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Rachel Bilson is Kiki Cute

Rachel Bilson is Kiki Cute

Rachel Bilson peeks inside her Jimmy Choo “Kiki” bag before leaving her hotel in New York City’s Lower East Side on Tuesday (May 5).

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress kept warm in a black beanie, Uggs and a Chanel scarf.

Last night, Rachel wore head-to-toe Bally including a rouched seafoam green silk chiffon strapless sweetheart décolleté dress complimented by Bally accessories. Rachel chose Bally python platform slingbacks and a gold clutch to finish off her look.

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  • now that’s funny

    It’s May. Is she dressed for a trip to the Arctic?

  • chase

    Seriously, what has Rachel done lately? I really don’t know.

  • Susan

    Old hag

  • Funkey

    Damn she has the look as if she ate lemons oh back to hiding the hand again. When will she just give it up knowone cares anymore she must be glad to be going back to LA again.

  • Buckley

    what happened to her face.
    The freshness is gone and suddenly she looks old.

  • laura

    Hag! I hate you!

  • kroq

    She must’ve been reading the comments on JJ on what looks like a laptop she’s holding. Don’t tell me she hasn’t taken a peek or two.

  • kroq

    She must’ve been reading the comments on JJ on what looks like a laptop she’s holding. Don’t tell me she hasn’t taken a peek or two.

  • laura

    She and Hayden split?
    Alliance is not using these photos too! :D

  • beautimagnet

    Horrible. Horrible. Just Horrible. She should not get the magazine column… she should be fired.

  • wretch

    Back to calling the press to cover every time she leaves someplace to go someplace else. Must want to go shopping again, more pics later. How nice that she has $5000 of Hayden’s money to blow on a fugly Jimmy Choo bag! How disgusting that she also has the cojones to look like it’s not good enough for her. Also to look like maybe the photographers are annoying her– like she didn’t CALL THEM, like she wasn’t trying to suck to them ROYALLY last night and milk her engagment for everything she can possibly get out of it. The only achievement in life that she has is to persuade a D-list loser like Trashden Selloutsen to marry her.

    What a complete and total waste of perfectly good carbon atoms.

  • sandra

    If she’s going to L.A. then I’m sure we will see pics of her here this week, if no pics then she went to the farm and is with Hayden.

  • Gasol_fan16

    What’s with the long sad face Rachel?? Your supposed to be glowing. It should be the most happy time of her life being engaged right? Hiding her hand again. No one gives a cr*p anymore Rachel.

    No one would miss her if, she would disappear forever. It would be like Rachel who?! Maybe, she looks so gloomy b/c she knows her publicity stunt’s are coming to end and she actually has to get a like a real job! :D

  • ta

    I am guessing she is back in Canada.

    Jared…you’re slipping. I thought you would have a photographer waiting at the airport in Toronto….

  • kelly

    She won’t dissapear. If she is in L.A. she will be paped, if she is not paped then she is in Canada with her fiance. Period.

    The dress was Kelly Green not seafoam green. Jesus, and THIS is supposed to be a fashion blog? You guys can’t even get your colors right let alone put together a decent outfit.

  • nysro

    Jessica Alba is gonna be pissed, if this girl doesn’t stop stealing her pissed off look everytime she is photgraphed..

    Why is Rachel “famous” anyway??

  • voice of reason-the real one

    @nysro: Rachel is famous just because she has always been recommended by other people that were already in the industry. She’s just nothing, and she can’t do nothing. And when you can’t do nothing, you need someone close to you that can make a good word for you, otherwise you just stay where you are, and you die being noone. That’s what Rachel Bilson is famous for.

  • voice of reason

    @17 your not fooling anyone how many posts did you do on the other thread one right after the other–keep going you are way behind using my name here.
    I will congratulate you though, you have proven that people do use other names, but heck you already knew that.

  • voice of reason-the real one

    @18: i don’t know who you are, and what the heck do you want from me. just please stop using my name here, ok? you’re not the real VOR, and everyone here has already discovered it, so please do me a favor, stop blaming and accusing other people of using YOUR name. We all already know that all your entire worthless life is just sitting behind a PC monitor, and constantly browsing this board, looking only for posts about HC and RB. Do i need to remember you, that in the last thread you mentioned a private person’s name, and saying worthless serious legal stuff, regarding 5M USD? Where did you get that from btw? Assuming you’re no one, with no life, i guess you’re in very trouble dude. I might talk with my lawyer about this, huh?

  • voice of reason-the real one

    @18: Btw, i think this video might help you understand better my real message:

  • nativenyker

    Where was her fine yum-ness of a man?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • voice of reason

    @19 now you are being silly please do talk to your lawyer LOL I think you may find one somewhere in your head space.

  • Funkey

    Don’t assume she went back to Canada she really has no reason to go, he can’t spend time with her if this so “SAID” movie starts to shoots in the next month. She seems to have no real want for him and visa versa. She doesn’t need to be in LA to be papped or not to be she is usually there and none of the locals are going to give a rats dick if they see her or they don’t. She isn’t that popular as many want to believe so unless she calls out the press or it’s a slow news week and they need a anyone for the weekly rag, they don’t travel around asking to take her picture as much as people believe.

