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Miranda Kerr & Bar Refaeli - MET Models!

Miranda Kerr & Bar Refaeli - MET Models!

Supermodels Bar Refaeli (in Jil Sander) and Miranda Kerr party it up together at Monkey Bar for the Marc Jacobs Met Costume Gala after-party in New York City on Monday (May 4).

Miranda, 26, and Bar, 23, both walked the carpet without their respective actor boyfriends, Orlando Bloom and Leo DiCaprio.

More pictures of Bar Refaeli here!

And for more model goodness, check out Gisele!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Bar Refaeli, Met models…

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miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 01
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 02
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 03
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 04
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 05
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 06
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 07
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 08
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 09
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 10
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 11
miranda kerr bar refaeli met models 12

Credit: Steffman/Curd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Larry Busacca/Getty Images
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  • wow…

    …they both look great – Miranda’s a stunner in that black dress!

  • karibikqueen

    Miranda looks so skinny at the 3th photo.
    Bar looks great she have a good Body.

  • Llk

    I like Miranda, she is cute and I like her dress. Even though she is older than Bar she looks much younger than her. Yeah, Bar arrived without Leo that’s why there was nothing interesting about her last night.

  • zoe

    they both look good. but bar looks frumpy in these photos…miranda looks better. hate the dangly material on the top of miranda’s dress but she looked great!

  • allspice30

    Miranda looks great! Awesome dress!!

  • marie

    That’s an unusual and pretty daring dress she’s wearing. I think Miranda looks great.

  • Nativenyker

    Damn! I didn’t even recognize that girl in black…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ryan

    bar is my future wife lol both are sexy

  • ds

    wow Miranda makes Bar look very ugly and old

  • jason

    Bar looks really pretty. Cute dress.

    Miranda looks hideous. Was she styled by Edward Scissorhands?

  • ken


  • emma

    i adore miranda. she looks absolutley stunning here. so fresh faced, tanned, and really beautiful. orlando’s a lucky man <3

  • mia

    If I understand correctly, Miranda attended AFTER PARTY at Monkey bar, but WAS NOT on MET costume gala. Right? At the gala , there was NO ONE photo of Miranda. She went to the Monkey bar for the AFTER PARTY, but actually she was not on the real party . LOL! She is so pathetic. Bar Rafaeli and Heidi were on the real MET party , but Miranda was obviously good enough only for the Monkey bar. I can hardly wait for the shippers explanation!

  • Reba

    After seeing these 2, why would we look at Gisele? Gisele is old and past her prime.

  • Kaylin

    i think miranda is gorgeous, but she looks like she’s 18 sometimes haha

  • BAr

    Looks fabulous – amazing looking woman and with a figure too :D

  • kinny

    Aww bless they could sit and swap stories about how they used their famous bfs to raise their profiles lol

  • Miranda looks amazing. Even though I`m not a huge fan of her dress she looks way better than Bar in that tin foil something. Miranda has such a fresh face and gorgeous smile.

  • Miranda fan

    To: #13 Mia: I think you’re the one who is pathetic for caring what party Miranda Kerr attends.


    Miranda looks fantastic! Cute & sexy!

  • camerondiaztwin

    Reba, if you don’t understand the answer to your own question, then maybe you should learn more about the fashion industry.

    Gisele is still a supermodel. These two are dating actors, which gets them free publicity.

    No contest.

  • Mary

    Cute girls, ugly dresses.

  • @justjared

    Do you even know what the word ‘supermodel’ means?

    Sadly the term ‘supermodel’ is loosely given to anyone today. A total disrespect for those models who earned the title through hardwork, success, and recognition not just by the fashion industry but as well as the general public.

  • Anonimous

    Well kate bosworth look amazing, much more than Miranda, orlando should be proud…. and gisele look much pretty than bar, even if bar is more pretty than her, what is up with that dress and make up?

  • @13

    Uhmmm, she did go to the ball.
    There are pictures of her at Getty on the red carpet at the Ball, including those above.
    Please get your facts straight before saying something this stupid again.

