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Megan Fox - "Esquire" June 2009

Megan Fox -

Megan Fox switches it up from bed to bathing suit in the June 2009 film shoot for Esquire by Greg Williams.

As reported last week, the 22-year-old Transformers hottie was captured with a special Red One camera .Get the full story and portfolio in Esquire‘s June issue, on sale May 10.

Check out the hot hot hot video at My favorite is when Megan starts eating. Tasty!

Cover: Trench coat by Burberry; lingerie by Agent Provocateur.

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megan fox esquire june 2009 cover 01a
megan fox esquire june 2009 cover 02

Photos: Greg Williams
Posted to: Megan Fox

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  • janelle

    She looks very pretty.

  • Not Impressed with JA

    Beautiful !

  • impress me megan

    very much Jolie on the cover.

  • CRazy oldie

    oh god she is beautiful. Yes, kinda looks like Jolie, but this girl has something about her that brings out a dirty slutty hotness.

  • dundies

    …oh original..its megan trying to be sxc. and im girl b-itches so feel free to call me jealous

  • copycat of angie

    Yeah she a pretty girl but I wish she’s quit copying Angelina and get her own identidy. She has had lip injections and also her nose tweeked, but not only that she has freckles.

  • gracemarie

    I don’t get what the hupla is about. I can name at least half a dozen celebrites (I said celebrities cause I don’t consider Megan an actress) who are prettier and sexier without the trashiness.

  • Betty B


  • Megan fox rocks

    @copycat of angie:

    how the hell she’s coping angelina ??

    wearing Trench coat on the cover of mag

  • Blah Girls!

    OMG!! She’s so hot!! Jealous!

  • jasmine

    oh my…. she copying angelina jolie

  • Katie

    Megan is beautiful but she looked so different afew years ago.

  • Megan fox rocks

    beautiful and stunning

  • Joyce

    I’m a fan of both Angie and Megan. they’re both gorgeous and strong.

  • anthony

    One of the 10 hottest actresses ever easily! Her body in that video was amazing!

  • Michelle Depp

    Paris, Lindsey, Britney & all ya’ll other starlets – take note…THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT GIRLS!! Flawless.

  • joanne

    she’s very pretty

  • Sade

    Nice pics. I dont understand how anyone says she is copying another person because she wears a trenchcoat. So now anyone with dark hair that wears a trenchcoat is copying Angie? please people get real.

    I think Megan is very pretty… gorgeous even. I dont think other than her hair that she looks like Angelina… But, she is sexy and young and will certainly fill a gap for the aging actresses that have previously filled the sexy action roles.

  • sheryll

    other that her hair? what about tattoos, bisexuality, doesn’t want to marry, the list can go on with her and angie similarities.

  • Shawna D

    Dayum.Son of Sam,She looks Incredible & she isn’t trying to copy Jolie .Jolie is a baby Factory now & Megan is just starting out…………….

  • guest

    Sade, have you ever seen how Megan Looked pre-makeover? Well take a look, and tell me she didn’t alter her image to look like someone else.

  • lalalee

    I think she is a very beautiful girl, but for some reason she looks much older than a 22 year old. If I didn’t know better, I would say she is in mid 30′s!!

  • copycat of angie

    Angelina isn’t a baby factory you moron! She’s been pregnant two times stupid. Yep that makes one a baby factory according to manny hens. Her idol is Angelina and I don’t blame her because Angelina is sexy and the it girl. I really can’t blame Angelina for having Brads babies, he’s so damn gorgeous and is a wonderful father.

  • jughed

    Wow! :)

  • a total fan

    Wow she look pretty here.

  • KARL

    megan looks delicate and more beautiful than agelina jolie

    megan has matured since her days on Hope and Faith, she was 16 back then.

    Megan’s changes are small, e.g lip injection to which if she stoped her lips would go back to normal, SHE IS BASCIALLY PLASTIC SURGERY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • sweetness

    she is definitely a younger version of grand dame Angelina Jolie.

  • fresh

    She’s definitely trying to emulate Angelina—but I cant hate on her for that!! But she only has half the talent

  • Ethan

    Watch out Angelina, looks like someone is burning up your trail!
    Hotter and younger.

  • Hums

    She looks really natural on the cover, like shes not wearing makeup, thats good! XD

  • tabitha

    she cant act; another Alba or wonnabe Jolie

  • jdub

    shes gorgeous

  • brad pitt for megan fox

    come on .. who looks sexier … meagan is a definate!! sorry angie move over for the younger sexier ones

  • Dave

    Forget about Angelina, Megan is way hotter!

  • D

    She looks NOTHING like Angelina Jolie, lol…. and this chick is afraid of not only her, but her own shadow.

  • alexis

    I love her, she is literally perfect!!! =)

  • lakers fan in boston

    im sorry 2 u all u fucking angie obsessed bitches
    but imo, they barely look like ea other anymore….
    megan has gotten much prettier than her, while i think angie is losing her looks
    not loving the cover
    but that video was absolutely hot….i couldnt control myself =p, jk
    but yes it was a really nice video, i also like the part where she’s eating =], she just makes that face of hers i like
    love u megan!!

  • Courtney

    She is so beautiful!

  • Somebody

    Yeah but she can’t act. Another pretty girl who will fade away when she turns 30. Angelina is talented just like Halle Berry. Megan Fox is like Farrah was back in the day, hot and the “it” girl for a few years and then she will be posing in Playboy and doing bad “art” videos.

  • sheryll

    plastic surger free! PLEASE she’s nothing and never will be more than a trashier, dirtier white trash wannabe Angelina!

  • janiece

    her body is insane!!! wow im jealous

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jolie has a nose job and inflated lips, too. Megan only did what Angelina did before- so they look alike.

  • original sonia

    sorry, every one with a brain knows Angelina in known for wearing that trench coat, haters don’t like to admit that, i am trying really hard to like this girl on her own merit, but she just wont allow me too. like another poster already stated, .. get your own identity, we already have Angelina and she’s gorgeous.

  • what?

    I think she looks more feminine than Angie.

  • dee

    She is soo beautiful!!! I mean …my god …real/fake who cares?!?! i would kill to look just a bit like her,she’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!

    The things I would do to her,she aint ready for!!! thats for sure!!!

  • yea right…
  • erin

    but she REALLY wants to be a serious actress.



  • sally

    i checked the link..She needs to find her own style. If she keeps this up she’ll always be a second rate copy of ang. it’s kind of creepy with the hair and tattoos. people copy marilyn monroe but at least she’s 50 years ago. ang is here right now being herself and megan is copying her .Be ORIGINAL megan! you’re pretty find your own thing.

  • ashley

    She is gorgeous!! I hope she gives a good interview in here and Elle. I wish people would stop comparing her to angelina, she is her own person and is prettier in my opinion.

  • really…?

    if she wants to stop being compareed to jolie she should stop dressing and copying her LOL