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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal - Paris People!

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal - Paris People!

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal arrive from Paris and head to their awaiting car at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday (May 4).

Jake, 28, and Reese, 33, were in Europe over the weekend, celebrating the wedding of Jake‘s sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The Legally Blonde actress is in talks to possible team up with Ben Stiller in the high-concept sci-fi comedy, Used Guys, according to THR. The project had been axed a few years ago, but has been brought up for discussion recently. The film revolves around a future run by women who trade men like cars.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, Paris people…

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jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 01
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 02
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 03
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 04
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 05
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 06
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 07
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 08
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 09
jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon paris people 10

Credit: Matingas/Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • honeybunch

    So why don’t these two get married instead of living in sin?? What a great example she is setting for her kids huh? Shame on both of them.

  • PR whores

    They look like white trash.

  • Jake is gay

    Don’t worry, ther is NO sex.
    Just endless paparazzi photo ops and a lot of publicity and media attention for both.

  • bint

    They should get married.

  • lol

    Why would Jake marry his fugly beard?

  • Bianca

    LOLOL! They’re rich, they’re successful, they’re both very beautiful, and they can go anywhere they want whenever they want. They go on fabulous trips, they live in fabulous houses, and you sit here all negative and petty and wallow in slop. When you post your vicious merde it tells us about you, not them. They don’t know who you are, and more important, they don’t care about you. Have a nice day haters.
    The rest of us certainly are! LOL!

  • libarty

    u guys need to watch this video and make a comment tell me if u like it or not. please we need yalll help.

  • sharon

    i just saw the whole collection of photos on popsugar of their romantic vacation and all their PDA’s and its great they are so happy but i just can help but feel sorry for her kids as reese is off around Europe with her boyfriend acting like a teenager in love how must they feel about it? i just think she is really selfish

  • Nativenyker
  • Pattycake

    Bianca, you need to dial it down a notch. So you like Reese and Jake. Others don’t. Personally, my house might need to be vacuumed at the moment but I am not “wallowing in slop” thank you very much. And you know what, I’d rather be me than them for all, “They’re rich, they’re successful, they’re both very beautiful, and they can go anywhere they want whenever they want.” I haven’t sold my soul for a career. But that’s just me.

  • raquel

    Love her hat!

    Why do they have to get married? Who says people have to get married anyway? Some of you sound like Bible Carriers!

  • whortensia

    Well I think some definite conclusions can be drawn>
    1. They like each other a lot. Two people would not go around together and spend so much time together just for publicity if they did not actually like each other. They clearly do, so that is settled.
    2.What they do in bed nobody knows but they themselves. It would be odd if a guy and a girl who like each so much don’t have sex, very odd. So I think the “beard” idea is pretty silly.
    3. They—or rather she has lots of money and they spend a lot, but they are also normal enough for, in this case, push their own luggage cart around. They don’t seem to have any illusions of grandeur.
    4. They are probably pretty nice people in fact. About as nice as you can be in the movie business where the profession tend to make you not always so nice.

  • fauxmance

    I think some definite conclusions can be drawn:
    1. fauxmance is the best way for Jake Gyllenhaal to pretend to be straight and Reese Wihterspoon to get a lot of publicity
    2. publicity equals millions $$$ in Hollywood (like Avon contract)
    3. Reese and Jake love money a lot.

  • Bianca

    pattycake you are so judgemental and phony. Just SO self righteous. Like you know them and why and how they do stuff. You know nothing. You just need to feel superior and passing judgement. If you don’t like them and you don’t care for their lifestyle, then why take up all the time to come here. I am absolutely a fan. I think they’re great. They are a cute couple. They don’t bother anyone. They just live their lives and seem like decent people. They aren’t drunken, doped up trainwrecks.

    They weren’t in France, they were in Italy. Jake’s sister got married. Jake went to Italy days ahead of Reese. She was only there a short time. Reese’s kids have a father? He’s a hands on, serious father. Reese also has very loving parents who are frequently seen in pictures with her and the kids. So I wouldn’t worry about Reese “running around like a teenager” and neglecting her kids.

