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Britney Spears's Crazy Fan: Better Video!!!

Britney Spears's Crazy Fan: Better Video!!!

It’s always a circus with Britney Spears!

Earlier today, reported that overzealous fan 20-year-old Kyle King jumped on stage in front Britney while she was performing “Womanizer” at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. (He has since been cited with a single breach of peace charge.)

A new video has surfaced of a very startled and extremely terrified Britney freaking out and screaming. (Her mic seemingly is off and the screaming inaudible.) You can skip to the 2:15 mark for all the freak-out action. Watch the video below!

Britney Spears’s Crazy Fan: Better Video!!!
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  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    priceless! hahahahahahahahaha.. she’s so unprofessional. a real performer would have rolled w/ it and kept on performing – this clown damn near had a heart attack. hahahahaha.. i know daddy spears had to up her meds after that. LOL..
    on a serious note – she might be one of the worst “performers” who ever stepped on a stage. that’s definitely the worst lip syncing i’ve ever seen.. and dancing.. i hope that’s not what she (and her fans) call dancing. LOL..

  • Kristine in Brooklyn

    How crazy is that. Her reaction is sooo scary. With the shaking…it looked scary. Her screaming and the mic is off…no suprise there!

  • Mia

    She looked really terrified. =/

  • chels

    omg she looks like crazy after she screams, relax ok brit.

  • Katie

    First !

    Bahaha her face PRICELESS !!!

  • Jono

    hahaha, that was hilarious (:

  • patsy

    aww bless her, she actually freaks out like crazy.
    she must be so scared of people;
    paparazzi have done this to her. :(
    poor girl;
    i’m seeing her june 6th i think?
    haha, sometime at the 02 in london

  • Nina bum

    she looks absurdly odd and lip-synch isn’t good =\
    and yeah her ‘escape from scene” it’s unprofessional.

  • julia

    wow, she really freaked. she kind of stopped after the incident. good thing it was the last song, haha.

  • Sarah

    Wow, that was uncomfortable to see. I wonder why she freaked like that. It’s not like he had a weapon. Poor thing.

  • leslie

    she looks so scared…and this is one time that i’m glad that her mic was off. imagine if her mic was live and she was screaming like that? yikes. i wonder what this means for the vip/ga section for the rest of her tour– i wouldn’t be surprised if they changed it in the future.

  • k

    I think her reaction was justified. Having said that, the performance was horrible. Are her shows sold out?

  • No sided

    You people are idiots. If you are up on stage performing and you turn around and see some random dude I’d love to see you “remain professional” and “act calm.”

    And how the fuck was she supposed to know he didn’t have a weapon? He very well could have had a knife or something and he was HELLA close so she could have gotten hurt!

  • Pete

    Of course her mic is “off.” Because she LIP SYNCHS!

  • cindy

    Yikes! As mentioned in previous posts…BS really freaked out. If she was a professional, she would have handle the “situation” better. Or wait…what about the other dancers? Nice backup dancers to the rescue!


  • ALEX

    lip syncing hahahahhaha

  • justniki

    poor B:(

  • who?

    LOL she totally freaked out! I hate the fact that she lyp synchs on her concerts, I think it’s desrespectable to her fans! What a waste

  • mama

    ii wud be freaked o be near that crazy woman. the fan is vrey courageous! standing ovation! :p

  • a

    for anyone wondering why she freaked out, just google ‘rebecca schaeffer’. i mean, the woman is britney spears: love her or hate her, she’s famous. very very famous. considering the amount of people who know of her, there are bound to be at least a handful who are nutjobs. and of these nutjobs, britney has probably received scary letters or phone calls from a few.

    just a couple weeks ago, news of some ‘fan’ (apparently amateur paparazzo) trespassing on her property and peering through her windows came about. britney was on tour, but she must’ve heard. then this guy rushes on stage and is standing an arms’ length away from her in the middle of her concert, what is she supposed to think he wants?

    personally, i’m not questioning the validity of the freak out. what i am questioning is this: how can anyone call this a concert, let alone pay to see it? her mic is obviously just plain off, you’re basically listening to her cd at a very high volume. she’s not even dancing. people paid a lot of money to see britney spears walk around in various outfits. now that warrants a freak out.

