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Jennifer Garner is Whole Foods Flowery

Jennifer Garner is Whole Foods Flowery

Jennifer Garner picks up tulips and groceries with daughter Violet Affleck on Monday morning (May 4) in Boston, Mass.

The 37-year-old actress recently gave birth to her second daughter, Seraphina, and had something funny to say at Friday’s InStyle event.

“Dressing after baby I find to be a challenge, because I’ve got…these – ” she told WWD, grabbing her chest. “They’re great. I need them. They’re not easy to dress. They’re not the body issue I’m used to dealing with.”

20+ pictures inside of Whole Foods flowery Jennifer Garner

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  • Hong kong

    Jennifer garner looks so pretty and sweet as always, and also Violet looks so beautiful and cute! They are bothe very pretty…Violet is taking after her mum, so she is gonna be a beauty like Jen Garner. Jen is very pretty and lovely! GO JEN!!!!

  • stefano

    violet is cute! haha

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Adorable! I love this family.

  • emma

    Violet and Seraphina are by far the most adorable celeb babies.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    its the first time that she looks cute!!!!!!!!

  • mslewis

    Can’t this woman make even an effort to dress well??? It doesn’t take much to put on a pair of pants that fit or a top that fits. You’re in the public eye, make an effort!!! She looks like a little hillbilly lost in the big city!!

  • Monday smiles

    wonderful how they move to Boston to hang while Ben is filming. Welcome to the East Coast. Hopefully, you will only have an occassional pap following you instead of 25, like in LA.

    Can’t wait to see pics of Ben and Jen at the White House dinner.

  • Alexis

    would rather see Jen dressed like this, than dressed like V. Beckham. Gosh, what was that anyway? ………….a throwback to the village people. I thought Victoria had more taste than that. I will take Jen’s laid back style anyday over fake “costume” style outfit.

  • LEE

    Nice to see how Vi is so small when in fact she is a tall girl.. It is amazing how no one gets pix of Sera.. who would be with them
    too with the nanny..

  • jaxon

    Unusual to see Violet without a huge smile on her face. I wonder if she’s not liking the competition in the house.

  • um

    sorry but jennifer always wears like a clown. Vio no longer looks like the happy baby she used to look.

  • seus

    Her S#it movie didn’t do too well, worst opening for Matthew. She ain’t no Jennifer Aniston who made Ben with his bad acting be in a number one movie.

  • Josephina

    My husband was so mad at me for taking him to see horsey face. I wanted to see Matthew…but gawd JG looked ghastly and her acting was horrific.

  • Ivelisse^^^

    I feel bad for the Afflecks – last year they were in Boston no one took ANY pictures. Now the paps are in full force to hound them even way out there. They hate it you can tell – V. hates it too.

  • keystone

    Jennifer’s movie didn’t bomb. 2nd movie boxoffice for the weekend. Just because the same 10 fans saw Wolverine 2000 times each doesn’t mean Ghost bombed. Now the reviews are another thing.

    Jen played a small role in the movie, while Matthew should have been able to carry this movie. But, Matthew hasn’t had a good review in years.

    Hey #12, check the reviews on reviews of Just Not Into You, Ben’s acting wasn’t the thing that was always slammed. Check it out.

  • georgia

    Ben Affleck and his mom thank their lucky stars everyday that Ben didn’t marry that yellow ape JLO. He has a beautiful white wife and beautiful white children because he listened to his wise mother.

  • sandyBeach

    Agree georgia @ 05/04/2009 at 6:25 pm that Ben is better off married to Jennifer. And that he did listen to his Mom, and Matt about jlo and him not being right for each other.

    However, what does any of that have to do with the fact that Jennifer is white instead of Latino?

  • Lizbeth

    Yes, let’s shun the woman with two small children for going to the grocery store in comfortable clothing!

    You people are nuts — you do realise that the reason you don’t see other celebrities in this sort of casualwear is because they DON’T leave the house looking anything but fabulous, meaning they have to hire people to do crap like go to the market for them and other regular tasks. So you’re officially bagging on a sleep-deprived parent for daring to pick up milk without her stilettos.

    She looks fine. And again: for those of you living in some odd alternate universe, Jen is TOTALLY in-line with gear you wear to Whole Foods in Boston. Boston’s just not that image-obsessed. I have no idea why not, but it just isn’t. It’s a place where people wear ski jackets to work in the winter over their suits. Don’t take my word for it, visit and see.

  • Thank you daddy

    My daddy use to sleep with a baboon but he didn’t marry JLO, oops, I mean that other lady. I’m glad he didn’t otherwise I would be as horrible looking and deformed as Emme Lopez.

  • Ben/Jen fan

    #18, I am with ya. I see some of the other celeb pics and wonder how many stylist, make-up artist were at their house in the morning. How long does it take some of them to primp before leaving the house. Jen goes out in comfortable clothes blends, and would rather spend time with her children than in a make-up chair.

    Good to see V. smiling, she didn’t look real happy during the walk Ben and Jen took yesterday. Cute though how Ben and Jen hold hands while Ben keeps his hand in his pocket. Too cute!

  • Jill


  • lakers fan in boston

    imo she acts so normal it makes her boring
    ughh its gonna be years until she dresses nicely again, she only looks nice at her premieres =\
    and it looks like she’s not really working on anything so idk when ill see her looking nice again

  • Mejico

    Same person posting , Georgia, Sandybeach, thankyou daddy, LMAO, you are a Jlo hater. Now what does Jlo have to do with this post, you are the only one mentioning her. I think it’s about time that when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are mentioned that people should leave Jlo out of it don’t you think, Ms. Georgia and Alias????? These people have moved on with their lives, you live in the past. Jlo is not thinking about these people and they aren’t thinking about her so let it go.