  • fauxmance

    I think some definite conclusions can be drawn:
    1. fauxmance is the best way for Jake Gyllenhaal to pretend to be straight and Reese Witherspoon to get a lot of publicity
    2. publicity equals millions $$$ in Hollywood (like Avon contract)
    3. Reese and Jake love money a lot.

  • two dumb fakers

    Reese Witherspoon is a real life b!tch – everyone who know her will confirm that.
    Reese and Jake are 100% phony PR hos – they deserve no respect.

  • Pattycake

    Whoa, Biana. Put a lot of words in my mouth. So I suppose you’re talking to all the other “Pattycakes.” I never implied that I know them. Just that I’m happy I’m not them. They are not “just living their lives.” They’re living it up for the paps. There were more pix of these two in Italy than of the bride and groom. Make you wonder? By the way, I don’t worry about her kids. But maybe she should.

  • clive

    you guys SUCKS

  • chiquito de la calzada

    jorr,…a pair of ugly, unpleasant and overrated freaks!
    Este tio pierde mas aceite que la furgoneta de Locomia,por la gloria de mi mare! iu!!!!

  • chiquito de la calzada

    ….a pair of torpedos!

  • Susie

    Just throwing in my personal opinion: they don’t “look” like a couple, there’s no apparent magnetism between them. He’s not particularly a good actor, can’t act his way out of a paper bag, comes from the “wiggle my eyebrows and grimace” school of acting. She should stick to comedy…just saying.

  • matt2b

    jakie is gay.
    reese is a frigid ass.
    they’re perfect for eachothers.

  • mia

    I don’t know if it’s only me, but since he is with Reese, I think he looks constipated in most of the pics…..He needs some laxatives.

  • lee

    maybe that’s why he’s been to the Doctor’s office almost every week, he probably run out of them in Italy,you never know.

  • mario

    I still can’t get over those pictures from PoP, you know,……ridiculous,they crack me up.

  • YUCK!!!

    Jake is gay
    Reese is dull and phony
    this fauxmance is BORING

  • madmax

    they were in Italy not France. They have pics of them getting on an air Italia flight from Brindisi airport and now they are back home in pap land where they can pose for the paps. Their ‘people’ make sure the paps know where they went so there can be plenty of pics of them parading in front of the camera.

    I still can’t get that ass dig Jake did out of my mind. I found it disgusting, especially to do that when he had to have known the paps were around clicking away. I wonder if he was going to do some more ass digging in these pics to find her brain.

  • amen

    He is the biggest ASS. They were in Italy and changed flights and clothes in Paris, just for the paps, so the French magazines can do a bit of promo of the 2 of them, how sad,man. I mean, with all the money Reese has(I don’t think Jake has got much after all), I’m sure they could have bought a direct flight to LA, but that would mean no photo ops, so they decided to stop in Paris for some pics. He looks miserable,anyway.

  • se

    This women is a very bad mother. She don’t respect herself and haven’t any kind of respect for her children too.
    I can imagine how alone these children are alone at home and how they fell themselves in complitly abandon when Reese Witherspoon lat them with every relatives or nannies to clean the §”Bu%tt”$ and the “§pe<&nis”§ of her Boytoy!

    They deserve no respect!
    They are very indecent couple. They make public sex in airplanes and contaminated another pleople with syphilis and all kind of illness other pleaplo in airplanes.
    The bad show taht they give some week ago when Jake Gyllenhaal trying to put his figer in he %hole Ass”& was ridiculous!

    Let the children grow up and discover that Jake Gyllenhaal has lot of money and he would like more money…and discover that he follow the money of her mother. Let the children grow up and discover that he was lover of her lot of years during he marriage with Ryan Phillippe!

  • tiomarico

    He behaves as if he is better than any of us, but the truth is that he is just an a*sshole, he is gonna have to work really hard to get people to go and see his next movie this year,…..if he releases one.

