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Jennifer Aniston: Smartwater Hush

Jennifer Aniston: Smartwater Hush

Jennifer Aniston hushes the crowd in the new Glaceau water brand Smartwater Ad. The ad copy reads:

– PURE SPECULATION we’re not ones to sip and tell, but Jen‘s pretty into us (and our vapor distilled purity.)

Last year, Jennifer was featured on a seven-stories tall billboard for Smartwater on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Last week, new Tom Brady Smartwater ads were also revealed showing the NFL superstar working out.

Bigger pics inside…

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Love the new POSTER Jen looks great!!!!

Who says she nak ed ???? Pick pick nothing better to do…Jen is threat some how to you or why are you here hating her? You Just can’t stay away can you all?

Well off to work. Everyone enjoy Jen…
Thanks Jared Again your the best , best…
Hey sweet Jade Jen fan Bet , lara haven’t seen you all.
Hope everything is fine…TTUL

Actually, she bought $10 million in SmartWater stock. Guess that’s how she got the job?

jen&huvane @ 05/05/2009 at 8:07 am

ellie is come back
the lunatic is here again.

brad's made a poopy @ 05/05/2009 at 8:11 am

Mommy Angie! Widdle Braddy peed his diaper again! He needs changed so you can both get off on it you sick freaks!

Jill @ 05/04/2009 at 11:07 pm When your career is in the toilet, all your men dump you, and you have nothing else going for you, you pimp Smartwater. Figures.
What a non-life this woman has.
I suppose you feel you are in a better position to make judgements about her career than the people who hire and pay her millions of dollars to shoot their movies and endorse their products.

I also suppose you have some kind of inside knowledge about her real life.

You sound ridiculous and really ought to think before you write things like that.

what do you do? what kind of career do you have?

LOL, you know you can picture John Peeboy mayer drinking dumbwater and peeing all over fillerface. I can’t help but think it is such rich irony. Jennifer Peepot Aniston, shills for dumbwater which is drunk by Peeboy who pees on her.
Come on you fillerface fans. you know that Peeboy has publicly confessed to enjoying peeing on his women. It was on his blog before he cleaned it up.
And now fillerface is doing a movie called the baster. And you know what the urban dictionary says a baster is?

Peeing in someone’s butt.
You know fillerface herself said that her movies follow her real life. Rumor has it, derailed, the break up, and now – the BASTER because Peeboy Mayer has been peeing in her butt!!
Da-mn I wish Peeboy was still with fillerface. I do I do I do.
Wow – how old are you and why are you not being supervised?

lylian @ 05/04/2009 at 11:32 pm TEDS @ 05/04/2009 at 11:19 pm
I just noticed how different she looks in this air-brushed ad, compared with the photo of her in JJ’s top pics in top right hand corner.
And I’ve just noticed that she’s kinda implying she nekid again!! No t shirt, no stitch of clothing!!.
LOL. Now tell me why it is that anyone has to shill for dumbwater suggestively nekiid?
do you also think that she is the only celebrity that “thinks” that, because she is certainly not the only celebrity that does that.

Truly, how old are you people? Have you been trained in looking at things from a single perspective, based on hate of very shallow, insigniicant things about people? It’s just amazing to me.

Jennifer we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her smartwater ads……. she looks amazing….. I heard she was last night on the jimmy fallon show….I live in France so I couldn’t watch it, could someone tell me how was it??? thanks!!!

pd-hi ellie, have a great day at work :)

Beautiful Jen here! Someone should really drink smart water to get some intelligence around here! LOL LOL LOL

she look beutifull and continue on her success . lovely

Looking good!
i love these smartwater ads! I love the whole look of VitaminWater and SmartWater products – pretty smart marketing. IMO – The best Jen ads were the ones in the boat…. and ofcourse Tom Brady (yummy!).

I read that a clinical study conducted actually gave a thumbs-up to the benefits of VitaminWater — I guess SmartWater won’t be too far behind. Pricey in general though??
To bad smartWater isn’t mass-sold here in Canada….


We call you guys lunatic , nothing just one time here and like her look or picture. We are talking about the fans of others comeing here and non stop in one post bashing for her look. to me that is lunatic. You do not see me go to your iodls thread bashing day and night her ridiclouse shape and flat ass and ugly arm.

brad’ made a poopys

that is very fanny. thank you for give us some fun here.


honey , Jen can sell . LoL

lol – i hadn’t read the comments before posting, o.w. I would have said:
how can you bash Jen (who doesn’t do much endorsements anyway) when celebrities jet around in their gas guzzling private planes all across the planet (and maybe helicopter rides to get to staten Island) and endorse fashion labels (wear you pay thousands of dollars for products probably made in 3rd world countries), endorse watches, jeans, BANKS, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, BEER, liquor, live in luxurious villas in Italy and France for millions of dollars, have multiple homes themselves, sell their kids’ pictures for MILLIONS of dollars, and all the while telling us regular folks to take a stand for causes and DONATE, and conserve for the environment?

right…. she’s the hypocrite…

Lilian what exactly your real problem is?Why you hate Jen that much? Just curious.

Wow…………..a direct slam to the Environment and the Woman’s Movement. Nice touch for the enduring Flake of the Year….

All that matters to this shallow slag is another opportunity to get n/aked and photoshpped into the public eye yet again.

Hey, why worry about the social messaging?? What a stellar role model.

All that money and she is simply taking up space on the planet. And it still didn’t get her a spot on Peep’s MB or Time’s MI. $$ just can’t buy class or beauty inside or out. She really needs to go away. If I was stumbling across the Sahara dying of thirst and saw a bottle of this hawked water, I’d opt for sucking on sand.

jen and smartwater are both the ****….


Wow, you are one obnoxious, angry person. Whatever reason is behind the ugliness spoken from your mouth, for your own sake, I hope you will heal soon. God Bless you, poor broken soul.


I am Canadian as well…….stop embarrassing the country….we don’t want that shite up here. Thanks anyway.

Oh Hi lara.
How are you doing? The show was so funny, I also love Jimmy Fallon.
Jen started speaking with Jimmy, she then went behind his desk and wanted to be the host of the show so Jimmy played her.. It was really funny, her questions and his answers.. They both had a lot of fun.. Jen actually can make it big as a talk show host , that’s how much I enjoyed her, but Jimmy was also wonderful. Jen did a little mimicking about David Letterman, and the way he acts, with his laugh and throwing the cards.. They also were bowling with grape fruit and water bottle as pins.
lara can’t get to see some clips by punching in his name on the web.. Jimmy Fallon shows, that’s all I did..
Well if you can’t I thought the clips were great..I didn’t get to watch the show b/c I’m always on call to leave ..Actually I didn’t even know it was on until you just told me.. Thanks
So you live in France how nice and how beautiful, I’ve only been to a few places out of my country, but I still have so much to see here.
Take care I’ll be around for awhile until I get call to leave.. TTUL lara.

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