  • Jill

    Violet is very cute. She looks like she has a lot of personality.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Poor Ben. After dating the most beautiful and sexiest women of Hollywood, he ended up marrying the ugliest and tallest women of them all.

  • Zack
  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Ben should have married a shorter woman. Now, not only will he have very ugly girls, but they will be so tall.

    Who will date his girls? I hope the new girl will not look like Jen Garner.

  • monit or

    Jennifer Garner dresses ok, but her face is just very ugly, she looks like a cross between frankenstein and a lizzard. I think ugliness rubs off, have you seen Ben affleck lately? he looks so ugly worn out and horsey face just like jen, and violet like a .50 cent lab rat..yucK!!!

  • Great white

    Ben just didn’t marry a white woman but one of the Great White variety, the one that never stops producing bacon haha.

  • Not her fan

    This woman is not tall she is on the shorte side. I saw her in person in Boston and I was very dissapointed at her rudeness and pretention. She comes across as very fake and sarcastic.

  • Affleck’s Forever!

    D-List JLO was the worst thing that ever happened to A-List Ben. There was no way he was ever going to marry that brown trash! She wanted him he didn’t want her and openly cheated on her with strippers, but poor, desperate Jlo wanted him anyway! Well it didn’t happened now did it? Good things come to those who wait and he waited for the best in Jennifer Garner. A real all-American girl who takes care of her family and isn’t ashamed to be seen out in public with her children. Jenn Garner has a career and she didn’t sleep around to gain fame like J-Whore. And there is no way that short, ugly, fat J-Whore was considered sexy except by chola trash like herself. Woot! Woot!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    I think Garner’s insecurity about her looks, rubbed off to Ben.
    So not only horsey face Garner has so much plastic surgery, but also Ben is sporting a small version of his nose.

    Ben, you are not an ugly, horsey face, big woman. Garner’s issues are her problems not yours!

  • Michaelangelo

    Why, #6? You’ll die? She doesn’t dress for your benefit.

    Right, #18.

    You’re a creep, #19.

    You too, #25.

    And you, #27.

    And you too, #31.

  • Violet is adorable

    Since Ben settled down with this beautiful, white woman he no longer gambles or dates strippers. He has prime waiting for him at home so why settle for salami in the streets.

  • Not her fan

    Big breast Jen Garner’s problem??? who is she trying to kid? what about her Big Fat Stomach or her rectangular shaped ass?

  • Jennifer Garner the Queen

    And Jlo didn’t have plastic surgery done on her hideous face. Nose job, face-lift, dyed blond hair, pasty white makeup to look white. I remember J crude when she first became pseudo famous and she looked a lot different. A lot like my neighbor’s maid Marisol.

  • Classy jennifer

    Jennifer Garner= A relevant career, a wonderful mother of BEAUTIFUL BABIES, a loving husband, tall, willowy, naturally beautiful, beautiful skin, lovely smile, didn’t fuck everybody with a pulse for a record deal.
    Jlo= it’s over. Oh and by the way, Jennifer Garner has the wedding ring.

  • MIchael V.

    Ben and Jen live their lives in a circus like way, exposing their children to the paps and trying to steal every bit of attention from the media. Ben even pretends to do humanitarian work just to be on the spotlight, he and others who try to copy Angelina Jolie are just pathetic and ridiculous. This guy is so transparent whe he talks about his trips to Africa, etc, showing no emotion, sounding robotic or like a spoiled Boston boy who elongates his S’s. I can’t stand him, nor Jen and I wish they go away far, far away where with their two weird looking children.

  • Aiden

    Ben always had his pick of beautiful ladies. Remember when he dated Ms. Paltrow? They made a nice couple.

  • brooklyn

    Too many racist on the story.

  • MIchael V.

    to #37 and what did exactly Jen Garner win by marrying Ben Affleck?, at least Jlo has a husband who is always home, and helps with the children and DRESSES WELL!!, Marc dresses handsomely and his hair is always in place DUH!

  • Gwynnie

    OMG stop posting picture of this hippo please

  • I know Jen’s sisters and mom

    Brooklyn, not too many racist just one who keeps on posting. Because Jen’s ignorant PR and sisters think Jen’s only advantage/quality is being white.

  • America

    People hate JLO because she’s a puerto rican I guess.

  • thirtyone,thirtyfour,thirtysix

    31, 34, 36,37, lmao, you are one in the same, now now, calm down..yeah it’s been over with Jlo and Ben for a very long time…my question is why aren’t you over it???lol. You are crazy.

  • shamrock

    Unbelievable comments here!!!

    Enjoy seeing Ben promote films, drawing attention to causes around the globe, and most of all smiling with his BFF Matty having boyz time together. When are Ben and Matt going to reunite for a good cause?

    Sending happiness and warm wishes to the familia!


  • Jen’s sisters

    Yeah, Jen garner is a white QUEEN OF THE GREAT WHITES, haha.

  • Mark’s fan

    @MIchael V.:

    And better yet, Marc Anthony showers!!!

  • Get Over It!

    And everything bad posted about Mrs. Garner is the same person who hates Jennifer Garner because Ben married her instead.

  • Mommy?

    Jlo the mother of invisible twins. There is something wrong with that.