  • Anon

    Wow how stupid can some people be, direct flights from Brindisi to LA , There are NO direct flights. Of course they had to change flights or were they meant to swim back. And I hope you know that sites like this wouldn’t exist without pap pics so stupid people can make their stupid comments.

  • cathy

    It’s pretty obvious that Reese’s PR told the paps where they were flying. Maggie and Peter must have gone on their honeymoon by plane and no pics of them, so as they say if you don’t want to be seen, you won’t be seen. Wearing the stupid hats didn’t help.

  • mcl

    No, actually,wearing the stupid hats helped the paps to identify them, that’s why they wore them, even though they looked ridiculous. I wonder how much these brands pay them to promote their clothes, shoes, hats,etc……

  • Anon


    If you google you can find pics of Maggie and Peter’s wedding.

  • Please

    JJ can’t you get rid of the stench of TTer’s.

  • Martin

    Oh, noooo, don’t tell me that you’ve gone on the internet and checked the flights to and from Brindisi airport .Jesus Christ, you are a sad person,man, get a life!

  • Alan

    This guy looks like he’s got something stuck in his ass. Maybe some people above are right about the constipation thing.

  • cathy

    Sorry Anon, but I don’t spend all of my spare time googleing this type of this like you do, I dedicate very little of my time to this web.I’m off with my boyfriend to the pics to see Wolverine.I’ve heard is good. Cheers, anyway!

  • Anon


    I’ve been to Brindisi airort if you must know, spent some time in Lecce actually. Some of us do travel and not spend ALL our time on pap sites making stupid comments.

  • Martin

    You are the one who is 24/7 here, I don’t believe a word of what you say about traveling around the world, your comments show someone who lacks intelligence and respect towards other people’s opinions.Someone who has been to other countries and seen other cultures doesn’t speak like that, they are usually very openminded , you are narrowminded. I’ve worked and lived in 3 different countries and I suggest you get off the keyboard and try that.It will do you good.

  • Martin

    Don’t bother to reply, I’m off the keyboard, I don’t wanna spend my time talking to ignorant people like you.

  • Anon


    Please do not call me a liar you do not know where or where I haven’t been, you should go to southern Italy it is beautiful and the people very friendly, but you would probably come back double your weight.
    I respect peoples opinion but some of the comments are beyond the pale and just have to be answered with the simple truth.

  • whortensia

    what is hilarious is all the people posting here who think they know both of these people personally. In fact they haven’t a clue. Anon is quite right about the airport. Brindisi is a small town in Italy and you can’t fly directly from it to New York or any US city. You would be lucky to go directly to Paris. More likely is Brindisi to Rome to Paris. And the idea that they aren’t a genuine couple is also stupid, but stupidity comes naturally to so many here, like fauxmance. It must make her very happy to believe that these two don’t like each other and don’t have sex. She’d rather die than think they might have sex together, without her in the middle. LOL.

  • whortensia

    Se, whatever the problems of Jake and Reese your problems are clear: you are stupid, insane, idiotic, and in need of medication. Lots of it, NOW.

  • alamokid

    According to IMDb, Reese has 9 films “in development” and two in “pre-preduction.” Since she makes only one film per year, it’s unlikely that “Used Guys”, her 10th “in development” film will ever get made.

  • alamokid

    Oops! Where’s my spell-check. Meant “pre-production.”

  • joe

    @se: They weren’t home alone you idiot! They would have been staying with their father and his whore.

  • no joe

    Their father is shooting a movie. They were with the nanny.

  • anon.

    Simply Jake is jewish. Now, he doesn´t put off this hat.
    By the way, did his sister marry in Christian Church ?

  • nicole

    This couple makes me ill. They always look ridiculous in that hat and sunglasses get-up. They try to make it look like they are in cognito but in fact they only draw more attention to themselves. I think Reese is a terrible mother because you hardly ever see her with her kids anymore. Its such a shame. I think its kind of funny how we haven’t seen many photos of Jake or Reese in the last couple of weeks but now see alot of them on this wedding trip excursion. PR BS at its best!