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Jennifer Aniston Brings Management To NYC

Jennifer Aniston Brings Management To NYC

Jennifer Aniston hits the red carpet in a beautiful Balenciaga dress at the screening of her new movie, Management at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema on Tuesday (May 5) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actress finished off her look with Fred Leighton earrings, a Ferragamo clutch and Christian Louboutin T-strap shoes. The event was sponsored by The Cinema Society and Tommy Hilfiger.

Last night, Jen switched places with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night talk show. Aniston did the interviewing and Jimmy did the answering! Check out the clip below.

You can also check out Aniston bowling grapefruits! There’s also Jen talking about filling in as a talk show host at

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston bringing Management to NYC…

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jennifer aniston management nyc screening 01
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 02
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 03
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 04
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 05
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 06
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 07
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 08
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 09
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 10
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 11
jennifer aniston management nyc screening 12

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • Katie

    She looks amazing! So beautiful! That face is so fresh! Love her! Can’t wait for the movie! :)

  • JR

    Bad outfit…looking old too!

  • chase

    Dress is too short. Her legs are not long enough to pull it off. And yes, she is looking old in these pictures.

  • lmao

    she looks funny in photo #4 kinda like a man.

  • Loida

    I agree, the outfit looks like it’s hiking up.

  • just sayin

    the dress looks awful specially on the chest part.

  • jaf

    Jen looks beautiful and young. I love you, Jen!

  • wtf

    I am SO SICK of her freakin’ hairstyle.. “Friends” is OVER!!!” Plus she’s too old for that teenager hairstyle.

  • repost of sorts

    Oh My, she looks like a tranny. Too much of everything. Hair looks like crap. What happened to her $56,000 hairstylist ChrisMc? This is what happens when you try to pretend you are 20 when you are 40. Brooke Shields looked like this last nite at the Gala.

    Dress is too small and too tight and she knows it.

    All wrong wrong wrong.

  • Ethan

    #8, I agree
    She needs to step it up and act more sophisticated.

  • missouri girl

    love the dress n heels

  • to jaf

    Sweetie, get some glasses. She does not look beautiful or young. Her makeup must have been applied with a shovel, it is just caked on and the dress looks 2 sizes too small. She looks terrible here. Did she not look in the mirror before she left her hotel there in NYC for this premiere?

  • Marieme

    @JR: I totally agree with you. Once again her ego trumped good sense. Just like at the Oscars when she wore the most boring dress there because she was trying so hard. Too hard. As always.

  • missouri girl

    40 is the new 20 # 9 reposts………..duh

  • Marieme

    @lmao: Lol! But this is what she actually looks like without the magic of photoshop! Hence the name Maniston. She’s a dude. A shim. This is so funny, compare the reality of this to the water ad where they wipe all the wrinkles and realness off her. This is what you get. What a fraud she is.

  • Not Impressed with JA

    Skanky outfit, legs wide open : prostitute mood !
    She is either about to strike another n*de photoshooting, in a cougar chase en route to the next babyboy or about another spread eagle vajaja show in mehicco to her dear friend’s place, Joe Francis, the child abuser.

  • truth is this



    jen-no no no

  • Joe can a mid age woman were such mini dress?
    It looks so desperate.
    Also, she has such clumsy poses like a baby elephant.

    Management’ll go straight to video in a month.

  • lia

    I hate Brangelina fans. Yeesh go to the Inglorious Basterds post!

  • 50cent

    she can look cute but this dress doesn’t do much for her. washes her out.

  • Not Impressed with JA

    pic 4 : dog about to pee pose. Nasty !

  • truth is this

    missouri girl @ 05/05/2009 at 9:36 pm

    Not with Jen.

    40 = 40 with Jen.

    Try being honest, look at her face, too too much. Like Nicole Kidman used to do but seems to have stopped so much botex since she had her baby. Jen is trying too hard and looks like an overdone dried out turkery. Don’t know what her makeup artist sisters were thinking.

  • Dana

    I’d love to look like her, she is like 40 or something. I canonly hope. The dress is really short though.

  • Anonymous

    OMG that outfit is EFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The whole thing is horrible, why would you wake up and decide that an ugly basic grey dress would look great at a premier? She could do sooo much better. Aslo sick of the boring hair do.

  • Domino

    Most gorgeous woman on the planet. I want her waist! She’s thin but has a nice butt and gorgeous legs.

