their careers have gone down the toilet

  • annie

    Whats so special about her?
    I dont see it..

  • voice of reason

    Well it was nice and quite until the people that like to cause trouble showed up, maybe one day they will just get a life and move onto someone else.

  • rach09elm

    @im: definitely, but hayden is a hottie too :P

  • gilmorie

    Oooh … malling or shopping is her life and nothing much else!

  • Toni

    It’s a shame her acting career hadn’t gone anywhere and Hayden’s too ( though he’s not a very good actor).
    I like Rachel but recently she always looks like she needs a wash and to run a brush through her hair- if a normal person went out looking like that they’d be criticised, when a famous one does it everyone compliments her style?

  • gilmorie

    Yah the most underrated yet officially relevant and actually working OC alumni. Good luck & bless him for his “”earnest”" effort he put into his work as a (real) working actor.

  • Nativenyker

    She looks so short….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • voice of reason

    and yet people still waste time about 2 people they don’t like get back Gasol and smiliehex at least they can argue with passion.

  • sesamecullen

    i love Rachel. she’s is simply stylist and pretty and cute

  • jeezzum

    Fish Lips & Looks Smelly… icks!

    @ 6 – I don’t care what everyone says I love this girl she has great fashion sense…
    I thought those “10 year old and below” doesnt post or not allowed here anymore; there’s Just Jared JR already isnt it – lol!

  • victoria

    I love her bag :)

  • tonie

    Star magazine is reporting the two were in the Bahamas for Hayden’s birthday. They were talking about staying at a private villa and checking out the waterslides at the Atlantis. Has a small pic that is dated April 22 from the airport.

  • chew***11
  • Molly

    I realized she was across the street from me when I spotted a swarm of paparazzi. She was very calm. Pretended they weren’t there.

  • @molly

    she was calm because she called them and knew they were coming

  • Molly


    Really? If I had known that I wouldn’t have played it cool. Would have gotten some shots of her myself.



    It’s seem you have to post more then once a day you have no life beyond what this online dating your doing for HC, You have some idea that he will run up and thank you for being his one and only biggest fan. PLEASE can you ever not slam someone’s personal take on RB or HC. People have a right to comment and you act as if you are the only person who has the right to judge people. Who died and left you in charge of the JJ board here. And then you draw in names as if you coxing a fight with 2 woman who obviouly have other lives beyond this board.

    RB does what she want to get her name in the paper if it’s calling out press then she does it, if it’s making a pre-arranged engagement I’m sure she would do it to. Seems this woman like many other celebs will do whatever it takes for celebrity gratification and popularity. This look was back in the 80′s I have no clue what kind of trend she thinks she is setting but, her look is way wrong for her. If INSTYLE thinks she is some eclectic trend setter boy they must be smoking bungy cord. Hey but, that is on them for wanting this woman to be editor in their magazine wish them luck selling her to anyone who isn’t a tween or under 25 yr old that likes the look.

    She looks like one of the kids from the breakfast club all she needs is the lace bow in her hair to give that look the total trend she is pressing out.

  • lexie

    @ jeezzum

    Are you a moderator? Post police?

  • Anakin

    @1 – the best thing that ever happened to this girl is breaking up with Adam Brody.

  • Lacey

    @ VOR

    I find it funny that you’re still saying that people should get a life when you’ve posted here about 4 times already which is more times than anyone else and that’s just a warmup. Don’t you have a life? Friends? Or is this your only social outlet?

  • who is she

    What FASHION SENSE does she have? Are girls living on a farm in the middle of some hillbilly town with no access to fashion magazines or the internet? There is NOTHING she has ever worn that is outstanding. If anyone has ever been to NYC, what she is wearing is office temp could put together something more fashionable and stylish.
    Wow..she is wearing a white t-shirt and skirt with tights…The media is clever at making a mediocre actress with no credits seem like she’s a trend setter…Each of you probably have more ideas than this girl.
    BTW she’s an actress right..what has she done lately?

  • poor hayden

    @1 – RB is the worst thing that’s ever happened to hayden – she ruined his career and reputation, is wasting his money on her shopping sprees, and makes him look miserable and depressed all the time! She is such an ugly, stupid, talentless fake….wtf does he see in her???? Must be the steamy sex…considering her sex therapist mom is probably giving her free advice on how to hold on to a hottie.

  • s

    I have read the same old shit, over and over again, it is getting very, very boring.

  • oops

    Where is this link to this famous picture of the two of them celebrating his birthday in the Bahamas??? Is she now leaking stories to that reputable magazine the star????
    By the way has anyone noticed that the last two sets of photos from Canada zeroed in on her only. HC and especially his family were facing away from the cameras. Talk about staged photo ops. – must have been part of their contractual agreement.