  • Mark

    @camerondiaztwin: And both actors would rather date guys :)

  • aljos


    Where is that poster who said that these two can be bestfriends? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    According to an article Bar was invited by Vogue, Whhhhhat? My goodness this girl has never been to any Vogue issue.

  • @23

    Kate’s dress was beautiful, but she looked like she was trying too hard with the hair and make-up. Not to mention her forced-looking ‘poses’ on the red carpet.
    Both Miranda and Bar look gorgeous, fun, very stylish and sexy. Which is what this ball is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be fashion forward. You aren’t supposed to look like you are going to your prom.

  • @26

    I don’t know if they are “best friends”, but I’m sure that they know each other. Orlando and Leo are friends, so I imagine that they have been together before.

  • libarty

    u guys need to watch this video and make a comment tell me if u like it or not. please we need yalll help.

  • Aruba

    These two are the only models today who are both dating famous actors. GET OVER IT. Of whether they’re uninvited and paid their ways in, who cares its their money and they deserve to party cause they can afford it.

    But yeah it’s nice to see that some models were invited or sponsored by designers. That’s life baby! Some designers like you and some don’t and maybe not at all.

  • libarty


  • @28

    If that’s the case, Gisele and Kate should also join them in those pictures. You know… we’re all friends lol

  • ferdis

    Supermodels? hahahahahahahahahah. Bit-ch please! Kate is a supermodel…and, of course, GISELE! Sorry folks!

  • bridget

    Mirandas dress is horrible.. pure skank. Bar is just so vanilla.. nothing about her is striking or unforgettable.
    Why didn’t their BF’s come with them?

  • @33

    As far as i know, the supermodels in that event were:


    Bar and MIranda are the model girlfriends of famous actors. That’s more likely.

  • marie

    Why is it that every time Miranda has a post on here, Kate’s five fans posting under multiple names have to come here and beat her down? It’s immature.

    Get over it, it’s been over two years now.

  • pere ash

    Both uninvited guest…. hahahahahaha

  • lisali

    On Vogue(or , there is 145 pictures of the celebs attending the Gala.. not one pic of dear little Bar. Could it be that they weren’t the ones that invited her? That a certain sports/swimsuit magazine purchased her a seat?? How very interesting!

  • french

    Orlando & Miranda= cute couple
    Leo & Bar = Fake couple

  • linda

    any guy who thinks Miranda looks “hideous” is obviously gay. She looks gorgeous, i love that dress…. she could stand to gain a few pounds and Gisele too btw… their skinnyness is unhealthy imo. But anyways, she’s still very pretty in these pics!!!

  • @38

    Good point. A big possibilty that it’s SI not Vogue. That will be so unfair to those topmodels/models who are Vogue regulars, but those regular Vogue girls were all invited or sponsored by designers, so not a problem on those girls.

  • Steph

    I never realized how small miranda is!!!! how amazing was last night??
    check out my coverage:

  • She looks amazing!

    Miranda looks absolutely gorgeous here. That dress and the makeup really play up her exotic beauty.. Bar has a very nice figure but I’ve never found her face all that attractive – kind of ‘plain jane’ looking really. She does seem sweet though.

  • bella

    Wow were they both in some form of competition for the ugliest dress award???? If so it is a tie!

  • lali

    Bar looks better then Miranda
    she is sooo pretty love her <3

  • vanessa

    hoo bar you are the best love you !!!

  • oh please!

    Supermodels? Surely that must be sarcasm aimed at the 2 catalog models who had to buy their way in because they couldn’t use their famous boyfriends’ names to secure an actual invitation from a designer, unlike the real supermodels who were all invited, dressed and posed with designers.

  • …..

    BR is a FAT PIG. Fat Jew Pig.
    JJ how mach this bittch pay for you to PUT her in you sit?????????
    Miranda SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
    Leo must to split up with this fat jew pig!!!!!!!!

  • linda

    sorry, but I disagree about Miranda’s dress… I love it… it’s sexy and revealing. Bar’s dress is awful though. Girlfriend should get a better designer for herself…

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    ITS MUST TO BE A JEALOUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!