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Jennifer Garner: Meet My Mom!

Jennifer Garner: Meet My Mom!

Actor and Save the Children Artist Ambassador Jennifer Garner reads a book with her mother and former school teacher Pat Garner, to a group of Head Start children at the Rosemount Center on Tuesday (May 5) in Washington, D.C.

The mother-daughter duo helped launch the 2009 “State of the World’s Mothers” report, which presents alarming findings on the lack of adequate early childhood education across the country and around the world. The report presents a first-ever index that ranks all 50 states and D.C. on their ability to prepare children five and under for success in school.

FYI: Jen read Deborah Guarino‘s “Is Your Mama a Llama?”.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and mom Pat

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Photos: Kris Connor/Getty, Abby Brack/Wireimage
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    She needs to brush her hair and learn how to sit in a dress!

  • chiquito de la calzada

    uhhps, what happened to this woman? she used to be hot. My grandma looks better than her……

  • Katie

    Beautiful, talented, and very lovely! I admire her so much!

  • LolaSvelt

    Trust this woman to wear a black dress.

  • buckley

    This woman can do no wrong! beautiful, talented, unselfish, kind-hearted, she is a total jewel.


    Wise up buckley she is a second rate actress with a bad attitude and a big mouth hubby. She is typical hollywood.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    woooooooooooow Violet looks JUST like Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    poor Vi!!!!!!!!!!!! )) :

  • male

    she looks sooo fat
    i mean yh she just ahd a bay but she should have already lost the weight its how the industry works
    she wouldnt have gotten anywhere if it werent for her looks
    she recovered her figure from her first baby bt i guess she cant from this one

  • Mousse

    Wow.. hi Mom of Jennifer.

  • Kira

    Wonderful and sacrificial mothers volunteer daily in children’s classrooms out of deep commitment and love not only to their own child/children but on behalf of the children of others WITHOUT PUBLICITY. I’m sick of hearing about the “working mother”, i.e. Mrs. Obama, Jennifer Garner, Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Nancy Grace, and the rest of the lot are no more special than the rest of us who do not have unlimited funds to raise our children and/or hire nannies and housekeepers to get the job done successfully. We simply put on the 47 hats to accomplish the tasks and never ask for accolades!

  • LolaSvelt

    @male: I’m not even a fan of Garner, but do you realise pathetic your comment was?

  • barb

    Why ever time comments about her weight? Does she weigh 250lbs? So what she has some baby weight left? Big f***ing deal!



  • june

    Obviously, she adores children. She’s been a good mom and her daughter is always happy.

    Love to see someone doing some good that helps others in any way.

  • French

    Mother Garner’s mouth is epic I have never seen Jennifer’s mom before. she looks shockingly manly, now I understand why Jennifer looks the way she does. Poor ladies….they should pay a visit to the plastic surgeon ASAP. Now is the perfect time to start spending Ben’s millions on an urgent cause.

  • Nice

    Stephen Hawkins and Matt Dillon in drag. Gosh Mrs. Affleck wants to remain in the public eye at any cost even if it means dragging her Stephen Hawkin look alike mom into the spotlight.

  • barb

    OMG, you people. R U perfect? Then why bash someone’s Mom. Mrs. Garner was a school teacher. I don’t give a crap what my kids teachers look like as long as they can teach.

    Mrs. Garner and Mr. Garner both retired as teachers. Bless them. The people with the dumb comments even have an education?

  • toni

    Jennifer could not have chosen a more boring dress, her mother looks nicer than she does.

  • So Sorry!

    People who look like Jen’s mom should do time in jail as punishment for reproducing.

  • barb

    ok, so let me understand. Jennifer is not suppose to go to the store, take a child to school, or try to take part in a worthwhile cause.

    According to some she should spend her time getting plastic surgery, spend Ben’s millions, hire nannies to do all her crap, and spend 6-8 hours a day in a gym. Then she would be a “good” celeb. in your mind.

  • Michael Vartan

    I dodged an arrow, I bless my lucky stars.

  • *skywatch*

    A good way to kick off the week before Mother’s Day.

  • Michael Vartan not

    “I am happy for Jennifer Garner”.

  • Nelson

    I don’t like this woman Garner because she fakes too much and exagerates when she talks, also she tries very hard to sound like a teenager when she speaks. I don’t believe for a moment she is doing this without an agenda. She is such a papw-hore.

  • Teri

    There she is again has to have her picture taken everyday. This time with her ape looking mom.

  • Big ears + Big teeth=Garner

    What a coincidence that Jennifer Garner is doing this reading while she has a movie just released this weekend.