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMG! I have not even posted yet and as you noticed I got targeted by VOR and Smilehexe has not even been here for quite some time. My guess is she got tired of bantering with VOR or Spider. Smilehexe has the right idea. She bailed for now but, I hope she has not left for good. What she has to say usually is pretty intelligent and very wise comment’s. I alway’s rather enjoy hearing and having a mature and grown up conversation with Smilehexe. True. Smilehexe is very busy and has a lot on her plate right now and more so then I do to, deal with the nonsense talk on the board. I won’t go into further with Smilehexe but, I know she is a good person with a good heart. She just expresses her opinion like everyone else.

    Me. I had did so some shopping today for underwear and I got a pair of new jeans on mega sale. I’m stoked and bought some lunch for my son and hubby. It was pretty good take out Chinese food.

    But, gee. For VOR to tell people to get a life is a joke. VOR! Do me a favor. Invest in a big mirror and take a good look. You have posted already 4 times on Rachel’s new thread and I’m sure a bunch on IMBD too. I think it is you that needs to get a life that you live here 24/7 and have been a fan of Hayden’s since God! Who knows when?? You got up Lola Sky’s butt and harassed her and then hated Sienna. I think Hayden would be a bit freaked out knowing he had a stalker groupie fan like you. Poor Hayden! :lol:

    Agghhh!! The Breakfast Club. OMG! That brigs memories back but, yeah..Rachel totally looks like she is stuck in the 80′s. Even Brittney Spear’s has better style. Which, I tried on some of her clothes on at Kohl’s today and it looked really nice. I just did not buy b/c I’m trying to save money. Rachel also looks like she is ready for the BAD video from Michael Jackson. With her scarfs, boot’s, black and white she has on and huge sun glasses. I’m shocked she does not do a moon dance in front of the paparazzi! Oh yeah. I forgot the Fedora hat she wears as well. She want’s to be Michael Jackson I guess. Well. She sure is not no LaToya who still looks like a dime at her age and Janet as well.

    Vor and Jeezum need to STFU and stop acting like the board police. New’s flash. Their are more on this board that disagree with VOR and Jeezum. Disgusting name by the way. LOL! Voice of No Reason is what VOR should change her name to. Words for thought! ;)

  • Tiffani

    @ 35

    So are your comments when people have a differing opinion. If reading the same old shit is getting so boring, leave so you don’t have to look at it. Simple as that. That’s all you’re going to see when you are here because it’s a gossip board, not a praise board. You go to all the other threads here it’s the same thing. So what did you expect?

  • Ropo

    Does anyone know where she might have gotten that jacket she’s wearing. I likes!!!

  • lexie

    I think I’ve seen her in other pictures wearing that jacket before but I don’t know the brand. I like the way she layers things.

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont necessarily really like the outfit, but it works on her
    love her, she’s just so cute =]
    i agree with the magazine, she has good style…although it’s mostly the only thing she does since she has nothing else 2 do sadly =\
    i still love u rachel =p

  • voice of reason

    @gasol you were not targeted go back and read the comment again I was typing that I wished you came back because at least you and smilie have an opinion with passion rather than the “I hate her” one line waste of time.
    At least you are good for a few paragraphs, even if you keep typing old rubbish.
    BTW your numerous posts–one right after the other on the other thread was a joy to read, you lost the plot again.

  • tonie

    #36 I don’t know if it’s online. I get Star in the mail in its in the couples section of the May 11 (Jen Aniston adopting on cover) issue. The pic shows them sitting side by side reading. Could have been taken anytime. Story sounded fake with them gushing about their vacation and how everyone else was more tan than they were. Pic said it was taken in Nassau airport April 22.

  • Bellebelle!

    Her hair is looking awful lately….

  • makes sense

    @ 43 What you say makes sense, they were both gone for 2 weeks, and going to the Bahamas with his fiancee for Hayden’s birthday would be more fun than going dirt bike riding with a bunch of guys! They were gone after filming NYILY last year, took a Sea Doo from the LA airport to New York, so probably went to the Bahamas with it last year, too. It is funny, several people on these threads were waiting for pictures of his birthday, and it never happened because they were not around.

  • juniper

    “Apparently” they can do anything or go anywhere personally… they are “not” doing anything – (legit) career wise!

  • @#34

    @ she ruined his career and reputation…

    Of course, SHE can ruin anyone &/or even anything in Sillywood…
    “she’s like a gnat on a big pile of gossip t-u-r-d” – thats all there she & nothing much else.

  • voice of reason

    @ juniper Yeah Hayden is not making a movie at the end of the month LOL

  • beautimagnet

    Hmmm. I’m surprised Rachel Bilson gets a column at inStyle.

  • stupid

    she looks miserable bcuz her FIANCE wont spend time with her on something she enjoys.

    suprises me she isnt dragging him around on her spending sprees.

    hopefully he will wake up and see the light