  • mama

    *i wud be freaked out to be near that crazy woman. the fan is very courageous! standing ovation… :p

  • bubble

    I can’t even understand why people are going to her concerts… she cannot sing, cannot dance and she’s crazy!

    I remember a video of Solange Knowles perfoming LIVE and when a fan came on stage dancing around her …. she was very PROFESSIONAL, she handled it very well and she even danced with him!

  • lalalove

    She shoulda went with his flow! He was just trying to dance with her! HAHAHHA She looked petrified!
    BTW, I’d never pay money to watch Britney lip sync. WTF for?

  • a

    don’t get me wrong, i like britney’s music and i’m rooting for her to have a happy life, but i feel like she’s being just plain lazy these days because she can rest on the laurels of how good a performer she used to be. i was hoping this would be a comeback! i know she’s older, but you can tell when someone is at least trying to hit the moves, and there is none of that here.

  • BliZzarD

    “EEEEEeeeehhh Get away from me… You have H1N1″

  • Donna

    You guys are too harsh – “if she was a professional, she would have handled it better?” It’s those things that literally come at you out of nowhere and we’re all human so her reaction is natural, especially b/c out of the blue a random ass dude just sneak attacked her. It’s like telling a race car driver after a crash – “oh, you’re a race car driver, you should have been professional and not crash into the person next to you”….

    Think about it: there’s weird people taking her picture everyday, camped outside her house or wherever she is, you’ve got stalkers, death threats, that sam lufti guy…the stage seems to be the only place she can be herself… You’re dancing, having fun…you can’t see the audience that well and BOOM! Someone just pops up out of nowhere. I bet you if ANY of guys were in her position, I don’t think you would have “handled it professionally”.

    Stop being so ignorant and just be more aware.

  • dundies

    LOL for days

  • gold

    WOW!!! total could be anyone under those clothes hard to tell…she wasnt even trying to dance. nothing compared to what she did before the kevin years.what a pitty.shame people paid to see that.

  • a

    hahaha, it says ‘i got your crazy’ just after the whole incident.

  • G

    What’s wrong you people? It takes a lot of presumption to just dance with anyone who comes up on stage to you. You have to say to yourself, okay, I’m gonna bet that this guy is safe. Well, not all girls react that way! When some strange dude comes up to you 1 foot away, you start thinking that this could turn tragic.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrícia

    OMG guys! She really freaked out? OBVIUSLY! If you’re one of the MOST famous persons in the world and some crazy fan got that close of you without a permission .. of course you gonna freak out! I’m sorry but cases of crazy fans shotting ou trying to kill their icones is NOT new! She got lost after the “invasion” but she was scared! HOW the security let this happen? That’s no sense!

  • alexis

    OMG that was really crazyyyy!! What was that guy thinking? Its not like getting up on stage and performing isn’t hard enough… now you have crazies to worry about. Luckly I don’t have that kind of stress to worry about.

    Alex – Professional Cutie

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    i’ve seen sooooo many people run on stage while an artist (male & female) performed, and i’ve NEVER seen someone react like that. i’ve seen artist dance along, attack, and completely IGNORE `em and CONTINUE TO PERFORM normally. LOL.. he didn’t pop up behind her, he walked up right in front of her, smiling. LOL.. that crazy doped up loser just had a crack-attack, that’s all.
    miley cyrus would of handled it better than that.. and she’s 13 y/o. hahahaha..

  • Lillianne

    Britney Vanilli

  • lame@

    I feel bad for how scared she looked. With all the threats she kids about kidnapping and crazy fan BS, she had a right to freak out!