  • Mario

    If i was one of the kids she is reading to, i would have a hard time concentrating while looking at her troll face, her elephantic stomach and her rectangular ass…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • shamrock


    Just ignore those comments Barb! Obviously, some peeps feel that Jen should dress to the Nine’s when going to the store and alter her aura or self in a way that is acceptable for a celeb. Almost every celeb gets ridiculed daily for something missing or not looking perfect. Weird! They are all human just like us and should be treated as so. Actually, the only celeb that is not HUMAN is Ben. He is GOD!!! Totally kidding! I do adore him and Jen is sooooooooooo LUCKY to have him to cuddle with always. Gosh darn it!

    Good Job Jen for raising awareness today and reading the book in the school with your Mommy.


  • botox mom

    Her mom got her lips did — bad job.

  • Raichill

    @Kira: Well said. I totally agree.

  • Blah girls!

    that’s cool that she’s giving back to her community and reading to kids!

  • Rose Marie Hill

    How come they don’t read to the Hillbillie kids from West Virginia??? i bet those kids are in need of a good reading up there in the hills. This mega-ugly women are elitist. The are ashamed of their kind.

  • mary

    Ben you still got time to escape, before your wifey transform to a ape, just like her mom. LOL

  • Tdani

    Jennifer makes a fantastic mom. You can genuinely see that she spends time with her kids ALL of the time when she’s not working and also she is in this organization that benefits children

  • Pippi

    Jen’s mom is wonderful and that is the reason Jen is so grounded and focuses on the important things in life rather than frivilous activities the lack of which most of you morons will never understand. Pity all shallow people with nothing to recommend them but looks (remember looks fade but goodness prevails) and comes from within.

    Jen continues to rock and you guys waste away hating her for all her good fortune. Rock on Jen with your bad self.

  • seus

    What I can genuinely see is that she spends alot of time exposing her daughter to the paparazzi. She is not a working mom, she is an actress, that is not a f#cking job…give me a f”ng break. Anyone who makes 5 million dollars making bad movies is on my s#it list. People love to put nobodies on a pedestal. I would put her mom on a pedestal because at least she had a real job, a teacher, and that earns her respect.


    I am Jenninfer Garner’s biggest fan but am ashamed to admit it for fear of getting beaten down by the bullies I hang out with. Somebody help me please!

  • Pippi

    Oh dear, I see seus had come to spread her jealousy of Jen. Go away for goodness sakes. Jen’s mom is so lovely and Jen is the cutest celeb in the business. She is so pretty. I love her sweet face. She looks so lovingly at her mom the same way Violet looks at her. Three generations of lovely ladies. What’s not to love?

  • seus

    Pippi, you in love LMAO!!!

  • man in the mooni

    To all the @$$holes disrespecting Jen’s mom who are jealous because their mothers are b!tches and wh0res and Jen’s mom is the best and to he.l.l. with you.

  • seus

    40…LMAO, don’t take it so personally, unless you’re Ben and afraid wifey will look like mommy sooner than later.

  • Michaelangelo

    No one is saying that they’re more special, #10. They’re just being rightly commended for their efforts which is noble no matter how famous or not you are and are rightly being reported about because they’re famous. It just sounds like you’re jealous.

    You’re sick, #15.

    You’re extremely ignorant and jealous, #36.

  • Pippi

    Of course Jen will look like her mom which is a good thing and the best part she will also have her mom’s goodness. Can you say the same about you and your mom? ………………..That’s what I thought.

  • Pippi’s urine

    hahaha don’t offend jennifer like that, she’s a little hard to look at, but nothing like her horrible mother.

  • anon

    pippi, you are so dang blind…your comments show you are obsessed with her and are so in love with her. do you think ben will stay with jen if she looks like her mom after time? do you know Ben’s history with women or know men? Also, I’m not a fan of J Garner b/c she is overrated and thinks higher of herself than most people do but I do like that she’s spending time with her mom. In old interviews, they said her mom and sisters still live in west virginia but jen was the rebel the one that always sought attention/fame as the middle child. i think people would like her better or stop talking about her if she was not with Ben Affleck.

  • Liv

    Indeed Jen’s Mom does look like Sephen Hawkins and Jen Garner looks like Matt Dillon.

  • sues

    #44 you have gone off the deep end. Better get some help kiddo. Someone who refers to themselves as p.s.s. has got major issues.

  • Julia

    You all have it wrong, Jennifer Garner is the spitting image of Lyle Lovett.

  • sues

    Anon #45 is obsessed with Ben Affleck at least the old Ben Affleck that jilted JLo. Ben is crazy about Jen ‘s mom. If you knew him, you would know that.

  • girlygirl

    All the message boards on celeb sites think she’s extremely annoying. She’s famous now for being Ben Affleck’s wife sort of like a denise richards before Charlie left her. We’ll see her on dancing with the stars after Ben dumps her. She has that Ted Haggard, Elizabeth Edwards “I’m in Denial” about my marriage thing going.