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Kelly Ripa is a Bikini Babe

Kelly Ripa is a Bikini Babe


Kelly Ripa shows off her bikini bod while relaxing with her husband Mark Consuelos and their kids at Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami, Florida on Monday (May 4).

The 38-year-old mother-of-three displayed her fit figure and even went down the waterslide with her kids! Michael, 11, Lola, 7 and Joaquin, 6, all joined in on the family fun!

It looks like the family was shooting a segment for Live with Regis and Kelly! as a camera crew was spotted nearby and Live exec producer Michael Gelman was also around.

15+ pictures inside of Live with Kelly Ripa‘s bikini…

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kelly ripa bikini 01
kelly ripa bikini 02
kelly ripa bikini 03
kelly ripa bikini 04
kelly ripa bikini 05
kelly ripa bikini 06
kelly ripa bikini 07
kelly ripa bikini 08
kelly ripa bikini 09
kelly ripa bikini 10
kelly ripa bikini 11
kelly ripa bikini 12
kelly ripa bikini 13
kelly ripa bikini 14
kelly ripa bikini 15
kelly ripa bikini 16

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  • mika

    great body for a mum

  • clar

    ewwwwwww..what’s wrong with her belly button? It’s disgusting!

    and…the middle of her chest looks caved in- like a turkey breast….

    other than that…her figure is pretty cool.

  • jilly

    her oldest son looks exactly like his dad!

  • hello

    her boobs got really small since she started working out a few years back.. it’s not bad, just not the same.

  • imar

    great lookin. Not all wome in HW dare to have kids because they may lose their figure, and here is Kelly. she looks great and seems very disciplined to have a body like that. BTW her hsuband is very handsome!

  • xboxmaven

    Wow, great body is right.

  • me

    I really like this family. It’s great to see a couple married over 10 years and obviously still happy. That’s an eternity in the entertainment industry!

  • ANON

    Sorry, but that bellybutton is nasty and needs to be covered-it looks like she has a penis growing out of her stomach. Her chest is also sickening and needs to be kept covered.

  • ANON

    Um, the word I used above was pen*s and I didn’t know it was obscene.

  • well…
  • Red Ginger

    She looks great.

  • lori

    if you look at older pics of ripa, she was kind of chubbs. now shes grossly skinny, often resembling her “idol” madonna. She needs to find a balance…this is gross…that belly button and concaved chest is really a sign that she’s much toooo skinny…my opinion only.

  • Tracy

    She looks very good for her age.

  • Liza

    She looks good. However, her husband is such a deadbeat and her two youngest kids are brats, especially the girl. When they were on the show they were obnoxious to Regis.

  • lavaya

    Mann her older son is the spitting image of her husband…btw her boobs are tiny n her ribs can be seen(ughh)…still like her though





  • lisa

    She needs to gain 5 lbs. It would make her body perfect. Love her hair.

  • nysro

    Her bellybuttok looks like a feeding tube should be stuck in there…

    by looking at her chest, she could use food.. not looking her best…

  • ds

    that’s sick..she looks way too skinny. She has no chest whatsoever or ass. It makes her look older, if she gained a few pounds she’d be much more womanly and graceful.

  • bint
  • Maid

    She looks lean and strong, you can tell she has been working hard at it. You dont have a body like that at her age without working it. I think she look happy and healthy.

  • guest

    killer legs & abs…that chest is not cute….implants anyone?

  • Abby

    I think she looks lean and fit. As far as the bellybutton…have three kids and you will know why it is like that. And implants??? Glad she doesn’t feel the pressure to put something foreign into her body.

  • raquel

    She looks GREAT! Such a cute family. HER HUSBAND IS ONE HOTTIE!!!

  • Nativenyker

    Thats tite! Especially since she’s popped out a village…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • learn anantomy

    People who comment on her chest are just plain stupid and unobservant. Even if she gained 40lbs her breasts wouldn’t necessarily get bigger or the boniness go away. She never had large breasts, it has nothing to do with having kids. It has to do with where her fat cells go.
    Some people have little fat in their upper body, breasts yes, but a bony ribcage and upper chest, if they gain weight it will be in their legs and hips. I could gain50 lbs and my rib cage would still show!

    Still I think she works out too much, hate that man arms. I’m all for being strong and fit but the Madonna look is hideous.
    I applaud her for NOT getting implants, good example for her kids!

  • Saudia

    she’s ripped! love Kelly, the fact that she is so fit at her age is incredible

  • S

    The people making comments that she looks good for age must be 15. She is only 38. I know loads of women who are 40+ that are in great shape. Kelly’s body looks better now than when she was 25.

  • anon

    She looks like an athlete. the great thing about this is that at 38 you can go about how you please and F anyone.

  • jilly

    # 26- can”t even spell the name you typed for youself1

    and yet, you are calling people stupid and unobservant. lol

    You are only half right unless you are a doctor….therefore, YOU are the stupid one.

    gee- lighten up!

  • jilly

    # 29- anon

    you are such a jerk and small brained as well.

    its not the only reason a person stays in shape.

    small minded you are!

  • brother in law

    what a horrible looking biiatch ewwww!
    she look like a frog in this pictures, and her face is just plain HOrrible.

  • NJ

    What is this business of looking good for her age? She’s 38 and not 68. Children should be in classes and not posting on Jared’s site.

  • missouri girl

    her breast cleavage is sunk in and her belly button looks like a tool.

  • ellie’

    Kelly definitely no fat pure muscle, put a little weight on , although you do have that tight bod..

  • barron797

    Her belly button is frightening but she is enviably skinny.

    She listed out what she eats in Shape magazine and basically, she starves herself. You can’t eat and have a figure like that!

  • mertz

    as much as i like kelly and her family i just have to say she’s still thin, and it’s all too daunting. her body is not “enviable” and shouldn’t be. i can see and count her ribs.

  • wasting away

    Kelly is not enviably skinny. She is scarily, sickly, skinny. It’s flattering to her legs-you can see her great muscle tone and no cellulite, but her torso is disgusting, and her face is gaunt. She looks like she’s wasting away. An extra 10 lbs. would help a lot.

  • ick

    Doesn’t that thing on her stomach belong, like, 10 inches lower?

  • jennifer86

    Kelly is definitley a MILF! Wow, for having kids in particular, she looks amazing! Her husband indeed is very handsome.

  • LuckyL

    She looks just like Jennifer Aniston, except better and without plastic.

  • LuckyL

    better in the face*

  • ewww

    Nasty. She has a great body if you’re into 10 year old boys I guess.

  • cosi

    hot – both for age and # of rugrats. +3-5 lbs would look amazing, maybe take care of the chest concavity

  • g!na

    I can’t get passed her weird bellybutton! I can’t even comment on her body because her belybutton is a big distraction!

  • lakers fan in boston

    outties look so weird….
    yes she has a nice body, but overall i dont like how she looks
    she’s not really rocking the whole bikini look imo
    she looks much better on tv tho

  • Christine

    Did she use that belly button to breast-feed her kids??lol omg it’s the ugliest belly button I’ve ever seen.
    If you covered her head would you think she was a woman? Definitely NOT!! She has 0 breasts a flat arse and a concaved chest. She’s gone WAY too far with the starvation diet.

  • Lisa

    Her son’s 11 and she’s holding his hand?? Weird!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks mad skinny.