    She looks and has looked upset for the last several days looks like she needs to go home to LA.

  • padme

    Jared – hey dude, I’d rather see pics of Hayden….he’s much easier on the eyes than ugly Ratchel. Maybe the reason she’s looking sad lately is because HC has come to his senses and left her for Natalie!!! I wish! :-)

  • comrade

    @ Rachel Bilson is Kiki Cute?!

    It should be Kiki PUKE!

  • heather

    She is absolutely ridiculous.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • tonie

    She certainly couldn’t be mistaken for being a teenager again. She looks much older than her age.
    Why all the black? Depressed that her dress last night didn’t show her to be the cutting edge fashionista she wants us to believe she is. Or mourning her third lost career in a year. Or upset seeing how happy couples interact and support each other.
    Ugly, ugly purse. I wouldn’t pay 10 cents for it at a yard sale.

  • sidony

    Oh Douchel, how your big brown-doe eyes eternally & silently SCREAMS for desperation & stardom to the end!

  • Leah

    Lord, 2 VOR’s? Help us all.
    Why has she been looking so sad lately?

  • celebrityobsessed.

    She’s been looking awful lately….

  • sloane

    “Flat & Sagged Chested Brainless Twit”…… that she actually is!

  • Gasol_fan16

    IDK? This picture of Rachel creeps me out!! She have quite an evil mean face here. She looks a bit scary to me. She looks awfully p*ssed off to me and it not the paparazzi honey. She likes the paparazzi. She was in no mood for them today is all I can say. Why Rachy what’s up??!!

  • trevise

    @ 28 – She looks much older than her age.
    @ 31 – She’s been looking awful lately

    “”Without A Shred Of Doubt!”"

  • s

    She still has his ring.

  • blairite

    @33 & 34
    Rashchel “bringing home the fug”!
    Absolutely & nonsensically homely… just like Jen Garner (w/o the movies & the kids) & Hilary Swank (w/o the Oscar Award).

  • Gasol_fan16

    So??!!! Why the heck did she not wear that “bling Bling” last night then?? Where was Hayden too for that matter? Why does Rachel look ready to punch someone out too?? Give me answers since you obviously know everything. Enquiring minds would like to know? Well….Were waiting???

  • !!!!

    @ s #35 Thanks for the link, looks like this pap got her at a better angle to see the ring under her long sleeve. I think she looked great at the gala, the people who speculated she did not wear the ring since it did not match her gold accessories must have been right.

  • Leah

    Well, she should have had jewelry to work with her ring so she didn’t have to take it off. Shows how much it really means to her. Willing to take it off all for the sake of fashion. It’s not really all that spactacular anyway, the stone sucks. But she still could have accesorized around it. Also, she’s probably looked pissed all this time because he wasn’t going to be dragged down the carpet. And I say good for him.

  • I’m bored

    Leah learn to type you useless shit, the stone is worth more than your mobile home.

  • yummy

    she is beautiful
    love her style <3333

  • s

    Sorry to say, i dont know all the answers to your questions. I suppose, she has to wear Brian Atwood from head to toe, so Haydens ring is not from him, right?

  • austine

    Right On!
    There’s nothing inside on the top (brain)…
    There’s nothing inside also on the middle (tits)…
    Whew she is “proportionally empty”… how surreal – lol!

  • stupid

    she doesnt wear the ring to events like this.

    she is probably upset becuz she is missing her hubby

    dont worry, he starts filming in toronto so she can follow him around staking her claim.

  • voice of reason

    Thanks S for the link nice to see someone can be upfront and honest.

    To the idiot posting under my name and the one that says it’s the real me, still waiting for a phone call from a lawyer but you know that will never happen because a simple check can prove who is who.
    You must also know that your 5M tell all story will not happen. At least I hope you are smart enough to know that, because apart from using my name you have nothing to say and sure can’t prove anything.

  • laura

    Hayden will start work this month and she? Way to go shopping every day spend his money.

    This girl is so stupid, I bet that the jewelry she wore at the MET were purchased with money from Hayden.

  • heather

    No really, the stone is not that great. Sure, it was probably expensive, but in this case, size does not matter, clarity does. That stone has no sparkle to it. The setting is nice, it’s a good sized stone, but it has no fire. Leah is right, and there was nothing wrong with her typing. You just didn’t like what she had to say.

  • voice of reason-the real one

    @45: Ohh, he is catching on…..hahaha!! Now, please stop using my name without even know who am i. To all the people here, i’m the REAL VOR, and the other one, is just a loser who doesn’t have a life, other than just browsing and posting all over these boards. So, i’m the one people should care about

  • heather

    I don’t care about either VOR, but it’s easy to see who the original is. It’s not you, #48

  • @ 48

    @48 It is obvious you are the FAKE VOR every time you post, because you can’t spell, and your grammar is atrocious, you don’t sound anything like the true VOR. You are the one who looks like they have no life, and if your mission is to make yourself look like an idiot, your are doing a good job. And no, I am not VOR.