    I miss when she actually danced and put on a show! All she seems to do in every clip I see, is walk around. I think if she tried she could still dance her a*s off!

  • lol


    SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol


    SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea

    That guy was me.

    Im just a big fan.

    I don’t see what the big deal is, i just wanted to touch.

  • marebear

    Britney, LIP SYNCING??

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Britney and I truly wish her the best…but lip syncing again?

    COME ON! If you cannot SOUND as good in person without all the synthesizing and digital manipulations, then you SHOULD NOT GO ON TOUR!!!

  • Jaime

    That guy is a HUGE dick, and probably not in the way he’d like that to be true. Of course she’s gonna be scared. She glanced away for a few seconds and when she looked back there’s this stranger in front of her!!!

    Who wouldn’t be scared!

    Agree on the dancing though. She can do waaaaaaaaay better!

  • cc

    That was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in awhile.

    To see someone so upset and frightened over something that you or I might laugh off is really sad.

    She’s obviously not mentally well and was unable to handle a security breach and you know what why should she?? That WAS a potentially dangerous scenario. What if he’d had a knife and intended to do her harm? One jab and she could have been seriously hurt.

    No, to make fun her reaction is just plain cruel.

  • she was justified to be scared


    GROW THE FUCK UP! It wasn’t funny. It was a sad thing to see. You’re all fucking sick to make fun of a mentally ill person. Her reaction was completely justified after the horrendous two years she’s had and the stalkers she’s dealt with.

    And I’d LOVE to see you get up on stage, perform and adlib your way out of something. Let’s see how good you’d be. Assholes.

  • cc


    Yeah? Well that was pretty fucking stupid and you looked like an idiot. And the mere fact you don’t understand what the big deal speaks volumes to your stupidity.

  • athena

    Glad to see that she kept her composure…this should have not happened and she should fire that security person on that side of the stage.

  • cris

    the guy wasn’t acting crazy or anything

  • Laura

    I think Britney’s reaction was pretty justified. Even if you disregard all of the stalker things and the fact that she is very famous and probably worried about being hurt from fans, etc, it is still a justified response. I think most of her freak out was just because it was so unexpected. It’s like when you are in one room and your friend jumps out at you. You know your friend and obviously are not scared of him/her but it startles you so you might scream/jump back/etc. I think she was just startled which caused the first reaction. Then she kinda went with it because it was someone she didn’t know. It would be like if you had someone in your house you didn’t know. You would freak out because they startle you and then keep freaking out because there is a total stranger in your space!

  • athena

    Glad to see that she kept her composure…this should have not happened and she should fire that security person on that side of the stage. Being that everyone’s guard was down, that could have been a perfect time to do some serious harm to Britney Spears and to her dancers…it’s easy to get on a stage, but when you have to walk up steps to get to the stage, the guards could have prevented this from happenind. Lypsyncing or not…that’s what all the dance/singing performing artist do now a days, even Beyonce…God forbid if they had all that energy exuding from them each night…that would be incredible, and I’ll have what they’re having…lol….Live concerts are performances that don’t have to have live vocals anymore and that’s a shame, but that’s what our society is living underneath…spoonfed instant gratification at the drop of a hat that last less than a minute.

  • Amanda

    There are a lot of singers that have had a shocking run in with a fan on stage and most of them are cool with it and don’t mind at all whatsoever. But Solange@bubble:
    She also admitted afterwards that she realized how stupid it was to have just basically welcomed him the way she did because for all she knew he could have had a weapon.
    Britney had every reason to flip out. She’s on a much higher level of fame than Solange and therefore there could very well be people trying to hurt her. In this situation, being professional didn’t matter. What mattered was her safety. How did her security not catch him getting up the stage? That’s scary.

  • janiece

    wow she really freaked out! this video really showed me how bad of a performer she is. that was the most boring thing ive ever seen. id never pay to see her “live” (which means her half ass dancing and terrible lip sync). i dont understand this huge fan base she has.