  • TEDS

    #19 You do realise that some people just don’t like Jen, and it does’nt mean they are BP/AJ fans.

  • truth is this

    lia @ 05/05/2009 at 9:40 pm

    What are you talking about? This is a Jen thread and all the comments have been about her until you. Obsessed much, can’t stop thinking about others when in a Jen thread? Jen too boring for you, huh? Pitiful you.

    Jen looks bad here, this is not a lie, just the truth.

  • Autumn


    she always looks like a man

  • Aussie Girl

    Sorry, but she looks AWFUL!!!!!!!!!Way to much make-up, boring hair, and ugly stockings. Just Think, she has access to designers and no shortage of money and she chooses a boring grey mini-dress. Her makeup people &stylist(if she has one)should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gigi


  • fug

    Can we say FUGLY? She’s trying way too hard…

  • batman

    She looks like The Joker there.

  • mc

    She looks so much younger and certainly has an amazing body !
    She can show her legs, because they are perfect!

  • emma.

    I never get why everyone hates on her.
    Watch her interviews and whatnot, she seems really funny and sweet.
    People need to stop being so jealous.
    She’s GORGEOUS, and better off without that Brad (:

  • lol

    she looked better on the jimmy fallon show. I guess it was the lighting.

  • Jill

    What’s she doing in the third photo? It looks like she’s picking a cootie out of her hair.

  • emmy jay

    Dress is way too short…

    Fugly Maniston Managing a FLOP FILM.

  • *******

    she looks amazing!!

  • Tim

    She always looks like she is trying so hard to be cool and relaxed. I think this movie will be a total dud.

  • Aussie Girl

    The forth pic is the worst. Why is she standing like a man about to go to bathroom!!

  • k

    She forgot her pants.

  • spicylily, thailand

    We’re in the same world but opposite side so I may not understand you well enough…..Sorry about that.

    This time I simply ask you questions ?
    - Why this Jennifer is still around on the headlines ?
    - What are her qualities and ability ?


    She can not act…………..always Rachel Green for the past 15 years.

    She is not beautiful ……….with a.big nose, square shin ( man’s jawline), her eyes are too close to eachother and her lip is not sensational ( but she did inject something recently).

    She always has the same hair style for 15 years (oh my goodness).

    She is 40 y/o and looks every bit of 40 y/o woman EXCEPT her brain
    seems not functional as a mature woman. She tries to act and dress like 20 something..

    There’s nothing much she can talk about in every interview,…. now the S…….T water, getting suntan, going to beaches, staying in shapes, ?

    She is always getting dumped..

    She took John Mayer back with no self respect in order to get dumped again.

    She could not stop mentioning her ex husband because she can’t have another guy equally his look, status, qualities ,etc…

    What else ?

    Now please tell me a positive thing about her ?
    Thank you very much

  • Not Impressed with JA

    Aussie Girl @ 05/05/2009 at 10:04 pm The forth pic is the worst. Why is she standing like a man about to go to bathroom
    My thought exactly ! she is standing like Ricky Balboa pumping her broad manish shoulders !
    I don’t understand how a woman with a mini skirt would stand like this ! it’s obscene !

  • truth is this

    emma @ 05/05/2009 at 9:55 pm

    You like Lia need to face the truth, it is all about how she looks here. Can’t you talk about her and just her? Is that so impossible? Is she not acceptable to you unless you try to roll back 5 years or more? Is that all you find of value with her?

    So pitiful.

    That said you are lying, she does not look gorgeous here. She looks awful, too too too much makeup just caked on her face and a too too small and tight dress.

  • hate jen

    What a BIMBO!!! Enough with the Romantic Comedies already. You’re too old. And you look like a hooker. JA IS SO LAST DECADE!! Move over for the young and talented.

  • sheryl

    LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!

  • absolutely worst ever
  • bet

    i love love love the dress. she look more sexy by day. she look fantastic. love her. love the leg . her body is banging with the dress. love lt.

  • It’s Tuesday!

    She looks really, really freaking good!!!

    That dress is sick and I need it and want it.

    Old?!?!?!?!? Come on, be a little more creative if you want to insult somebody to hurt them but “old” is just too obvious and something a juiced out, dumped 55 year old would call her ex’s trophy wife.

  • just return to friends

    another bland appearance